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  1. DONT GIVE UP!!!! Rely on Jehovah,  all my spiritual brothers and sisters on here! 2017 has been a busy year!  The Special Dallas Cart Witnessing Campaign was a great success of course, with Jehovah's Holy Spirit! I heard that there were 87 carts, over 2,000 wonderful experiences, and 200 of our disfellowshipped, and inactive Jehovah's Witnesses, were drawn to the carts and decided to take the brochure "Return to Jehovah"! Jehovah is calling his inactive servants, and all our disfellowshipped ones  back to him! I also heard that all these, 2,000 wonderful experiences in Dallas, Texas might possibly be on one of our monthly JW Broadcasts! They had over 5,000 volunteers from Waco, Tyler, and other cities! This is the first time in Dallas, Texas,  that the State Fair of Texas held  on September 29- October 22, 2017 allowed the cart witnessing to be allowed! The volunteers had 2 hour intervals and there was always a brother with the sisters!  I'm so proud that our congregation, Dallas West English, was assigned to be a Hub! They met each day at 5:45 to discuss the arranged locations, and of course ended the small group meeting with prayer! Today, is a very special day for me! 9 years ago I started attending my loving, warm congregation!  We have 19 Regular Pioneers, 100 publishers, and a few unbaptized publishers as of now!  Were in the last month of December 2017!  What a year we had!   We were one of the congregations to help distribute all the needed supplies to all our brothers and sisters who were displaced in their homes,  by Hurricane Harvey and Maria! Jehovah always takes care of his loyal ones! We've lost a few in death this year, but soon we'll see them again in the resurrection! A beautiful sister lost her life in Las Vegas! 1,000 attended her funeral! Puerto Rico, Mexico, Rockport, Texas, Houston, Florida, all these places were destroyed by these hurricanes!  I heard reports on JW. Org, they are rebuilding their homes, assembly halls, and kingdomhalls! Jehovah comforts those who have lost their loved ones! He is the God of Comfort!  I pray that 2018 is a better year for everyone! I've been employed with my job now 4 months! I'm still looking for other employment! I 'm getting rides to my meetings, and my field service on Saturday!  I loved our Annual Meeting on October 7, 2017! To be a part of the dedication of our New World Headquarters in Warwick, New York was so exciting to attend! Many new changes are happening in 2018!  In August 25-27 at our DONT GIVE UP Regional Convention in Frisco, Texas, we had 17 new brothers and sisters get baptized, the new releases, and seeing all my former friends from other congregations I used to attend! I took lots of selfies with them! We volunteered to clean our section everyday!  We had 3,236 in attendance on the last day! Jehovah is rapidly increasing our worldwide brother hood! Over 8 million and growing more and more every year! I just wanted to share my good news and events happening in my life here in Dallas, Texas! I hope everyone has a great 2018! Agape love, Shirley! 

    1. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      WOW....  dear  Shirley !  What  many  good  news  you  shared  with  us  again :)  I  get  goosbumps  more  and  more....  SO  many  nice  experiences. Yes,  I  will  wait  of  the  new  Broadcastings  for  more,  its  wonderful,  thank  you  so  much  my  dear  sister

      I  love  it  to  read  all  your  regular  messages !   Wish  you  also  a  great  and  healthy  theocratic  year  *2018* :D   May  Jehovah  bless  you  all  time :x

    2. Shirley Lowery

      Shirley Lowery

      I just love sharing my life's experiences with all my spiritual brothers and sisters! I hope everyone has a great 2018!!! Agape love, Shirley

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