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  1. IS JESUS ‘MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL’? Watchtower Teaching WT claims that Daniel 10:13,21; 12:1; and I Thess 4:16 teach that: 1) Jesus existed as Michael the archangel before his birth to Mary; then 2) Jesus gave up his spirit existence as an angel when he entered Mary’s womb to become a human; 3) At the resurrection he was recreated as Michael the archangel. They describe Christ’s progressive existence as angel, then human, then angel. ‘Michael, one of the chief princes’ (Daniel 10:13). ‘Michael your prince’ (Daniel 10:21). ‘Michael the great prince’ (Daniel 12:1)
  2. John 3:16 - ‘He gave His only begotten Son’. Watchtower teaching: JWs teach that the term ‘Son of God’ refers to Jesus as a separate created being, just as Isaac was called Abraham’s ‘only begotten son’ (Hebrews 11:17), and that Jesus as ‘Son of God’ was not God Himself. JWs claim that Almighty God is the Father of Jesus in the same sense that Abraham is the father of Isaac. JWs claim that God is the senior, and Jesus is the junior - in time, position, power and knowledge. The Bible teaching: Isaac was not Abraham’s ‘only son’. Abraham had begotten a number of other sons, such as Ish
  3. THE 144,000 ANOINTED CLASS and OTHER SHEEP Watchtower Teaching: They claim that only 144,000 JWs go to heaven, as the ‘Anointed class’.(Rev. 7:4 & 14:1-3). They claim that all other JWs are part of God’s ‘other sheep’, and will live forever on a paradise earth. They claim that only the 144,000 are born again as sons of God to share in the heavenly Kingdom. These will have a spiritual existence in heaven, not a physical resurrection, as they claim that ‘flesh and blood cannot inherit God’s Kingdom’. JWs teach that only a few enter this spiritual Kingdom as a ‘
  4. THE TRINITY Watchtower Teaching: JW arguments against the Trinity are: i) If Jesus is God, who ran the universe during the three days that Jesus was dead in the grave? Satan had a great chance to take control. Answer: Jesus’ body died, not His soul or spirit. He along with the Father and the Holy Spirit still ran the universe. ii) If Jesus is the immortal God, He could not have died. Answer: The immortal God, by taking on a mortal body, had His mortal body die. iii) Since God is not a God of confusion (I Corinthians 14:33), it is impossible that the Bible would ta
  5. The Trinity and Bible Proofs that Jesus Christ is God 1. Matthew 28:17-20 “they worshipped him”, “All power is given to me”, “I am with you always” and “baptizing them in the name (one God) of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost” = Trinity. 2. In Matthew 3:1-3, Jesus Christ fulfils Isaiah 40:3 to ‘Prepare the way of Jehovah’ and our God. 3. John 1:1 “the word was God” (KJV, NIV), not ‘a god’ (NWT). a) Isaiah 44:8 ‘Is there a God beside me?’ b) The absence of the article before “theos” (God) identifies “word” as the subject (Colwell’s rule)Ans855 ‘The subject is iden
  6. John 14:28 - ‘The Father is greater than I’. Watchtower teaching: The JW book Let God be True, 1946, p.110 says that Jehovah is greater than Jesus in his office and person. Jehovah they say is intrinsically greater than Jesus, and hence Jesus cannot be God Almighty. The JW book Reasoning from the Scriptures, p.410, says, ‘The fact that Jesus is lesser than Jehovah proves that He cannot be God in the same sense that Jehovah is’. The Bible Teaching: In John 14:28 Jesus is not speaking about His nature or being (Christ had earlier said in John 10:30, ‘I and the Father are one’), but abo
  7. John 20:17 - ‘My God and Your God’ ‘I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.’ Watchtower teaching: The JW book Reasoning from the Scriptures,$p.212, says, ‘To the resurrected Jesus, the Father was God, just as the Father was God to Mary Magdalene’. JWs argue that because Jesus referred to ‘My father’ and ‘my God’, Jesus cannot be Almighty God Himself. The Bible teaching: Why did Jesus call the Father ‘my God’? Does this imply that Jesus is not God? No, not at all. Christ had only a divine nature before the incarnation. After His birth as a ma
  8. John 20:28 ‘Thomas answered and said unto him, “My Lord and my God”.’ Thomas addresses Jesus as ‘My Lord and my God’, thus recognizing Jesus as Jehovah God the Son. Jesus commended Thomas on his belated acknowledgement of Jesus as God. Watchtower Teaching: JWs dismiss this verse as a simple record of Thomas’ shock and surprise at seeing the risen Christ. A modern parallel might be ‘Oh, my God!’ Perhaps Thomas was making an emotional exclamation that was directed to Jehovah God, though spoken to Jesus. (Should you Believe in Trinity, p.29). Bible Teaching: a) If Thomas sa
  9. John 1:1 Is Jesus Christ ‘a god’ or ‘God’? Watchtower Teaching: The NWT translates the first ‘θεος’ in John 1:1 as ‘God’, and the second ‘θεος’ as ‘a god’. In the Greek, there is a definite article ‘the’ (‘ό ’) before the first occurrence of God (ό θεος = the God). However, there is no definite article ‘the’ before the second occurrence of ‘God’. The Watchtower argues (falsely) that, when a noun has a definite article (like ‘ό θεος’), it points to an identity or personality, such as the person of Jehovah God. The WT claims (falsely) that the same phrase (‘ό θεος’) is never used of
  10. CHRIST’S BODILY RESURRECTION ‘I have power to take it again’. John 10:18 Watchtower Teaching: ‘Jesus was raised to life as an invisible spirit. He did not take up again that body in which he had been killed . . .’ ‘Let your Name be sanctified.’ (p.266). The Watchtower teaches that Jesus’ body was disposed of by God. The NWT mistranslates I Peter 3:18 as ‘being put to death in the flesh, but made alive in the spirit’ to teach merely a spiritual resurrection of Christ. Bible Teaching: I Peter 3:18 refers to when Christ died. His Spirit went and preached to spirits in pris
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