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  1. It's not necessary to bash other religions here, it's not a subject I'm trying to focus attention on or wish to continue. BUT As is usual, especially with the evangelicals, they are letting Jehovah's Witnesses do their heavy lifting for them, because they fear perhaps they will be the next group to be accosted. Read around and you will see that this is (once again) true. They hold back. Whatever support they offer is very tepid, because Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult that does not believe in the Trinity. If we win, they will latch on for the ride. Will they be grateful? Not for
  2. The trick will be to generate such worldwide publicity, to make every person aware, that for Putin to snuff out Jehovah’s Witnesses will be comparable to his strangling a cat on live TV. He may decide not to do it. He wants to be regarded as wise, as firm where necessary, but certainly not as an unhinged Kim Jong-un. To be sure, he plays hardball when he has to, but he may come to realize that here he does not have to. What with Post Offices around the world being crushed with the volume of JW letters, likely from every Witness in the world, (to him or to one of his associates) everyone
  3. There was a report (does anyone have it?) that our brothers in Russia have withdrawn all appeals and have instead requested the largest possible courtroom for the April 5th hearing, the 'overflow' courtroom. Though I haven't confirmed it (you may know all about it) it is exactly what they would do - play this out before the largest possible audience. It is just how Jehovah is having it play out on the world wide today. The GB invites us to write, to bring our gift to the altar. Our people respond to such an enthusiastic degree that national Post Offices are getting crushed. Of course, t
  4. The college people write PSAs and try to educate the dummies, but they are not able to effectively communicate with them. They patronize them. They talk down to them. They assign them roles and memes, always denoting intellectual inferiority, and the little people get fed up. The college people of this world are also ill-equipped to give counsel because the world is so fragmented. Everyone cares about only their pet topic. Everyone competes with others trying to advance their cause. “Hey, what are you here for? Getting poked, pinched, or probed?” says one ridiculous patient to anothe
  5. Our people are loyal. They are beautiful. They are thrilled to be bringing their gift to the altar. But sometimes they are too flippant about what is really a very serious topic
  6. Okay. Well, she knows one or two languages more than me, and that is a good thing. She may not realize that there are certain - how can they not be apostates? - who jump upon some of her posts and undercut / ridicule them. She would not like that if she knew, for she works so hard to provide upbuilding content.
  7. The USPS is ever in financial crisis because fewer and fewer use actual paper mail. It seems Jehovah's Witnesses have bought them some breathing space.
  8. It may be that I owe Queen Esther an apology, for she posts much fine content. If you see someone accosted by an apostate and the reaction is far afield from what you would expect it would be, it can be hard to get your head around why that would be. It is my bad, perhaps. I'll just have to work harder to get my head around it.
  9. @johnlindsaybarltrop "This is also true..........no pun intended True Tom!!" Sorry, John, I missed something. I don't know what you're referring to.
  10. Upon reflection, the title of this NPR piece says it all: Lack Of Education Leads To Lost Dreams And Low Income For Many Jehovah's Witnesses What are your dreams?
  11. Russia, like many countries, has many protesters. Sometimes there is violence. They should not devote their energy to harassing the one people who do not protest.
  12. Nonsense. You always attack the person. It is the way to go. Of course, you do not attack him in his own house. That would be rude. You don't attack him on his own blog, for that would also be rude. Possibly, you may not even attack him on his own thread. There, if you visit, you must be polite. But therein lies the problem for the apostate. Nobody comes to his own house or his own blog, often not even to his own thread, because he is a loser, and everyone knows it. So he comes to your house, blog, thread, to make trouble, and there, as far as I am concerned, you blast him out of the
  13. Though our letter-writing campaign will surely catch their attention, we should not 'laugh' at the spectacle of these guys not being able to move because we have flooded their mail. If anything, we should apologize for it, with the caveat that the situation is desperate for us, we didn't know what else to do, and we felt we had to get their attention somehow. Fear the king. Do not treat him with disrespect. I am glad to read Mr. Pshelintsev's statement.
  14. There was never a time when they were not allowed. Who's going to 'not allow' them?
  15. She brings her gift to the altar, as do we all. In her case, her gift is not so much her letter but her fame.
  16. They will know there is a nation in which every citizen cares deeply about every other citizen. They have never seen this before. They will not forget it, regardless of the outcome. Not to mention the encouragement it will bring our Russian brothers.
  17. As our brothers in Russia brace for their greatest trial, Mark Sanderson speaks to them on JW Broadcasting in Russian! Who would have thought?
  18. As our brothers in Russia brace for their greatest trial, Mark Sanderson speaks to them on JW Broadcasting in Russian! Who knew?
  19. Yes, of course he is our brother. But he is still putting on the Christlike personalty. I tried to counsel him about martial arts and he beat me up. Ouch.
  20. Russian authorities know what their own constitution says. Tell them what they don't know. Perhaps how Bible education benefits ones, even us personally.
  21. Here, Putin is routinely reviled by politicians and media. Respectful letters from ones who have every reason to gripe may make more impression than we realize.
  22. This reminds me of the fellow who went to the doctor: "Doc, it hurts when I do this." Doc: "Don't do that" You don't even have to embrace everything, necessarily. You can simply acquiece that this is the understanding of such and such at present. Maybe it will change some day. It has before. Just stop your dissenting, bitching, whining, bellyaching, trolling, and let yourself be molded by the means God is using. You're willing to suffer divisions in your family? Just how far are you willing to go to prove yourself RIGHT!!!? The time you have to interact with
  23. I disagree. In most countries, if you taunt the king too much you risk your neck. But if you make it your aim to live quietly, as Christians do, won't they leave you alone? It is a different form of government, that's all. "What, you think we're so righteous here?" Trump said. If they tolerate interference less than is done here, there is yet no reason to think they are not genuine in their desire to provide stability and good government. At the drop of a pin, Western media and politicians will describe them in the most insulting terms. We need not play that game. Our perception of the ki
  24. When you are writing to the Russians about their proposal to ban Jehovah’s Witnesses, there may be a temptation to speak of legal and constitutional issues, for their recent conduct flies in the face of many of them. There may be temptation to observe that, surely, ISIS provides the template of what extremism is. But I suspect leaders there are aware of these things and, for whatever reason, have chosen to ignore them. Tell them something they don’t know. Tell them about eight million people, from every nation, who don’t know their Russian brothers personally, but care about them anyway.
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