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  1. Description Also known as Nudibranchs and Melibe Sea Slug. Found singly or in pairs on coral and rocky reefs amongst sand and rubble areas. They feed on hydroids, coral, sponges and anemones and crustaceans. Length - 30cm Depth - 5-20m Widespread Western Indo-Pacific Melibe have developed an oral veil or 'fish net' which they use to scan the ground with. Constantly on the move, looking for victims, when found the veil contracts, trapping their prey. Opisthobranchia - Nudibranchs - Sea Slugs meaning "naked gills" are molluscs without a hard shell. All opisthobranchs are hermaphrodites. These beautiful slugs are usually brilliantly coloured and this in itself can act as a deterrent against predators. Some sea slugs secrete acid from stinging cells in their tentacles while others secrete acid from cells in their mantle. Nudibranchs are slow moving, can swim or be propelled along either by muscular contraction or by millions of tiny hairs on the bottom of a fleshy 'foot', they have a voracious appetite and feed with a rasp like tongue. Nudibranch lay their eggs in a ribbon effect on the sand, in different colours depending on species.
  2. Marcus Aurelius

    Weaving level: Expert

    If you think you're crafty, try building a house from palm fronds while hanging upside down.
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    Brave Man

  4. That was the close call in the film. He was so caught up with conversation / work that he didn't notice. Love this film to this day. A classic
  5. I agree. He should have known better. Unless he was just making a "public comment" on a public forum about what he thinks countries like Iran should do. Although I do not think that was the case.
  6. This could be important news for Nicaragua as well. Does anyone know what app or website Venezuelans are using to exchange their currency for bitcoin?
  7. Marcus Aurelius

    Hurricane Florence

  8. Marcus Aurelius

    Amphibious Tank?

    Foam? That must be SOME durable foam that I've never seen....
  9. Marcus Aurelius

    Amphibious Tank?

  10. 1507940147251-drlcss-2.mp4

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