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  1. 2016 Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses This is the REMAIN LOYAL TO JEHOVAH! 2016 Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Below you will find the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ 2016 Regional Convention program along with all the talk outlines and videos in English. Friday Morning 9:20 Music-Video Presentation 9:30 Song No. 102 and Prayer 9:40 Chairman’s Address: Jehovah Deserves “Undivided Loyalty” Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 1 | Video: One 10:10 SYMPOSIUM: Maintain Loyalty in … Thought! Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 2 | Video: One Word! Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 3 | Video: One Action! Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 4 | Video: One 11:05 Song No. 66 and Announcements 11:15 DRAMATIC BIBLE READING: “Who Is On Jehovah’s Side?” Video: One 11:45 Jehovah’s “Loyal Love Is Better Than Life” Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 6 12:15 Song No. 97 and Intermission Afternoon 1:40 SYMPOSIUM: Be Loyal, as Jesus Was When Young Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 7 | Video: One When Persecuted Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 8 | Video: One When Tempted Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 9 | Video: One When Praised Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 10 | Video: One When Tired Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 11 | Video: One When Abandoned Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 12 | Video: One When Facing Death Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 13 | Video: One 3:10 Song No. 29 and Announcements 3:20 SYMPOSIUM: Loyally Uphold Jehovah’s Judgments Hate What Jehovah Hates Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 14 | Video: One Shun Unrepentant Wrongdoers Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 15 | Video: One Be Forgiving Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 16 | Video: One 3:55 Loyalty – Part of the New Personality Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 17 4:15 How Christ’s Loyalty as High Priest Helps Us Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 18 | Video: One, Two, Three 4:50 Song No. 108 and Closing Prayer Saturday Morning 9:20 Music-Video Presentation 9:30 Song No. 145 and Prayer 9:40 SYMPOSIUM: Helping Others to Become Loyal to Jehovah Unbelieving Mates Interview: One | Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 19 Former Bible Students Interview: One | Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 20 Inactive Ones Interview: One | Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 21 Relatives Interview: One | Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 22 10:15 SYMPOSIUM: Do Not Imitate Disloyal Ones Adam Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 23 | Video: One Absalom Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 24 | Video: One Solomon Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 25 | Video: One Judas Iscariot Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 26 | Video: One 10:55 Song No. 86 and Announcements 11:05 SYMPOSIUM: Imitate Loyal Ones Ruth Interview: One | Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 27 | Video: One (Silent; Speaker talks over video) David Interview: One | Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 28 | Video: One (Silent; Speaker talks over video) Hushai Interview: One | Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 29 Shiphrah and Puah Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 30 | Video: One (Silent; Speaker talks over video), Two 11:45 BAPTISM: Never Abandon Your Loyal Love for Jehovah Interview: Two | Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 31 12:15 Song No. 7 and Intermission Afternoon 1:35 Music-Video Presentation 1:45 Song No. 106 1:50 SYMPOSIUM: Lessons on Loyalty From the Book of Job Loyal Despite Direct Attacks Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 32 Loyal Despite Subtle Attacks Interview: Two | Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 33 What We Learn From Natural Forces Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 34 | Video: One What the Animal Creation Teaches Us Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 35 | Video: One 3:15 Song No. 123 and Announcements 3:25 DRAMA: “Hope for What We Do Not See” Video Introduction: 240p | 360p | 480p | 720p Video: 240p | 360p | 480p | 720p 4:15 Keep Waiting Eagerly With Endurance! Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 37 | Video: One, Two, Three, Four 4:50 Song No. 105 and Closing Prayer Sunday Morning 9:20 Music-Video Presentation 9:30 Song No. 61 and Prayer 9:40 SYMPOSIUM: Avoid What Erodes Loyalty Pride Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 38 | Video: One Improper Entertainment Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 39 | Video: One Bad Associations Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 40 | Video: One Fear of Man Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 41 | Video: One 10:25 SYMPOSIUM: Pursue What Builds Loyalty Appreciation Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 42 | Video: One Self-Control Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 43 | Video: One Love Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 44 | Video: One Faith Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 45 | Video: One Song No. 133 and Announcements 11:20 PUBLIC BIBLE DISCOURSE: When Will Loyal Love Triumph Over Hatred? Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 46 | Videos: One (Silent; Speaker talks over video), Two 11:50 Summary of The Watchtower Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 47 12:20 Song No. 125 and Intermission Afternoon 1:35 Music-Video Presentation 1:45 Song No. 49 1:50 DRAMA: “O Jehovah, … I Trust in You” Video: 240p | 360p | 480p | 720p 2:40 Song No. 131 and Announcements 2:50 “Jehovah Will Treat His Loyal One in a Special Way” Outline: CO-tk16-E No. 49 | Videos: One, Two, Three Zipped Archives All Talk Outlines All Video files
  2. CLIFTON — Each year, Jehovah's Witnesses in Clifton look forward to their annual three-day regional convention. The 2016 convention will be held at the Jersey City Assembly Hall, the former Stanley Theater in Journal Square, in Jersey City on July 29 to 31, and again from Sept. 9 to 11. Jack Kelly, Jerrold Sameth, and Shaun Dew, all from Clifton will be featured speakers at the "Remain Loyal to Jehovah!" Regional Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses. More than 3,000 worshippers are expected to attend this special event and hear a variety of talks, demonstrations, interviews, and more than 40 video presentations as well as two full length Bible dramas that focus on the practical application of the Bible to the problems and challenges of everyday life including coping with the tragic loss of the death of a family member. A key feature of each program will be the baptism of new witnesses which will be held at each program on Saturday at noon. The Clifton residents will be featured as speakers on talks that will cover family life, Bible prophecy, and the application of Bible principles in everyday life. The program will be at the Assembly Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses which is located at 2932 Kennedy Blvd in Jersey City. Admission is free and no collections are taken. http://www.northjersey.com/community-news/clifton-residents-attend-annual-convention-1.1633676
  3. ABOUT 200 Gisborne residents will travel to Auckland next weekend for one of 12 annual Jehovah’s Witness conventions taking place across the country. “It’s a highlight of our theocratic year,” said Stewart Walker, an elder at the local Matthews Road congregation. “It’s an important part of our worship, a great opportunity to meet up with old friends, and a nice time for our young people to meet other young people,” he said. Organisers are expecting an attendance of more than 15,000 at the conferences which are part of a world series organised by the international group Jehovah’s Witnesses. The three-day convention, which focuses on loyalty, will feature guest speakers, discussions and a full length video drama. “We usually have one or two overseas speakers but we normally do not know who they are until the event. This is because what is said is normally much more important that who said it,” said Per Anderson, conference media services overseer. http://gisborneherald.co.nz/localnews/2455472-135/large-gisborne-group-to-travel-to
  4. WILKES-BARRE – Jehovah’s Witnesses welcomes all to its annual convention at the Mohegan Sun Arena. The theme of this year’s program is “Remain Loyal To Jehovah.” All of the area’s ten congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses will help distribute printed invitations to the convention. There is no admission fee. Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses are supported entirely by voluntary donations. The three-day event will begin each day at 9:20 a.m. Friday, through Sunday. An estimated 6,800 will come to the Mohegan Sun Arena for the Bible-based programs. The program will feature 50 large screen videos, a drama at 3:25 p.m. Saturday and baptism of newly dedicated ones at 11:45 a.m. Saturday. For further information please go to jw.org, newsroom section for information concerning the 2016 conventions. http://timesleader.com/community-features/579207/jehovahs-witnesses-welcome-all-to-convention
  5. Jamaica Gleaner / More than 3,000 Jehovah's Witnesses attending last weekend's regional convention in Marlemont, St Catherine, were urged to prepare for the period of "loyal love, which will triumph over hatred". Held under the theme 'Remain Loyal to Jehovah', the three-day convention explored the subject of loyalty of thought, word, and action, using passages from the Bible to make the point that Jehovah deserves undivided loyalty. Acknowledging that appreciation, self-control, love, and faith build loyalty, Elder Simon Paisely of the Kingston congregation, in a public Bible discourse designed to benefit people attending for the first time, answered the question 'When will loyal love triumph over hatred?' "We have been living in the last days since 1914. Based on events that are happening now, we can expect God's Kingdom to remove Satan and all hatred, then loyal love will completely take over." Elder Paisely stated. LAST DAYS Continuing, he said: "The Bible tells us that hatred was introduced into the world by Satan, so we look to a time in the very near future, according to recorded prophecy, when Jesus will act to completely remove Satan." The Jehovah's Witness elder said, "We are living in the last days of the system of things - wars, diseases, natural disasters - and Jesus will act to bring an end to this system any time now. "So when Satan is gone, so will all hatred. Everyone will be able to live in love and unity," Paisely said, adding that true love could only manifest itself when we served God. Attendee at the regional event Robert Jackson told The Gleaner that it was very informative. "Through this convention, loyal love was explained in such a way that people attending for the first time got a clear understanding," Jackson told The Gleaner . Byron Smith, a senior elder and one of the organisers, said the objectives of the convention were met. "Judging from the participation and feedback of both the young and senior members, I am quite sure that our objectives of exploring loyal love were satisfied." Smith disclosed: "Everyone keenly took part and made their contributions in all the sessions." The regional convention will continue on August 26, with members from a different congregation taking part. http://entornointeligente.com/articulo/8828845/JAMAICA-Jehovah
  6. JEHOVAH’s Witnesses have completed the 27th edition of their Remain Loyal to Jehovah series of regional conventions attended thousands of congregants countrywide. BY TATIRA ZWINOIRA Yesterday, 3084 congregants attended the final day of the Harare three-day convention series while thousands others attended in Gweru, Bulawayo, Kadoma, Chegutu and Mutare respectively. Speaking to NewsDay on the side lines of the convention, programme overseer Arnold Makayi said the convention came at a time when Jehovah’s Witnesses believe the end is nigh as highlighted in Matthew 24:14. “These pressures in life make it easy for worshippers to develop divided devotion for our God. So this convention was helping us redirect our priorities and keep in our minds that Jehovah is the sovereign lord and creator who deserve our undeserved loyalty,” Makayi said. “We also have, apart from this convention, our beautiful website JW.ORG. It has all our literature, videos and even news about us. The website is in over 600 languages including Shona.” One of the major highlights was the drama, titled O Jehovah…I Trust in You, a movie chronicling biblical King Hezekiah and the troubles he faced against the Assyrian army. The film showcased how his trust in Jehovah resulted in God sending an angel to slay 185 000 of the Assyrian army which saved Hezekiah and the people of Jerusalem. The film was told in a very stylized way with effects found in large scale block buster film productions. Many non-Witnesses attended the event following a massive three week campaign prior to the convention. In this current series of regional conventions, 15 events would be held in Shona, Chitonga, Swahili, French and Zimbabwe sign language while the first Ndebele convention will be held beginning this Friday at the Harare Assembly Hall. The final day of the convention also featured the public discourse titled When Will Loyal Love Triumph Over Hatred that was met with a rapturous response. As part of the programme, nine symposiums showed how Jehovah God does care for his people in this time of the end and how Jesus revealed loyal love for His followers. There were also captivating interviews that were prepared to help congregants on how to remain loyal to Jehovah. Guest speaker Trent Edison said: “all the parts imitate loyal ones like biblical David, Shiphrah and Puah, Hushai and Ruth, and warning not to imitate loyal ones like the first human Adam, Judas Iscariot were timely for Jehovah’s people today. “The interactive videos shown were meant to prepare Witnesses for the great tribulation in the not too distant future”. Edison added the baptism talk helped all baptised witnesses – new and old –to reflect on their promise of loyalty to their Creator. “The dramas were another major highlight of the convention, helping people to reflect on their spirituality,” he said. This year is the 50th anniversary of Jehovah’s Witnesses use of dramas at their conventions since 1966. The convention also featured dramatic bible reading Who is on Jehovah’s Side? There are over 43 000 Witnesses in Zimbabwe, and an estimated 100 000 congregants are expected to attend the regional conventions which kick-started on July 22 and end on September 25 this year. https://www.newsday.co.zw/2016/08/22/remain-loyal-jehovah-central-pure-worship/
  7. Everyone is invited to the 2016 “Remain Loyal” Regional Convention at the Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Belleville. The convention runs from 9:20 a.m. Friday, Aug. 19, through Sunday, Aug. 21, at the hall on 43777 Ecorse Road in Belleville, Michigan. The three-day program includes 49 presentations, all looking at ideas involving loyalty, with 35 video segments and two short films to be shown on Saturday and Sunday. Questions explored include: • Why does God expect us to be loyal? • How can being loyal improve our lives? • How will God “act in loyalty” toward us? The event is free, funding for the Jehovah’s Witnesses coming from voluntary donations. For more information, visit www.jw.org/en/jehovahs-witnesses/conventions. http://www.theoaklandpress.com/general-news/20160818/jehovahs-witnesses-hold-remain-loyal-convention-in-belleville
  8. Thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses are gathering at the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth this weekend for the final summer convention in Georgia. The three-day event, which runs through Sunday, will focus on the quality of loyalty during their 2016 “Remain Loyal to Jehovah!” Convention. At least 7,000 people are expected to attend. Keith Smith, a spokesman for the convention program, said in a statement thatJehovah’s Witnesses have been involved in an extensive campaign across North Georgia. “Loyalty can be a challenge…at work, in the family, in our personal lives and in our relationship with God. All too often, disloyalty is fracturing our lives and communities,” he said. There is no charge to attend the convention at the Infinite Energy Center, 6400 Sugarloaf Parkway. http://www.accessatlanta.com/news/lifestyles/jehovahs-witnesses-hold-final-summer-convention-in/nsJH6/
  9. JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES will begin their three-day convention tomorrow morning at the Kukum Kingdom Hall. The Witnesses are extending an open invitation to attend the programme that will highlight how we can remain loyal and examine King David’s words: With someone loyal you act in loyalty. The programme will also feature why God expects us to be loyal and how being loyal can improve our lives. A special feature will be the series of talks and short videos that show how Jesus Christ set a perfect example as God’s loyal one. Jehovah’s Witnesses invite people of all ages to attend the Remain Loyal To Jehovah Convention. The programme sessions will begin at 9.20am on all three days of the convention. Admission is free. Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses are supported entirely by voluntary donations. http://theislandsun.com/jehovahs-witnesses-convention-begins-tomorrow/
  10. THE word of God and its many forms thereof have been celebrated at the annual convention of Jehovah's Witnesses. Some 6,500 people turned out at the Bournemouth International Centre last weekend (AUG 5-7) for the Remain Loyal to Jehovah event. And it seems their teachings span a plethora of countries as visitors were told that printed, audio and video literature is delivered in more than 750 languages, including 80 sign languages. This was made all the more evident when a number of foreign nationals were able to speak to delegates despite the convention being delivered in English, a spokesperson said. Holly Powell, local media representative, said: "An Argentinean woman who has had contact with Jehovah’s Witnesses in South America asked for a convention programme at the event’s welcome desk. One of the Witnesses at the desk spoke Spanish so was able to greet and welcome her in her language, which she greatly appreciated. "A young Romanian couple who had taken up a free personal Bible study course with the Witnesses decided to attend the convention. They also invited along the husband’s brother and his family. After enjoying the first morning, the family accepted a Bible study aid, the book What Does the Bible Really Teach? in the Romanian language with a view to beginning the free course immediately. "A Polish staff member asked how he could get a Bible. He was shown right away how to download a copy onto his electronic device in his language. All were impressed to see publications, both printed audio and video, in their mother tongues – and all free of charge." The week leading up the convention saw a huge number of Witnesses at mobile literature displays across Bournemouth inviting people to the convention. Ms Powell added: "Jehovah’s Witnesses are pleased to welcome all, in line with their heart-felt desire to let the Bible’s message reach 'every nation and tribe and tongue and people' as the Bible directs at Revelation 14:6." http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/14681442.Thousands_of_Jehovah___s_Witnesses_flock_to_BIC_for_annual_convention/
  11. The 2016 Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Lagos and Ogun States kick off in August and September at the Assembly Halls in Ota, Daluwon, Lekki and Badagry respectively. The series of convention in Ota Assembly Hall starts on August 26 and ends on December 16, while the ones in Badagry and Daluwon start on September 9 and end on December 16. The convention series in Lekki Assembly ground starts on September 14 and ends on December 15, 2016. A spokesman of the Witnesses, Mr. Martins Omotehinse said the theme of the convention is: “Remain loyal to Jehovah”. He said that members of the public are cordially invited to the spiritually uplifting event which is free of charge. The convention which holds on Fridays to Sundays, each week would feature talks, short videos, symposia and Bible dramas. The first drama which comes up on Friday is entitled: “Who is on Jehovah’s side”. On that day, also by way of talks and short videos, delegates would be shown how Jesus Christ set outstanding examples of loyalty to Jehovah. On Saturday by 10:45am there would be baptism of new members. On Sunday, there would be a public Bible discourse entitled “When will loyal love triumph over hatred”. The convention will feature a total of 49 presentations with 35 video segments. Also on Sunday, delegates would be treated to a gripping feature-length film showing how King Hezekiah of ancient Judah trusted in Jehovah as enemies besieged Jerusalem. The series of conventions would be held throughout Nigeria in English, Nigerian Pidgin, Igbo, Egun, Efik, American Sign Language (ASL), Yoruba, Isoko, Esan, Ijaw, Urhobo, Abua, Edo, French, Khana, Okpe, Hausa and Khogana. http://newsarena.com.ng/jehovahs-witnesses-regional-conventions-kicks-off-lagos-ogu/
  12. Our brother Lett, thanking each department for their hard work at the convention in Long Beach, California.
  13. RALEIGH Jehovah’s Witnesses capped a three-day convention in Raleigh on Sunday, stressing loyalty in unstable times and drawing a total of more than 20,000 people to PNC Arena. The free event echoed more than a dozen other regional events held around the country by the denomination, which has 118,000 congregations worldwide, including 30 in Raleigh. Saturday’s events at the arena saw total attendance at 9,193 and featured 39 baptisms. A full-house crowd Sunday saw the last of 49 presentations and 35 video segments on the theme. More than 450 attendants helped a crowd that ranged from an elementary-school-age boy in a seersucker suit and bow tie to a row of white-haired listeners in wheelchairs. “We don’t see a lot of loyalty today, in general,” said Ken Weiss, media services overseer for Jehovah’s Witnesses. “Not only do we as individuals need to be loyal to each other and our loved ones, but also to Jehovah. ... It seems like we’re all broken apart.” Speakers on Sunday cited an abundance of cruelty in the world torn by war and terrorism. “There’s so much hatred in the world today,” said Richard Wendt, a media assistant. “These terror attacks ... People see these things and they happen and they blame God. It’s a question of loyalty as we realize that isn’t the case at all.” Videos featured a Palestinian man jailed for his involvement in resisting Israeli occupation and a Jewish man surrounded by hatred of Arabs, both of whom became drawn to Jehovah’s Witnesses and through the message of peace and acceptance. “Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world, people of different ethnicities, skin colors, racial backgrounds are all being brought together,” said Mark Ramirez, a representative from the denomination’s headquarters in Warwick, N.Y. “How can that be in a world that is divided? Because we are following the teachings. ... We are also learning how to be loyal. Loving loyalty is so powerful that (people) could do things they once thought would be impossible.” Sunday’s event marked the second straight convention weekend for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Raleigh. Similar events have been held recently in Charlotte and Winston-Salem. http://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/counties/wake-county/article94241107.html
  14. Jarrod Clymer baptizes his son, Joshua Clymer, 12, on Saturday at the annual Jehovah’s Witnesses Regional Convention at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa. Jehovah’s Witnesses held their annual Regional Convention at Nampa’s Ford Idaho Center this weekend for the first time in almost 20 years, drawing around 4,200 people to the area, according to a church press release. Thirty-two people were baptized during services on Saturday, said spokesman Royce Porkert. The baptisms were part of a three-day church program that focused on loyalty, according to the release. Officials said the influx of people from across Idaho, Oregon and Nevada was expected to create about $1.5 million in revenue in the area. The attendees were part of 1.8 million around the country from a religion with more than 8 million members worldwide. http://www.idahostatesman.com/news/local/article92878982.html
  15. Steve Mathey of Bowling Green is a Jehovah’s Witness who, in a way, converted his mother to the faith when he was a child, before he even knew the church. “I was about 8 years old, in Columbus,” he said. “The Witnesses would come to the door on Saturday morning, and my parents would be asleep. I’m just a little guy, and they’re selling Watchtower and Awake.” Those are religious publications now given away rather than sold, he said. “I thought as a little kid at that age that this poor lady needed money. … I’d give it to her and I’d put [the publications] next to the door. I didn’t know my mom was reading them — reading, reading — and that’s how she became one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. “A little bit later, when I was 13, 14, that’s when I did. I was Lutheran before.” On Thursday Mr. Mathey, 56, was at the SeaGate Centre helping to set up for two weekends of annual Witnesses conventions which, he said, “bolster our faith. … For me, it’s like a shot in the arm, like a big vitamin shot.” Mr. Mathey said he is “heading up the sound part” for the event. He took a break from preparations Thursday to talk about the operation, and when asked if he was the one in charge, he replied, “I don’t know that anybody’s officially in charge. We like to think Christ is our leader on this one, you know; that would make the most sense for us.” There is a convention committee that takes part in the planning and operation. Local Witnesses have held their summertime conventions at the SeaGate Centre every year since 2005. Their move-in for a convention is a bit unusual because it is all done by church volunteers who take a day off work or away from their daily duties. First they clean the convention space, then they unload and set up equipment owned and sent there by the denomination, headquartered in Warwick, N.Y. That includes arena-size TV screens and all the cabling and equipment for video and audio. When the convention is done, the gear will be shipped to the next Witnesses convention site and volunteers will clean the SeaGate auditorium for the next users. “When we leave, it’s cleaner than when we came,” said Dan Brown, a local spokesman for the convention. Even those who do specialized work are church volunteers, said Mark Smith, another local convention spokesman. “When they started off, they didn’t even know how to do it at all, but they volunteered, and the next thing you know they’re getting trained. The next year they might be running it because they’ve been taught how to do it.” This year’s program is titled “Remain Loyal to Jehovah!” Each day, the sessions begin at 9:20 a.m. with a music and video presentation. A closing song and ending prayer are scheduled for 4:50 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, and 3:45 p.m. Sundays. “If you go to this one or you go to L.A. or you go to Munich, Germany, you’re going to get exactly the same program,” Mr. Mathey said. The English-language convention began Friday and continues through Sunday, then the same content will take place in Spanish from Aug. 5-7, and all activities are at the SeaGate Centre, 401 Jefferson Ave. Almost 6,000 people from more than 50 area congregations are expected, Mr. Brown said. The convention is open to all, and while there is no charge for admission, contributions are accepted. Mr. Mathey said that he’s looking forward to the convention videos. He’s seen trailers and, when he was recently in New York, he saw the set that church producers built for the Temple. “It was just unbelievable, so they could film a couple scenes,” he said. “All the actors, actresses, and all the costumes and everything is done in-house — scripting, special effects, the whole thing.” http://www.toledoblade.com/TK-Barger/2016/07/30/Volunteers-flock-to-kick-off-Jehovah-s-Witnesses-convention.html
  16. More than 14,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses will attend the 2016 “Remain Loyal to Jehovah!” Regional Conventions in Frisco, Texas. The first convention will be held July 29 – 31 followed by conventions August 5 – 7, August 19 – 21 and August 26 – 28 at the Dr Pepper Arena in Frisco. The three-day program will feature 49 presentations, each exploring the theme “Loyalty.” Additionally, the World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses have prepared 35 exciting video segments specifically highlighting the theme “Remain Loyal to Jehovah and Family” for the program plus two dramatic short films that will be shown on Saturday and Sunday. The meetings are open to the public with no admission charge and begin at 9:20 a.m. Last year, Jehovah’s Witnesses in the United States organized 438 conventions—in 32 languages—in 110 cities. Worldwide, there are over 8,000,000 Witnesses in more than 115,000 congregations. David A. Semonian, a spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses at their world headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, states: “We strongly believe that loyalty is an essential part of any healthy relationship. Our convention this year features content that will help people develop stronger bonds with friends, family members and, above all, with God. We are confident that all who attend will enjoy this program.” For more information, please visit their Web site at www.jw.org http://www.freestonecountytimesonline.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=16429:jehovahs-witnesses-welcome-all-to-2016-remain-loyal-to-jehovah-convention&catid=52:community
  17. The silence will speak volumes at a three-day convention in Brampton from July 29 to 31. More than 600 deaf and deaf-blind from Canada are expected to take part in a series of religious talks conducted solely through American Sign Language (ASL). The Bible-themed talks, drama and movies are being held at the Assembly Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses 2594 Bovaird Dr. W. near Bovaird and Heritage Rds. At the event, there will be tactile services for the deaf and deaf-blind, 10 television screens, Braille literatures and 18 sign language interpreters, explained Mike Franklin, spokesperson, ASL Convention, adding the entire program will be in ASL with speakers from across Canada, including both hearing and hearing impaired. “Sign language is the language of heart for the deaf and deaf-blind and it’s really their first language,” he said. “This event will give many an idea of how valuable it is to deaf people to have both a program in their language and three days of association with people who all use sign language. ” Last year, some 600 ASL users from across Canada, including a few new immigrants, attended what was the first ever event in the Toronto area. Stewart Milner, 46, a Burlington resident who is deaf and has low or tunnel vision, was one of the many travelling to Brampton. “Last year’s (convention) was uplifting and a spiritual feast,” Milner signed via Brandon Muldoon, an interpreter. Milner, who was born deaf, could see, but slowly over the years, his vision degenerated. He cannot communicate verbally. Milner said a loss in vision means that sometimes he cannot see the person using the sign language, and so he has to resort to tactile (touch) methods in which he will place his hands over the signer’s hands to feel the movement and location of the signs. Milner said he was angry and hurt about the cards he had been dealt with in life for many years until he found solace in spirituality some eight years ago. “Before I connected with the Witnesses (Jehovah’s), I was very frustrated,” Milner signed. “I was an angry person. As I began to study and understand the Bible, I gave up a lot of bad habits. It wasn’t a quick change, it took years, but I feel I am a happier person for it…” Many of the hearing and sight impaired that live alone have no opportunity to interact with another humans and this can often lead to a sense of isolation, Franklin explained. By coming to a convention, they can forge friendships. What’s more, they will be in an environment that’s inclusive to their needs. Muldoon, who works in Mississauga as a sign language interpreter, said his job allows him to help the deaf and deaf-blind individuals like Milner. It has proven to be a fulfilling vocation, both personally and spiritually. The convention is free and open to all. For more details visit www.jw.org/ase. http://www.bramptonguardian.com/whatson-story/6781820-the-sounds-of-silence-will-dominate-brampton-convention/
  18. During their weekends in Berks County for the annual Jehovah's Witnesses conventions each summer, the Outland family from Baltimore has a few must-stops on their agenda. Veronica Outland enjoys the deals at VF Outlet in Wyomissing, while Eric Outland breaks into a big smile when mentioning a meal at Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill in Spring Township.The Outlands have been attending the regional conventions in Reading for 10 years, missing only one year to attend an international convention. This weekend marked the first of five three-day weekend conventions held at Santander Arena this summer.The Outlands often volunteer to help during the convention for their congregation, and later come to a convention to enjoy the symposiums, dramatizations, lessons, testimonials and singing from the seats."It's a great location," Veronica Outland said of Reading. "The city's not too big, but big enough to accommodate us."The Outlands weren't fortunate enough to find rooms at the new DoubleTree by Hilton across the street and are instead staying in Limerick, Montgomery County, for the weekend.Dan Hoch, DoubleTree's food and beverage manager, said the hotel is sold out all five weekends of the conventions, and the hotel staff was more than ready for the rush."It was something we probably overprepared for," Hoch said. "For us, it's just about suiting the needs of all the guests, just like any other concert, and adjusting to how they like to be serviced."For the conventions, that includes offering buffet-style meals in the hotel's ballrooms so that attendees can eat without too much of a time strain to get to the next event. Hoch said the hotel also widened its check-in and check-out windows knowing that those days would be the busiest.Hoch said the feedback has been positive."Guests love to be able to walk in, do their thing all day and then literally walk 50 feet to the hotel," he said. "They come in and enjoy it and they don't have to do anything other then focus on what their mission is."Saturday's services drew 5,579 Witnesses and guests, but event organizers said that number likely will grow to more than 6,000 for today's events.Overall, organizers expect more than 25,000 people from 225 congregations in Pennsylvania and Maryland to attend the conventions.This year's theme is "Remain Loyal to Jehovah!" with symposiums focused on Jehovah's loyalty, examples of individuals in the Bible who were either loyal or disloyal and encouraging attendees to pursue loyalty in their relationships with friends, family and God.The free conventions are open to the public, and Jehovah's Witnesses invite people of all ages to attend.The conventions will continue the next four weekends.The Aug. 5-7 convention will be held in Spanish.Sessions begin at 9:30 a.m. each of the three days of a convention. http://www.readingeagle.com/news/article/thousands-flock-to-reading-for-annual-jehovahs-witness-conventions
  19. NAMPA — A three-day regional convention for Jehovah’s Witnesses will be held in Nampa this week at the Ford Idaho Center. According to organizers, this is the first time since 1997 that the convention will be held in this area. They expect to have about 4,200 people in attendance from Idaho, Oregon and Nevada. The convention runs from July 29 through 31. About 600 volunteers will arrive at the Ford Idaho Center the day before the event to begin setup. The convention will start at 9:20 a.m. each day and will feature presentations, video segments and films. Organizers anticipate the convention will generate about $1.5 million in revenue from shopping, hotel and restaurant use from attendees. http://www.idahopress.com/news/local/jehovah-s-witnesses-to-convene-at-ford-idaho-center/article_f67f14ec-80b3-5cf7-aeae-1e8d258469fd.html
  20. DAYTON (WRGT) - More than 6,200 people gathered at the Wright State Nutter Center July 23 for the 2016 Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses. The theme for Saturday was "remain loyal to Jehovah!" and highlights included a number of individuals being baptized. More than 80,000 people are expected to have attended the convention by July 24, which will be the last day. The convention is free to the public with no plates passed around. Sunday's program beings at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 3:45 p.m. Reportedly the convention has brought a lot of revenue to the town, particularly due to hotel accommodations. http://fox45now.com/news/local/more-than-6000-gather-for-2016-convention-of-jehovahs-witnesses
  21. The first of three conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses was held at the Bell County Center in Belton last weekend, and we are more convinced than ever that, if we want to have God’s approval, we must always imitate Him (Revelation 15:4). More than 5,000 Central Texans were on hand Sunday for the conclusion of the “Remain Loyal to Jehovah” regional convention program. Anyone who would like to enjoy the program in Spanish is urged to attend the convention this weekend orJuly 29-31. Three Bible examples of loyalty will be highlighted. Two full-length movies on two giant LED screens will take attendees on a journey back into biblical history and a modern-day drama of a family going through turbulent times will help you learn the meaning of loyalty. The program includes dozens of public talks as well as interviews and real life experiences of people who have learned how God rescues those who strive to be like him. Admission to the convention is free. Doors open at 8:15 a.m. each day. The Bell County Expo Center is at 301 W. Loop 121 in Belton. http://kdhnews.com/living/religion/jehovah-s-witnesses-conventions-underway-in-belton/article_1fd354d8-505c-11e6-ac92-c35fc4c341b9.html
  22. TWIN FALLS — Convention is like a big family reunion for Jehovah’s Witnesses. And for the first time in nearly 20 years, it will be held in Idaho. The last three-day convention in Idaho was at Nampa’s Ford Center in 1997. Royce Porkert, a regional spokesman, said they expect about 4,200 attendees to the regional convention July 29 through July 31. Delegates will travel from all over Idaho, Nevada and Oregon. Since 1997, Jehovah’s Witnesses in Idaho have been meeting in other states, including Kennewick, Wash., and Ogden, Utah. This year, more than 480 conventions will be held in the U.S., with 1.8 million attendees and conducted in 26 languages. Who are Jehovah’s Witnesses? They are Christians known for their door-to-door evangelizing work. Though they are Christians, they are different in several ways from other Christian religious groups. They believe that the Bible teaches that Jesus is the Son of God, not part of a Trinity. They also do not believe the soul is immortal, that there is an everlasting Hell or that those who take the lead in religious activities should have titles that elevate them above others. “It’s not a title,” said Stephen Partridge, a Jehovah’s Witness, who lives in Twin Falls. “It’s a description of what it is. Jehovah means God. We witness for them. That’s why we go door-to-door. We spread the good news of the kingdom. If you knew your neighbor’s house was on fire, would you want to tell him about it? We care about people.” Patridge said they do not push their faith on people, but rather make it available. If someone declines, he said he moves on to the next house. “People in this area are very kind,” Partridge said. He goes door-to-door a couple of times a week. Others often put in as much as 70 hours of month going door-to-door. They do not venerate the cross or any other images. Key aspects to their worship include praying to God, reading and studying the Bible, meditating on what they learn from the Bible and meeting together to pray, sing and encourage each other. Their meetings at Kingdom Hall are open to the public. Jehovah’s Witnesses also do not celebrate birthdays or holidays such as Easter. The Easter holiday celebration is not based on the Bible. “It’s Bible-based, not church-based,” Patridge said of the religion. There are more than 8 million Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide. In Twin Falls, there are four congregations of about 400 people. These congregations are made up of three English-speaking congregations and one Spanish. There are also other congregations in the Magic Valley including Wendell, Jerome and Hailey. Partridge attended his first convention when he was 4 years old. In 1958, his family boarded a train in Shoshone and headed east to New York City. They were part of the largest crowd in Yankee Stadium history — 123,707 Jehovah’s Witnesses — on Aug. 3, 1958. Patridge was excited Tuesday because the regional convention was returning to Idaho. Patridge and fellow Jehovah’s Witness Bryan Newberry said it’s like a mini-vacation for them. “I enjoy seeing friends I have not seen in six months or a year,” Partridge said. “Convention is the highlight of our lives.” The convention’s program will cover the topic of “loyalty” and will feature 49 presentations, 25 video segments and two short films. Patridge said one of his favorite aspects of the convention is where everyone brings their own lunch and they are encouraged to sit with someone they don’t know. http://magicvalley.com/lifestyles/faith-and-values/jehovah-s-witnesses-to-gather-in-nampa/article_d7c0c38a-019b-5cc6-80c9-bedb12df0726.html
  23. FREMONT - Jehovah’s Witnesses will hold a three-day annual convention July 29 to 31 at the Seagate Center in Toledo. The theme of this year’s program is “Remain Loyal to Jehovah!” The event begins at 9:20 a.m. daily. The Witnesses from congregations in the Fremont area attending extends an invitation to the public to attend. There is no admission fee. Two feature-length videos will be played at the convention. The first will be shown at 3:25 p.m. July 30 and the second at 1:50 p.m. July 31. http://www.thenews-messenger.com/story/news/local/2016/07/22/jehovahs-witnesses-gather-toledo-convention/87379750/
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