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  1. I suppose reasonableness and balance is the key 😀
  2. I remember a while back, when I was "super holy" browsing a brother's library and noticing Bible literature that was not from our source. In my self righteous judgemental previous self I was shocked and almost stumbled. The said brother then proceeded to recommend some of those books saying how interesting they were especially if we are into deep research. I was beside myself with disgust and loathing, wondering how an elder could be saying this...and is he even an elder, probably more of a closet apostate. Well that was then, and this is now. Looking back I see how immature I really was, thi
  3. Wow, hahaha! I wish I could understand what he is saying, but I don't speak Norwegian.... I wonder why him? Surely there are other maybe more suitable people like pop stars or actors? Perhaps though he is quite famous in Norway....
  4. Well I didn't say you should block him, just not respond. But I guess you have no self control Tom, so if blocking is what it takes then that's the way to go 👍😀
  5. Yes. I think this is pretty much the reason some of us like to come here (and even more so the closed club where we can discuss deeper things without the distraction of opposers). If one has been in the truth for a long time, and has had much experience in the truth, then the basics just repeated over and over are not enough for some. There are always new things to learn! And sometimes these things can be a bit controversial and frowned upon by others, but I don't feel bad, in fact I feel positively enlightened 😀
  6. I also subscribe to academia.edu. Yes, I think you are talking about Gerard Gertoux. (Although the link you provide somehow doesn't go to that article) I believe JWInsider has been in correspondence with him quite a few times..
  7. Yes, makes sense. But I think some people think that sitting at the right hand of God means waiting to become king. The question is, where would he be sitting then, when he became king? He cannot be sitting in place of Jehovah, so as you say: "When Jesus received all authority in the first century, when did he receive more authority"? Or when he was sitting at the right hand of God where was the place that was more of a throne? (this is not a question for you, it's for the sake of the discussion)
  8. It's all about being politically correct. Some nations are more sensitive to justified criticism than others. In some European countries it's ok to tell your best friend she's fat and needs to lose weight.. in other countries that would be called fat shaming and is a no no. The other thing is than some people think that "false humility" is ok. It's nice to be honest, but many people can't take it. Today's society has become a bunch of snowflakes as JTR (a former member of the forum) used to call them. And he was right.
  9. Yes, true indeed. On the other hand one has to use the head to be able to distinguish the truth from non truth. Evangelicals are led by the heart, but they are obviously misguided.
  10. You are a little condescending here, but I know what you mean
  11. I just keep wondering why you are here.....
  12. You are talking about JWtalk, and yes, I think he would get kicked out pretty soon.
  13. To the best of my knowledge it is. Of course if you consider JWI, TTH, Xero and me apostates then I guess in your over imaginative mind it is not...
  14. Well—they are horrible scrappers, those two. The funny thing is I actually have no idea what CC is talking about. It's quite amusing really...
  15. Hmmmm.... I wonder if you would have known ANY of this had you not been contacted by Jehovah's Witnesses....
  16. Those were exactly my thoughts! 😂 I would obviously die without Google! P.s. I'm thinking it's one of these very obvious things that you can't get if you think too hard. And then when you hear the answer you have a face palm moment.
  17. You're going to have me racking my brain all day now!
  18. You are able to come up with some logical reasoning, but then you let go of reason and start assuming things that aren't true. JW do not worship the org. because all know that worship belongs to God only. You pull out the Roman scripture (subjection to superior authorities) as proof that the org. is bad. You expect the annointed never to draw the wrong conclusion. You expect them to be either perfect, and sinless or led by holy spirit to the point where they do not have their own thoughts but are more like robots. Then you pull out the CSA as proof that the org. is bad, again insinu
  19. I never thought I would use a Catholic site to explain the difference between bowing down and worshiping but here is: Question: Catholics say that they don’t worship Mary, but isn’t it the case that their actions suggest otherwise, such as when they bow before a statue of Mary? Answer: The question assumes that bowing before something or someone necessarily involves worship. But this is not true. For example, Solomon didn’t offer worship to his mother when he bowed before her in 1 Kings 2:19. It was simply a gesture of honor, since Bathsheba was the queen
  20. No, I don't see this, at all. Then Jesus said to him: “Go away, Satan! For it is written: ‘It is Jehovah your God you must worship, and it is to him alone you must render sacred service.’” The Bible is explicitly clear that worship belongs only to God. It is a case of what does "worship", as opposed to "obeisance" or "bowing down" or "honoring" mean? I understand this to mean that you can bow down, kneel or curtsy to anyone entitled to such a sign of respect and honor. But you would not worship them. Unfortunately the Greek word proskuneo has been translated in various
  21. Everyone and all sorts. This is fine and acceptable in the sight of our Savior, God, whose will is that all sorts of people should be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of truth. (1 Timothy 2:3,4)
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