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  1. Hello to all my spiritual brothers and sisters, I have a new job, that pays 50 cents less, but I love my new client, and her best friend is one of Jehovah's Witnesses!  Jehovah is taking good care of me! I also started driving for LYFT! It helps me have a little extra money too!! I just uploaded my beautiful Mothers photo! She taught us 6 children to grow to love Jehovah!  She was a Regular Pioneer, and such a very faithful lover of Jehovah!  On July 29, 1972, 46 years ago, my deceased sister and I dedicated our lives to serve Jehovah! Sadly, 15 years ago, my beautiful Mother passed away, and it was a very emotional day for  me!  My sister too, 3 months later! I look forward to welcoming them back, as well as all my loved ones soon in the resurrection Jehovah has promised us!   Our Circuit Assembly was on September 9, 2018!  We have 8 new brothers and sisters! Two of the sisters were from my former Congregation, Dallas West English!  We had 1, 343 for the morning attendance, and 1, 361 for the afternoon attendance!  Since August 1, 2018, I moved in with my niece because she's having open heart surgery soon!   I'm now attending University Hills Congregation! Everyone is welcoming me now!  My publishers card is on it's way! I was so nervous at first to attend a different Congregation, but I'm starting to feel the spiritual love from everyone there! They greet me now and I'm commenting at the meetings, and I've went out in the field service with a few sisters and brothers! The State Fair of Texas starts on September 28-October 21st! Last year was a great success, so their having Dallas West English as the Hub, again! I'm not able to share in the cart witnessing this year either! You have to stand for two hours, and because of my right hip hurting, I'm unable to stand that long! I always give 100% to Jehovah! I have my disability exam on Monday, I pray to Jehovah, if it's his will I'm able to receive my disability check! Well I guess this is enough news for now, my prayers are with everyone suffering from Hurricane Florence, and also all my spiritual brothers and sisters world-wide! Agape love, Shirley!?

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