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  1. This one one idiot that that joins their mates 4 jahto me I have never seen so many idiotic posts like yours I hope Satan is very proud of you. Soon you`ll be gone from here for good because you too like them other little rats can not take the heat even when it1s on low
  2. To answer your question about someone knocking on my door, no chance I was in the forces and no civilians was allowed on base, I was in Cyprus at the time
  3. Witness the anointed are HUMBLE you are not, The anointed do not get involved with people who slay their master, you however come on this web site a back apostates who slander Jehovah`s name, You also slander that name, you quote scripture no application, YOU ARE NOT ANOINTED GET IN THROUGH YOUR HEAD. The anointed don`t tell social media that they are anointed either.
  4. The little rats who come on here they say they are the true witnesses, but the only problem they have they do not know what they believe and who they belong to, he`s a picture of your commander
  5. I wondered when that partner of witness would have their say now I can call you both the witnesses of your master of this world and NOT of the world to come
  6. You seem to be ok Cesar but please they can think for themselves
  7. What`s up with YOU people haven`t you got any friends of your own so you come on websites where some JW`s are and try and pull them down. You are so alone you can`t go some where on your own and cry by yourself, people like you will try to pull anyone down as far as you yourselves are
  8. The Governing Body never ever said that 1975 was the end of this world, All that is written in the publications is that it was 6,000 years since Adam`s creation, and people read that as a sign in their own minds that because of 6,000 years and Jesus would reign for 1,000 years that would make 7,000 years and it would be Jehovah ruling after that. No where in what the publications says, So stop living in a fantasy world world, 1975 was a great year because it cleansed the organization of people who was serving with a date in mind and not in the faith and looking to what the Bible says the sign would be for the last days. Oh by the way I`m very happy it didn1t come because I was not in the truth in 1975.
  9. We are looking for the signs in the Holy Scriptures not Satan`s worldly politics. Keeping our eyes on the things unseen
  10. You two are just the same you wouldn`t know the truth if you saw it in writing from Jesus or even his father Jehovah
  11. You judge yourself you don`t need anyone to judge you we did a discussion on Jehovah`s name and what it means for us today and You never use that name in anything you say but you do use rev somebody by name But not the most awe inspiring name at all JEHOVAH
  12. It was called a LUCKY CHARM bracelet so going on that, why has the NAME changed or has it. the lucky charm was to do with the devil so come to your own conclusions on that!
  13. Jack Ryan I used to like reading your positive comments but now you swear and are so negative about the truth what happened to you Jack , You`re getting to be like the apostates on this web site, What happened to you Jack you need to get a grip of the life to come, May I see better comments come from you in the future. All the best.

  14. This letter was not too many for google to translate I get all my info on the Witnesses from jw blogspot, witnesses website
  15. How many more anti Jw`s are there on this site How many Hypocrites are advanced members they condemn the organization of Jehovah`s witnesses, and yet quote things what is good for them when it`s in their favour, I know for a fact there are at least 4 who will say " who are you to judge us, who appointed you to be our judge?" and yet they condemn themselves be the words they speak. Come on condemn the words I write down you who are supposedly to be on the side of Jehovah`s Organization on earth, advanced members or not you know who you are! Love to the TRUE brothers and sisters, stand up to these false brothers and sisters. Those who run this site need to clear these off and upbuild and not help to tear down the True Brothers. I wonder if you will allow this
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