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  1. I am watching the masses of people sharing a McDonalds kiosk to order food. The screens are wiped down with a dry microfiber cloth every so often. Infectious diseases like hepatitis are thanking us for creating a new superhighway of cross infection. Would you like that Big Mac with a side of e.coli?

    1. Marcus Aurelius

      Marcus Aurelius

      The employee just showed me how he uses the folded unused side of his dry cloth to keep the screen clean after every few uses. God help humanity.  Public health departments are practically nonexistent nowadays.  

    2. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      Better  cooking  and  eating  at  home.  I  not  really  trust  in  strange  kitchen's....  Too  many  bad  reports  in  TV !!

    3. Marcus Aurelius

      Marcus Aurelius

      Yes. Eating at home would be preferred. However McDonalds currently feeds about 1% of the worlds population every day. Many people depend on them getting things done right.  

      A few lucky people get to eat at home ;-)


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