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  1. Hello to all my spiritual brothers and sisters on here,  I have something very sad to share with you, on December 22, 2016, our beloved brother David  "Dave" Wicks had gasoline poured on him deliberately and was set on fire, in Burney, California! He was only 54 years old. He lived for Jehovah, and died for Jehovah!  Their offering a $10,000 reward  for any information concerning Br Wicks horrible death! They have a man on the security camera who was in a hoodie, and rode a bicycle. We know were living in the last days, and we may be persecuted or even imprisoned.  The article was in this paper called "The Dreaming Devil" which also has other horror stories! The website is www.dreamindemons.com! We all know that this was a demonic act from Satan and his demons!! Also, this is a demonic newspaper! I just wanted to inform all you brothers and sisters pray to Jehovah everyday for his protection against Satan and his demons! He hates us and Jehovah, and will do everything in his power to have us stray away from serving Jehovah!  I hope and pray they capture this man who murdered a very kind, sincere, loving brother!  My prayers are with his family! May Jehovah watch over each and everyone of you, and protect you!!! Agape love, Sister Shirley Ann Lowery

    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      Oh my.  That is horrible news.  So sad for his loved ones.  

      Thanks for letting me know. 



    2. The Librarian
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