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  1. Welcome! Follow me to learn about Jehovah God’s Promises. 


  2. Welcome @kingdomfirst

    Follow me? Thank you ?? 

  3. Hello Brother:

    Can we change .ORG to another picture?  I’ll make one you’d like? ?


    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      I don't control that.... you would have to talk to the @admin. Sorry.

      (p.s. - I'm sure he will see this public post on the activity feed)

    2. admin


      Hey! I like my new logo...:D

      It actually would be a bad thing to change it so often (again) for search engine results etc.

      Plus it allows me to talk about any .org I want to like Catholic.org, Mormon.org etc....


    3. Bible Speaks

      Bible Speaks


      “Eye See”

      We are not a ORG though? We are Global though. Earth ? was better? 

      Just saying? :D

  4. Jehovah - The God of Tender Mercies 



  5. “Happy are the peacemakers, since   they will be called sons of God." (Matthew 5:9) May you be  Blessed by Jehovah! Agape ???

  6. May Jehovah bless you in all your efforts! Have a wonderful day! 

    1. Shirley Lowery

      Shirley Lowery

      Thank you Sarah, May Jehovah also bless you too!! Shirley

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