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  1. Yes we are going to have to rely on our elders at this time very much. So if we are not able to get to meetings because of our health we must listen in tov the meetings as much as we can. And rely on what our brothers and sisters have to share when they stop by for a visit. Knowing that Jehovah loves all of his people and see that they are taken care of.
  2. Yes our elders are very busy but I can see they are willing to take the time to help the young brothers who are willing to reach out to help even bringing them to visit the elderly and disabled who can't get out to meetings as myself what an encouragement to myself and mother!! How we enjoy just the short few minutes they have to share, may Jehovah bless them and they know are prayers are with them.
  3. We do what are able too do to get Jehovah's very important message out to the people so that they can have the same hope of living forever as we do,as this old world has no hope for anyone to want to keep living in this wicked world. Jehovah is the only one that can show us the real way to live and be happy asv he planned for us to begin with!! Can hardly wait until his time comes. ☺
  4. Sounds like a good deal, however I'm not sureif I ready for a car to "be able able to do the driving for me yet it can run a stop light as the test car In California!!!!!
  5. So sorry to hear of this happening but it does show how close we are to the end of this system!!!!!!
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