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  1. We are getting tied up in semantics here. There is always going to be someone "put in charge" of a group who have some assignment to do. Did you never get put in groups at school, perhaps a sports team, with a "captain" ? There is nothing sinister about that, just makes practical sense. Also, in the JW arrangement, someone taking the lead is to lead mainly by example. JW 'leadership" roles are modeled on the first century Christian "leadership" roles. The apostle Paul designated brothers to take the lead in various assignments.....and of course the elder arrangement is Biblical also. Hebrews 13:7, Acts 6:3, Acts 14:12, Romans 12:8...etc..
  2. My post was mainly in response to 4jah, who was questioning what TTH said: From 4jah's previous comments elsewhere he implies that the majority of the abuse is committed by elders.
  3. As a side note: it seems the issue here is the American database. We are under NO obligation to hand over this database to lawyers, and if for some reason Lawyers do get a hold of them, then they are forbidden to make them public. By law, they have to keep all such documentation strictly confidential. However, if something like the Australian commission was set up here (USA), then perhaps a nameless database would be made public, just like in Australia. But the lawyers aren't interested in that kind of a database, they are interested in names of perpetrators so they can encourage survivors to file lawsuits against the organization and then rake in the cash. Like this they have to rely on survivors coming forward and filing a lawsuit. Most JW survivors are not interested in filing lawsuits against the organization because they see it's obvious the organization cannot be held responsible for every Tom, Dick, and Harry perpetrator (or those mishandling the case). In contrast, many ex-JW survivors want to sue the organization because they hate it and want to see it "burn".
  4. @4Jah2me Here are ALL the cases in Australia (since 1950 I believe). Proof that the majority of cases involves "parishioners" being the perpetrators, not those in leadership positions. (JW Aust sexual abuse list) - public - Sheet1.pdf
  5. Actually there is proof. ALL cases in Australia were submitted to the Australian Royal Commission. I have a copy of the file on my pc. When I get the time I will post it. You can peruse it at your leasure and see that the majority of abuses were not committed by elders. There is no reason to believe it would be any different in the other countries....
  6. Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases Regarding the novel Coronavirus: "The virus “has demonstrated the capacity to spread globally" Is it just me, or is that a really stupid statement. I mean surely ANY virus that is inside a host, and the host travels from one side of the globe to the other, will have the same capacity? (Don't blame the virus).
  7. This hardly applies to Child Sexual Abuse which is a crime and a sin, not some conflict. Didn't you know that?
  8. I have heard it is supposed to take over a year to develop a vaccine. If that's the case then Armageddon might have to come earlier!
  9. It's good to put things into proper perspective. The problem with this new virus is just that: it's new, and that's obviously always scary for scientists because they cannot be sure what they're up against. Mutated viruses are apparently more insidious because they become "super viruses" i.e. harder to kill, multiply quicker and are easier to pass on. Besides these reasons, I wonder if there is something the scientists aren't telling us that's so scary about this particular corona virus, besides there being no vaccine yet.
  10. That's what my dog gets when I give him some of my chili.. Really the question should be why does Jehovah allow a Kingdom hall in the Philippines to be destroyed including several brothers and sisters with it, and then why does he seemingly provide sand for another kingdom hall to be built? Most witnesses will tell you that they do not expect divine protection at this time. But when they do experience a life saving situation, they thank Jehovah for it. They will also tell you that they can see Jehovah's blessing in their life and in the life of the organization as a whole, regardless of negative events that are beyond their control. If a tornado came tomorrow, and destroyed the new HQ in Warwick, what do you think most JWs would be saying? That will give you your answer.
  11. Anna, this is a cop-out. Well did they say that or not?
  12. See, here again, you are stating the obvious 🤔 . I did say that: So here's the explanation: Everyone dies, but those who do his will God blesses. ....he becomes the rewarder of those earnestly seeking him Hebrews 11:6 - Also, as has been stated before, the days of miracles (such as the flood) are over for now, waiting for the greatest manifestation of God's power at Armageddon. "But by the same word the heavens and the earth that now exist are reserved for fire and are being kept until the day of judgment and of destruction of the ungodly people" 2 Peter 3:7 Those who love God can expect spiritual blessings now, but they do not expect miracles such as weather control ".....my righteous one will live by reason of faith,” Hebrews 10:38. Why? Because right now "the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one". 1 John 5:19 No one in the video was saying Jehovah literally caused a mild summer, nor that Jehovah caused sand to be brought by a typhoon. They are merely grateful to Jehovah for any good that happens because: "Every good gift and every perfect present is from above, coming down from the Father of the celestial lights,..." James 1:17. Do you not thank God for a good outcome, even when you know that he probably did not have a direct hand in it? In any case, as I said above to 4Jah, those who do God's will, can expect spiritual blessings. Of course Lloyd Evans wouldn't understand any of this as he is a self proclaimed Atheist. Funny you find his videos so inspiring.
  13. I know you said you are not very educated. Well I will explain it to you. Obviously Satan does not have control of God. But you are forgetting that the punishment for disobedience was death, and as I already mentioned above, this included God removing his blessings from mankind in general. Therefore: "Satan, by his action, deprived all humans of God's protective power" is obviously meant that God would carry out his sentence, as he said he would, not that Satan was controlling God to carry out the sentence. In other words, it was God's own righteous principles and a promise God couldn't break (because God cannot lie) that caused God to keep his word and punish by removing his blessings and protection. And it was Satan's fault because he lied, and caused the first human couple to obey him instead of God and thereby incur God's punishment. Some advice for you as well; try to differentiate between what is obviously meant in a manner of speaking and what is meant to be taken literally. I can see you sitting at your computer trying to think up another ridiculous argument. Now don't worry, I can't literally "see you" so no need to close the curtains!
  14. I will let you guys discuss this among yourselves. You seem pretty adamant at twisting what was really being said there, and no amount of logical reasoning will change your minds 😊.
  15. Yes. "And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come". You are forgetting that ALL this is only there to further Kingdom interest. Which in simple terms means preaching the good news of the Kingdom. This also explains why we can say:
  16. In other words; Satan, by his action, deprived all humans of God's protective power when it comes to the elements, and over other things too. When Adam and Eve were thrown out of the garden of Eden, God said to them: " Because you listened to your wife’s voice and ate from the tree concerning which I gave you this command, ‘You must not eat from it,’ cursed is the ground on your account. In pain you will eat its produce all the days of your life. It will grow thorns and thistles for you, ...." To me this indicates that if they had not sinned, the ground would not have been "cursed" so to speak, and there would be no "thistles and thorns" and no natural disasters. In this way, Jehovah removed his protective power from the earth, and this affects both good and bad people of course. He does not cause natural disasters, he just doesn't stop them. It is assumed that in the new world, God will control the weather (miraculously) for man's benefit, just like Jesus did when he calmed the storm.
  17. And now it's a double 20!
  18. It was political opinion, (although based on scriptures in his mind), that got Rutherford and his associates in trouble and throw in prison in 1918 on charges of sedition.... Yes, it always surprises me when I read snippets from publications of that period. The other day I was clearing up some stuff in the garage and found some more old books that belong to my mother in law. As always I can't resist reading a few pages. It's obvious that Rutherford was very in the know as regards politics. And so was Russel (from reading old 1913 WT). It's evident though that the reason they were discussing politics was not because they somehow wanted to be a part of the world as @4Jah2me insinuates, but because the political scene convinced them of the fulfillment of Bible prophecies, and also that we are living in the time of the end.
  19. It's a beautiful opera. Sometimes when I'm cooking I start singing the aria of the Queen of the Night and my husband begs me to shut up. I don't blame him at all! 😀 😀
  20. If I was to describe myself, it would be in words very similar. I would say most of the JWs who comment on here are unconventional! 😀 Lol!
  21. I don't think anyone will bother replying to your assumption as it is rather silly. Of course we know what the definition of an apostate is.
  22. Hey Tom, @TrueTomHarley do you think you could possibly post your above comment in the "Closed Club" topic I created? I think, just my opinion of course, that it is up to your conscience. If your conscience still allows you to interact, for the simple reason that YOU know what it's about and THEY (elders) don't, (they don't know what they are talking about) then I would suppose it should be OK. (Maybe they are just worried you are giving a bad example, and others might not be as able as you, to refute the "lies" and may go on believing them). And I have to agree, knowing the things we do, because of Apostates, is actually faith strengthening. It is true in this case also, that information is empowering.....or put another way, knowledge is power (and of course I don't mean power in the bad sense of the word). I just had a crazy hypothetical thought. What if the WT gave the opposite advice. What if we were told to go and interact with apostates, after all "iron sharpens iron", "make sure of all things" "make the truth your own" etc...... What would happen then?
  23. I'm glad you bring this up. I sat there, of course thinking about this forum, and other forums, or things I have read from so called apostates, and I could not in all honesty agree with labeling everything lies. More than anything, it is criticism of the org. especially its leadership, and dredging up past mistakes. Not all of this is lies. I would say only about 10% might be lies. Some very blatant obvious lies like that we don't care about our children. I would say that those type of lies are extremely obvious and easily understood to be lies. Anyway, I don't want to get into this here as it is off topic, but I would like to address this somewhere else....maybe the closed club...?

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