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Found 1 result

  1. Egypt is referred to over 700 times in the Bible. What do you know about it? ~ 🏺⚱️🏺⚱️🏺 In the Hebrew Scriptures, Egypt is often designated by the name Mizraim, evidently pointing to the prominence of the descendants of that son of Ham who settled in this region (Ge 10:6) 🏺⚱️🏺⚱️🏺 The Egyptians in the days of Joseph were favorably disposed towards the Israelites, but as their numbers increased, they cruelly oppressed them, eventually imposing conditions of slavery. 🏺⚱️🏺⚱️🏺 This situation existed for centuries until Jehovah provided deliverance through Moses. 🏺⚱️🏺⚱️🏺 After the Exodus, hostilities continued. For example, shortly after Solomon's death, Pharaoh Shishak invaded Judah (993 BCE) with a mighty force of chariots, attacking Jerusalem and stripping the city of its treasures (2 Ch 12 : 1 - 12) 🏺⚱️🏺⚱️🏺 During later periods, the Judean Kings forgot about the previous centuries of aggression and hostility, forming unwise alliances with Egypt ... which did nothing to delay Jehovah's judgement upon them. 🏺⚱️🏺⚱️🏺 Egypt is mentioned as part of the realm of the symbolic “king of the south.” (Da 11:5, 8, 42, 43) At Revelation 11:8 unfaithful Jerusalem, where the Lord Jesus Christ was impaled, is “in a spiritual sense” called Egypt. This is appropriate when we consider that unfaithful Jerusalem religiously oppressed and enslaved the Jews. Also, the first Passover victims were slain in Egypt, while the antitypical Passover Lamb, Jesus Christ, was killed at Jerusalem. 🏺⚱️🏺⚱️🏺