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  1. Active Listening Listening to Understand Understanding the meaning or content of what is being said. Focus on the content of the message as it is being delivered to better understand what is being said. if ever you are unsure of what a person means, don't be afraid to ask. It is better to ask than to assume incorrectly. This helps to ensure our perceptions and interpretations of the information are correct. Recognizing the emotions behind the statements Mistakes to Avoid Hearing only part of the message Failing to communicate clearly Missing what is implied "between the lines" Thinking of what we want to say next instead of concentration on what the person is saying Assuming we know what the other person is going to say, and tuning out. Hearing what we want to hear instead of what is being said. Pretending to listen while letting our minds drift elsewhere
  2. Marcus Aurelius

    Resilience Training

    Battlemind video game is what they are currently using to teach resilience.
  3. Marcus Aurelius


    Demographics of Homeless Veterans 40,056 homeless adult veterans 36,302 homeless male veterans 3,571 homeless female veterans 131 homeless transgender veterans 52 non-identifying homeless veterans
  4. Marcus Aurelius


    What are some ways to combat homelessness? Declining wages have put housing out of reach for many workers: in every state, more than the minimum wage is required to afford a one or two-bedroom apartment at fair market rent. In fact, a minimum wage worker would have to work 87 hours each week to afford a two-bedroom apartment at 30% of his or her income, which is the federal definition of affordable housing.
  5. Marcus Aurelius

    Suicide Prevention for Veterans

    Do Take the person seriously and offer your full attention Stay Calm and in control of your own emotions, fears, or anger Listen, listen, listen Show compassion and concern Be direct Be positive and reassuring Remove the means of committing suicide (pills, knife, gun) if safe to do so Build hope Don't Don't judge Don't offer advice Don't say you know how they feel Don't interrupt Don't Agree to keep it a secret Veterans Crisis Line VCL or Military Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255
  6. Marcus Aurelius

    Transition programs (like TAP)

    Every branch has it's own transition program
  7. Marcus Aurelius

    Wounded Warrior

    The Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) is the official U.S. Army program that assists and advocates for severely wounded, ill or injured Soldiers, Veterans, and their Families and Caregivers, wherever they are located, regardless of military status. In order to be considered eligible for entry into AW2, Soldiers must suffer from wounds, illnesses, or injuries incurred in the line of duty after September 10, 2001 AND receive or expect to receive at least a 30% rating from the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) for one of the conditions listed below: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). Severe loss of vision/blindness. Severe hearing loss/deafness. Fatal/incurable disease with limited life expectancy. Loss of limb. Spinal cord injury. Permanent disfigurement. Severe burns. Severe paralysis. Receive a 30% rating or greater for one Veterans Affairs Scheduled Rating Decision (VASRD) as rated by the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) in any other Special Category (SPECAT)/ Enabling Care (EC) or combat/combat-related condition OR receive a combined 50% IDES rating for any other combat/combat-related condition. At this time there are no exceptions to AW2 entry criteria. However, AW2 is currently evaluating the appeals process.
  8. A video tribute made to a great movie "Arthur". It stars Dudley Moore as the drunken millionaire who is being forced to marry a woman he dispises. He decides to fight for his right to make his own decisions when he meets Linda (played by Liza Minnelli), a wannabe actress who works at a diner. Also stars the great Sir John Geilgud as Hobson, Arthur's protective butler. *Note: I had some volume troubles when making this, because of which I could not do what I wanted during the sax solo. I had a Dudley Moore laugh montage that was really good, but you couldn't hear it next to the music...even when I had the clip volume on the highest setting. Song: Best That You Can Do Artist: Christopher Cross