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  1. How will it end the proscription of Jehovah's Witnesses?  I wish to state that the purpose of this article, like all the ones posted so far, is not to see who is right. Humanly speaking, we are all brothers and neighbors to the Russians when even a single brother suffers, we all should suffer with them - Romans 24:15 There is no controversy desire towards the Governing Body, and even on their current scriptural understanding. However, even the author of this article recognizes the supreme importance of paying attention to scripture and explain how, this, decodes current events. Aware that the current situation in Russia will have to expand to other nations (and that includes ours), with the utmost humility and attention we must approach to Scripture without hiding uncomfortable truths. This, despite the delicate and far from cheerful topic, will show how Jehovah knows everything and has everything under control. What can we expect in the near future, particularly in relation to the proscription of Jehovah's Witnesses? The proscription of Jehovah's Witnesses and the preaching is a Bible prophecy?  As we all know the situation that has developed in Russia in the latter period it is anything but cheerful. The April 20, 2017 the work of our brothers has been declared illegal and the recent appeal, which occurred on July 17 in Moscow, has done nothing but confirm this unjust sentence. This judgment, in addition to imposing the closing of the administrative center with all the consequences, forbids all religious activities. The official story is that the decision of the Supreme Court is located at the following link  As recognized by the brother Anderson appealed the options, at least in Russia, they have ended. There are no degrees or higher possibility of further appeals in this nation. Brother Mark Sanderson acknowledged, in one of the last video you can find in tv.jw.org site, which because of this ruling is to be expected that religious persecution increases. At Brother Lett question whether there is still a possibility of appeal, Brother Sanderson replied that he would turn to the European Court of Human Rights. With the so-called "provisional measures" the European Court could intervene even trying to block the ruling. Obviously it is not at all certain that a judgment in favor of Jehovah's Witnesses by the European Court of Justice to have the least effect on a sovereign state. The European Court certainly can not decide for a sovereign state, nor a state like Russia, but it is a possibility. So Lett specifically asked, "Mark, you see a parallel in the Bible with the events they have witnessed in the Supreme Court?" Sanderson responded by quoting Matthew 5:11: "... lying against you will say all sorts of evil things" and on this there is little to argue that, whatever they say, and minus any errors, you really ridiculous to compare Jehovah's witnesses to terrorist groups. So Brother Sanderson talked about the excellent experience in the various embassies and how they astound themselves because "their Jehovah's Witnesses" were receiving such treatment. "Jehovah's Witnesses have faced the concentration camps in the Nazi era; it has not stopped the exile in Siberia; we did not stop the hard labor in the Gulag ... and all this thanks to the protection of our God, Jehovah" ( these were the words of brother Sanderson). It 'great to hear this declaration of trust in our loving Father, Jehovah. We all know that, whatever happens, Jehovah will find the right solution in the best and the right time. As mentioned, he has everything under control. However doi every one of us knows very well that whatever idea we can do about a particular issue, it is always the Word of God that we must address. It is absolutely true that our dear brothers, in history, "they faced the concentration camps, were not stopped by exile in Siberia, were not stopped by the hard labor in the Gulag" and all this has happened thanks to ' Jehovah's help, but what we really should ask is ... "what is Jehovah's will for us in the time we're living in?" By studying the history of Israel it is not a mystery to assert that they, many times, fed false expectations about the will of Jehovah. So another question you should ask is ... "What is happening in Russia these days is a specific Biblical prophecy or is part of the general hatred by all nations as mentioned Brother Sanderson?" This question is crucial because if the proscription in Russia is one of many "diatribes" caused by this world, no different from what happened in Mali or Burundi, then the period we are living is not particularly relevant. This situation will have ups and downs, we will be downsized or abolished and we have to wait for something else, something, to see fulfilled prophecies. If this event is similar to what happened in the past, then it's all in doubt (also time) and we have to find something else to observe and which make our scriptural reflections. On the other hand if this event has something special, that is scripturally relevant, then it is up to us to dig in the Scriptures to understand what is really happening, why, and where does that lead. First we try to isolate those involved trying not preclude us to explanations other than those to which we are accustomed. The subjects involved are basically two: the Russian nation and our brothers (recognized and characterized by the work of preaching). To begin with we can see how in Daniel are talking about some horn would have "thrown down the truth" and that the daily sacrifice would be phased out, which, as we know, is the work of preaching - Daniel 8: 9- 12 Who is this horn? Whatever idea we may have about it, we must take into account the words the angel addressed to Daniel. Speaking of this horn, among other things explains the angel ... "And in his heart he will give great tunes, and when freedom from anxieties bring to ruin many. It will rise against the Prince of princes, but he shall be broken without hand "- Daniel 8:25 The official intention identifies this horn as the Anglo-American empire but at this point we have a scriptural issue because from Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 of Daniel we understand clearly that it is the king of the north to be "broken without hand" by Michele - see Daniel 11: 40-44; 12: 1 So, unless we do not want to assert that the book of Daniel it contradicts, or the Anglo-American empire is the king of the north, or the horn may not be the Anglo-American empire. It is the king of the north to suppress the daily sacrifice, to throw truth to the ground, so the only thing to do is to try to understand the identity of this king. Who embodies, today, this king? They are still made outlandish assumptions * (see footnote) but it is clear that to answer this question we must always be borrowed from the Scripture. Seeing by what logic the various rival kings have changed their identity over the centuries, we can immediately weed out many possibilities. The king of the north may not appear at random. As you can also see in the mirror summary of the book "Pay Attention to Daniel's Prophecy!" on pages 228 and 246 (Italian edition), f inora we managed to ricostru ire the identity of their king because or the bloodline or the occupied territories. We pay attention to this. At one point, the identity of the two kings changes (see chapter fourteen) and the whole question is played on the territory of Syria. Syria depicts King of the North while Egypt the king of the south. However, with the intervention of Rome between the two contenders, Antiochus IV (Syrian) should abandon its claims on Egypt. This puts an end to the rivalry between the two kings. Less than a hundred years after Syria became a Roman province. E 'for this reason that we are able to identify Rome as king of the north: the political / geographical connection. It is not the power to identify it as such, although, of course, be a king can face a confrontation with his powerful enemy. Roma not appeared from nowhere drove off, so to speak, the last king of the north (in this case, Syria). The various kings, therefore, may change his identity (the bloodline is not binding) but the next power, to assume the role of the new king, it has to start from the last conquered territory. At least that's the logical thread that is visible around the guide to Daniel. In addition to this it is obvious to assert that the identity of the two kings is not interchangeable . This means that the king of the north can not become king of the south and vice versa. Unlike this distinction it would be meaningless. Following this logic we come to the last two historical re: the Anglo-American Empire and the Third Reich of Hitler (see the book already mentioned on page 268). So far we all agree, is not it? This is also the official understanding. Since it has not been a single dominant king in all the earth, and is therefore not Armageddon arrived, we have to see who won this war in order to understand who their king. Who are the "kings" of the victorious World War II, ie those that led to the defeat of the Third Reich? We can see more on page 257 of the same book. In this photo there are three characters: Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister). Franklin Roosvelt (US President) and Iosif Stalin (Soviet Premier). We have seen that the king of Daniel are not interchangeable. If we have established that the Anglo-American empire is the king of the south, it must remain so. So the logic is very simple and the picture looks even want to take the answer. The United Kingdom, represented by Churchill, may not be the next king of the north and can not be the United States represented by Roosevelt. They are both the king of the south and those remain. That's why all the diatribes on the identity of the king of the north are absolutely useless. Only Russia can be the king of the north regardless of whether today may have a different geography and though there are many post-Soviet states. Russia was not incorporated from any other power, as happened in Syria, and therefore no other nation could have taken its place. There are many other interesting details that go perfectly with this nation;   So Russia is the horn which Daniel saw in reference to the last days and is the nation that has abolished the daily sacrifice. This is precisely what happened April 20, 2017, or should we wait for some other development? We do not know. It may be that there is a twist, and perhaps the European Court will manage to overturn the decision of the Russian Supreme Court. If so, then the abolition of the daily sacrifice (described in Daniel) is still a future event , however due to this king. We can only wait and assess the events as they happen. If this suppression is actually the one described in the scriptures ... what can we expect? Let us allow the Scripture to speak. Daniel 8: 9-12 says, "And one of them popped another horn, small, and it was great toward the south and the east and toward the Decoration. He went on to become great until the army of heaven, so that dropped to the ground part of the army and of the stars, and trampled on. and it gave great arias to the Prince of the army, and he was taken off the [sacrifice] continuous, and he was thrown down the established place of his sanctuary. and gradually it was given a military itself, along with the [sacrifice] continuously, because of transgression, and continued to throw truth to the ground, and acted and had success. " According to these words are we to expect a miraculous deliverance, a "protection" as well as his brother flashed Sanderson? Maybe a political change in our favor? Unfortunately not. On the contrary, comparing other scriptures it understands that this king "will reduce the powerful ruined" including the "holy people" and act effectively. The only way to understand whether this proscription is exactly as described in Daniel, is to see if it will expand to other nations. Furthermore, if this proscription is that described in Daniel, what it is to say that on April 20 are started the 2300 evenings and mornings - Daniel 8:13, 14, 26 What will happen in these 2300 days? What will happen at the end of these 2300 days? If you're curious, go see the articles on this topic. We pay attention to the prophecy. We pray constantly, and we trust in Jehovah.  Footnote *: Today we discuss whether the king of the north will be China but for the reasons listed above that is not possible. Of course it is possible that China will ally with Russia widening in this way the king of the north identities just as the UK did in his time, with the United States. No chance for Isis, the European Union or some other power that, ultimately, may ally itself with Russia.  Â
  2. VERY VERY SAD....... RUSSIA.... OUR BROTHERS BEGIN TO REMOVE SIGNS FROM THE KINGDOM HALLS ;-( Soon they will all belong to the government
  3. International government agencies and officials comment on the unjust court decision and Russia’s failure to protect the religious freedom of minority religious groups. Source
  4. The U.S. government banned all use of Kaspersky Lab Inc. software in federal information systems, citing concerns about the Moscow-based security firm’s links to the Russian government and espionage efforts. All agencies will be required to identify any Kaspersky products they have used within 30 days and develop plans to discontinue their use, according to a directive from Elaine Duke, the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. “This action is based on the information security risks presented by the use of Kaspersky products,” DHS said Wednesday in a statement. “The risk that the Russian government, whether acting on its own or in collaboration with Kaspersky, could capitalize on access provided by Kaspersky products to compromise federal information and information systems directly implicates U.S. national security.” Read more:
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  5. Trial of Bible ends VYBORG COURT RULES JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES' BIBLE IS EXTREMIST LITERATURE Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia, 17 August 2017 Judge Dmitry Yurievich Grishin of the Vyborg city court, a kandidat of jurisprudence and former chairman of the department of civil law of the A.S. Pushkin Leningrad University, announced his decision: to grant the petition of the Leningrad-Finland transport prosecutor; to find "Sacred Scripture—New World Translation" extremist material; to find the brochures "The Bible and it Main Subject," "Science instead of the Bible?" and "How to Improve Health. Five Simple Rules" to be extremist materials; to confiscate the batch of the aforesaid literature. The court's decision has not taken effect and it may be appealed within thirty days. (tr. by PDS, posted 17 August 2017) Also JW.ORG: News Alerts BREAKING NEWS | Russian Court Bans New World Translation On August 17, 2017, the Vyborg City Court in Russia ruled to ban the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (NWT). In Russia, it is illegal to ban a Bible. However, a court-appointed “expert study” claimed that the NWT is not a Bible. The decision to ban the NWT came even after the powerful testimony of experts and the fine argumentation of our brothers, proving undeniably that the NWT is a Bible. In spite of such obvious discrimination, Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide take comfort from Isaiah 40:8, “the word of our God endures forever.” We are appealing the decision.
  6. Russian ban on Jehovah's Witnesses comes into force 17 August 2017 An appeal hearing at Russia's Supreme Court over the ban on Jehovah's Witnesses as an 'extremist' organisation on 17 July 2017 — AFP  MOSCOW: Russia's justice ministry said Thursday that it has added Jehovah's Witnesses to its black list, formalising a ban for the Christian movement over alleged "extremist activities". In a statement, the ministry said that the decision "had entered legal force" to ban the activities of the central organisation of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia and also all 395 local offices. The evangelical movement also appeared in the ministry's online register of banned organisations. The Jehovah's Witnesses have fought a long legal battle against the ban, culminating in a Russian Supreme Court ruling in July to reject an appeal. In April, the Supreme Court issued a ruling banning the Christian group and seizing its property. That decision came after the justice ministry said it had found signs of "extremist activity" within the religious movement and requested that it be banned. Members of the Jehovah's Witnesses – a Christian evangelical movement that was born in the United States in the 19th century – consider modern churches to have deviated from the Bible's true teachings. They reject modern evolutionary theory and refuse blood transfusions. Washington last month called the ruling against the group "the latest in a disturbing trend of persecution of religious minorities in Russia". There are more than eight million Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide, with some countries classifying the group as a sect. Its members are known for preaching on doorsteps, where they offer religious literature and attempt to convert people. In 2004 Russia dissolved the Moscow branch of the Jehovah's Witnesses. The European Court of Human Rights ruled in 2010 that the move had violated the right to freedom of religion and association. — AFP source Russia puts Jehovah's Witnesses on prohibited organization list Jehovah's Witnesses organization banned in Russia as extremist NEWS SANTANDER
  7. U.S. Religious Freedom Report Names Russia ‘Country of ConcernÂ’ ?????? Russia is internationally marked for persecuting Jehovah's witnesses. A United States report on religious freedoms places Russia on a couple of countries such as North Korea and Sudan in their treatment of religious minorities. The Annual report prepared by the United States commission for international religious freedom (Uscirf) says that the policy of the Russian authorities towards minorities goes from "administrative harassment to arbitrary imprisonment and extrajudicial executions". ?????? He cited the deal of Russia to Jehovah's witnesses after the decision of the Russian Supreme Court in April to formally ban the group, forcing 396 Jehovah's witness organizations registered throughout the country to disband. ?????? He said that the recently amended Russian extremism laws, also known as's amendments, have facilitated the persecution of religious minorities such as Jehovah's witnesses in extremism. "his right to religious freedom is being completely eliminated, and yet ' legally ' under Russian law", said the report.
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  8. Has anyone seen this press release? Is it real????? (my underline) It appears at:
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    PRESS RELEASES AND NEWS 19.07.2017 Embassy Press Officer on Lord Ahmad’s comments regarding the judicial ban of Jehova’s Witnesses in Russia On 20 April, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation satisfied a legal claim of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation by enforcing a ban against Jehova’s Witnesses and its subsidiaries in Russia on the grounds of extremist activities under Federal Law “On Counteraction of Extremist Activity” 114-FZ of 25th July 2002. On 17 July 2017, the Supreme Court rejected an appeal against the decision lodged by the Administrative Centre of the Russian branch of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The decision was based on the findings of the Ministry of Justice, which confirmed that at least 95 publications and materials of “Jehova’s Witnesses” could be classified as extremist according to the Russian law, or had already been included in the national list of extremist materials. Moreover, according to Russian law enforcement agencies, the management of Jehova’s Witnesses in Russia has also been involved in other crimes such as money laundering and seizure of its followers’ property. Thus, Lord Ahmad’s allegations of a crackdown on religious freedom appear unsubstantiated. The ban has nothing to do with religion. They are also unacceptable. Russia doesn’t interfere in other nations’ judicial authorities’ decisions. Hope HMG will abide by the broader international principle of non-interference in internal affairs.
  9. Cant see this under Russian news yet:
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  10. An appeal against a ban of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia has been set by the country’s Supreme Court for July 17. The liquidation of the Christian denomination’s 395 local religious chapters in the country was put in place by Russia’s justice ministry in March and upheld by the country’s Supreme Court on April 20. After receiving the court’s written decision, the group launched an appeal a month later. The Supreme Court accepted the justice ministry’s verdict that Jehovah’s Witnesses violated Russia’s anti-extremism law, putting it into the same category as organizations like the Islamic State group (ISIS). Among the arguments used in the court hearing were that Jehovah’s Witnesses' belief in refusing blood transfusions made it extremist. That stance has been credited with encouraging doctors to develop less risky alternatives to using blood. The group has alleged that it was prohibited from mounting a real defense in the Supreme Court case. Notably, it criticized the judge for refusing to hear evidence concerning bans of its local religious chapters. “The basis for the liquidation of our organization’s center was totally based on the ban of local religious organizations,” Yaroslav Sivulskiy, a spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia, told Newsweek recently. “All cases were fabricated and on that fabricated evidence now you want to ban the whole religion in Russia? How is it not connected to the case?” A big part of the appeal will rest on trying to get that evidence heard, Sivulskiy added. Participants attend a hearing on the justice ministry request to ban the Jehovah's Witnesses at Russia's Supreme Court in Moscow on April 20.VASILY MAXIMOV/AFP/GETTY IMAGES Yet the group, which has operated in the country since 1991 and counts 175,000 members among its ranks, has said it does not hold out much hope that the decision will be overturned. “Very, very little [hope],” Sivulskiy said. “Usually the court decision is upheld in most cases. There’s little hope. We have some hope of course. It’s clear that there is no case from the ministry of justice’s side. But from our side, it is well based on law, with solid arguments.” The ban, Sivulskiy suggested, was not based on the interpretation of the court, but on a decision that goes right to the top of Russia’s government and President Vladimir Putin. “It’s not this court, it’s not about justice, it’s not about a fair court hearing because even everyone who observed it said we won already, but even so we lost,” he said. “We have no big hope for the next level, only if some political wind will change somehow.” Speaking after the Supreme Court decision, the chair of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), Thomas J. Reese, told Newsweek that it represented the “paranoia” in the Russian government. Since the decision, Jehovah's Witnesses have reported being harassed by police, while a Danish citizen was arrested after taking part in a private worship service and faces up to 10 years in prison.
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  11. 79% of Russians support the ban by the Ministry of justice “Jehovah’s Witnesses”, the poll by the Levada center. The negative attitude to “witnesses” associated with the state policy in the field of religion, experts say
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  12. JUNE 21, 2017RUSSIA Video of Russian Authorities Raiding Peaceful Religious Meeting Armed Russian authorities raid a peaceful worship service of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Oryol, Russia, on May 25, 2017.
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  13. 67-year-old Dzhanskoy resident Vitaly Arsenyuk, who was charged with illegal missionary activity, died of a heart attack after a local court hearing conducted by peace commissioner Alkhaz Tulpar against him. The trial took place on June 27; Vitaly Arsenyuk died the same night, reports Krym.Realii. The man was charged with the crime under part 4 of Article 5.26 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Russia (carrying out missionary activity in violation of the requirements of the law). According to the publication, Arsenyuk headed the local committee of "Jehovah's Witnesses" until the organization was banned in Russia and in the Russian-annexed Crimea. Together with all believers, he conducted divine services, prayed, sang, read and discussed the Bible. In May, he was summoned several times to the Russian Prosecutor's Office; the first hearing was held on June 27, which had been postponed for the next month. Earlier in June, it was reported that the military commission of the Bakhchysarai region of the annexed Crimea demanded that "Jehovah's Witness" conscripts provide a "document on their change of faith." The British Encyclopedia defines "Jehovah's Witnesses" as adherents of a millenarian sect (the belief that Jesus Christ and Christians will rule the world for thousands of years). In March, the activities of "Jehovah's Witnesses" were suspended in Russia, and in April the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation recognized the organization as extremist. source
  14. I will provide links but also copy and paste the English translation that was provided for each one. This first letter was dated May 21, 2017 and concerns instructions on how to handle the donation$. (*bolding is mine) The Tinkoff banking system:
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    This next letter, dated June 9, contains instructions to stop using kingdom halls but to continue to meet, stressing the importance of gathering together to "share encouragement". It is noteworthy that the WTS' instructions concerning money, doesn't say anything about the congregations setting up a reserve fund or anything like that to assist the Russian brothers and sisters with their legal costs and fines that are beginning to accumulate across Russia. Or to set anything aside to help all the Russian JWs who worked in public service and have recently lost their jobs because of their association with the WT organization. Just send the org anything left over from meeting expenses and everything from the "opaque jar or box" marked with the removable label that says "worldwide work". And keep meeting. Really, really important to meet. With two donation boxe$. Or jar$.
  15. MOSCOW — Workers building stadiums for next year’s World Cup in Russia have faced repeated abuses and routinely gone unpaid for several months, according to a report by Human Rights Watch released on Wednesday. At a stadium in Yekaterinburg, some workers were required to work in temperatures of minus-25 degrees Celsius (minus-13 Fahrenheit) “without sufficient breaks for them to warm themselves,” the report states. “FIFA is essentially expecting us to take their word for it that their work has improved workers’ lives,” Jane Buchanan, the report’s author, told The Associated Press. “This is supposed to be the reformed FIFA, moving away from secrecy and a lot of deals behind closed doors.” At least 17 workers have died on World Cup construction sites, according to Building and Wood Workers’ International, a trade union. Known deaths include workers killed in falls and the case of a worker from North Korea who died of a reported heart attack at the stadium in St. Petersburg, which will host the final of the Confederations Cup on July 2, as well as World Cup matches in 2018. Read more:
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  16. A Danish citizen in Russia has been arrested and faces up to 10 years in prison after attending a private meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses last week. The detention of Dennis Christensen is the first since Russia’s Supreme Court upheld a ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses nationwide. It is also believed to be the first time that an individual has been arrested for practicing religion since the Soviet era. Christensen, according to a Jehovah’s Witnesses spokesman in Russia, was attending a Bible reading Thursday at a private home in the southeastern city of Oryol when 15 armed Federal Security Service (FSB) officers initiated a raid. After seizing electronic devices and identification cards, they took the men to the local FSB building. While the others were released the next morning, Christensen was detained and put before a court, where he was accused of extremist activity. The Jehovah’s Witnesses, said to have 175,000 members in Russia, were banned last month under the country’s anti-extremism law, and all 395 local religious organizations were ordered liquidated. The ruling, however, related only to the group’s local religious chapters. The FSB claims that Christensen, who is married to a Russian citizen and has lived in Oryol for 10 years, was involved in organizing and management of the local religious organization, an idea the group strongly disputes. “That’s not true,” Yaroslav Sivulskiy, a Jehovah’s Witnesses spokesman in Russia, told Newsweek Tuesday. “He was never a member of the local religious organization legal entity; he is just one of our believers in Oryol. Nothing special.” The Sovietsky District Court ordered Christensen to be held in pretrial detention for two months. An appeal was lodged to a higher court Monday, Sivulskiy said, and the Danish Embassy in Moscow is sending a representative to investigate the matter. Danish citizen Dennis Christensen, who was arrested after attending a private worship service of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia.COURTESY OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES If convicted of being a member of an extremist organization, Christensen could face between six and 10 years in prison. Already, his arrest has furthered fears that the Supreme Court ruling will enable persecution of any Jehovah’s Witness practicing his or her faith. “They arrested him merely for reading the Bible,” Sivulskiy said. “They are going after the people, not only after the legal entity. They can now accuse anybody on this basis. If they copy this incident in other places, there is no safe place anymore. They can come to your home and whatever.” A new report from Jehovah’s Witnesses lists more than 50 incidents of abuse or aggression since the Supreme Court decision. Those include raids on worship services, harassment of children at school and individuals being dismissed from their jobs. There have also been multiple reports of vandalism and arson attacks against the homes and places of worship of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Sivulskiy added that neighbors of Jehovah’s Witnesses were contacting authorities to report meetings. “Russia is known for that,” he said. An appeal against the Supreme Court’s decision was lodged earlier this month, with a response expected sometime during the summer. In the meantime, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, which are headquartered in the United States, have written a letter to the Council of Europe’s decision-making body, the Committee of Ministers. It details a judgment from the European Court of Human Rights in 2010 that a decision banning and liquidating Jehovah’s Witnesses in Moscow in 2004 had no legal merit. The letter also calls for the beginning of infringement proceedings against Russia. “We will use all possibilities to push Russia to follow their obligations before the international community,” Sivulskiy said. “They have to ask Russia just to follow the European Court decision. It’s their obligation, their commitment.”
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  17. Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia have been victims of aggressive religious discrimination by both Russian authorities and vandals. Source
  18. Watch FSB storm a JW meeting in Orel, Russia, and detain Dennis Christensen Обыски в офисе Свидетелей Иеговы в Орле
  19. ON 6/15/17 Just six weeks after Russia’s Supreme Court banned the practicing of their religion, two Jehovah’s Witnesses were given a parenting award by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The surprising move has fueled hope that the court could overturn the ruling that the Christian denomination constituted an “extremist” group when an appeal verdict is announced Saturday. “We view this award as an acknowledgment that the free Bible education provided by Jehovah’s Witnesses helps parents and their children to be productive citizens not only in Russia but all over the world,” David A. Semonian, a spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses at their world headquarters in New York, said in a statement last week. “We hope that this award presented by President Putin is considered on July 17, 2017, when the Russian Supreme Court reviews the decision to liquidate the Administrative Center of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia.” Valeriy and Tatiana Novik, from Karelia in the northwest of Russia, were given the Order of “Parental Glory,” bestowed annually to parents who are deemed to have raised seven or more children with “due care for their health, education and physical, spiritual and moral development.” The Noviks, who have eight children, were one of eight couples bestowed the award in a ceremony on May 31. “Families like yours, large and full of generous parental love, embody centuries-old traditions of empathy and kindness, show through their example that no obstacles stand before the desire to act constructively and do good, and offer beacons for those reflecting on their own choice of future road,” Putin said at the ceremony. It was on April 20 that Russia’s Supreme Court banned Jehovah’s Witnesses under the country’s anti-extremism law, liquidating all 395 of its local religious chapters and preventing its 175,000 members from attending worship meetings. In the time since, Jehovah’s Witnesses have faced harassment from police and violent attacks from the public. Jehovah's Witnesses sing at a meeting in Russia. Two Jehovah's Witnesses were recently given a prestigious parenting award, despite the group being regarded as "extremist."COURTESY OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES Just prior to the parenting award being handed out, a Danish Jehovah’s Witness was arrestedin the Russian city Oryol for attending a private meeting of the group. He is now facing up to 10 years in prison. The decision to ban Jehovah’s Witnesses, according to the group’s Russian spokesman, Yaroslav Sivulskiy, did not come down to the evidence heard or the will of the court, but to politics. “It’s not this court, it’s not about justice, it’s not about a fair court hearing because even everyone who observed it said we won already, but even so we lost,” Sivulskiy told Newsweeklast month. “We have no big hope for the next level, only if some political wind will change somehow.” The religion of the Noviks was not brought up in the Kremlin’s reporting of the award—nor, the parents said, was it broached in their discussion with Putin. “There wasn't much time,” Valeriy Novik, a mechanic, told Radio Liberty’s Russian service this week. “You couldn't say everything. And I wanted to treat the head of state respectfully. A leader is a leader and we have to respect that. You don't express your problems, your complaints to him.” source Newsweek

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