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  1. @Joe Derrick Dear brother, I do not understand what the problem is, and why we are discussing whether this information is correct or not and if we should wait for something "official" to be posted on our website. As far as I knew, and to the best of my knowledge, the information I posted (on Jehovah's Witnesses club) was correct at the time because it came from several reliable sources. I would have not posted it otherwise. Usually these kind of things are not made up. What I wasn't sure about, and someone asked asked me about it, was which Bethel this information was from. Regardless, it doesn't really matter. Also, the information from 14th April is old as well, as I already mentioned, the numbers will change probably every day. I suppose at the end of the pandemic the official website of Jehovah's Witnesses might post the final numbers. Google translator: Caro fratello, non capisco quale sia il problema, e perché stiamo discutendo se queste informazioni sono corrette o meno e se dovremmo aspettare che qualcosa di "ufficiale" sia pubblicato sul nostro sito web. Per quanto ne sapevo, e per quanto ne so, le informazioni che ho pubblicato (nel club dei Testimoni di Geova) erano corrette all'epoca perché provenivano da diverse fonti affidabili. Non l'avrei pubblicato diversamente. Di solito questo genere di cose non è inventato. Ciò di cui non ero sicuro, e qualcuno mi ha chiesto a riguardo, era da quale Betel provenivano queste informazioni. Indipendentemente da ciò, non importa davvero. Inoltre, anche le informazioni del 14 aprile sono vecchie, come ho già detto, i numeri cambieranno probabilmente ogni giorno. Suppongo che alla fine della pandemia il sito ufficiale dei Testimoni di Geova possa pubblicare i numeri finali.
  2. "Breaking news": All spiritual events in the United States branch territory that are larger than a congregation meeting have been cancelled until further notice. There goes our assembly....
  3. All our meetings and fs has been canceled until further notice. And were having the CO this week....
  4. I am sure this is common knowledge already, but for "kicks and giggles" I entered into google earth the location of the Wuhan Institute Of Virology and of course it falls right where the outbreak was identified, in Hubei. I have not really been doing a lot of reading about the virus but the little that I did read seemed to pinpoint it, or blame it on, the outdoor animal markets. I don't know, to me it seems too much of a coincidence that this institute is right there. It sounds more like something got out where it shouldn't have. Why else all the panic? An interesting short article from the institute here:
      Hello guest!
    "By analyzing the new viruses’ complete genetic makeup, Shi and her colleagues retraced the steps that might have given rise to the original SARS virus. A few spots in the viruses’ DNA seem particularly prone to rearrangement, so remixing happens often. The study suggests that recombination between viruses has shaped the evolution of SARS, says Baric". Perhaps they did a little re-mixing in a test tube and forgot to put the cork back.....
  5. I tend to agree with you there. What I find curious though is that China went into overdrive about this virus as if there is something more to it.....every year there are new flu strains and yet no one makes a fuss about them although these flu strains also kill. Not sure about the percentage compared to the Covid-19. I suppose it's difficult to get accurate morbidity statistics because you would have to compare apples to apples, i.e. all patients being of similar health and age, and receiving the same treatment.....
  6. Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases Regarding the novel Coronavirus: "The virus “has demonstrated the capacity to spread globally" Is it just me, or is that a really stupid statement. I mean surely ANY virus that is inside a host, and the host travels from one side of the globe to the other, will have the same capacity? (Don't blame the virus).
  7. I have heard it is supposed to take over a year to develop a vaccine. If that's the case then Armageddon might have to come earlier!
  8. It's good to put things into proper perspective. The problem with this new virus is just that: it's new, and that's obviously always scary for scientists because they cannot be sure what they're up against. Mutated viruses are apparently more insidious because they become "super viruses" i.e. harder to kill, multiply quicker and are easier to pass on. Besides these reasons, I wonder if there is something the scientists aren't telling us that's so scary about this particular corona virus, besides there being no vaccine yet.
  9. And now it's a double 20!
  10. Well thank you. Only problem is I would have to come up with $41,615 You should start putting it down on paper now.
  11. Yes, I read a brief synopsis and I see where you are coming from. It sounds like the kind of movie I would enjoy. Have to see if Netflix has it...
  12. Cat's Since when do he cows have udders? I suppose since this cartoon.
  13. In my teens I skied downhill with Princess Caroline and her sister Stephanie of Monaco. I don't think it was a race though. They didn't even see me of course and they were much better skiers than me anyway. Later that week I got an autograph from Roger Moore. My cousin who is a few years younger than me went up to him and said "hello 007". I know that doesn't impress you at all though. Sorry, I wish it was Sean Connery.
  14. The only shatterhand I know is "Old Shatterhand", a character in western novels by German author Karl May. He is the German friend and blood brother of Winnetou, chief of the Mescalero tribe of the Apache.
  15. Well that is a dumb chart. The answer to "an all powerful, all knowing, all good God could and would destroy Satan" is he WILL And the answer to "Could God have created a universe with free-will but without evil" is he DID. So those little arrows wouldn't be going anywhere.....

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