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  1. Ah....Now is explained a great mystery

    1. Anna


      Yes, thanks. That explains the weird stuff on my screen!


    2. TrueTomHarley


      Mad scientists should be banned, not Witnesses in Russia

    3. Bible Speaks

      Bible Speaks

      Getting screens when I post a photo? Not normal? They want me to write mail? So I have to reboot? Any errors here? Thank you 

  2. The best man at my wedding, 20 years my senior, came from a hardscrabble background in rural New York. His dad or uncle was a water witch. He described it to me. When the fellow would come upon water, the fork would twitch so violently it was impossible to believe it was being faked.

    1. JW Insider

      JW Insider

      Strange indeed. I've never even seen it depicted on TV or movies, although have read about it. Edited to add: The design of the Y-shaped water-witching stick, as I've seen it, provides for the maximum ability create wild movements of the stick with only subtle movements of the palm/wrist.

      Never used this suggested feature of writing on someone's profile. I suppose you get a notice that I responded even if I don't add @TrueTomHarley

  3. Not to be overly difficult, but.....

    There are a few who seem to me to be those like John spoke of to whom you ought not say a greeting. Posting on the profile page of such a person seems much like saying a greeting to them. As it is, I found when I liked a certain one's comment, it caused someone else to stumble, and I was not able to placate him by saying that even villains behave now and then. Strictly speaking, I think he was probably right.

    Of course, I can say it is his hang-up, not mine - I'll like whatever I want. But I read the nature of Paul's counsel that you should yield on things like this and not insist on your rights. If this were some special venue where only ones impervious to being stumbled need apply, that would be one thing - the internet is not the congregation. But it advertises on Twitter as a fine gathering spot for Jehovah's people - inviting one and all to 'taste and see.'

    Maybe the problem won't come up. I'll know it when i see it.

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    2. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      I’ve never known 3 people that could keep a secret let alone thousands.  Secrecy breeds tyranny. 

    3. TrueTomHarley


      That is a beautiful photo of a library, btw. (profile page) Which one is it?

      Is it your own private one?  :)


    4. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      It is gorgeous isn't it?

      George Peabody Library, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

  4. From yesterday’s study article:

    ‘For instance, a man tells his boss or fellow workers that he cannot be at work the next day or that he must leave early because he has a “medical” appointment. In fact, his “medical” appointment is merely a brief stop at a pharmacy or a quick visit to the doctor’s office to pay a bill. His real reason for not being at work is so that he can get a head start on a trip or so that he can take his family to the beach. There may have been a grain of truth in his mentioning a “medical” appointment, but would you say that he was being honest? Or was he being deceptive?’

    The friends were intrigued over this point and many discussed it at the special Bible study meetings held at individual homes last night.

    Photo: Vic

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