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  1. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk teased fans on Twitter early Monday morning, saying there will be big a SpaceX announcement at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Australia this Friday. In typical Musk form, the Tweet involves an open-ended, somewhat vague assertion about what could be announced on Friday. The only thing for certain is that the news will likely rock the aerospace community. Musk said at the 2017 ISS R&D Conference in July that he would give an update on SpaceX’s plans for traveling to Mars and making humans an interplanetary species. “I’m thinking probably the upcoming IAC in Adelaide might be a good opportunity to do an updated version of the Mars architecture,” Musk said at the conference. “It’s evolved quite a bit since that last talk.” The Space Industry Association of Australia will be hosting the conference. The group helps develop and promote the growth and progress of the Australian space industry. SIAA “speaks with authority and credibility on behalf of its members on policy and commercial issues connected with the Australian space industry,” according to its website. The IAC is also the world’s largest space conference. It brings together space agency leaders, astronauts, policy makers and engineers to collaborate and discuss humanity’s endeavors into the galaxies. The “unexpected applications” and “major improvements” will be announced by Musk on Friday, just days before SpaceX is scheduled to kick off October with two launches and landings in merely 48 hours. A Belgian-based satellite company will be launching an SES-11 aboard a refurbished Falcon 9 first stage on Oct. 2. SES was the first company to purchase a refurbished SpaceX rocket in order to relaunch it for commercial use. After this launch, SpaceX will launch a Bulgariasat-1 aboard a similarly-refurbished booster. As Friday quickly approaches, the world will be waiting for Musk to deliver ground-breaking news on how he plans to reach Mars. SpaceX shared its concept of the Interplanetary Transport System, which will carry humans to Mars as early as 2026. The post Elon Musk teases major SpaceX “improvements” to be unveiled at IAC2017 appeared first on TESLARATI.com. Via
  2. Tesla pushed out support for the Model 3 in a recent update to its mobile app, adding bluetooth smart phone access and vehicle controls for Model 3 owners. In addition to the standard set of remote functions that’s been available for Model S and Model X, including climate control, vehicle location monitoring, Summon, and valet mode, the latest mobile app update adds the ability to open the Model 3 front trunk (“frunk) and trunk directly from the app. New Model 3 owner PTFI posted the following screenshots of the Model 3 app to the Model 3 Owners Club forum. According to the official Tesla Model 3 Keys manual, the mobile app provides the following functionality: Use your smart phone as your Model 3 key Lock or unlock Model 3 from afar Check charging progress and receive notifications when charging has started, has been interrupted, or is complete. Heat or cool Model 3 before driving (even if it’s in a garage). Locate Model 3 with directions, or track its movement across a map. Flash the exterior lights or honk the horn to find Model 3 when parked. Start Model 3 remotely. Park or unpark Model 3 using Summon. Tesla ditched the conventional key fob in the Model 3, instead opting for a RFID key card and bluetooth access to unlock the vehicle. Adding to vehicle controls, Tesla’s mobile app also provides Powerwall 2 owners with the ability to fully manage their home battery. Popular YouTuber and Model X family, LikeTesla, published a video detailing how a home solar system and Powerwall 2, plus Tesla charging fits together. The post Tesla Model 3 mobile app adds “Phone Key” and frunk unlock feature (screenshots) appeared first on TESLARATI.com. Via
  3. Beer

    Recently scientists revealed that beer contains small traces of female hormones.To prove their theory, the scientists fed 100 men twelve bottles of beer each. The scientists observed that 100% of the male test group gained weight, talked excessively without making sense, became emotional, and couldn't drive.No further testing is planned.
  4. I wonder if that is what Americans said about Germany during the period of time between World War 1 and World War II
  5. Quicken Separation From Intuit Fails

    ok.. I may have overreacted... I was FINALLY able to get my accounts to sync with their banks....but it wasn't an easy switch by any means. PHEW!!!
  6. Quicken Separation From Intuit Fails

    My Quicken today told me I needed to upgrade to their new software and get a new "Quicken ID". That process itself did not go smooth since there was no email for them to forward the "confirmation code" to. To make a long story short... after WAY too many attempts and finally just creating a new ID via their website.... my software will not connect to any of my banks or brokerages. Sorry Quicken folks... or those who bought them.... Intuit sold you a lemon. Anyone have any suggestions for a good bookkeeping program that will work on MacOS?
  7. Agenda 21

    The "21" in Agenda 21 refers to the 21st Century. Although it is also the area code for Greater Rio de Janeiro, plus Teresópolis and Mangaratiba in the countryside. By this cause, it is a number generally associated with Rio de Janeiro in Brazil (as 212 is famously related to Manhattan). It has been affirmed and had a few modifications at subsequent UN conferences.
  8. Agenda 21

    I hear lots of chatter about some UN “Agenda 21”. I have two questions. 1. Does it actually exist? 2. What does it actually say? thanks to anyone who knows.
  9. This projector can turn your desk into a touchscreen

    Interesting. Where would you use this practically? just curious
  10. Does this scare anyone else? Japan was probably the most ruthless warmonging nation in history.
  11. Ahead of the flood of Tesla Model 3 review videos that will inevitably saturate YouTube as the company begins to deliver customer cars across the world, we have a first comprehensive look of a gorgeous black Model 3 – inside and out. The Model 3 review video comes to us by way of luxury car detailer and Tesla protective wrap specialist OCDetailing who got their hands on one of the first Long Range Model 3 vehicles. Located just 8 miles (~13 kilometers) from Tesla’s Fremont factory, OCDetailing is regarded as the leading expert in applying Opti-Coat Pro coatings, CQuartz Finest and paint protection films on Teslas and have worked on roughly 1,800 Model S and 700 Model X vehicles to date, according to shop owner Joe Torbati. Joe begins his in-depth Model 3 review video with a side-by-side size comparison of the vehicle against the larger Model S sedan and Model X SUV. The video then provides us with a good look at the removable Model 3 aero wheel covers and location for the vehicle’s Autopilot cameras, before moving onto a wide angle look at Model 3’s expansive glass roof. Check out Joe’s video, embedded in full at the end of this article, for a first detailed look of a Model 3. We’ve also created shortcuts to specific sections of the Model 3 being reviewed. Unlocking Tesla Model 3 using the key card Model 3 door handle in action Model 3 rear interior space (door latch, cupholders, headroom) Model 3 glass roof (interior view) Front door latch switch and hidden manual release (door pockets) Driver’s seat (touchscreen, turning on the Model 3) Center console storage Model 3 trunk being opened and cargo space review The post First detailed Tesla Model 3 review video makes its way to YouTube appeared first on TESLARATI.com. Via
  12. The Best Mac 'n Cheese in Every State

    I haven’t yet. thanks for letting me know.
  13. GlobalFoundries, the parent company for chip-maker AMD, denied CNBC reports that it was working with Tesla on an AI self-driving chip, saying that Tesla has not committed to working with the company on any project. CNBC reported Wednesday that Tesla may be undertaking production of its own AI chip for autonomous driving, however this was later corrected by GlobalFoundries who said that there is no deal with Tesla in the works. “Tesla has not committed to working with us on any autonomous driving technology or product,” the spokesperson said in an email to Reuters on Thursday. Karpathy replaced longtime Apple executive Chris Lattner as Director of Artificial Intelligence after both Lattner and Tesla believed he wasn’t a good fit for the position. The post Tesla is not producing a self-driving AI chip with AMD, despite reports appeared first on TESLARATI.com. Via
  14. Tesla released the Model 3 Emergency Response Guide, providing an in-depth look into the full makeup and chassis composition of the Model 3, detailed safety features, and information on how to properly cut the vehicle open in the event of a major crash. The guide is specifically crafted for first responders arriving at the scene of a crash or emergency involving a Model 3. Its table of contents shows several subsections regarding air bags, high voltage components, what to do if the vehicle is submerged, and how to fight a fire inside the Model 3. Notably, the Model 3, like the Model S and Model X, should be treated as any other Tesla when submerged or partially submerged. It reminds first responders that the Model 3 is no greater risk of electric shock than any other vehicle. “The body of Model 3 does not present a greater risk of shock because it is in water. However, handle any submerged vehicle while wearing the appropriate PPE. Remove the vehicle from the water and continue with normal high voltage disabling,” the report reads. Once removed from water, the report provides a detailed look on how to cut cables to disable the high voltage components of the vehicle. One area where the battery could pose a different risk from internal combustion engine vehicles is in firefighting. The report details that a battery fire should be put out with only water, and that it could take up to 3,000 gallons of water to ensure the fire is out. “It can take approximately 3,000 gallons of water, applied directly to the battery, to fully extinguish and cool down a battery fire; always establish or request an additional water supply. If water is not immediately available, use dry chemicals, CO2, foam, or another typical fire-extinguishing agent to fight the fire until water is available,” the report reads. In addition to this information, the guide also features designs of the primarily high-strength and ultra high-strength steel chassis for the vehicle and areas deemed “no cut zones.” This specific information is for first responders who may need to cut the vehicle open for extraction and rescue of people trapped inside. The “no cut zones,” designated in the diagram with a pink color, should be avoided because of high voltage, gas and other hazards that may exist in that area of the vehicle. The other reinforced steel areas of the car are recommended cut zones used for dismantling. We previously saw Model 3’s strategic blend of aluminum, mild steel, high-strength and ultra high-strength steel used in various layers and sections of the vehicle’s chassis, as illustrated in the Model 3 Body Repair Tech Note. Details regarding the location of Model 3 VIN numbers and other information (jack points, airbag locations, etc.) to be used in the scene of an accident is outlined in the Tesla Model 3 Emergency Response Guide. Source