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  1. How important is a Greeting? ???????? It tells a story that a man working at a meatpacking plant in Norway. One day, finishing your work schedule, was one of the refrigerators to inspect something, shut the door to the safe and got stuck in the refrigerator. He knocked hard on the door and started screaming, but no one listened. ???????? Most workers had already retired to their homes, and it was almost impossible to hear it for the thickness I had that door. ???????? He had five hours in the refrigerator on the verge of death. Suddenly the door opened. The security guard came and rescued him. After that, the guard asked: "Why is it that came open that door, being that is not part of your work routine?". He explained: "I've been in this business 35 years, hundreds of workers entering the plant each day, but he is the one who greets me in the morning and said goodbye to me in the evenings. The remaining workers treat me as if I was invisible. " "Today I said Hello! at the entrance, but never heard: you say; See you tomorrow!" So I was worried and came to look for you! ???????? Jesus asked, "If you greet your brothers only, what extraordinary thing do? Do not do the same thing also the people of the nations "(Matt. 5:47). ???????? Regarding the importance of greeting, the consultant Donald Weiss wrote: "Nobody likes him that others pass by without even looking at it. There really is no excuse to appease those who have achieved overlooked. The solution is simple: greet each other and talk to them. "Indeed, if we are careful not cold shoulder or indifference to those around us, we will get good results. – Contributed ?
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