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  1. While profanity ought justifiably be taboo, I tend to think abhorrence of crude language is more a Victorian relic than a biblical one. Used sparingly, crude words are powerful and I do not fret overmuch about purging them, though I would not say them at the Kingdom Hall.

    For example, when Elijah taunts Baal before all onlookers - 'maybe he has excrement and has to go to the privy' - I somehow cannot see him using that clinical word.

  2. Aren't you at the bay window looking down at the receding earth. Are any of those weird coneheads or boneheads from outer space there in the lounge with you? How are the drinks?

    And who did you leave in charge of the library books? They'll just walk out the door without checking them out, you know. And if you think anyone will pay their overdue fine, I have news for you.

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