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  1. The talents of my Brothers and Sisters never ceases to amaze me. Job well done.
  2. Continue to follow the example your parents are setting spiritually for you. May Jehovah bless the love you show now and in to the future. Stay sweet and innocent my sister.
  3. Personally, I think this is beautiful. But I have been told in the past that it diverts the attention of the audience, and takes away from the information being delivered.
  4. Yes, we did get a class photo. Sorry, I guess that was a gift. Thank you for reminding me. And I was/am grateful. I look at it often.
  5. They may not have the choices we have, nor the money for better clothes. If they went to 2nd hand stores, this may be what they could afford. We shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. And again, maybe they are new and need to learn.
  6. If in a long time, he has a rich territory where he is. Obviously attending meetings there. My son is in prison, and he is enjoying his ministry there. Soon to be released however.
  7. When I came into the truth 1960, the color was green. Now it is blue. Look at the rainbow. Multi-colors. Look at the flowers. I just can't tell what His favorite might be.
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