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  1. I thnik it is a wonderful thought, how lovely it will be, to mix with animals we wouldn't dream about going near at the moment. Mind you, i think it will take a loooooooooooooooooong time to get used to spiders
  2. First resurrection. Revelation 20:5, 6 refers to the resurrection of those who will reign with Christ as “the first resurrection.” The apostle Paul speaks of this first resurrection also as “the earlier resurrection from the dead [literally, the out-resurrection the out of dead (ones)].” (Php 3:11, NW, Ro, Int) On the expression Paul uses here, Robertson’s Word Pictures in the New Testament (1931, Vol. IV, p. 454) says: “Apparently Paul is thinking here only of the resurrection of believers out from the dead and so double ex [out] (ten exanastasin ten ek nekron). Paul is not denying a general
  3. I have been wondering about all the bad new we have been hearing about the Governing Body in regards to Child Abuse and sexual assault and the claim hat they have been covering this all up. Now we read about the Brothers going into Mexico destroying a ancient temple read this link
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