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  1. This is an apostate lie. Things will be perfect in the new system. Even clothes will be just in the color you want them to be. There will be no need to dye.
  2. Exactly. People almost never change. In all the time I have been here, I have seen only one possibly do that, after which he participated no more. But he had other things going on as well that may have been more significant. Just so you know, I stay here & have become one of the key players, because I fancy myself a writer. I’ve said before, but not lately, that a writer needs more than a muse. He needs a villain. Here there are villains galore. In most cases I’ve probed a little at first to see how the “villains” came to be as they are. I’m under no illusion of changing anyone,
  3. So? Did anybody say she has to be a Terminator towards everyone else? If she loved everything about JWs she would be one. She’s not, so it must mean she doesn’t. It makes her defense of JW all the more powerful.
  4. The thing to keep coming back to regarding the CSA accusations is the Holly Folk posts. I’ve not heard anyone put them so succinctly in a long time, if ever. I’ve put them under one roof and will keep referring to it as the need arises. Notice that nobody here has poked any holes in it
      Hello guest!
  5. Or if they keep bobbing back up when knocked down like one of those inane bottom-weighted plastic clowns and you begin to feel there must be something better to do with your time.
  6. I prefer when people rabidly opposed are nonsensical. This fellow obliges nearly always. He trips himself up with almost every word. He is so intent on posting any challenge to the Christian organization, he doesn’t notice when what he posts aligns him with what is unrighteous. It is similar to how he used to align himself with Alan the Atheist, who said the most hateful things against God. On the other hand, it is possible that I should just let the remark slide. On a platform other than this, I would indeed block him.
  7. “Insularity” is just a derogatory way of describing “no part of the world.” You think Christians should be part of the world, then. You feel that secular authority must always be trusted, then. You feel that no child except those raised in Christian households have ever rebelled against parents, then.
  8. It is enough. You are sticking up for nonmarital sex, homosexuality, and abortion, I see.
  9. You know, now that you mention it, I do recall that when the assigned reader read that paragraph.... “It is not claimed that the explanations in this publication are infallible. Like Joseph of old, we say: ‘Do not interpretations belong to God?’ At the same time, however, we firmly believe that the explanations set forth herein harmonize with the Bible in its entirely” ....he was taken out back and shot. I thought even then it was an overreaction. Yes, I think you’re on to something, 4Jah. March on.
  10. What do you mean they never even mentioned page 9, you idiot? It was studied paragraph by paragraph. See how @xerosays he has been comparing many different sources for Revelation interpretations? Ask him if he has found one with the preface: “This is probably a load of manure, but I’m putting it out there anyway. I have nothing else to do with my time.”
  11. 16 notifications??!!! You’re joking! Are you kidding me? This appears to be your life obsession. Walking my beat here in Adhominemville, I saw two of them skulking together. “None of that, now! Move along, NOW!!” I barked. Not when I was conducting! “Alright, you’ve got you dose of mind-control!! You are forbidden to discuss it! Just go do it! And I’d better not hear otherwise!” That’s what I would tell them. You are so paranoid.
  12. For all the brouhaha about the Revelation book being THE TRUTH and YOU’D BETTER BELIEVE IT OR ELSE!! It plainly says that it is not to be taken that way. From page 9: “It is not claimed that the explanations in this publication are infallible. Like Joseph of old, we say: ‘Do not interpretations belong to God?’ At the same time, however, we firmly believe that the explanations set forth herein harmonize with the Bible in its entirely.” Don’t quite buy this portion or that? It’s not an issue. It is then “state of the art” interpretation, but nobody says it must be spot on in all aspect
  13. Yes. This is why no Israelites crossed the Jordan River. Moses got himself disqualified, so everyone else climbed atop the mountain to die with him.
  14. So what are we to make of this comment from Srecko? He yields on his ridiculous comparison of institutional abuse in various religions to abuse in families that happen to be religious. He yields on it because it is ridiculous and he can no longer support it. So what does he do? He takes a “heads I win/tails you lose “ new argument. “Well, since other organizations have people who sin, and you do too, there is no reason to say you are any different.” Will he say it of the hospital? “Well, since there are plenty of sick people in the world and also plenty in the hospital, there is no r
  15. In writing about the May 2019 Watchtower, I mentioned how opposers would say, “It only happened because of our prodding.” They would claim “credit” for the “clarification.” So? Give it to them, so far as I am concerned. Everything in life is action/reaction. “Out of sight/out of mind” is the universal human tendency that operates towards any who have gone out of sight, and in the case of former JWs who have suffered abuse from which they have not recovered, these opposers did not permit it to happen. I have no problem acknowledging their role.
  • None. You do realize that the Terminator reference was to Alan, though, I trust. No. All good points. Sometimes, probably not often enough, I write out a comment and then sit on it for awhile, even to next day. If I still feel it good to go, I let fly. Sometimes I think the remark is better canned or put elsewhere.
  • It’s about time we had an entertainment correspondent here. I hadn’t seen Waterboy, so I watched these clips. Um.....well, I hadn’t seen it before.
  • Well, you DO raise an excellent point here.
  • It was not poorly thought of. It is as valid as any other. And it was not @xero(now added to your list of villains, I see) who brought the GB into it. It was the wicked witch of the west up to her old tricks. It wasn’t. It had nothing to do with anything. It is a perfectly valid viewpoint to say this is an apostate site. But having done so, what a bizarre example to set in playing continual pit bull on it, as though some self-appointed Theocratic Enforcer, when the theocratic organization itself will say stay off of it—and in the process, bringing up gossipy stuff that even none o
  • How many? No more than anywhere in the overall population, and probably much less. It is almost always rank and file, in contrast to all other institutions on the hot seat whose leaders themselves were the abusers, and no mechanism even exists for tracking the rank and file. What I much appreciate is HF’s righteous indignation that this vendetta from exJW’s redirects rage from child sexual abuse towards what is essentially a non-factor, or even a mitigating one, just to satisfy their hate. Thus, those exJWs serve to short-circuit legitimate efforts to curtail it, diverting resources. In p
  • If just cracks me up when someone downvotes a comment that undermines whatever they harp on—as though without a downvote, nobody would have any idea they might disapprove. It’s even more so when people downvote insults to themselves. Duh. I think I’m going to collect a few insults and upvote them all as a subtle means of ridicule.
  • Alas, this fine thread has devolved into a cat fight. But I’ll bring it back on topic, thus redeeming myself in CC’s eyes. I’m not entirely sure how I fell from his good graces. This is pretty much the standard in the land in which they live. They by no means are out of place. I think one reason no one gets too serious about clamping down on “fatties” is that the causes are difficult to quantify. I have known people to eat like hogs. It’s no surprise when they get fat. But I’ve also known people to eat sparingly and still put on weight. Moreover, cutting food does not necessarily
  • I do not try to be a jerk to you. I honestly cannot read you and so have no idea how to answer earnestly. That, and a certain innate playfulness, results in the comments that it does. To me, you have a way of issuing veiled, unpredictable, and sometimes unaccountable rebukes. But I have nothing against you, really. I just can’t follow your thinking. ”Come, is not the land big enough for the both of us? I’ll even grant you the greater portion, so that you can keep kicking the stuffing out of JWI and I will do other things.”
  • Oh mother, tell your children, not to throw away their decorum Spend your life in sheer lunacy On the World News Media Forum
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