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  1. The Preexistence of the Messiah – Questions and Answers Proverbs 8:22 – If this is the evidence of the preexistence of the Messiah, what about prudence mentioned in Proverbs 8:12? Was it brother-twin of preexisting Messiah? The Hebrew term mezim·mahʹ is used to designate thinking ability, or the ability to give wise and thoughtful consideration to a matter, based on thorough knowledge (Pr 5:2; 8:12) When we compare the first and second part of Proverbs 8:12, then we may ask – why the wisdom has to receive prudence? „….And find out knowledge and discretion.“ (ASV); and find out
  2. Was Life just evolved from nonlife-matter or was it rather created by intelligence? As a reference to the best answer, it is necessary to discuss the difficulties of the research field. At first i like to give here a quote by Karl Popper on the issue of the origin of life. That's one of the tricky problems with the attempt to give a natural explanation of the origin of life.
  3. Mathemantics is the language by which God wrote the universe. Galileo Galilei
  4. Well done. Excuse my abscence so long. Next time i will anwser in some points. Your Article is a profound basis to develope the topic for further investigations.
  5. First we have to keep in mind that the Revelation is given in Signs and Visions. In this way the conversation between John and the Elder was happened within the Vision. It would be a weak conclusion to think, we can transpose this conversation ,one to one, to events in our present days. Most closely matches this to a prophetic picture, wich helps us to detect the two groups. At least the knowledge about the big crowd must not given by a literally conversation rather than by the Holy Spirit at the right time.
  6. In jenen Tagen nun ging eine Verordnung von Cäsar Augụstus aus, daß die ganze bewohnte Erde eingeschrieben werde (diese erste Einschreibung fand statt, als Quirịnius Statthalter von Syrien war); und alle Leute zogen hin, um sich einschreiben zu lassen, jeder in seine eigene Stadt. Natürlich ging auch Joseph von Galilạ̈a aus der Stadt Nạzareth nach Judạ̈a zur Stadt Davids hinauf, die Bẹthlehem genannt wird, weil er aus dem Hause und der Familie Davids stammte ( Lukas 2:1-3) Zwei Einschreibungen unter Quirinius. Bibelkritiker haben behauptet, die einzige Einschreibung die stattgefunden habe
  7. It would be a interesting discussion to show, how we can cope with the claim of modern population genetics , that the origin of mankind is not a single pair but rather a population. On the claim of out of africa theory a population of 2000 individuals. For my opinion i think we have had a greater range of genetic variation from one human pair bevor the flood caused on much longer livetime. Than we have to see the flood as a bottleneck. The Family of Noah provides in this way a much higher genetic variety from one ancestor as we can see today. I think this could explain the reason why the popu
  8. If we take into account that he lived during 17th/18th cent , it's a extraordinary case that he made such a interesting approximation. From this point in time to calculate this date is not self-evident. But how it is ever, we can't determine the day and the hour. And in this light for me is indifferent what's the definition of " this Generation". Even more we have to endure and to await the great day.
  9. Vielen Dank für deine lieben Grüße. Wir waren am WE beim Kongress und es war wieder besonders schön. Weiteres ev mal über PN . Bis dahin wünsche ich dir eine schöne Woche. Gruß Ronny
  10. Ja Osten und früher wars halt der Süden der DDR. Meine Stadt heist Riesa. Eine Kleinstadt an der Elbe.
  11. Ja ich komme aus dem Süden. Genau zwischen Dresden und Leipzig. Geboren in Hoyerswerda.
  12. Here is another graphic who shows the correct direction to read the names, both Jesus and Jehovah, in hebrew lang.
  13. Ich habe seit kurzem einen Blog zu Kultur , Wissenschaft und Religion gestartet. Die Schwerpunktfrage im weltanschaulichen Kontext soll hier lauten: Ist die Beschränkung der Wissenschaft auch eine Beschränkung der Realität, oder gibt es jenseits des Empirismus eine Realität die wir Gott nennen? „Die Wissenschaft fängt eigentlich da an, interessant zu werden, wo sie aufhört.“ Justus von Liebig (1803–1873)
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