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    Anna reacted to JW Insider in China’s “bat woman” Zhengli SHI, seeking asylum in US embassy in France. CCP likely done if this is true.   
    I'm sure that there were other better places to discuss the timeline issue. But this article just caught my attention:
    French hospital discovers Covid-19 case from December
    Man found to have had virus a month before government confirmed first cases
    A French hospital that retested old samples from pneumonia patients has discovered that it treated a man with the coronavirus as early as 27 December, nearly a month before the French government confirmed its first cases.
    Dr Yves Cohen, head of resuscitation at the Avicenne and Jean Verdier hospitals in the northern suburbs of Paris, told BFM TV that scientists had retested samples from 24 patients treated in December and January who tested negative for flu.
    “Of the 24, we had one who was positive for Covid-19 on 27 December,” he told the news channel on Sunday.
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    Anna reacted to JW Insider in China’s “bat woman” Zhengli SHI, seeking asylum in US embassy in France. CCP likely done if this is true.   
    I haven't taken the time to study the reports supposedly evidencing a laboratory outbreak in Wuhan. But I have read enough to know that there are literally hundreds of reports out there that overstate the evidence for all kinds of claims. I can also see that some sites just completely make things up.
    The virus has affected so many people personally that it would be great to have some really good information, and effective plans of action, in case this or something similar happens again. I'm sure there is already a lot of good data from many sources about how this crisis should have been handled differently. Some places obviously handled it better than others. But who knows how well this data will be used. Even data is a weaponized these days.
    So I'm not trying to fully agree or fully disagree with anyone in particular. Like most people I am suspicious of the possible weaponization of the virus. And naturally it was suspicious that it started in Wuhan which contains a P4 (BS4) lab, and the possibility of an escape from such a lab. Looking up a few things, I wanted to say just a bit about them so I could come back later and check the references and links when I get some more time.
    To start I read what @César Chávez wrote above. I looked up a phrase or two to see where some of the information could have come from.
    China announced that Major General Chen Wei, China’s chief biochemical weapon defense expert, now stations in Wuhan to take over the Wuhan P4 Lab linked to China’s covert biological weapons program.
    Wuhan P4 Lab has drawn world attention since the outbreak of Wuhan novel coronavirus. Some wondered if the virus was ‘leaked’ from the lab, which is located at the epicenter.
    Zhengli Shi, a renowned researcher working at the P4 lab, co-authored a controversial paper in 2015 to create a new virus by combining a coronavirus found in Chinese horseshoe bats with another that causes human-like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in mice.
    Other articles on that page were of the Steve Bannon propaganda variety. (Bannon has been attacking China regularly for years and even owns media outlets that are used specifically for this purpose.) I was already thinking about this when I scrolled down further and his picture pops up in one of the articles. By Bannon-like I refer to the idea that statements are made that just directly tie anything negative to the CCP without evidence of any kind. Like: 
    Miles Guo: CCP ordered Guo Deyin to create Wuhan coronavirus
    Guo Deyin, a prominent Chinese scientist, is responsible for creating Wuhan coronavirus under the order of the Chinese Communist Party.
    These tend to be based on empty claims that might only be claimed by the person making it up, or sometimes just quote a "citizen" who evidently made it up, and provides zero evidence. The claim will often be outlandish, but with specifics so that it looks believable. After linking and quoting the nature.com article about the findings of Zheng-Li Shi, we immediately see (in the next line) the part about a potential scapegoat:
    It remains to be seen whether the Chinese government will find a low-level scapegoat for the “leak” of the virus.
    According to Miles Guo, the Wuhan coronavirus was created by the Chinese Communist Party and spread in Wuhan on purpose under the order of Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan.
    . . .
    I hope the wisdom of the people around the world can curb the spread of evilness coming from Pandora’s box, destroy the CCP as the embodiment of the devil and stop this virus from killing the Americans and people around the world.
    This was back in early February, and you can already see how this "citizen" (Miles Guo) with no evidence is creating a possible future story that will involve Zheng-Li Shi as a potential scapegoat, and how this will be discussed in terms of bringing down the CCP. It's really outrageous to say that the vice president of China wanted it spread in Wuhan to kill Americans. It reminds one of pre-CCP (1938) flooding of the Yangtze River by Chiang Kai-shek, killing his own people to slow down the Japanese invasion. (Thanks @James Thomas Rook Jr. for that one.)
    In the midst of all the reports, there are constant contradictions too, so it might take years to see who is lying on purpose, who is lying because of a strong bias, who is merely spreading lies that they mostly believe because of a strong bias, or who is spreading falsehoods because they just don't know any better.
    Even here, https://www.defenseone.com/ideas/2020/03/how-counter-chinas-covid-19-disinformation-campaign/164188/ which, although virulently anti-Chinese, makes some statements that admit a lot of exculpatory evidence which would defend the Chinese. The main point of the article is how the US can "take back the narrative" to keep China from ending up looking good over all this.
    I like to find hints like this because if a source hates to admit something "good" about China, but then provides evidence like that, this evidence must have seemed incontrovertible to the reporters at the time. It's like if Osama bin Laden said, "Well I hate America, but I have to admit, Chicago makes some good pizza." I think this would be evidence that he actually did like Chicago pizza.
    (These days you also have to be careful with sites that normally support the US governmental policy especially from within the US, because they will often contradict themselves from positions they took under Obama just because they don't like Trump. The same thing will happen of those who criticized Obama, but love the exact same same policies under Trump.)
    The article also confirms some of the problems with US handling of various viruses. This tends to balance out some of rhetoric about safety issues in Wuhan's P4 lab. And by the way, the US has about 13 of these P4 labs, and many more P3 labs. The Wuhan lab is about 10 miles from Wuhan, a city of 10 million or so. That reminded me that NYC is even closer to NJ.
    Here are some examples that the Defense One article admits are at least partially true, even if not directly related to the first outbreaks:
    In August 2019, the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, a Level-4 Biosafety Laboratory capable of handling dangerous infectious diseases such as Ebola, was shut down when it failed to pass a safety inspection by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC. 
    Several months later, the CDC released an unrelated report on teen vaping and severe respiratory infections, citing a total of 805 hospitalizations due to lung injuries and 12 deaths with a median age of 23.
    During that same month, the U.S. Department of Defense sent 280 of the top athletes in the U.S. Armed Services to China to participate in the Military World Games. Five athletes suffered from the same illness and were hospitalized at Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital. Allegedly, one of these patients, diagnosed with and treated for malaria, is supposed to be the “patient zero” of the COVID-19 outbreak, the epicenter of which appears to stem from the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. 
    The U.S. has not done itself any favors in the global competition over narratives.
    In the absence of a definitive patient zero for COVID-19, prominent political leaders, journalists, and media personalities have resorted to spreading conspiracy theories. They have framed the outbreak as “foreign” or “Chinese”, suggesting in some cases that it stemmed from a biological weapons lab in China. Such claims appear to be bolstered by conspiracy websites and unsubstantiated quotes.
    . . . However, there are obvious problems with any bioweapons-related conspiracies for COVID-19.
    Setting off a global pandemic that will cripple the world economy and lead to millions of fatalities is a really terrible strategy for any country. Even if bioweapons were attractive to some country, this highly-transmissible and nearly impossible to control virus would be a least-ideal candidate.
    The U.S. developed biological weapons during World War II but never used them due to their perceived liabilities on the battlefield—the fear that once a contagious disease was unleashed, it could not be controlled and could backfire.
    . . .
    Conspiracy theories about the source of disease outbreaks gain significant traction because of the dual-use nature of biodefense research. Disinformation campaigns exploit a very fine line that exists between a biodefense program and an offensive biological weapons program. 
    Under biodefense programs, countries like the U.S. develop diagnostic tools, manufacture personal protective gear, stand up highly secure labs to contain dangerous pathogens, and produce vaccines and other medical countermeasures to protect people from the scourge of disease. All these same capabilities can be leveraged to support a covert offensive bioweapons program. 
    Unfortunately, the location of U.S. biodefense programs at former sites of its past bioweapons program, e.g. Fort Detrick, help to fuel disinformation.
    . . . While the COVID-19 as bioweapon narrative is patently false, it offers a good reminder that a bioweapon attack can be disguised as a naturally occurring outbreak with a strong disinformation campaign to deceive the public.
    Anyway, I've already quoted too much and am only half-way through the article. It also admits just how unlikely it is that this got out of the Wuhan lab. People make a lot out of "bat woman" and even the prejudice against bats as evil-looking. But for those who study coronaviruses even in the USA, that's just where you look.  Just like "swine flu" could be found in pigs. (Which reminds me that viruses have started in the US before, and one "patient zero" for other dangerous viruses have been traced to soldiers in USA-located army bases. I recall a few years ago what seemed like a scramble to find a "patient zero" for swine flu outside the United States, and they found a five year boy in Mexico from a town where 40 people or so got the flu, but all the others had a regular flu except for this boy. They made him famous, and I think they even put up a statue of him (although he was a healthy recovering survivor). But then someone pointed out (his mother) that a US corporation, Smithfield Foods, ran one of the largest pig farms in his village. https://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/04/28/swine.flu/index.html
    "Patient zero" of the Hantavirus turned out to be some United Nations forces in Korea in the 1950's. https://www.indiatoday.in/science/story/hantavirus-man-dead-china-symptoms-coronavirus-yunnan-shandong-1659186-2020-03-24
    One of the most interesting articles that is a bit conspiratorial but sounds reasonably balanced is here:
    I was surprised to see there in that article that Dr. Fauci's organization had given $3,000,000 to the Wuhan lab for coronavirus research. I didn't believe it so I checked all the links and discovered that this had already been news I had missed:
    But back to the "murder most foul" article, it discounts the "bat in the Wuhan market" theory just as strongly as the Defense One article discredits the "escape from a Wuhan lab" theory.
    Almost too incredible to believe, funding for the reckless germ war experiments in Wuhan have included more than $3 million from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a division of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), with apparent collaboration, according to Boyle, from scientists at the universities of North Carolina, Wisconsin, Harvard and other institutions.
    In 2014, the Obama White House Office of Science and Technology Policy put a hold or “funding pause” on “gain of function” experimentation on dangerous viruses in U.S. labs due to “biosafety and biosecurity risks.”
    Yet experimentation apparently continued uninterrupted (with U.S. funding) in China at the Wuhan lab. Then in 2017, the Trump Administration reversed this “funding pause,” essentially allowing illegal germ warfare research to continue.
    Longtime anti-GMO activists at GM Watch in the UK recently published an article entitled “COVID-19 Could Be a Wake-Up Call for Biosafety.” The article explains how, below the public radar, secretive and reckless research on genetically engineering and weaponizing coronaviruses has been going on for decades:
    “Stuart Newman, professor of cell biology and anatomy at New York Medical College in Valhalla, New York, editor-in-chief of the journal Biological Theory, and co-author of Biotech Juggernaut, adds crucial historical context that shows exploring whether COVID-19 could have been genetically engineered should not be dismissed as a subject fit only for conspiracy theorists.
    “[Newman] points out that the genetic engineering of coronaviruses has been going on for a long time. According to Newman, ‘Even most biologists are not aware that virologists have been experimentally recombining and genetically modifying coronaviruses for more than a decade to study their mechanisms of pathogenicity.’ Indeed, Newman points to papers on engineering coronaviruses that go back a full 20 years.” 
    Dr. Peter Breggin points out that in 2015, researchers from the U.S. and China's Wuhan Institute of Virology collaborated to transform an animal coronavirus into one that can attack humans. Breggin’s provocative essay includes a direct link to the original study  which was published in the British journal, Nature.
    Recent investigative reporting, including an explosive April 14 Washington Post article by Josh Rogin, followed by more muted coverage by CBS News, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and others, have alerted millions of people to the fact that the official Chinese/Big Pharma/WHO/NIH “bat in the market” story about the origins of COVID-19 may no longer be credible.
    Lots more links and quotes. I also thought it was prudent to snag the articles on SARS, Swine Flu, MERS, etc, from Wikipedia, back in late February because these articles always get highly edited when political ideologies meet science and data. There is even a such thing as medical ideologies, too.
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    Anna reacted to JW Insider in Was Saint Peter ever in Rome?   
    There is nothing in the Bible itself about that. There are a few traditions about Peter and Rome, but they are mostly from a couple hundred years after the events would have taken place. And these traditions are often contradictory. The Bible is much more consistent and was written almost completely in the same century when Peter lived.
    Some of those traditions had the Gospel writer Mark as his secretary, but the Bible does not speak of either of them in Rome. The closest is this verse:
    (1 Peter 5:13, 14) 13 She who is in Babylon, a chosen one like you, sends you her greetings, and so does Mark, my son. 14 Greet one another with a kiss of love.. . .
    Since Peter was married, the "she" here is often thought of as referring to his wife, and Babylon is sometimes thought of as a pseudonym for Rome. But we also know that there was still a thriving Jewish population in the actual area of Babylon, so a pseudonym for Rome is not a definite explanation here.
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    Anna reacted to JW Insider in Chinese Coronavirus could be a bioweapon that escaped containment   
    The Epoch Times is Falun Gong's media outlet. My opinion is that The Epoch Times is a media outlet that takes advantage of the stupidity and anti-Chinese racism of the West. It is therefore designed to appeal to Western racists and mostly American stupidity. As a financial maneuver, those tactics tap into a goldmine. Falun Gong's rabidly fascist political agenda is not hidden at all. The "movie" starts out:
    "This is just the essential nature of Chinese Communism. Chinese Communism is evil. Every person it harms is directly attributable to the Chinese Communist Party."
    I think that the world was extremely fortunate that this particular virus started out in China. China was extremely quick to detect it and give the proper warnings to officials and to the rest of the world. We have never seen such a quick response with so few mistakes for any other virus that has started either here or elsewhere. China made a few errors, and 3,000+ Chinese persons lost their lives, but the overall response was an excellent model for all other countries to follow. It put into operation a combination of testing, lock-down, recommendations, quarantines, notifications, equipping medical personnel, equipping medical research, and sharing the research with the world.
    The "movie" is full of too many flat-out lies and inconsistencies to even think about taking seriously.
    I wish I had time to discuss how so much of the anti-Chinese propaganda has already been completely debunked. However, I have a non-Covid health issue to take care of with one of my parents, and will likely be completely logged out of the forum for a couple of weeks. I'd love to get back to this when I'm back. But who knows? By then the U.S. will probably be talking some kind of war with China.
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    Anna reacted to JW Insider in New Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Pandemic (aka WuFlu)   
    I don't really know. My youngest son speaks and writes Chinese fairly well and has been writing to some friends in China. They are working under the assumption that some persons CAN get it again, but that it was extremely rare and probably based on getting a variant the second time. South Korea has also reported second infections. 
    Japanese "experts" have been reporting on NHK (like a Japanese "BBC") that the United States already had 4 or 5 variants of the virus, during the time that China did not yet have a second variant. Of course, even though Japan "hates" China, and is politically allied with the US, many Japanese have accepted as a "given" that this is evidence that the United States was already carrying the "first" and up to four branches of the virus, while China started out with only 1 of the branches in Wuhan, Hubei. Therefore, their "experts" are saying it must have come from the United States.
    At any rate, if the United States is carrying more variants, then it's more likely to suffer second infections (on the variant theory). [I assume, but don't know enough about it, that if an infected "variant 2" coughs on an infected "variant 4" that this is one way that a "variant 5" might be produced.] It's not known how well the antibodies built up from one (survived) infection might help fight a second. Also, it's possible that before testing was widely available, that some who were counted among the infected, were actually coincidentally suffering from another type of flu during the "first" infection.
    Tentatively, these Chinese friends of his say that they have all been through weeks of self-quarantine, and several provinces are finally going back to work. But they know that the outbreaks could happen anytime, anywhere. Even if second infections were NOT possible, there are still over a billion Chinese people who never got it in the first place, and are just as susceptible as those who already got it earlier.
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    Anna got a reaction from 4Jah2me in New Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Pandemic (aka WuFlu)   
    "Breaking news":
    All spiritual events in the United States branch territory that are larger than a congregation meeting have been cancelled until further notice.
    There goes our assembly....
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    Anna got a reaction from James Thomas Rook Jr. in New Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Pandemic (aka WuFlu)   
    "Breaking news":
    All spiritual events in the United States branch territory that are larger than a congregation meeting have been cancelled until further notice.
    There goes our assembly....
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    Anna reacted to JW Insider in New Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Pandemic (aka WuFlu)   
    I'm pretty sure that the statistics we are seeing are just partial "indicators" and are not accurate enough to give a real picture. There are serious persons who believe that the virus has already been in the United States for some time, and that some of the deaths that had been attributed to the flu season were already actually based on this COVID-19. An interview between Congress and a CDC official (recorded by CNN) already admitted that at least some recent flu deaths in the U.S. have been retested and found to have been positive for COVID-19. 
    Japan, is an ally of the United States, and its relationship with China is much like the US relationship with Russia. Yet, several reports from officials in Japan have now stated that they believe this virus came from the United States. This is based on a study of the chronology and genetic makeup for each of about 4 perhaps 5 family variations of the virus.
    Opposing that view (and therefore against the view that this was an artificially developed virus) are the scientists who have looked at the genes of the virus and evidently have determined that it has more indicators of a natural virus, not one in which sequences have been artificially recombined.
    Also, a bit suspicious, but typical, have been the racist attacks on the head of the WHO, who is Ethiopian. Pictures have emerged of him on social media with bigger than usual lips, and racist attacks, licking the feet of his "controllers" or being walked like a dog. This has only been recently however, after he praised China for how well they were able to handle this, and keep it under control so that the rest of the world would have a chance to prepare testing kits, hospitals, beds, breathing support apparatus for impaired lung function, etc. Unfortunately, the rest of the world used this window of opportunity to twiddle its thumbs, and in the case of the US, to delay the partial replacement of severe cuts to the CDC, etc. (The CDC by the way has been notoriously bad in the past when it came to tracking and caring for H1N1, etc.)
    These racist attacks on China-praisers like Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, have also been traced to IP addresses in Hong Kong. Which has happened before, because Cantonese speaking HK citizens openly speak of Han Chinese (mainlanders) with words that are the near equivalent of the "N" word in America. Similarly, the Wikipedia page for Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has suddenly (only since this virus) been updated to include new information about potential controversy and problems. His praise of other nations that the US didn't like, but which have implemented excellent health reforms is the basis for the new controversies. And this about a man who has risked his own life on the front lines of outbreaks including ebola, etc. Even Reuters has openly acknowledged in reports that many politically-charged Wikipedia changes have been easily traced to CIA computers, and CIA IP addresses. And the close connection between the CIA and HK has been tracked and photographed.
    Naturally, I don't claim to have followed up on all of these claims, but I did listen to the CDC interview about prior flu deaths in the US now being re-assigned to COVID-19. That one was correct. There is a place to watch the "watchdogs" who follow the sources of hotbeds of political bot attacks, political updates to Wikipedia, politically trending hashtags on Twitter, etc. There is a high turnover of cancelled accounts among this supposed watchdog group. These "whistleblowers" often complain that they can't get far-right, Nazi commentators banned from Twitter, yet they as a group suffer constant banning. I have seen some evidence of the truth of such claims, but can't say I've spent much time testing out these claims very deeply.
    But it's enough to show that the nations still play dirty tricks and some of these tricks backfire. These "tricks" are played on fellow nations, "enemy" nations, or their own citizens.
    Another example of such tricks that I just learned about: In a campaign promise, Trump said he would release some of the secret JFK files, and what did some show? That the CIA planned on sinking refugee ships from Cuba to the US, and bombing some Miami communities known for Cuban refugee populations --and blame it on Castro. This would scare refugees, send fear through Miami citizens, and increase support to pressure Castro, or even go to war with Cuba. Supposedly Kennedy's disagreement with some of these plans was why they were included in the files as potential reasons the CIA might have been suspected in the Kennedy assassination. Of course, it might also make us wonder which of the two countries was more totalitarian.
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    Anna got a reaction from James Thomas Rook Jr. in New Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Pandemic (aka WuFlu)   
    All our meetings and fs has been canceled until further notice. And were having the CO this week....
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    Anna got a reaction from James Thomas Rook Jr. in New Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Pandemic (aka WuFlu)   
    I am sure this is common knowledge already, but for "kicks and giggles" I entered into google earth the location of the Wuhan Institute Of Virology and of course it falls right where the outbreak was identified, in Hubei. I have not really been doing a lot of reading about the virus but the little that I did read seemed to pinpoint it, or blame it on, the outdoor animal markets. I don't know, to me it seems too much of a coincidence that this institute is right there. It sounds more like something got out where it shouldn't have. Why else all the panic?
    An interesting short article from the institute here: http://english.whiov.cas.cn/Research/Research_Progress/201712/t20171201_186818.html
    "By analyzing the new viruses’ complete genetic makeup, Shi and her colleagues retraced the steps that might have given rise to the original SARS virus. A few spots in the viruses’ DNA seem particularly prone to rearrangement, so remixing happens often. The study suggests that recombination between viruses has shaped the evolution of SARS, says Baric".
    Perhaps they did a little re-mixing in a test tube and forgot to put the cork back.....
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    Anna reacted to JW Insider in New Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Pandemic (aka WuFlu)   
    The WHO/CDC statistics might already be making it possible to see some differences in health care quality among various nations around the world. Of course, there are still a lot of factors to account for that can't be seen in the public data. Still, I was looking at the statistics on the JHU site, now that over 121,000 infected persons have been reported. This is 81,000 from China and 40,000 from various countries around the world. Using this data as a "snapshot" in time we see the following:
    If we temporarily ignore the Hubei province of China (Wuhan) where the infection evidently broke out before quarantining began to take place then the rest of China has 13,000 cases and has only 116 deaths, which is less than a 1% death rate. i.e., 80,967(China) minus 67773(Hubei) with 3046 deaths in Hubei, and a total of 3162 deaths in all of China. South Korea, similarly, reports 7755 cases and 54 deaths, which is also a death rate of less than 1%.. Italy, however, reports 10,149 infected with 631 deaths, which is a death rate of 6%. Iran reports 354 deaths out of 9,000 infected, which is a death rate of over 3.5% Spain is at 2% France is 2% Germany is at about 0.3%. Switzerland about 0.5% The United States is about 3% Of course, if it turns out that a lot of people with the virus who showed little or no symptoms never sought testing/treatment, then we'll never really know what the true rate was. Also, there is always going to be a mistrust of the numbers. When the W.H.O. gave out statistics from another recent virus that apparently started in China a couple of years ago, China claimed the W.H.O. was "owned by the West" and was skewing statistics. When this virus was first measured by the W.H.O. and the "West" thought that the statistics should look worse for China, some media outlets promoted claims that the W.H.O. was "owned by China."
    Also, the virus has been in China long enough for China to have measured most of the original cases as "recovered." Currently the total reported as recovered is 66,000 and almost all of this number applies to the 81,000 cases from China, not the 40,000 generally newer cases outside China. Hubei itself has 49,000 recovered out of its 67750 cases. So that in all of China, there may be only 15,593 remaining cases of the 81,000 infected. There are therefore many more active cases outside of China, than inside China. Several large Chinese provinces currently have ALL their cases eradicated and there is currently NO virus in several provinces that once had the virus. (This can change as quarantines become less restrictive before a vaccine/treatment is developed.)

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    Anna got a reaction from James Thomas Rook Jr. in WHO says it no longer has a process to declare a pandemic, says old system with 6 phases is no longer being used   
    I tend to agree with you there. What I find curious though is that China went into overdrive about this virus as if there is something more to it.....every year there are new flu strains and yet no one makes a fuss about them although these flu strains also kill. Not sure about the percentage compared to the Covid-19. I suppose it's difficult to get accurate morbidity statistics because you would have to compare apples to apples, i.e. all patients being of similar health and age, and receiving the same treatment.....
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    Anna reacted to James Thomas Rook Jr. in New Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Pandemic (aka WuFlu)   
    Covid-19 NOT being life threatening is a challenge?
    To do what, count legs still standing up, and divide by two?
    t's NOT a pandemic because (  .... so far .... ) the Corona virus,  Covid-19, or Wuflu, by whatever name it is called daily, has affected about 80,000 people as of today's date, and "only" killed about 2700 people.
    This means the death rate is about 3% ... even including the worst countries where treatment to keep you alive is minimal, while your body mounts a defense ... and the very old and infirm  are included in those statistics
    It has symptoms like the common cold, or at worst, the flu .... part of the Corona family of "common cold" viruses, this one being labeled No. 19.. 
    It's a respiratory disease in humans.
    So far, that number of deaths .... is "reportedly" less than the "regular" variants of the flu.
    Please feel free to check what I think I know, as my sources may have a hidden agenda.
    The WHO (World Health Organization) has stated that as of today it does NOT meet the criteria for a pandemic.
    To put this in perspective, Malaria, caused by mosquitos, KILLS ABOUT 100,000 PEOPLE A MONTH, continuously, worldwide. And has ... for a very long time.
    My guess is that if you treat Wuflu with a CONSTANT barrage of treatments as you would for someone with severe asthma, who also has the "normal" flu, it is VERY survivable.
    Statistics are made up of mostly those who do NOT have these resources, and by lack of resources, and education, are relatively doomed in advance.
    THis whole thing reminds me of when William Randolph Hearst, once the owner of the nation's largest newspaper chain, artificially created news to sell newspapers, and eventually convinced the American people to demand Congress to declare war against Spain, who owned Cuba at the time.
    He telegraphed his reporters in Havana, who had nothing to write about the supposed atrocities of Spain against the Cubans, to provide photographs, and he would make up the atrocities,
    His telegram stated " "...you supply the pictures, I will supply the war".
    In the newspaper business " If it bleeds, it leads!" ... and headlines sell papers.
    ... same thing.
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    Anna reacted to JW Insider in Chinese Coronavirus could be a bioweapon that escaped containment   
    Not really a bombshell though based on the January 2nd date.
    Someone has done some good work here (video below) on the actual timeline. He's an American who has lived in China for a few years. He reads and speaks Chinese very well. (He's not a pro-Communist spokesperson, and has even been involved in the same types of large anti-government protests that thousands of other Chinese citizens have participated in.)
    Even the article on Xi's knowledge of the epidemic actually appears to be a good thing, not something nefarious. It fits right into the timeline:
    On January 20th, Xi officially acknowledged that there was an epidemic going on. That was two days before he first spoke publicly about it. In the speech released by Xi’s ruling Communist Party, the president told his party members on Jan 7 that he was already taking measures to contain the coronavirus outbreak.
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    Anna got a reaction from JW Insider in U.S. alone: 8,200 dead! 140,000 hospitalized! Deadly virus spreads from state to state and has infected 15 million Americans so far.   
    Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases Regarding the novel Coronavirus: "The virus “has demonstrated the capacity to spread globally"
    Is it just me, or is that a really stupid statement. I mean surely ANY virus that is inside a host, and the host travels from one side of the globe to the other, will have the same capacity? (Don't blame the virus).
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    Anna got a reaction from James Thomas Rook Jr. in U.S. alone: 8,200 dead! 140,000 hospitalized! Deadly virus spreads from state to state and has infected 15 million Americans so far.   
    I have heard it is supposed to take over a year to develop a vaccine. If that's the case then Armageddon might have to come earlier!
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    Anna reacted to JW Insider in U.S. alone: 8,200 dead! 140,000 hospitalized! Deadly virus spreads from state to state and has infected 15 million Americans so far.   
    So far, the Johns Hopkins site seems to have the best information about the spread of the coronavirus. Looks like it will hit 10,000 today with 213+ dead. If you move the map to the United States you can click on each individual case (5 so far).

  19. Upvote
    Anna reacted to JW Insider in U.S. alone: 8,200 dead! 140,000 hospitalized! Deadly virus spreads from state to state and has infected 15 million Americans so far.   
    Not to minimize the potency of the coronavirus. But it looks like CNN finally decided it was time to make the point some have been making here for several days. It's not the coronavirus. It's the flu (this 2019-2020 season, so far). The article is here:
    Even the low-end estimate of deaths each year is startling, Savoy said: The Centers for Disease Control predicts at least 12,000 people will die from the flu in the US every year. In the 2017-2018 flu season, as many as 61,000 people died, and 45 million were sickened. In the 2019-2020 season so far, 15 million people in the US have gotten the flu and 8,200 people have died from it, including at least 54 children. Flu activity has been elevated for 11 weeks straight, the CDC reported, and will likely continue for the next several weeks.  
  20. Sad
    Anna got a reaction from admin in 2020 off to a stressful start   
    And now it's a double 20!
  21. Haha
    Anna reacted to JW Insider in President Trump had a lot to say about toilets, sinks and showers.   
    And he finally explained why he sometimes looks orange. Turns out deregulation will solve his orangeness, too. (Not kidding!)
    This sounded like something coming out of The Onion, but it was for real!
  22. Haha
  23. Haha
    Anna reacted to James Thomas Rook Jr. in This is the nearest galaxy, Andromeda.It is headed toward our Milky Way galaxy at 110 km per second...   
    Or, just drop over into another Multiverse, in the extremely rare case that two solar systems collide, and disrupt the systems'  planetary orbits. The advantage is that it can be done with ones' transporter belt, and the 'quivalent of a 9 volt transistor radio battery.
    uh ... assuming, of course that you HAVE a transporter belt ....
  24. Haha
    Anna reacted to JW Insider in This is the nearest galaxy, Andromeda.It is headed toward our Milky Way galaxy at 110 km per second...   
    The perfect time to look for another inhabitable planet, jump off and take a ride to, you know, expand our horizons.
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    Anna reacted to TrueTomHarley in Beto O'Rourke: Church Must Lose Tax-Exempt Status If They Oppose Same-Sex Marriage   
    Though it is not in a portion of the Bible known for prophesy, the most striking prophesy of all to me is Romans 1:26-28
    “That is why God gave them over to uncontrolled sexual passion, for their females changed the natural use of themselves into one contrary to nature;  likewise also the males left the natural use of the female and became violently inflamed in their lust toward one another, males with males”
    Though the flavor of the verse is seems clearly “anti-gay,” for the purposes of this comment that need not be considered. When I became a Witness in the 1970s, I thought this verse was way way out there, not realistic at all. Of course, there had always been homosexuality, but to suggest that it would one day go viral seemed absurd. Yet it has happened. Even gays themselves, though they will be happy at the extent that they have been able to make progress, must be surprised at how quickly it has come about.
    The pace accelerates and spreads to new frontiers. Whereas gays have taken decades to enter the mainstream, the embrace of the transgender movement have taken mere months. Gayle King (I heard her say this on CBS This Morning) did not know what the Q stood for when she obediently appended it to LGBT. Did it mean “questioning?” Or “queer?” She didn’t know. But she didn’t dare not include it.

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