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  1. Trust in Jehovah! Jehovah is the only True God who can be like him? ????? Whenever you are in need just pray to him. ?He`ll surely help you no matter how big the trouble, ?For he can make strong even the lowest and the feeble. ?No doubt the world in going deep in the evil, ?But people who trust in Jehovah can conquer any hassle. ?Servants of Jehovah have every reason to be joyful, ?Since he made known his people the truth so wonderful. ?So ask to Jehovah he will give you power, As you diligently study the magazine Awake and Watchtower. ?With Jahs holy spirit and help any problem you can cope, ?As his word is truth that gives you Joy strength and hope. ?Thus when Jehovah cares even for the bird in the sky, ?Then faithfully I’ll trust him. Worried why should be I? ?For just a little while longer the wicked one will be no more, ?And yes the meek ones will possess the earth forever. – Contributed S Dalvi.
  2. Thank you Diver! Jehovah will ? them all forever! ????????? WHALE SHARK RESCUE! Whale Shark reaches out and cooperates with the diver trying to save him. ? Video from Secrets of Shark IslandVia The Smithsonian Channel Click on Link to View Video – Enjoy! ????? (YouTube) #whaleshark #sharks #conservation #ocean #keepitclean #animals #wildlife #nature #wild #humans #scubadiving #sea #racingextinction IMG_0585.MP4
  3. Camouflage, special hiding to provide protection from other predators! ?????? Is this an insect or a flower? Find out: #allcreaturesgreatandsmall? #OurCreatorJehovahGod? #UniveralSovereign? #LoyalLove❤️#LiveForever? #GodsKingdom? #Peace?#JesusChrist? #GodsAppointedKing? Click on link for video! Amazing Jehovah God! IMG_0587.MP4
  4. A publisher from Thailand comments on the photo; Actually in Thailand it is the rainy season, in particular, in Northern Thailand it is raining a lot. ????? This is the Karen people not far from ban mae sarisng (50 km from Myanmar). I walked for 35 miles. Through the jungle, rice fields, cross rivers, get dirty in the mud, and wet in the rain, bitten by a bunch of bugs. But this does not stop me from carrying my 11 pounds of a bag with toys, food and gifts to the people, but most importantly: God's message in his own language. ????? In fact, the Jehovah's witness branch in Thailand is translating publications and videos into three dialects of Karen's people. Some of them may also speak of Burmese, but most of them have forgotten. ????? They were very surprised to hear the message of God in their own language and dialect near Jehovah for the first time. They were listening carefully, sometimes smiling and you know. Being surrounded by 12-13 people on some occasion was very exciting! Inside you you feel a lot of happiness and joy even if you are so tired. ????? And you can really see how the words of Jesus in the Matthew 24:14 is coming true I am grateful to the organization of the Lord to provide spiritual food! ?????????
  5. Are You Willing to Wait Patiently? ??????? "How long, O Jehovah?"—Isa. 6:11. “You too exercise patience.”—JAMES 5:8. ??????? What can help us when we are in a situation that is difficult to endure? Jesus’ half brother James was inspired to tell us: “Be patient then, brothers, until the presence of the Lord.” (James 5:7) So we all need to be patient. But what is patience, and how can we show this beautiful quality? ??????? WHAT IS PATIENCE? The Bible says that patience comes from God’s holy spirit. Without God’s help, it can be hard for imperfect humans to be patient in very difficult situations. Patience is a gift from God, and we prove our love for Jehovah and others when we show it. When we are not patient, the love between us and others weakens. (1 Corinthians 13:4; Galatians 5:22) ??????? What does patience involve? It involves enduring difficult situations while still having a positive attitude. (Colossians 1:11; James 1:3, 4) Patience also helps us to remain faithful to Jehovah no matter what problems we have. It will help us to avoid retaliating when we suffer. The Bible says that we must willingly accept the need to wait. That is an important lesson we learn from James 5:7, 8. (Read.) ??????? So even though we may struggle with trials, we are determined to show “a waiting attitude.” Sometimes we might ask: “How long, O Jehovah?” (Isaiah 6:11) But with the help of God’s holy spirit, we can imitate the prophet Jeremiah and say: “Jehovah is my share,” and “That is why I will show a waiting attitude for him.”—Lamentations 3:21, 24. ??????? SOME EXPRESSIONS EXPLAINED To show a waiting attitude: To be patient and willing to wait for Jehovah to act. We trust that Jehovah will act at the right time and in the right way https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/402017521?q=isa+6%3A11&p=par
  6. How important is it to know God's Name? Do you have a name? Do you want to be called by your name? God's does also. His name is Jehovah. His Son glorified His Father's name and prayed to Him. He taught us also to pray to His Father, Jehovah in Jesus name as our mediator. ??????? (Matthew 6:9-13) 9 “YOU must pray, then, this way: “‘Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. 10 Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth. 11 Give us today our bread for this day; 12 and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. 13 And do not bring us into temptation, but deliver us from the wicked one.’" (1 Timothy 2:5) "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, a man, Christ Jesus, 6 who gave himself a corresponding ransom for all." ??????? As Mediator of the new covenant, Christ assists them to carry out the terms of the covenant by obedience and clean behavior so that they keep their sanctification. ... (Heb 10:14) As Mediator and High Priest, Christ “is able also to save completely those who are approaching God through him.” ??????? (John 17:26) 26 And I have made your name known to them and will make it known, in order that the love with which you loved me may be in them and I in union with them.” ??????? For More Information : https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1102003024?q=god+name&p=par
  7. "May my prayer be prepared as incense before you."—Ps. 141:2 ???????? God expects us to desist from dead works and to study his Word, pray, and attend Christian meetings. And Christian family heads take the initiative in conducting family worship with the members of their own households. (1 Thess. 5:17; Heb. 10:24, 25) ???????? Think for a moment about your prayers—about their regularity and their quality. The book of Revelation likens “the prayers of the holy ones” to incense in that acceptable prayers rise to Jehovah like a sweet-smelling and pleasant odor. (Rev. 5:8) ???????? In ancient Israel, the incense that was regularly offered on Jehovah’s altar had to be carefully and precisely prepared. It was acceptable to Jehovah only if offered according to the guidelines that he had established. (Ex. 30:34-37; Lev. 10:1, 2) ???????? If our heartfelt prayers are similarly formulated, then we can be sure that they are acceptable to Jehovah. ??????? w12 1/15 4:11, 12
  8. SEEK JEHOVAH ALL YOU MEEK OF THE EARTH! - BE CONCEALED IN THE DAY OF HIS ANGER ~ Zephaniah 2:2,3 ?????? 2 "Before [the] statute gives birth to [anything], [before the] day has passed by just like chaff, before there comes upon YOU people the burning anger of Jehovah, before there comes upon YOU the day of Jehovah’s anger, 3 seek Jehovah, all YOU meek ones of the earth, who have practiced His own judicial decision. Seek righteousness, seek meekness. Probably YOU may be concealed in the day of Jehovah’s anger." ?????? BIRTH TO ANYTHING ~ (2 Peter 3:9) . . .Jehovah is not slow respecting his promise, as some people consider slowness, but he is patient with YOU because he does not desire any to be destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance." ?????? BURNING ANGER OF JEHOVAH ~ (2 Chronicles 36:16) But they were continually making jest at the messengers of the [true] God and despising his words and mocking at his prophets, until the rage of Jehovah came up against his people, until there was no healing." ?????? (Jeremiah 23:20) The anger of Jehovah will not turn back until he will have carried out and until he will have made the ideas of his heart come true. In the final part of the days YOU people will give YOUR consideration to it with understanding." (Lamentations 4:11) Jehovah has accomplished his rage. He has poured out his burning anger. And he sets a fire ablaze in Zion, which eats up her foundations." ?????? JEHOVAH'S ANGER ~ (2 Kings 23:26) Nevertheless, Jehovah did not turn back from the great burning of his anger, with which his anger burned against Judah over all the offensive things with which Ma·nas′seh had made them offend." ?????? (Nahum 1:6) In the face of his denunciation who can stand? And who can rise up against the heat of his anger? His own rage will certainly be poured out like fire, and the very rocks will actually be pulled down because of him." ?????? (Malachi 4:1) “For, look! the day is coming that is burning like the furnace, and all the presumptuous ones and all those doing wickedness must become as stubble. And the day that is coming will certainly devour them,” Jehovah of armies has said, “so that it will not leave to them either root or bough." ?????? OF THE EARTH ~ (Psalm 25:9) "He will cause the meek ones to walk in [his] judicial decision, And he will teach the meek ones his way." ?????? (Psalm 76:9) "When God rose up to judgment, To save all the meek of the earth. Se′lah." ?????? (Matthew 5:5) “Happy are the mild-tempered ones, since they will inherit the earth." ?????? SEEK RIGHTEOUSNESS ~ (Matthew 6:33) “Keep on, then, seeking first the kingdom and his righteousness, and all these [other] things will be added to YOU." ?????? (Romans 1:17) for in it God’s righteousness is being revealed by reason of faith and toward faith, just as it is written: “But the righteous one—by means of faith he will live.” ?????? (Romans 10:3) for, because of not knowing the righteousness of God but seeking to establish their own they did not subject themselves to the righteousness of God." ?????? (Ephesians 4:24) and should put on the new personality which was created according to God’s will in true righteousness and loyalty." ?????? SEEK MEEKNESS ~ (Psalm 25:9) He will cause the meek ones to walk in [his] judicial decision, And he will teach the meek ones his way." ?????? (Proverbs 22:4) The result of humility [and] the fear of Jehovah is riches and glory and life." ?????? PROBABLY YOU MAY ~ (Psalm 37:11) But the meek ones themselves will possess the earth, And they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace." ?????? (Joel 2:14) Who is there knowing whether he will turn back and actually feel regret and let remain after it a blessing, a grain offering and a drink offering for Jehovah YOUR God?" ?????? (Amos 5:15) Hate what is bad, and love what is good, and give justice a place in the gate. It may be that Jehovah the God of armies will show favor to the remaining ones of Joseph." ?????? (Jonah 3:9) Who is there knowing whether the [true] God may turn back and actually feel regret and turn back from his burning anger, so that we may not perish?” ?????? DAY OF HIS ANGER ~ (Genesis 7:16) And those going in, male and female of every sort of flesh, went in, just as God had commanded him. After that Jehovah shut the door behind him." ?????? (Psalm 31:20) You will conceal them in the secret place of your person From the banding together of men. You will hide them in your booth from the quarreling of tongues." ?????? (Isaiah 26:20) “Go, my people, enter into your interior rooms, and shut your doors behind you. Hide yourself for but a moment until the denunciation passes over." ?????? For more information go to this site: https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/2001124?q=zep+2%3A2%2C3&p=par 1 GIF Picture tap on picture 1 Regular Picture 1 Moving Picture tap on link IMG_0319.mov
  9. A Tree “the Foliage of Which Does Not Wither” ????? Don't you just love beautiful trees? They are so majestic and luxuriant! How can we be like a tree? Why is it important in times of storms or in our life? We need to find success and success is written in God's Word the Bible. You will only succeed if you walk in the correct path. You will find true happiness! A Tree “the Foliage of Which Does Not Wither” ????? HAVE you ever seen a countryside covered with luxuriant green trees? You will likely agree that it is a most pleasing sight. If you see many large, leafy trees, would you imagine that there is a drought in the area? On the contrary, you would know that there must be an abundance of water that keeps the trees alive and healthy. ????? Appropriately, the Bible compares those who are spiritually healthy to large, luxuriant trees. ????? “Happy is the man that has not walked in the counsel of the wicked ones, and in the way of sinners has not stood, and in the seat of ridiculers has not sat. But his delight is in the law of Jehovah, and in his law he reads in an undertone day and night. And he will certainly become like a tree planted by streams of water, that gives its own fruit in its season and the foliage of which does not wither, and everything he does will succeed.” (Ps.1:3) ????? Today people try to find success in many ways. They immerse themselves in pursuits that could bring them fame and fortune, which all too often prove to be illusive and disappointing. What, though, can bring true satisfaction and lasting happiness in life? Jesus’ words in the Sermon on the Mount provide the answer. He said: “Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need, since the kingdom of the heavens belongs to them.” (Matthew 5:3) Indeed, true happiness comes, not from possessing many material things, but from recognizing and satisfying our spiritual need so that we are spiritually healthy, like luxuriant trees that give their fruit in due season. How can we flourish spiritually? ????? According to the psalmist, first there are some things we must shun. He mentioned “the counsel of the wicked ones,” “the way of sinners,” and “the seat of ridiculers.” To be happy, we need to turn away from those who ridicule or even ignore God’s laws. ????? Then we should delight in the law of Jehovah. When we delight in something or some activity, we look for every opportunity to engage in it, do we not? So to delight in God’s law means having a deep appreciation for God’s Word, a desire to learn more about it and to understand it better. ????? Finally, we need to read it “in an undertone day and night.” That means reading the Bible on a regular basis and meditating on what we read. We should feel about God’s Word the same way as did the psalmist who sang: “How I do love your law! All day long it is my concern.”—(Psalm 119:97) ????? Yes, when we acquire accurate knowledge and understanding of Jehovah God and develop full confidence in him and his promises, we will surely be spiritually healthy. In that case, we will be like the happy man described by the psalmist—“everything he does will succeed.” ????? https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/2009168?q=planted+tree&p=par
  10. Are You in the Dew of Jehovah? - Refreshment of Waters from Above? - ????? If not you will Become Dried Up! ~ ????? ????? (Psalm 133:1-3) . . .Look! How good and how pleasant it is For brothers to dwell together in unity! 2 It is like the good oil upon the head, That is running down upon the beard, Aaron’s beard, That is running down to the collar of his garments. 3 It is like the dew of Her′mon That is descending upon the mountains of Zion. For there Jehovah commanded the blessing [to be], [Even] life to time indefinite." ????? (Deuteronomy 32:2) My instruction will drip as the rain, My saying will trickle as the dew, As gentle rains upon grass And as copious showers upon vegetation." ????? (Proverbs 19:12) The raging of a king is a growling like that of a maned young lion, but his goodwill is like the dew upon the vegetation." (Job 38:28) . . .Does there exist a father for the rain, Or who gave birth to the dewdrops?" ????? Dew forms when night air laden with water vapor cools, depositing the vapor, condensed to liquid form, on cooler objects. It also develops when warm watery vapor rising from the ground comes in contact with the cooling air. The Bible explains that early in earth’s history, before it rained on earth, “a mist [vapor] would go up from the earth and it watered the entire surface of the ground.” (Ge 2:6 and ftn) Dew is also produced when moisture from vegetation evaporates into the air. ????? A plant continues to draw water that has been absorbed by its roots until a balance is obtained between the temperature at the tip of the leaves and that at the plant’s roots. The great amount of dew thus produced by some trees can often be heard dripping from them at night. Most morning dew seems to have this source. ????? The Geography of the Bible by D. Baly (1974, p. 45) says: “The value of the dew was well appreciated by the Israelites, . . . for it swells the grapes during the drought of summer.” Isaiah refers to the “dew in the heat of [grape] harvest.” (Isa 18:4, 5) After this came the “autumn,” or “early,” rains. (Joe 2:23; Jas 5:7) ????? Night dews in certain areas are so heavy that trees and other plants thereby obtain more than enough moisture to compensate for loss through evaporation during the day. Hence, nocturnal dews may well account for a bountiful harvest where drought and starvation would otherwise prevail. ????? The importance of dew is emphasized by the discovery that when plants have wilted from the heat, they have recovered more rapidly when moisture condensed on their leaves at night than they did when the ground was watered. They absorbed so much moisture that they functioned normally during the succeeding day without any watering of the ground. The amount of water absorbed from dew and later excreted through the roots into the soil for storage sometimes equaled the plant’s entire weight. ????? During Israel’s 40-year wilderness trek, the divinely provided manna regularly descended with the dew, remaining upon the earth after the dew’s evaporation. (Ex 16:13-18; Nu 11:9) By two signs involving dew, Gideon obtained proof of divine support before going forth to fight the Midianites. First, he kept a fleece of wool exposed on a threshing floor overnight, the dew developing only on the fleece while the earth was dry. In the second test, matters were reversed. It is not revealed whether this was the rainless season when dew could be expected.—Jg 6:36–7:1. ????? Figurative Use. Dew is Scripturally associated with blessing, fertility, and abundance. (Ge 27:28; De 33:13, 28; Zec 8:12) A return to Jehovah would result in blessing, God saying: “I shall become like the dew to Israel.” (Ho 14:1, 5) Through Micah, God foretold that “the remaining ones of Jacob” would “become in the midst of many peoples like dew from Jehovah, like copious showers upon vegetation,” foretelling that the remnant of spiritual Jacob (Israel) would be a blessing from God to the people.—Mic 5:7. ????? Conversely, lack or the withholding of dew is associated with a disfavored condition.. (Ge 27:39; Hag 1:10) ???????
  11. Put on your good suits boys! The girls are looking! ??????? During most of the season, both genders of the Indian Bullfrog are a rather dull kaki-olive-green, but once the mating season comes around, things change drastically: males put on their good suits to impress all the ladies! Video by MonkeyPen We need a Smile everyday! Hope your Smiling? ??????? Tap on link for video! Enjoy! ? IMG_0190.MP4
  12. What is the Key to Find Brotherly Affection? - ????? Finding the Key to Brotherly Affection ~ ????? We would not want to overlook the very special brotherly affection that the apostle Paul and his Christian companion Timothy had for each other, which was, certainly, based on appreciating each other’s qualities. Paul’s writings contain fine comments about Timothy, such as: “I have no one else of a disposition like his who will genuinely care for the things pertaining to you. . . . You know the proof he gave of himself, that like a child with a father he slaved with me in furtherance of the good news.” (Philippians 2:20-22) ????? (Philippians 2:20-22) . . .For I have no one else of a disposition like his who will genuinely care for the things pertaining to YOU. 21 For all the others are seeking their own interests, not those of Christ Jesus. 22 But YOU know the proof he gave of himself, that like a child with a father he slaved with me in furtherance of the good news." ????? Many are the personal references in his letters to Timothy that reveal Paul’s warm affection for Timothy. For example, note 1 Timothy 6:20: “O Timothy, guard what is laid up in trust with you.” ????? (1 Timothy 4:12-16) . . .Let no man ever look down on your youth. On the contrary, become an example to the faithful ones in speaking, in conduct, in love, in faith, in chasteness. 13 While I am coming, continue applying yourself to public reading, to exhortation, to teaching. 14 Do not be neglecting the gift in you that was given you through a prediction and when the body of older men laid their hands upon you. 15 Ponder over these things; be absorbed in them, that your advancement may be manifest to all [persons]. 16 Pay constant attention to yourself and to your teaching. Stay by these things, for by doing this you will save both yourself and those who listen to you." ????? (1 Timothy 5:23) . . .Do not drink water any longer, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent cases of sickness." ????? (2 Timothy 1:5) . . .For I recollect the faith which is in you without any hypocrisy, and which dwelt first in your grandmother Lo′is and your mother Eu′nice, but which I am confident is also in you." ????? (2 Timothy 3:14-15) . . .You, however, continue in the things that you learned and were persuaded to believe, knowing from what persons you learned them 15 and that from infancy you have known the holy writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through the faith in connection with Christ Jesus." ????? In particular does a comparison of Paul’s letters to Timothy with his letter to Titus underscore Paul’s special affection for this young man. Timothy must have felt the same way about their friendship, as can be noted from Paul’s words at 2 Timothy 1:3, 4: “I never leave off remembering you in my supplications, . . . longing to see you, as I remember your tears, that I may get filled with joy.” ??????? https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/2004724?q=Brotherly+Affection&p=par
  13. ????????? Superior Moral Principles Humans seem designed to trust. Nevertheless, the Bible realistically states that “the inclination of the heart of man is bad from his youth up.” (Genesis 8:21) ????? How can you battle that inclination and resist the tide of dishonesty that is so prevalent today? The following Bible principles can help: ?● “Do not fabricate against your fellowman anything bad, when he is dwelling in a sense of security with you.”—Proverbs 3:29. ?Love for our neighbor moves us to seek his welfare, not to abuse his trust. This principle could put an end to numerous forms of human exploitation motivated by greed, such as the trafficking of counterfeit medicine, discussed at the outset of this series. ?● “Truth will last forever; lies are soon found out.”—Proverbs 12:19, “Contemporary English Version.” ?Many today believe that honest people are at a disadvantage. But ask yourself, ‘What is more valuable—gaining immediate rewards or long-lasting benefits, including self-respect?’ A student may deceive others concerning his knowledge or skills by cheating on exams, but how will he fare in the workplace? ?● “The righteous is walking in his integrity. Happy are his sons after him.”—Proverbs 20:7. ?If you are a parent, set a good example for your children by ‘walking in integrity.’ Explain to them how you have benefited by following an upright course. When children see a parent walking the path of integrity, they are more likely to adopt a trustworthy course themselves.—Proverbs 22:6. ?Do the above Bible principles really work? Can trustworthy people be found today? ?We Need to Become Examples to Others, not hide or do what we want! ~ ???
  14. Be Balanced? - How Amidst an Imbalanced World - is it Possible? - Much good advice on the thought of Balance... ??????? If we are to be happy even though we have much to do, we need to be balanced. And what is balance? It is “mental and emotional steadiness.” A balanced person strives to be orderly in his activities. He plans ahead, avoids procrastination, and is moderate in habits. He displays self-control in food, drink, recreation, hobbies, and entertainment. Actually, he demonstrates “self-control in all things”!—1 Corinthians 9:24-27 ????????? Prayer plays a vital role in maintaining Christian balance. A servant of Jehovah can pray for God’s holy spirit and for his heavenly Father’s help in cultivating its fruitage, including self-control. (Luke 11:13) . . .Therefore, if YOU, although being wicked, know how to give good gifts to YOUR children, how much more so will the Father in heaven give holy spirit to those asking him. . ." Especially should a Christian look to God in prayer when beset by trials that threaten to disturb his balance. “Roll upon Jehovah your way, and rely upon him, and he himself will act,” said the psalmist David. (Psalm 37:5) ????????? We may sometimes need to pray as David did when he pleaded: “O God, do act quickly for me. You are my help and the Provider of escape for me. O Jehovah, do not be too late.” (Psalm 70:5) Never forget that by prayer it is possible to maintain balance and to enjoy ‘the peace of God that excels all thought and guards our hearts and mental powers.’—Philippians 4:6, 7. Because he depends on Jehovah and enjoys the peace of God, a balanced Christian is sound in mind. ????????? (Titus 2:11-14) 11 For the undeserved kindness of God which brings salvation to all sorts of men has been manifested, 12 instructing us to repudiate ungodliness and worldly desires and to live with soundness of mind and righteousness and godly devotion amid this present system of things, 13 while we wait for the happy hope and glorious manifestation of the great God and of [the] Savior of us, Christ Jesus, 14 who gave himself for us that he might deliver us from every sort of lawlessness and cleanse for himself a people peculiarly his own, zealous for fine works. . ." ????????? This comes from having a good comprehension of Bible principles and by applying them in his life. Such a person is not hypocritical, nor is he hasty in judgment. Reasonableness keeps him from being opinionated or obstinate. He maintains a modest view of himself and his capabilities, and this enables him to cooperate with others. ????????? (Micah 6:8) . . .He has told you, O earthling man, what is good. And what is Jehovah asking back from you but to exercise justice and to love kindness and to be modest in walking with your God?" ????????? In order to maintain balance, we should try to be prompt and organized in handling our personal affairs. We need to plan ahead, caring for matters in an orderly, systematic manner. Those lacking good organization and tending to procrastinate complicate their lives with increased levels of tension and anxiety. Success in this area of life will help us to feel that we are in control instead of feeling that we are helpless victims of circumstances. ?????????? We should not try to do everything ourselves. Those unwilling to accept help from others often pay a heavy price in exhaustion and frustration. There are various tasks that could be cared for by others. ????????? Therefore, it is wise to take advantage of the capabilities of those willing to lend a helping hand. Besides lightening our own load, this may be encouraging to those wishing to draw closer to us. ????????? It is unwise to compare ourselves with those who may be able to do more. Trying to be like those apparently achieving more than we can is discouraging, making us feel inferior and unworthy. Such thinking is destructive, undermining our determination and self-confidence. “Let each one prove what his own work is,” wrote Paul, “and then he will have cause for exultation in regard to himself alone, and not in comparison with the other person.” (Galatians 6:4) ????????? We need to take good care of our health. It is one of our most valuable possessions, for without it we may be able to do very little. Hence, we should try to maintain a healthful diet by eating nutritious food. We ought to get the rest we need, going to bed at a reasonable hour at night. When we are severely fatigued or feel illness coming on, we should not keep on pushing ourselves; we may pay a heavy price. ????????? It is important to guard against developing a complaining spirit. If we give free rein to negative thinking, we can find something wrong with almost anything or anyone. This is a sure way to rob ourselves and others of joy. Rather than gossip or complain about what we feel is not right, we should inform those responsible for handling the matter and leave it up to them to correct things. We are wise to maintain a positive outlook, always seeking and expecting to find good in others and in the events that shape our life. ????????? Good judgment can help us to find a reasonable balance that permits us to get necessary things accomplished without losing our joy. So, then, having much to do does not mean that we cannot be happy. The busiest people can be among the happiest if they are reasonable, maintain a fine outlook, and use good judgment so as to keep well-balanced. We can experience the greatest happiness possible if we display wisdom, perform good works, and rest our hope on Jehovah God.— ????????? (1 Timothy 6:17-19) "Give orders to those who are rich in the present system of things not to be high-minded, and to rest their hope, not on uncertain riches, but on God, who furnishes us all things richly for our enjoyment; 18 to work at good, to be rich in fine works, to be liberal, ready to share, 19 safely treasuring up for themselves a fine foundation for the future, in order that they may get a firm hold on the real life."
  15. The Real Life Soon! The Dead in Graves Return! Can you just imagine? ????? Essential to man’s happiness. The resurrection of the dead, an undeserved kindness on God’s part, is essential to mankind’s happiness and to the undoing of all the harm, suffering, and oppression that have come upon the human race. These things have befallen man as a result of his imperfection and sickness, the wars he has waged, the murders committed, and the inhumanities practiced by wicked people at the instance of Satan the Devil. We cannot be completely happy if we do not believe in a resurrection. The apostle Paul expressed the feeling in these words: “If in this life only we have hoped in Christ, we are of all men most to be pitied.”—1Co 15:19.????? Paul said to a group of Jews who also entertained the hope of a resurrection that “there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.”—Ac 24:15. Moving Video Enjoy! Our Lord Christ Jesus will soon bring those in the grave back! Tap on link. IMG_0051.MP4
  16. How Can I Be No Part of the World? I have to work and provide for my family? ????? In prayer to God, Jesus said of his followers: “I have given your word to them, but the world has hated them, because they are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world. I request you, not to take them out of the world, but to watch over them because of the wicked one. They are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world.” (John 17:14-16) ????? We may be firm and determined to keep separate from the world on large issues, such as neutrality, religious holidays and customs, and immorality. What, though, about smaller things? Could it be that even without realizing it, we may be influenced by the ways of the world? If we are not careful, for instance, how easily our manner of dress can become undignified and inappropriate! Being faithful calls for “modesty and soundness of mind” in the matter of dress and grooming. ????? Yes, “in no way are we giving any cause for stumbling, that our ministry might not be found fault with; but in every way we recommend ourselves as God’s ministers.” ????? Out of a desire to honor Jehovah, we dress in a dignified way for our congregation meetings. The same is true when we meet in large numbers at our assemblies and conventions. Our dress needs to be practical and presentable. This serves as a witness to others who observe us. Even the angels take note of our activity, as they did of that of Paul and his Christian associates. In fact, we should always be appropriately attired. To some, faithfulness in the choice of clothing may seem to be a small matter, but in God’s eyes it is important. ????? http://m.wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/2005527?q=separate from the world&p=par#p22
  17. Jesus’ Birth—How It Brings Peace ????? THE proclamation of “peace among men of goodwill” was not the only prophecy connected with Jesus’ birth. In addition to what the angels announced to the astonished shepherds, heavenly messengers had made divinely inspired declarations about the newborn Jesus to Mary and her husband, Joseph. ????? A consideration of these messages will enable us to gain a broader perspective on Jesus’ birth and to understand the real significance behind the angelic promise of peace among men. ????? Gabriel explained: “Look! you will conceive in your womb and give birth to a son, and you are to call his name Jesus. This one will be great and will be called Son of the Most High; and Jehovah God will give him the throne of David his father, and he will rule as king over the house of Jacob forever, and there will be no end of his kingdom.” Mary questioned how this was to be, since she, a virgin, was not having intercourse with a man. Gabriel responded that the child would be conceived by means of God’s holy spirit. This would be no ordinary child.—Luke 1:28-35. ????? A Foretold King ? Gabriel’s words must have helped Mary to discern that the son she would bear was the subject of ancient prophecies. The disclosure that Jehovah would give Mary’s son “the throne of David his father” would make her—and indeed any Jewish person acquainted with the Scriptures—think of the promise that God had made to King David of Israel. ????? Through the prophet Nathan, Jehovah had told David: “Your house and your kingdom will certainly be steadfast to time indefinite before you; your very throne will become one firmly established to time indefinite.” (2 Samuel 7:4, 16) Jehovah stated concerning David: “I shall certainly set up his seed forever and his throne as the days of heaven. His seed itself will prove to be even to time indefinite, and his throne as the sun in front of me.” (Psalm 89:20, 29, 35, 36) Thus, it was no coincidence that Mary had descended from the house of David, as had Joseph. ????? These were not the only prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures regarding a royal son of David. Mary would also have been familiar with Isaiah’s prophecy: “There has been a child born to us, there has been a son given to us; and the princely rule will come to be upon his shoulder. And his name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. To the abundance of the princely rule and to peace there will be no end, upon the throne of David and upon his kingdom in order to establish it firmly and to sustain it by means of justice and by means of righteousness, from now on and to time indefinite. The very zeal of Jehovah of armies will do this.”—Isaiah 9:6, 7. ????? What Gabriel announced to Mary, then, was much more than the miraculous birth of a baby boy. Her son would be the royal heir of King David—the permanent, everlasting heir to a divinely ordained Kingdom. Gabriel’s prophecies concerning Jesus’ future role have profound significance for all of us. ????? https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/2006921?q=jesus+the+permanent+heir&p=par
  18. 'O God, Send Out Your Light’ “Send out your light and your truth. May these themselves lead me.”—PSALM 43:3 ⭐️?????⭐️ JEHOVAH is very considerate in the way he makes his purposes known to his servants. Instead of revealing the truth all at once in one blinding flash of light, he enlightens us progressively. ⭐️?????⭐️ Our trek along life’s pathway might be compared to a walk that a hiker takes down a long trail. He starts out early in the morning and sees little. As the sun begins to rise slowly over the horizon, the hiker is able to distinguish a few features of his surroundings. The rest he sees in hazy outline. ⭐️?????⭐️ But as the sun continues its ascent, he can see farther and farther into the distance. So it is with the spiritual light that God provides. He allows us to discern a few things at a time. God’s Son, Jesus Christ, provided spiritual enlightenment in a similar manner. (Joshua 1:9) "Have I not commanded you? Be courageous and strong. Do not suffer shock or be terrified, for Jehovah your God is with you wherever you go.” ⭐️?????⭐️ Read the Bible at: jw.org
  19. WHAT IS LOVE? -ARE YOU A LOVABLE PERSON? – LOVE HOPES ALL THINGS, ENDURES ALL THINGS, IT REJOICES WITH THE TRUTH! ~ ????? (1 Corinthians 13:4-8) Love is long-suffering and kind. Love is not jealous, it does not brag, does not get puffed up, 5 does not behave indecently, does not look for its own interests, does not become provoked. It does not keep account of the injury. 6 It does not rejoice over unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth. 7 It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 8 Love never fails." ????? (Romans 5:5) and the hope does not lead to disappointment; because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the holy spirit, which was given us." ????? (Romans 13:10) Love does not work evil to one’s neighbor; therefore love is the law’s fulfillment." ????? (1 John 4:8) He that does not love has not come to know God, because God is love." ????? (Romans 8:25) But if we hope for what we do not see, we keep on waiting for it with endurance." ????? (Romans 12:12) Rejoice in the hope. Endure under tribulation. Persevere in prayer." ????? (1 Corinthians 10:13) No temptation has taken YOU except what is common to men. But God is faithful, and he will not let YOU be tempted beyond what YOU can bear, but along with the temptation he will also make the way out in order for YOU to be able to endure it." ????? (1 Thessalonians 1:3) for we bear incessantly in mind YOUR faithful work and [your] loving labor and [your] endurance due to [your] hope in our Lord Jesus Christ before our God and Father." ????? (Ephesians 4:32) But become kind to one another, tenderly compassionate, freely forgiving one another just as God also by Christ freely forgave YOU." ????? (Colossians 3:13) Continue putting up with one another and forgiving one another freely if anyone has a cause for complaint against another. Even as Jehovah freely forgave YOU, so do YOU also."
  20. Why does Jehovah seem far off? - Only the Wicked he Shuts out! - He Looks for the Unfortunate! - With the Righteous His ears Pay Attention! - His Ways are Perfect! - There is no one like Him! ~ ????? Psalms 10:1-17 1 Why, O Jehovah, do you keep standing afar off? [Why] do you keep yourself hid in times of distress? ????? 2 In his haughtiness the wicked one hotly pursues the afflicted one; They get caught by the ideas that they have thought up. ????? 3 For the wicked has praised himself over the selfish longing of his soul, And the one making undue profit has blessed himself; He has disrespected Jehovah. ????? 4 The wicked one according to his superciliousness makes no search; All his ideas are: “There is no God.” ????? 5 His ways keep prospering all the time. Your judicial decisions are high up out of his range; As for all those showing hostility to him, he puffs at them. ????? 6 He has said in his heart: “I shall not be made to totter; For generation after generation [I shall be] one who is in no calamity.” ????? 7 His mouth is full of oaths and of deceptions and of oppression. Under his tongue are trouble and what is hurtful. ????? 8 He sits in an ambush of settlements; From concealed places he will kill someone innocent. His eyes are on the lookout for someone unfortunate. ????? 9 He keeps lying in wait in the concealed place like a lion in his covert. He keeps lying in wait to carry off some afflicted one by force. He carries off the afflicted one by force when he draws his net shut. ????? 10 He is crushed, he bows down, And the army of dejected ones has to fall into his strong [claws]. ????? 11 He has said in his heart: “God has forgotten. He has concealed his face. He will certainly never see [it]. ????? 12 Do arise, O Jehovah. O God, lift up your hand. Do not forget the afflicted ones. ????? 13 Why is it that the wicked one has disrespected God? He has said in his heart: “You will not require an accounting.” ????? 14 For you yourself have seen trouble and vexation. You keep looking on, to get [them] into your hand. To you the unfortunate one, the fatherless boy, commits [himself]. You yourself have become [his] helper. ????? 15 Break the arm of the wicked and bad one. May you search after his wickedness [until] you find no more. ????? 16 Jehovah is King to time indefinite, even forever. The nations have perished out of his earth. ????? 17 The desire of the meek ones you will certainly hear, O Jehovah. You will prepare their heart. You will pay attention with your ear." ?????
  21. http://awarenessact.com/strongest-earthquake-in-decades-rocks-yellowstone-national-park/?=eic A 5.8 magnitude earthquake caused great shock in Yellowstone National Park and had a ton of Twitter users calling for the end of time early this morning. This earthquake struck in western Montana around 12:30 am local time and was followed by a series of smaller quakes according to USGS. Many people reported feeling significant shaking that was strong enough to wake them and rattle their household items. Twitter users have noted the proximity of this earthquake to the park’s super volcano and the consequences that could occur if it were to go off.
  22. “Happy Are Those Conscious of Their Spiritual Need” ????? (Psalm 29:11) . . ."Jehovah himself will give strength indeed to his people. Jehovah himself will bless his people with peace." ????? “Happy Are Those Conscious of Their Spiritual Need” WHEN birds wake up in the morning, they often chirp for a while and then fly off in search of food. In the evening, they return to their roosts, chirp a little more, and go to sleep. In certain seasons they mate, lay eggs, and raise their young. Other animals follow a similarly predictable pattern. ????? We humans are different. True, we eat, sleep, and reproduce, but most of us are not content with just those things. We want to know why we are here. We seek meaning in our lives. We also desire a hope for the future. These deeper needs point to a quality that is unique to humankind—spirituality, or the need and capacity for spiritual things. ????? Made in God’s Image The Bible explains the reason for the spiritual side of man’s nature, saying: “God proceeded to create the man in his image, in God’s image he created him; male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:27) Our being formed “in God’s image” means that even though we have been tarnished by sin and imperfection, we have the ability to mirror certain qualities of God. (Romans 5:12) For example, we can be creative. We also have a measure of wisdom, a sense of justice, and the ability to show self-sacrificing love for one another. ????? Furthermore, we can reflect on the past and plan for the future.—Proverbs 4:7; Ecclesiastes 3:1, 11; Micah 6:8; John 13:34; 1 John 4:8 ????? Our spiritual capacity is most clearly demonstrated in our innate desire to worship God. Unless we properly satisfy the need to be in touch with our Creator, we cannot find true and lasting happiness. “Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need,” Jesus said. (Matthew 5:3) We must be careful, however, to satisfy that need with spiritual truth—facts about God, his standards, and his purpose for mankind. Where can we find spiritual truth? In the Bible. ????? “Your Word Is Truth” The apostle Paul wrote: “All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight.” (2 Timothy 3:16) Paul’s words harmonize with those of Jesus, who said in prayer to God: “Your word is truth.” Today, we know that Word as the Holy Bible, and we are wise to check that our beliefs and standards measure up to it.—John 17:17. ????? By comparing our beliefs with God’s Word, we imitate the people of ancient Beroea, who made sure that Paul’s teachings harmonized with the Scriptures. Rather than criticize the Beroeans, Luke commended them for their attitude. They “received the word with the greatest eagerness of mind,” he wrote, “carefully examining the Scriptures daily as to whether these things were so.” (Acts 17:11) In view of the contradictory religious and moral teachings that abound today, it is important that we imitate the example of the noble-minded Beroeans. ????? Another way to identify spiritual truth is to see how it influences people’s lives. (Matthew 7:17) For example, living according to Bible truth should make one a better husband, a better father, a better wife, or a better mother, thus adding to family happiness and enhancing one’s contentment. “Happy are those hearing the word of God and keeping it,” said Jesus.—Luke 11:28 ????? Jesus’ words remind us of those of his heavenly Father, who said to the ancient Israelites: “I, Jehovah, am your God, the One teaching you to benefit yourself, the One causing you to tread in the way in which you should walk. O if only you would actually pay attention to my commandments! Then your peace would become just like a river, and your righteousness like the waves of the sea.” (Isaiah 48:17, 18) All who love goodness and righteousness would surely be moved by such a warm appeal! ????? *** w05 7/1 pp. 4-5 “Happy Are Those Conscious of Their Spiritual Need” *** https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/2005481
  23. "That which corresponds to this is also now saving you, namely, baptism."—1 Pet. 3:21 ??????? How would you describe the purpose of baptism? Some might think that it is to protect them from giving in to sin. ??????? However, baptism is not a contract that restrains you from doing things that you would secretly like to do. You should get baptized when you are fully aware of what being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses involves and when you are sure that you are ready and willing to take on this responsibility. ??????? (Ecclesiastes 5:4-5) "Whenever you vow a vow to God, do not hesitate to pay it, for there is no delight in the stupid ones. What you vow, pay. 5 Better is it that you vow not than that you vow and do not pay." ??????? One reason to undergo baptism is that Jesus commissioned his followers to “make disciples . . . , baptizing them.” (Matt. 28:19, 20) ??????? Moreover, baptism is an important step for those who want to be saved. This does not mean, though, that baptism is like an insurance policy that you obtain in case a disaster should strike. Instead, you get baptized because you love Jehovah and want to serve him with your whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. ??????? (Mark 12:29-30) Jesus answered: “The first is, ‘Hear, O Israel, Jehovah our God is one Jehovah, 30 and you must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole mind and with your whole strength.’ ??????? 2012/12/14 w10 11/15 3:12, 13
  24. Jehovah made this for us! ????? 25 "There is the sea, so great and wide, Teeming with countless living things, both small and great." (Ps. 104:25). 1 GIF Picture Tap on the GIF for Display 1 Moving Picture Enjoy! ????? IMG_9615.MOV
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