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  1. I was walking along the dockside when I felt a brushing at my pocket. I clamped my hand down instantly upon another that was trying to lift my wallet! ”What hypocrisy!” the fellow bellowed. It’s all about money money money with you, isn’t it?!!!” Conscience-stricken, I handed over my wallet to him.
  2. What a strange alliance has taken place, for 4Jah frequently makes this point as well.
  3. At the hospital I run, patients were clamoring for Dr. House. “He is so kind, so tactful, so understanding of weakness, so withholding of judgment!” they said. I couldn’t believe my ears. That ill-mannered lout is the one they wanted? True, he knows his stuff, but what a bedside manner! Then I checked the roster and saw that Dr Cesar was the other doctor on duty that night.
  4. Nor do you take it from anyone else. At the tiniest contradiction from anyone you bristle. So unlike our Lord, the one whom we are to follow in his footsteps closely, who, when he was reviled did not go reviling in return. You revile at the drop of a pin. It is why I have thought “how can he be a Witness?” and have pretty much come to the conclusion you are not. On the other hand, you may be some sort of one, but are clearly an outlier. I make a mental scan of the hundreds, maybe thousands of Witnesses I know, and can think of none that would make such an abusive public spectacle of thems
  5. I was in CC’s car group the other day. Alas, we broke for coffee at Starbucks. He had insisted on McDonalds. We were derided as apostates for the remainder of the morning.
  6. On the contrary, I atypically commended him. As that sage JTR used to say, “Even a blind squirrel catches a nut sometimes.” I commended him for pointing out that if you were really a Witness, surely you would know that the latter verses of John 8 are spurious. That you did not simply confirms a growing estimation that you are a fraud—that you are here pretending to be a Witness in order to convey the impression that they are harsh, mean, and dogmatic. I don’t counter that character? How’s THIS for not countering him?
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  7. You haven’t seen anything yet. It may be averted however, if you can grow up and treat people civilly, even those who genuinely are opposed. Below, I have cleverly modified a well-known verse. See if you can spot the change: “But when Michael the archangel had a difference with the Devil and was disputing about Moses’ body, he did not dare to bring a judgment against him in abusive terms, but said: “May Cezar rebuke you.” It won’t necessarily be a bad thing if the two of us get into a cat fight. Presently, 4Jah will start crying, even more than he does now, that his “questions”
  8. Here is a brother who got his start in the Bethel art department:
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  9. I once wrote of Tom Pearlsnswine that I visited one day and mentioned Trump had tied his shoe. “We must be no part of the world!!” he told me. Next day I told him that Hillary had worn a nice bright pantsuit. “We must keep our eyes on Jerusalem above!!” he rebuked me. Next day I stopped by as he was watching the Olympics. “Look at that metal count, Tommy!” he yelled. “We’re cleaning up!”
  10. I will rename the latter DIScomfortmypeople. How’s THAT for “exposing apostasy?”
  11. Yes. But I have no experience working with audio files. Nor do I have any studio. Some workarounds present themselves. But realistically, it will be a while and may not happen at all. I do have a voice though. I have consistently been told throughout my life that I ought to be on radio. (And no, it is not because I show my face on TV)
  12. Well, I would get more of it if you would post the link and not just the cover! For crying out load, you should always do that! What is wrong with you?
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    Don’t forget to point out that it can be had on Amazon, too. And that it will be in print, eventually, as the book on Russia will be first (to ac
  13. I like it. It addresses spiritual needs and provides a fine support for service to God. Plus I learn how to respectfully deal with people. Come come, your cover is blown. You’re not a Witness at all, most likely. Have you ever witnessed here? Have you ever built anyone up here? Have you ever comforted the discouraged here? Have you ever spoken gently to those who have doubts here? Have you ever shared any good word whatsoever? Have you ever done anything other than criticize others with a severity that would make Alan blush? At least he doesn’t pretend to be what he is not. You have
  14. That’s just it. I don’t want to be a poor one. I want to be a rich one. It hasn’t happened yet. I may have to put a price tag on the Russian one.
  15. Beating up on a sweet, cane-toting old lady of failing eyesight! What is wrong with him? He should be holding out his arm to help the old lady across the street, not shoving her into the path of a semi, much less driving it.
  16. Sorry, you’ve got me going on this new topic. Forget about yours. For many years I worked in what would now be called the gig economy (but wasn’t then). If it is a “fault,” it is my fault and cannot be laid at the feet of the organization. Relatively recently I heard an update of this sister I vaguely know who decades ago said (regarding fellowshopping), “I thought of Tom, but he was too immature.” Let me tell you that my estimation of her rose, for I had been a young elder at that time, and not everyone was so astute. Someone else described me as being “so spiritually minded that I was n
  17. Noted, and probably deserved. It is good for me to be rebuked on this from time to time, for I might be far worse without it. On the other hand: Actually, arguing doesn’t play a role in “scriptural arguments.” You know the verses as well as I: debates about words, leave blind guides be, answering a fool, even spreading pearls before swine. At least if I spread stuff before “swine,” it is not pearls. I can think of a way of solving that problem. In addition to blasting away at everyone as “apostate,” your weird mistake is in thinking you can convert this forum into a Kingdo
  18. This is the case with many unsavory personalities. They have to be given the last word, because they WILL NOT yield. If you insist upon it yourself you will write until well past Armageddon (and possibly be distracted from it on that account) The trick is, not to insist upon the last word, for you will not get it, but to make your own words cogent, reasonable, and persuasive. Write a little and rest from your labors while they flail away at points already addressed. On the other hand, to the extent this really is an “apostate” site, as he contends—certainly there are some of those ne
  19. Yes. It’s a valid question. Though, of course, I have done the same (or parallel) Speaking of “anti-cultism,” I quoted someone saying, “Oh, sorry for not having a PhD in whatever b******t you have your PhD in.” Everyone knows what the word is. Language changes. I have always avoided that acronym but, as above, have said things just as bad. I even had some fun with it in Tom Irregardless and Me. Some heavy-metal group, I forget which, had just released a critically acclaimed song, with lyrics raging at the current state of the world: ”We are so f**ked, s**t out of luck!” (
  20. The reason there is an expression “skeletons in the closet” is that throughout history, people have succeeded in keeping them there. It is only in modern times that any sin of any degree is expected to be reported to others. Some ought be, no doubt. Others not so much. But the idea that the involved parties, even the victim him/herself, has NO SAY in the matter is uniquely of our time.
  21. That odd passage at 2 Kings 22 in today’s Watchtower sidetracked me temporarily as I began to think of mischievous modifications and uses that I could put it to. “So he said, ‘You will fool him, and what is more, you will be successful. Go out and do that.’” CC had better start behaving—that’s all I can say.
  22. When time travel is invented, historical revisionists will give a friendly wave to American forefather slaveholders as they race past them to bring the real arch-fiends, the Ancient Greek pedophiles, on whom Western society is based, back in leg-irons.
  23. I sincerely hope our boy has never sat in on judicial committees. On the other hand, if he has, that will make identification a snap. Look for the congregation with 2000% turnover and the job is done.
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