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  1. I like this question. It is a variation of “If you could solve any problem of the world, which one would it be?” It is given more import in that you ask it when people actually are trying to solve one of them. I like it a lot, as well as the logical followup: Given that we have only so much time, where do we get the most bang for our buck?
  2. It is you who makes sweeping statements that are wrong. I have read at least two, one of the Sean Carroll books and one of Carl Zimmer. I give Sean considerable credit, though in the end I saw no reason to join him. A 3-part commentary of his work is included (along with other material) here:
      Hello guest!
  3. Yes, of course. I think most who write here write for some other motive. It is certainly true of me. Sure. It could be I’ve been here too long. I’ve come to regard the forum as “mine”—indeed, some have thought it is—and here I ignore that good advise with impunity. I suppose that’s not good—it certainly is not according to our training. Alas, I’ve come to know the characters too well, or at least have become set in my view of the characters. I have to set my own terms for being here, because I think it is not right to earnestly discuss spiritual things with those who unequivocally hate
  4. For the life of me, I cannot take this fellow seriously. With a level of abuse (granted, I provoked it here, but it is just so much fun. And this is not really an example of it) that is off the charts, it is virtually the only thing about him worth mentioning. I can’t imagine why the Librarian (that old hen) puts up with him, when she has dropped the abuse hammer on others. Poor CC suffers it every time you turn around—not necessarily unjustly, but certainly no worse than this fellow. Even Brother Fullalove (me) triggered an abuse complaint long ago. I can only think that when commen
  5. Oh my goodness, you have asked this of Witness? 1 I hate the GB 2 I’m a better anointed than they are. 3 I hate the GB 4 I’m a better anointed than they are. 5. I hate the GB 6. I’m a better anointed than they are. 7. I hate the GB 8. I’m a better anointed than they are. 9. I hate the GB 10. I’m a better anointed than they are. Well, after all, you are new here. And expressing yourself so well. It is remarkable that, scan her entries as you will, you will find virtually nothing of what she actually believes. All you will find is attac
  6. The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Homies nine that day;... And now the leather-covered sphere came hurtling through the air, And Alan stood a-watching it in haughty grandeur there. Close by the sturdy batsman the ball unheeded sped— “That ain’t my style,” said Alan. “Strike one,” the umpire said. ”You ignorant moron! That was a home run!” Alan said... With a smile of [atheist] charity great Alan’s visage shone; He stilled the rising tumult; he bade the game go on; He signaled to the pitcher, and once more the spheroid flew; But Ala
  7. This reminds me of when I told Alan about all my friends in the circuit, and he dismissed them all as backstabbers. I acknowledged that this was true, and that I was even getting a little tired of it, but not to worry, as I had learned to whirl around like Chuck Norris and take them out with a kick to the head.. The fact that he cries foul at the hint of a joke, misunderstanding the very nature of life, as he regards this forum as his own personal courtroom and himself as Clarence Darrow, only adds to the ludicrous picture he presents. How can anyone possibly take him seriously?
  8. I mean, the food is so good! I just wish those women would get out of my way so I could read the menu in peace.
  9. This reminds me of a skit I used to do about Jezebel. Jezebel: ”I’m looking for some good-for-nothing men.” Good-for-nothing man: “Um—that would be me.”
  10. The remark sort of speaks for itself, doesn’t it? I like it when anti-Witness spokespeople come across as either pure hate cases or unhinged crazies—often both.
  11. The Librarian has specifically said that my writing is quite good. Is she an ignorant moron, too? Why not AlanF?
  12. grumble grumble...The daily text for today (February 7) quoted Emily Baran’s book about withstanding persecution in Russia. It didn’t quote mine. The reason it didn’t quote mine is that mine is rubbish, but even so... Mine is of the more intense time period. Hers (Dissent on the Margins) covers Witnesses standing up to Russian oppressors from the mid-1900s to her book’s 2014 date of publication. Mine more or less picks up where hers leaves off. Her time period is no slouch, but mine is where the real action is. Dear Mr. Putin - Jehovah’s Witnesses Write Russia may be rubbish but its rewri
  13. I think it may have been a conspiracy to inject Alan into our happily bickering site so that everyone is tempted to throw up their hands in disgust and leave. It is like a brother’s comment yesterday on how we know there is an earthly resurrection because, plainly, the unrighteous are not going to heaven per Acts 24:15. Whereupon he envisioned that if they were, would it not resemble that mob storming the Capitol building? I haven’t been able to get the image our of my mind since of that same mob of riffraff storming the pearly gates. And now along comes Alan, as though with horns a
  14. Prove that my proof of your disproof of my disproof of your disproof of my proof of your horrendous adhominem is wrong. Then you might have something besides the “heads I win/tails you lose” rules of your mommy world. That’s what I’M talking about.
  15. No. They are not simpleminded. You keep asking for “proofs.” Your adhominem is the best proof anyone could ask for that whatever you have does terrible things to a person. Paul calls this “shipwreck of the faith.” So be it. It is a battle for hearts being waged today. Anyone not repulsed by your adhominem is probably bound to go in your direction anyway. That is why I keep coming back to it. It is the best safeguard possible, in the spirt of “by their fruits you will recognize them.”
  16. Please have someone notify me upon your death so I can etch into your grave marker, “He was always right.”
  17. Naw, his was that rouge congregation we used to hear about where even a ministerial servant appointment required a 6-year degree.
  18. In your own way you are as malignantly obtuse as the other fellow. The reason I don’t focus on your proofs or debunkings is that they are not important. I’m perfectly willing to concede some of them will go your way. If they do, chalk it up to human imperfection. If they don’t, they still do not provide the underpinnings of a strong Christian faith. So you want me to go round and round on things that will not have consequence either way they fall? Maybe I don’t have a life, but nowhere near to the extent you don’t have one. You live in a make-believe world of Sherlock Holmes.. Life is not
  19. No no—he is a friend, you with the failing eyesight. I kind of like the guy. I think all that he is saying is that he himself withstands it in his own personal life, not that he doubts its existence.
  20. “We must not put people in boxes,” one sister said at the Zoom meeting. I heartily signaled my agreement to all the Zoom-boxed participants.
  21. Everyone uses the word Orwellian today, it is the new insult. It is the same as how verbal pugilists, upon failing to convince the other side, describe ones on that side as “arrogant.” It is the same as how “cognitive dissonance” has become the new phrase of insult, as in, “Your cognitive dissonance must be massive to withstand the force of MY overpowering arguments.” Blow it all off. It is just blowhards blowing hard, as they have always done. On average, the people of this system of things are smarter than those of Jehovah’s Witnesses, better educated. Yet that advantages
  22. The reason there is an expression “skeletons in the closet” is that until very recently most people succeeded in keeping them there. Since it is “human nature,” I am not sure why humanists would think it is something bad that must be overcome. This is called being “no part of the world.” If it is wrong, then it is the Bible that is wrong, for that is what it consistently advises for Christians. I agree with this. It is what it is. Anti-JW rhetoric is watered down by the fact that everyone is venting about something these days. The world is a swirling mass of discontent, and to
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