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  1. In answer to me worshipping The Governing Body, is not true! I dedicated my life to serve Jehovah, I belong to Jehovah, I live for Jehovah, and I will die for Jehovah! I deeply respect our 8 Governing Body members! They have the authority from Jesus Christ, who is the Head of the Congregation, and his heavenly Father, Jehovah, has given him the authority to rule in heaven! They direct the Governing Body, through Jehovah's holy spirit, over Jehovah's Worlwide Organization as a Body!  I just don't understand why 4Jah2Me is even allowed to be on this website, he plainly stated he is not one of Jehovah's Witnesses!  To me, he's an apostate trying to confuse us, true Jehovah's Witnesses on here! I joined this website, because as one of the true over 8 million and growing Jehovah's Witnesses,  I believe in Jehovah, and have my own personal relationship with him, now for 48 years, and I will never question, or doubt anything about Jehovah, or his appointed  anointed ones, by his holy spirit, the 8 Imperfect men, who have Jehovah's approval, and backing 100%. 

  2. In reply to my statement, our beloved  Governing Body, I can say this from my personal meeting of some of our Governing Body Members!  These are most friendly, kind, and caring men I've ever met!  In 2006,  I met Br. Samuel F. Herd, at one of my Circuit Assemblies!  In 2010, I met Br. David Splane at my "REMAIN CLOSE TO  JEHOVAH"  District Convention, and I've met Br. Stephen Lett, twice. The first time I met him was in 2012, at our "SAFEGUARD  YOUR HEART" District Convention, and in 2015, at our "IMITATE JESUS" District Convention. Another has changed since then, now it's not called "District" it's been renamed "Regional". I have the original photos taken with them too!  These imperfect men were appointed to our Governing Body, that Jehovah entrusted though his holy spirit to take care of his Worldwide Organization. Now, there is so much for these appointed members to take care of, now they have appointed helpers to different committees. In 2020, this was the first time ever, The Governing Body, through Jehovah's holy spirit guiding them, had to make several major decisions. First, was the decision about The Memorial, since it couldn't be held at our Kingdomhalls, it was announced  in a letter from The Governing Body, that  we had to have it on Zoom!  So, we had to have the Memorial Celebration in our own private homes, on that most sacred night, and some had  prepared  the  unleavened bread, and had a glass of wine next to it, and displayed their beautiful table settings with their precious emblems!  The next major decision that had to be made was what to decide about having our "ALWAYS REJOICE" Regional Convention. We couldn't hold it in other countries, like they used to have years ago, because of the Pandemic, so another letter from The Governing Body, said, we were going to have all 3 days on JW Stream, but it was by invitation only, and it was sent to all our emails! We happily viewed it different days and  enjoyed all 3 days of our most needed Spiritual Food. Yes, I personally feel that  these appointed imperfect men,, is our beloved  Governing Body, also referred to in the Bible, as The Faithful and Discreet Slave! These 8 appointed imperfect men: Stephen Lett, David Splane, Gerrit Losch, Geoffrey Jackson, Samuel F. Herd, Mark Sanderson, Anthony Morris 111, and newly appointed Kenneth Cook Jr. are a small group of mature Christians who provide direction for Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide. Their work is twofold: They oversee the preparation of Bible- based  instruction through the publications, meetings, and school's of  Jehovah's Witnesses! They look to the Universal Sovereign, Jehovah, and to the Head of the congregation, Jesus, for guidance. You can find all this information in my reply on J.W. Org!

  3. Why are you questioning Jehovah? Through his holy spirit, our beloved governing body receives instructions! Just reading  about your topic really makes me wonder, are you even one of Jehovah's Witnesses? If you were, you wouldn't ever question our heavenly father, Jehovah! When you dedicate you life to serve Jehovah, you belong to Jehovah, and he through his holy spirit directs our Governing Body! You develop a close relationship with Jehovah, through our faith, and our trust we believe in Jehovah, and I'm so proud to say, that I have now for 48 years now, and over 8 million and growing everyday, people of the world are accepting Bible Studies, to develop their own personal relationship with Jehovah! Right now, were all living in a Pandemic, thousands of people are dying everyday, sadly 5,000 of our Spiritual Brothers and Sisters have passed away from Covid19! Jehovah has promised us in Romans 5:12: All those in the Memorial tombs will hear his voice... all our loved ones will be resurrected from the dead! So we just need to trust and rely upon Jehovah, for his protection from The Great Tribulation coming soon!!!! Also Jehovah always takes control over everything in his own due time!  The construction of Warwick began in September 2015, and was completed in April! On April 29, 2017, Saturday, hosted the second of two special open-house receptions, drawing a larger crowd, then the first event!  In a few years the construction of Ramapo will begin in 2022 and will be completed in December 2026, all with the backing of Jehovah, according to his will! So never question Jehovah!!!!!


  4. Hello everyone, I would love to share with  you two more wonderful experiences that happened to me recently in the Field Service! On May I2, 2018, Saturday,  a lovely sister and I were going door- to- door and I had the latest issue No.2 2018 Watchtower, "What Does the Future Hold?" I introduced myself, and the sister,  then I asked the sweet black lady named Esther," Want do you think about your Future,"? and shortly after I ask her the question, She said "I 'll take that magazine",  we were both shocked, she had responded so quickly! In 46 years, ( July 29, 1972),  since I've been baptized, and went in the door- to- door work,  this was the first time this has ever happened to me!!!!!  My next wonderful experience I had was yesterday, June 23, 2018! It was the first day of our Convention Campaign work, Our Regional  2018 "Be Courageous" Convention starts on July 13-15 2108 in Frisco, Texas! We also were going door- to -door in the Invitation work, and my lovely sister and I were working together, we went to the last house on the street, and a really nice black man named Ron, opened the door, and I introduced myself, and the sister I was with, and showed him our invitation, the times, the date, and any other questions he might have, I directed him to JW.ORG on the back of the invitation, he was really nice, and seemed that he was interested. I hope he does attend our Convention!  I'm going to follow up on these wonderful and hopeful return visits!  At our beautiful Kingdomhall, after Field Service, almost half of my Congregation, attended our Cart Witnessing Training! We were handed a Public Witnessing Guideline List, and after everyone signed the list, who had attended, the Service Committee, has to approve of everyone if their qualified to partake in the Cart Witnessing Program! I've already did Cart Witnessing three times, so I know that I'm already approved! Also the Brothers already told me earlier! Were trying to get two colleges in the Dallas area, and maybe the Dallas Public Library!!! Also the Dart Stations!!!! Our State Fair of Texas is coming up soon on September 28- October 21, 2018!! We had such wonderful experiences, last year, and our congregation was assigned to be a Hub! Jehovah is always blessing me, and as long as I continue to remain loyal and faithful to Jehovah, he will always bless me, and take care of me!!!  I found out on JW.ORG ,On May 18, 2018, Friday, a Boeing 737 crashed, shortly after take off from Havana, Cuba,  113 passengers, with only one person surviving,  and sadly, a Witness family of three, a father, a mother, and their 22 year old son  died in the plane crash!  My heart and prayers go out to their families, may Jehovah comfort them right now!!! Soon we will see them again and our loved ones in the resurrection!!! They are in Jehovah's Memory!  I hope everyone has a great weekend, and enjoy your upcoming Regional Convention!  Agape love, Shirley Ann Lowery

  5. Yes, every other day in the news, we hear about famous people, and not so famous people,  committing  suicide, there's a reason why people who don't serve Jehovah resort to doing away with their lives! In my family, my Uncle Henry owned a small refrigeration business in Sinton, Texas! Something happened, he had gotten himself into lots of debt,  and he asked his children for help, but they ignored him, so they found him dead in his shop! He didn't feel life was worth living and being in so much debt, he probably felt there was no other way out, so he hung himself,  this happened  in 1988,  My Aunt Marie died from a broken heart, a year later, in 1989,  she passed away! I also had another Uncle hang himself, I really never knew the reasons why! One of my former high school classmates, a few years ago, committed suicide! Only Jehovah knows why everyone gives up on their life, we don't! In regards to Ash, why he committed suicide, we may never know, only Jehovah knows! I've also heard that Jack Ryan is an apostate, I don't know personally if it's true or not! But, he shouldn't be posting subjects like this on here in my opinion! My hope is to see my Aunt and Uncle and all my loved ones when they're resurrected as Jehovah has promised us in Revelation 21: 4- And  he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more,  neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be any more. The former things have passed away! Thank you for replying to this subject! Agape love, Shirley

  6. This is just my personal opinion, but why would you post something that shows she's definitely is an apostate! You can see even the see the T-shirt she wearing you can see jw.org and the letters  KULT on there! She is talking about us, Jehovah's Witnesses, and his loving World Wide organization, shunning certain things,  and just because Ash, her friend didn't go back to serving Jehovah like his parents did, she's blaming Jehovah, for him committing suicide!  Ash, made that personal choice to stop serving Jehovah! His parents wanted him to go back to Jehovah! I, myself raised all three of my grown children in the truth! They made their own choices not to serve Jehovah! I pray that they decide to return to Jehovah before it's too late! She wants everyone to feel sorry for Ash, that's why she posted this apostate video! Ash, committed suicide because he had his personal reasons, and I'm sure it wasn't being pressured by his parents to return to Jehovah! I didn't even finish watching this video, and her mocking Jehovah, and our World Wide Brotherhood,  because Jehovah wouldn't even want us to watch this apostate video! I admit, I was curious and wanted to see what she had to say!  Satan, wants us to be tempted to watch videos like these, because he hates Jehovah, and hates us! Were over 8 million and growing ever stronger everyday! Satan's old system of things is passing away, and he knows he has only a short time left, we are deep in the last days, as the Governing Body tells us! I would like to know what everybody who reads my reply to this apostate video, what do you personally think about my personal reply!

  7. Hello all my spiritual brothers and sisters! I would like to start this topic about "Single Spiritual Brothers and Sisters Over 50".  I myself turn 60 this coming year! The reason I'm writing about this topic is because sometimes as we try to keep ourselves spiritually strong serving Jehovah, being human, we experience, depression, and often feel lonely!  I know of several brothers and sisters including me,  who are searching for that special someone to be our spiritual mate and serve Jehovah together as one flesh! Most of us feel that loneliness even though we go to our secular jobs, and do our best to faithfully serve Jehovah! I myself hope to marry only in the lord someday!! I pray to Jehovah everyday to help me cope with this loneliness I often experience sometimes! The DVDS the faithful and discreet slave have recommended us to view searching for our spiritual mate, tell us to be patient and Jehovah knows our hearts, and he knows we need a helper, or mate to share our lives with! I  myself, try to be patient, but it's really hard trying to support myself, and waiting for my spiritual brother to find me!!  It's only human nature to experience that true love, true companionship with that special someone!!  Everyone tells me, wait on Jehovah, pray to Jehovah, which I do everyday, but, I also pray for my other spiritual brothers and sisters being held in prison, and to cope with whatever they're going  through during  these critical last days were living in!!  I hope this topic I'm writing about, seems interesting to you, I would love to hear your comments,  from any single  brother or sister or just personally get acquainted with you, as my spiritual brother or sister! Sometimes we need someone to vent our feelings to!  :D   May Jehovah bless everyone of you, and I pray someday that Jehovah helps me, and you, find that special someone to share our lives with!!!  Agape love, Sister Shirley Lowery, Dallas, Texas!!!





  8. :D Hello to all my spiritual brothers and sisters! As if Monday, August 15, 2016 at 10:19 p.m. I became a grandmother for the fourth time! My fourth grandchild, Ameliah Grace Cash was born! My son called me and said: Mom your a grandma! I was half asleep and I said: I am! Then he sent me a text  message including her first photo of her taken from the hospital! She's beautiful!!  I'm one proud happy grandmother for the fourth time! Also, another upcoming event is our 2016 "REMAIN LOYAL TO JEHOVAH" REGIONAL CONVENTION. which starts this Friday! On Saturday, a sister, her granddaughter, and grandson are getting baptized from our congregation! I hope everyone has a great weekend!!! I know I will the next three days taking in my new spiritual food, the drama, videos, and new releases, and volunteering for cleaning, and most of all enjoying my spiritual association with all my spiritual brothers and sisters!!! Agape love, Shirley

  9. According to the INSIGHT ON THE SCRIPTURES Vol.2, page 1225 in the HIGHLIGHTS OF ZECHARIAH, This was a prophecy about "Sprout" which was Jesus Christ! As all these eight visions come true The man named Sprout will build Jehovah's temple and serve as king- priest!  There were eight visions! The  third vision  was referring to the young man with a measuring rope prepares to measure Jerusalem, but an angel foretells more growth as well as Jehovah's protection for the city. As in Zechariah 2:1 states: a man with a measuring line in his hand... but the INSIGHT ON THE SCRIPTURES refers to the man as a young man; and the measuring line to a measuring rope! I hope this research I looked into answers your question! Agape love, Shirley

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