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  1. Actually, all the reasons you have stated for why, and the manner in which AM purchased alcohol is speculation and cannot be proven. As for Sophia's ice cream; do you think Sophia will never have any ice cream again in her life? Obviously she will, as will real children.
  2. Believe it or not (well you probably will believe it) on a certain ex-jw forum there are over 40 pages of discussion over this video already! I only read a few, but as True Tom would say, they are in an absolute frenzy over this (actually TTH would use a different word). It's kind of sad, post a video of a man buying several bottles of Scotch, and it gets analyzed to kingdom come.....
  3. My McAfee warns me to download this is dangerous - viruses and spyware.
  4. Cat's Since when do he cows have udders? I suppose since this cartoon.
  5. There are 4 red boxes in the cart, assuming those are Macallan then one of those bottles costs anywhere from $1,700 to $1,900 USD
  6. Because the man was assuming that was Morris's cart, and Morris responding is no proof it was his cart, after all he was in the whiskey isle and looking at the whiskey. His cart could have been anywhere. Like I said, he only had one box that he was putting into the car. One box that holds a max 6 bottles. Where did all the other whiskey bottles go that were in the said cart? Even at the checkout, where Morris is seen getting his card/money out to pay, there are only up to 6 bottles on the counter, and his cart is empty.
  7. Coming back to this video. I had time to watch it again and noticed that the cart that we see in the store has a lot more in it than what Br. Morris is seen putting into his car. The box he puts in his car could hold a max 6 bottles. The cart in the store has at least 13 bottles from what I could see. Has it occurred to anyone that perhaps that wasn't even his cart?
  8. Yes, very true. But when he/they (the "vigilantes") get caught they will be punished. The authorities aren't going to be interested in the reasons why they did this. So eventually they will lose out. In any case, saying this is because of child abuse is just speculation. We really don't know....
  9. Come on James, you know that's not a fair statement. All education is not discouraged, but putting Kingdom interests first is the point. Same with books. Nothing wrong with reading books other than JW publications, as long as they are not the only thing you read.
  10. "What an astonishing bit of footage" Really? The man going out to the liquor store to buy some whiskey? "This is not how Tony Morris would like to be seen by Jehovah's Witnesses" Why on earth not? It's more like Lloyd Evans doesn't want to see Anthony Morris like this, because Lloyd Evans has some weird ideas about Br. Morris, and now his weird ideas have been shattered. Now he knows Anthony Morris is just like anyone else. Surprise! Grow up Lloyd! P.S. There are Sunday afternoon meetings too.
  11. It's not a brother, lol. In fact it's a woman who is not, and never has been a JW
      Hello guest!
    That's probably true. What intrigues me though is where he got those ideas from in the first place, if not from disgruntled Christendom.
  12. Yes. And I don't know if you noticed, in that book extract, Gabriele Yonan states: " When the entire text of the Declaration of 25 June 1933 and the letter to Hitler are seen today in the context of the history of Jehovah's Witnesses during the period of National Socialism in Germany and the history of their religious resistance and their stand during the Holocaust, then the text does not present itself as an "antisemitic statement" or an attempt at "currying the favor" of Hitler. These accusations, stemming from present-day church circles, are deliberate manipulations and falsifications of history, seemingly motivated by guilt over the churches' own involvement or lack or involvement in the persecutions. So active haters like Lloyd Evans are merely piggy backing on the Churches reasons for criticizing Rutherford's letter. They do not have their own original criticism. This is hilarious since LE is an atheist, but as you see, when it comes to being hateful about JW org, he has no qualms about being one with Christendom. But that is to be expected.
  13. No. Here you go:
      Hello guest!
    It's a little off topic here...maybe when you have copied it I should make a new topic?
  14. Tom, people like Loyd Evans will take anything, and everything JW's have ever done, said, and written for the last 100+ years and insinuate either bad motives, sheer ignorance, or evilness. The stunning thing is that nothing, absolutely nothing we have ever done, said, and written has ever been good in their eyes. I think Hitler would fair better. The thing is, LE is an obsessed activist, that's all he does with his life. (I am not sure he even works...) but you already know that. The sad thing there is absolutely no reasoning with him, I think you already know that too. As regards the Rutherford letter, I will have to dig up an apologist explanation for Rutherford's seeming sympathizing sentiments. It was written by a non JW, you may have seen it, I will dig it up and post a link to it here.
  15. In my teens I skied downhill with Princess Caroline and her sister Stephanie of Monaco. I don't think it was a race though. They didn't even see me of course and they were much better skiers than me anyway. Later that week I got an autograph from Roger Moore. My cousin who is a few years younger than me went up to him and said "hello 007". I know that doesn't impress you at all though. Sorry, I wish it was Sean Connery.
  16. It was giving me a "headache" and put me off coming here. Glad it's back to normal.

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