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  1. She also later on accused me of spamming and I said if she did it again I would leave. However, i also bended to her concerns. I told her i was not trying to draw from her site—I just wanted my posts somewhere together, uncontaminated by 4Jah, where I could readily locate them. Also my comment section would be very brief, would quickly expire, and if anyone want to haggle out something raised here, I would send them back here. It has been a fine compromise. I am grateful to the old hen for providing a forum with interaction where my writing has flourished. I never forget to post plenty of orig
  2. Well, maybe there is something redeeming about them yet. Being flesh, it is so easy for attention to go to our head. I have had enough bad experience in life that I don’t think I am easily vulnerable. When your head is stuffed into the toilet, upon extracting that head, you do not say, “I guess I taught that toilet a thing or two, didn’t I?” Still, I take nothing for granted, From time to time, brothers I do not know who have enjoyed this or that post want to Zoom with me. I won’t. Email is enough. It would be very easy to be leader of a movement. I won’t do it. I tell such peop
  3. Speaking of the name, I did today block @originalJehovah on Twitter. He had responded to a tweet of mine with something snide. I told his two friends who had commented on the new thread before I had seen it, that I hoped he didn’t mind the block, and that it was not for anything he said. Rather, it was for his insolence toward the Divinity, as expressed through his handle. (It was probably 4Jah)
  4. Every so often I check Lloyd’s tweets—I have rechristened him Nemo. To my surprise, he has denounced the (huge) reddit forum as not a safe space for ex-JW’s. I think it is because someone there called him out on how overbearing and self-important he has become.
  5. She is what I say she is. Long ago when she accused me of hawking my books because I was hawking my books, and I almost left—after several days I said I was going to spin a new fiction of her as a mean, over-the-hill has-been of a school librarian who doesn’t like children and is counting down the days to her retirement. Moreover, her mischievous pupils knew that full well, I chief among them, would undertake mischievous tricks like replacing her gin with milk of magnesia. I told her if she ever got tired of it, I would mend my ways. She never has. Alas, at this point even if she d
  6. Yes. Of course. Is no more complicated than that, although dressed up as pious concern and godly respect for this technical point or that. It is always good if letters to the foe are short and sweet. I like how you typically do that as I also try, with but occasional caveats. You see what happens. He goes into hysterics, screaming over words, making ever more shrill and poorly supported charges, if supported at all. He wets himself in the presence of all. Best to let him stew that way. Respond with pith to select short quotes. He wants miles-long verbiage on each one of his many comp
  7. You are calling God AL these days? It’s called translation. You know (well—YOU probably don’t, but everyone else does) that John becomes Johann in some languages, Ivan in others, and is modified in many countries.. You would get up on your high horse over that and prefer to be called ‘Mighty4Jah?’ It is true, however, that when people began truncating TrueTom to TTH, in time a group of morons arose to claim that no one really could know if it was TrueTom or not. It only became worse after it was discovered I had released some notes without signature. Lawyers came along an
  8. I actually think the statement is a little clunky—for it doesn’t account for the reversal— and that i could have written it better, along the lines I have already said. Still, it is such a white-hot issue, and some are trying to milk it for various reasons, that maybe it is just as well not to risk looking “defensive”—state what has been stated, and move on. It is a good deal to have resolved. I am sure they are happy to do that. I am sure victims are happy, too. That is the nature of any reconciliation. People are happy when it is done. I liked how Holly Folk did not shirk fr
  9. I would not be so sure that genuine victims will get a better deal with this program. It may be that handling complaints on a case-by-case basis, as was being done, will be more to their advantage. Governments with their agencies, not to mention lawyers, tend to seriously erode funds meant for victims. Plus, it has already been revealed that those churches that did sign on, to much fanfare, are subsequently dragging their feet and are being as uncooperative as possible. CC is right. These things tend to be facades, with everyone taking bows while raiding the till, and the victims don’t fare ne
  10. Of course. You commendably refrain from ad hominem attacks, but I don’t. He is such a do-do. In any group of several million people, you will find many examples of anything. One must run the comparative numbers before reaching any verdict. You don’t reach your verdict first then ask around to assemble buttressing facts. There is probably something unsavoringly sexist about this remark. Having said that, I thought the same. If sexist, it is not necessarily in an unflattering way, as in supposing women don’t think. With me, and probably with you, it was in a complimentary way, as
  11. Well said. The publications not too long ago made much ado about Solomon’s temple dedication speech: Individuals of “your people Israel, because they know each one his own plague and his own pain; [would] actually spread out his palms toward this house, then may you yourself hear from the heavens, the place of your dwelling, and you must forgive and give to each one according to all his ways, because you know his heart.” (2 Chronicles 6:29-30) We will never know it all with any given person. But he does. And he uses the knowledge for good. I’m sure you have taken notice how
  12. And your experience reminds me of a man I placed magazines with a few times. Finally he said he didn’t want them anymore. His wife was allergic to newsprint, and in any event, they were moving soon. ”Oh, come on!” I thought, but didn’t say it. “What a stupid excuse! If you don’t like them, just say so.” I few years later I met them at a District convention, both baptized. The organization had upgraded to a higher quality paper.
  13. Yes. Of course. He will be merging “Almighty God” with Jesus Chrst presently, if he hasn’t already, and it may not be long after that he sends “Almighty God” to the ash heap entirely to worship Jesus. There is a scholar somewhere—I wish I could put my finger on it—who says that the very reason LORD began to be preferred over the name was that it facilitates a merging of the two. Call us old-fashioned, Xero, but we belong to the club that thinks if you put your name 7000 times in your book, it means you want it there, and may not be too thrilled with those who obscure it or even take
  14. You are such a whiny little girl you don’t even notice when the barbs you hurl contradict themselves. Here you advocate building an immune system and would condemn anyone neglecting to do so: Here you go in exactly the opposite direction as you draw on the pandemic. The last people you want in these pandemic days are those who trust in their immune system. These are the ones who protest the most about wearing masks accepting vaccines. Before you let fly, think of whether what you say makes any sense. It usually doesn’t. You may not have noticed, but not all parents in the
  15. Since the beginning of time, parents have taught children to be generous. You just don’t like the recipient of that generosity. What if she had donated to some charity? You think the United Way is operating on a shoe-string budget?—they spend a dime only when they receive one? That they don’t know what real-estate or stocks are? You’re almost as ridiculous as 4Jah, attempting to pawn off your dislike of Jehovah as human altruism. Oh, give me a break! Is that what you think is the prime export of schools today? Then why is suicide, anti-depressants, STDs, porn addiction, online bullying
  16. Why do you ask me a question and then answer it yourself? You are such a shrill bonehead. In fact, when we homeschooled our kids, we integrated them into the overall community, while still keeping our own standards. Both served as volunteers at the public library, for instance. My son joined the local lapidary club (stone carving), where the older ones made a great fuss over him. My daughter took part in a dance troupe that would give performances at local venues. It was a small African dance troupe, and sometimes my wife would say to people, can you spot which one is my daughter? (Everyo
  17. Do you think so? I would submit that the entire letter is strange, and all of it might trigger outrage from an intolerant person. Suppose you were an atheist, for example. Would you not find the 2nd paragraph as objectionable as the third? Suppose you are a “traditionalist” who thinks the role of children is to have fun and play games. Would you not find it really weird (and therefore “cult-like”) that a ten-year-old hopes to “comfort” you? Why, the ten-year-old down the street called you an old fart. That’s the kind of conduct you anticipate from 10-year-olds these days. “Comfo
  18. If he would be equally outraged at a child expressing support for his school, love for his country, support for some local cause, rallying for some local politician, selling Scout cookies, knocking on his door offering to shovel snow, & such things, then he would be consistent. However, I think most other people would tell him to get a life. Come come, 4Jah, you still claim to be Christian. Srecko may think evangelizing is child abuse, but you should not. What if he made no mention of jw.org, but just encouraged Bible reading, or just spoke of God and Jesus? Would you be as upset then
  19. In the United States, the most frequent litigant in the Supreme Court, apart from the government itself, has been Jehovah's Witnesses, mostly in the 30s, 40,s and 50s. Any student of law learns of their major contributions in clarifying freedom of worship, freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly. Justice Harlan Fiske Stone once said, “I think the Jehovah’s Witnesses ought to have an endowment in view of the aid which they give in solving the legal problems of civil liberties.” They have "solved the legal problems of civil liberties" upwards of 50 times in that one country alone. I do n
  20. It is funny, but more importantly, it is instructional. This is not hypocritical, 4Jah, nor is it hard. Don’t be such a little girl over it. The Aussie authorities devise a plan that fits all other parties for the institutional abuse of their youth clubs, youth schools, youth camps. They invite organizations to join. The WT declines because they do not have such settings. Whatever outlier cases may occur with them they will handle on a case by case basis. The Aussie authorities then say they MUST come aboard, on pain of losing the tax status that is afforded every other charity.
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