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  1. The day the Twitter graphic representation of all accumulated data resembles a COVID virus, I’m closing out my account.
  2. The clip from ‘meaning of life’ struck me as very shallow—junk food gussied up as if nourishing. That’s is all I saw, but because it is Jack Dorsey, I will play the rest later, time permiting. The ad that appeared before the segment—it may be different for different viewers—for the EpochTimes, I at first did not know whether it was an ad or a parody. “Sir, how do you feel after reading the Times?” “I feel great!” But so far as I can tell, it really is an ad.
  3. I haven’t been able to ever since I heard him adopting the manner of a southern black preacher (and doing it pretty convincingly, too) when addressing a delegation of black voters.
  4. I can’t stand this guy. His manner is simply nauseating. Pour on the syrup or what? He turned my stomach then, he turns it now. But I also suspect the stuff he is selling probably works—to call it a ‘cure’ is too much, but to say it helps—i would go along with that. If I recall it is silver colloidal something or other and that is a mixture that many swear by. It is not that he hawks something that gets me. It is that he so throughly mixes it with his role as ‘evangelist.’ It is as though the Circuit Overseer had a line of goods that he sold at the Assembly Hall—and you couldn’t get into the place without passing his booth by.
  5. “Shouldn’t you be out chasing TSLA now?” I tweeted to the local stockbroker at a time where it was heading to the moon and I was searching for a playful put down of him for something he had said. But he IS the local stockbroker, and he cannot appear to be flippant with other people’s money. He replied that chasing stocks is not his style.
  6. I haven’t seen this and probably won’t at 1:40, but even as I write this I think that maybe I will I did hear Rush on the car radio yesterday carrying on about this movie, though, making much of his observation that Moore hadn’t seemed to have recognized that his electric car was ultimately powered by fossil fuels, since that’s how electricity is generated.
  7. This is what ought be done unless you want to watch the ‘history’ in which Moses pops Pharaoh in the nose and gets the girl.
  8. I noticed that. I didn’t think it was possible to upvote twice. Wait till Allen and his friends discover that little trick. Can you post laughing emojis repeatedly? Wait till 4Jah discovers that. He will post so many to a post that he will fall off the top of his doghouse and clunk his head, like Snoopy used to.
  9. Exactly my impression when this first aired weeks ago.
  10. The reason they want to keep banks afloat, rife with ‘moral hazard’ though that course is, is that all employment depends on them, and no one wants to throw most people in the world out of work. It is sort of like how Abraham Lincoln said that he is not smart enough to lie. Once you tell one, you will be telling them till the end of your days in an attempt to shore up that first one.
  11. I took note of how quickly everyone at the Kingdom Hall Sunday embraced a new routine. There had been an announcement about a need to “keep your greetings simple” and handshaking has instantly been replaced by elbow bumps, etc. There is an advantage to being ready to comply. I worked up a post about it 4 days ago, starting with how if you wore a mask like they do trick-or-treating, or even a Guy Fawkes mask, that would be one effective way to avoid touching your face.
      Hello guest!
  12. Cats go crazy with the red pointer ones. I’ve seen cats climb halfway up a room wall trying to catch that dot.
  13. or why CC would downvote this. Is he running himself for office and I have overlooked him? I mean, I can imagine 4Jah saying, “oh dear, it looks like TTH knows something besides jw.org bible,” but why CC would have anything to say......
  14. What happens when you use it to divide by zero? Most would return an ERR message, but I had one that would simply start running through all the numbers, as though trying them all.
  15. Is he a JW too? I mean, if you are, what of him?
  16. They have a weak field of candidates, imo. I can’t imagine how they would expect a Sanders or Warren to take the country, as hostile to business as they are, and given the fact that in a capitalist country outright hostility to business will only go so far. Biden looks like he is not doing so hot, and is famous for shooting himself in the foot, anyway. A favorite cartoon of mine—published just after he made some gaffe at the very onset of another Presidential campaign, pictured all the contestants revving their engines at the starting gate, and his car alone was already flaming out. After a brief and maybe longer than usual honeymoon, the press would soon start ridiculing his faux paus almost as much as they do with Trump. Pete—I just don’t think a man with a husband is going to win the approval of the majority—I could be wrong on that, but it seems too much baggage to carry. Plus, can a guy who has only served as a small-city mayor really have the experience to run the country? Bloomberg may charge and win acceptance, but then there is the very opposite of what the Democrats try to portray as their capital strength—diversity. The guy is richer than Trump and every bit as white. My guess, based on early results and admittedly too little background into, is that it will be Klobuchar. And I must admit, I find it almost impossible to picture you with a brother who hates Trump. If I had to recalculate when @JW Insider described himself as a nerd, I think I may have to purchase a brand new calculator in your case.
  17. I remember a James Michener book stating that the Spanish, although they had a head start, never made much success with their colonizing and the reason was their banking system (or lack of). A thoroughly Catholic nation, they held that usury (the illegal act or practice of lending money at unusually high rates of interest) was wrong, which all but made serious investment impossible—the rich king or queen had to sponsor everything and she did so only to plunder lands and add to his or her wealth) Protestantism changed everything. Lending on interest, even high interest, became a virtue and the underpinning for colonization from England, France, Netherlands, others. This is not the same as your topic, of course, but it’s the best I can come up with at the moment, and in a vague sense of how banking systems work, it fits. Your clip is more on the lines of the book, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island.’ Have you read it? A good topic of discussion. The imposing Greek & Roman architecture of the large banks, meant to convey stability and strength, is illusory. It can all come crashing down, and used to routinely when there would be a ‘run on the bank’—people all wanted their money for some reason of crisis, only to find that the bank did not have it because they had leant it out. Central banks were devised to supervise and prevent such disasters, but it comes at the societal cost of inflation for all. That’s why a cartoon I love has some old-timer grumbling how “for the price of a postage stamp today, I used to be able to buy a whole damn Cadillac!”
  18. And the castles made of sand fall into the sea—eventually.
  19. Tell Kos and others to drop to the bottom of the page and hit the link “Go to top listing.” I think that will satisfy him (and me). He just wants to get to notifications.

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