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  2. What is Babylon the Great? ?????? It is the global system of religion that bears the earmarks of ancient Babylon. (Revelation, chapters 17, 18)        Consider some of the similarities: • The priests of ancient Babylon were deeply involved in the nation’s political affairs. That is true of much religion today. • Babylon’s priests often promoted the nation’s warfare. Modern-day religion has often been in the forefront of those blessing soldiers as the nations have gone to war. • The teachings and practices of ancient Babylon led the nation into gross immorality. When religious leaders today push the Bible’s standard of morality aside, immorality is rampant among both clergy and laity. Noteworthy also is the fact that because Babylon the Great prostitutes herself to the world and its political systems, Revelation depicts her as a harlot. • The Bible also says that Babylon the Great lives “in shameless luxury.” In ancient Babylon, the temple organization acquired extensive landholdings, and the priests became prominent in commercial activities. Today, in addition to places of worship, Babylon the Great has vast commercial holdings. Her teachings and her holidays bring great riches both to her and to others in the business world. • Use of images, magic, and sorcery were common in ancient Babylon, as they are in many places today. Death was viewed as a passage to another kind of life. Babylon was filled with temples and chapels in honor of its gods, but the Babylonians opposed worshipers of Jehovah. The same beliefs and practices identify Babylon the Great. ?????? In ancient times, Jehovah maneuvered powerful political and military nations to punish those who showed persistent disregard for him and his will. Thus Samaria was destroyed by the Assyrians in 740 B.C.E. Jerusalem was devastated by the Babylonians in 607 B.C.E. and by the Romans in 70 C.E. Babylon, in turn, was conquered by the Medes and the Persians in 539 B.C.E. For our day, the Bible forecasts that political governments, like a wild beast, will turn on “the harlot” and strip her naked, exposing her real character. They will completely destroy her.—Revelation 17:16. ?????? Will the world’s governments really do such a thing? The Bible states that ‘God will put it into their hearts.’ (Revelation 17:17) It will be sudden, surprising, shocking, not foreseeable or gradual. ?????? jw.org
  3. Zechariah 2 nd part. Treatment of Chapters 4 and 5 And the angel that talked with me returned and roused me, as a man who is awakened from his sleep. Then he told me: "What do you see?" So I said: "I saw, and behold, there is a lampstand, all of gold, with a bowl on top of it. And its seven lamps are upon it, own seven; and lamps that are on top of it have seven pipes. And next to him two olive trees, one on the right side of the cup and one on his left side "- Zechariah 4: 1-3 Â We will recognize the "two olive trees" when they begin to preach? It was inevitable that the study of Zechariah take us to the focal point of Revelation. Revelation 11: 3, 4 says, "And I will do my two witnesses to prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days dressed in sackcloth." These are [symbolized by] the two olive trees, and [from] the two candlesticks and are standing before the Lord of the earth. " We, unlike Zechariah, we have the Bible in full so there is very easy to connect the scriptures. Zacharias had under his eyes the scroll of Revelation given to John that it was only normal to ask for clarification - see Zechariah 4: 4, 11 The angel says, "" These are the two anointed ones who stand by the Lord of the whole earth "- Zechariah 4:14 Before asking specifically of the two olive trees, however, Zechariah asks what they mean "these things" - see Zechariah 4: 4 What was he referring Zechariah? What's in the vision as well as two olive trees? Well I read ... "I saw, and behold, there is a lampstand , all of gold, with a bowl on top of it. And its seven lamps are upon it, own seven; and lamps that are on top of it have seven pipes ". Asking the meaning of "these things" Zachariah was referring precisely to the candlestick? Yes, because we understand from the angel's response. "This is the word of Jehovah to Zerubbabel, saying, '" Not by a military force, nor by power, but by my spirit, "said Jehovah of armies. Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel [will become] plain. And he will certainly bring out the stone of the head. In it he will cry: "How attractive! How attractive! " '" - Zechariah 4: 6, 7 If the two olive trees are "the two anointed ones who stand by the Lord of the whole earth," the candlestick, or the person to whom they are close , is the Lord, particularly the message of the Lord (Revelation also mentions two candlesticks indicating that each of Theirs is supported by the spirit of God) supported by his spirit, that they are empowered to carry. That this is correct, it also includes the seven lamps (verse 2) and the angel's explanation that says "These seven are the eyes of Jehovah. They cover all the earth" (verse 10). And this brings us back again and invariably the last book of the Bible. In Revelation 3: 1 Jesus, speaking of himself says to have "the seven Spirits of God." Earlier, addressing the congregation at Thyatira Jesus said to have "eyes like a flame of fire and his feet are like fine copper" (Revelation 2:18) and then suggests that he sees everything, deep and everywhere - See also Revelation 1:14 Among other things, it says that the Lamb has seven eyes and that they "mean the seven spirits of God that have been sent to all the earth" - Revelation 5: 6 Speaking of conduct and also of the preaching Jesus said, turning to his disciples, "You are the light of the world. A city can not be hidden when it is located on a hill. It does not light a lamp and put it under a bushel, but on a stand, and it shines on all those who are in the house. So let your light shine before men, that they may see your fine works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven "- compares Revelation 11:13 What we understand, then, comparing these scriptures? The two witnesses in sackcloth have an important task: to bring the message of the Lord. They will do this not by their own strength but with the Spirit of God - compares Revelation 10:11 What will be the message of these two "trees"? Maybe it is the "good news of the Kingdom"? The article for just the 11th chapter of Revelation, we saw that this would not be consistent with their garment - Compare Genesis 37:34; 2 Samuel 3:31 What about Zechariah? Zechariah 4: 7 says, "Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel [will become] plain. And he will certainly bring out the stone of the head. In it you will cry:" How attractive! How charming! " The great mountain is obviously the "ruinous mountain" mentioned in Jeremiah 51:25; Scripture says that it "ruins the whole earth" - Compare Revelation 18: 3 These writings were officially applied to Christianity but Zaccaria does nothing but confirm what we have already seen - see the article "A name. A mystery. Babylon the Great" So far there has been talk of Jerusalem (and therefore Israel in its natural extension) and expressions such as "measuring line", "city inhabited again" and others take us to the city / literal nation. Zechariah adds key elements to conclude that the mountain ruinous, or what "will become plain" can be none other than the current apostate Israel. Then it becomes logical that the two witnesses preach "in sackcloth" because the message is severe condemnation. When Jesus came to earth, He preached a message that was a hope yes, but it was also an ultimatum to that nation - compares Matthew 4:17; 21: 36-44 The scribes and Pharisees, and generally the whole nation, not seized the opportunity to repent and thus be saved. We have seen that the preaching of the two witnesses has much in common with the work and life of Christ. They preach a message of judgment and are authorized by God himself. They prove to have the spirit of God. Several times trying to kill them but to no avail - compares John 7:30; 8:20 They preach exactly three and a half years and at the end are not directly killed by their people but by the "wild beast" or "disgusting thing" - Compare Luke 21:20 Raised after three and a half days and then on the preaching spreads in all the inhabited earth - see Revelation 12:17; 14: 6, 13 The similarities will seem random? The judgments that these two witnesses bring about that country "where also our Lord was impaled" is similar to the judgments that led Moses and Elijah and is therefore significant that we read in Matthew 17: 1-3 It is not difficult to infer, then, that soon will make their appearance these two witnesses, they will preach a message of condemnation foretelling the destruction by the very God that they claim to worship - John 8: 42-47; Luke 21:22 "And he will certainly bring out the stone of the head. In it you will cry:" How attractive! How charming! "- 4: 7 The stone of the head, or corner, will be carried out and other people will cry, "How attractive!", That other people (the true people of God at the time spread in the world) will enjoy those blessings that they have missed forever. All those who do not take the opportunity to hear the message of the two witnesses, and make the necessary changes urgently, they shatter on this rock - Matthew 21:44 This definitely will include those that over time are called "Jehovah's Witnesses" but that after the abolition of the daily sacrifice will not consider these people and their message. We try to be awake then, not to despise "the day of small things" because they have the Spirit and God's approval. The study of Zechariah is also crucial because it is possible that when you begin their preaching, someone that we value and we have a lot of faith can tell us not to listen to them - Matthew 24:24; John 7:52; 11:45, 46 The next verse assures that Zerubbabel will complete the construction of the temple, but he is also called Bud (see Zechariah 6:12) and we know that, in fulfilling modern, it is Christ Jesus. Â "So I raised my eyes again and saw, and behold, a flying roll. So he said to me:" What do you see? " In my turn I said, "I see a flying scroll, the length of which is twenty cubits, and the width of which is ten cubits." Then he said: "This is the curse that goes out over the surface of all the earth, because everyone who steals, under of it on the one hand, remained unpunished; and each making an oath, in accordance with the other of it, has remained unpunished "- Zechariah 5: 1-3 Â The CEI translates Zechariah 5: 3 as he follows "He added," This is the curse that spreads over all the earth: every thief will be driven out of here like that roll; each perjury will be driven out of here like that roll "implying that is not because of what it says in the roll to form the judgment (by the way we speak only of being driven out) but this occurs in a manner similar to the roll. This translation, even if it does it might seem logical, does not take into account the context and completely changes the sense of vision. The writing speaks of "everyone who" and "steals everyone who makes a" swearing and then the natural question we should ask is ... "Where was adjusted theft and perjury?" The answer is in the Ten Commandments and the Mosaic Law - compares Exodus 20:15, 16; Leviticus 19:11; Jeremiah 7: 9, 10 So the vision is highlighting that the roll constitutes a curse because of that that there is written either on one side than the other. Probably the more correct translation is that of the King James Version that makes the verse as follows: "This is the curse that goes out over the whole country; since every thief, according to it, it will be extirpated from this place, and every perjury, according to it, it will be extirpated from this place. " So the message is simple and direct: the people who steal and falsely swears will be judged by the clear written rules on that roll. We do must so imagine that witnesses in sackcloth bring a new inspirational writing with them, a sort of list of additional standards to those we already know? Absolutely not. The roll is clearly echoes the Mosaic law, and although for us it was only a shadow of things to come, this will not apply to those who have never understood the meaning and purpose - Colossians 2:17, 18 This is the message that will become a curse for the whole country because none of the modern inhabitants of Babylon be able to observe the precepts of the law - Romans 7: 7-9 From what we understand, since they have rejected Christ and have not embraced the undeserved kindness of God for the forgiveness of sins, Jehovah will apply the law against those who claim to respect it - Matthew 12:37 That way no one can say that God has been unfair or too harsh because the precepts written in the law, which many of them even know by heart, are clear. Having not accepted the "rock" that could open the way for them undeserved kindness of God, it has to apply the law and see how many of them have complied with her partner, the "norm". Apparently this is what the Lord meant in Matthew 21:44 "And whosoever shall fall on this stone will be shattered. As for anyone on whom it falls, it will pulverize". This adds an obvious reason to anger from listeners. They are ashamed precisely according to the rules that say to respect and even that we re cord s the way of preaching that Jesus had - compare Matthew 15: 3-6; Galatians 4:21 Â ' I made it out,' it is the utterance of Jehovah of armies, 'and it must enter into the house of the thief and the house of those who swear falsely in my name; and it must lodge in the midst of his house and exterminate it and its timbers and its stones' "- Zechariah 5: 4 Â Â The message will haunt him day and night, and listeners can not get rid of it because every time I read from the Law will come back to mind the words of these two troublesome witnesses. The torment will come to the point of devouring the wood and the stones and this well is to understand the happiness that they will experience when they manage to get rid of it by making them kill - Revelation 11:10 Obviously the time comes where the houses will be literally devoured along with all those who have not listened to the message of God - Revelation 18: 4-8 Â "Then the angel that talked with me went out and said to me:" Raise your eyes, please, and see what this is coming out. " So I said, "What?" In turn he said: "This is the ephah that goes out." He went on to say: "This is their appearance in all the earth." And here, the circular lid of lead was lifted; and this is a certain woman sitting in the ephah. So he said: "This is Wickedness." And the cast [back] back into the basket, after which he threw the weight of lead on the mouth about it "- Zechariah 5: 5-8 Â This spectacular view offers us other interesting details. Meanwhile, we must understand that "the ephah coming out" is obviously the container that was used by the bushel. In fact, the efa is a unit of measurement for arid (22 liters) while writing speaks of the lead cover and of a woman who sits "in the middle of the ephah". We can deduce, therefore, that at the time of Zacharias is used a container of a specific capacity for the measurement of an ephah or multiples of an ephah. The container, probably, was also named bushel. Zechariah sees, then this container out of the country but at some point the circular lid of lead was lifted ... What do you see, then, Zechariah? "A certain woman" who the angel identifies himself as "the Evil". It reminds us of anyone? Of course! A truly wicked woman who, many years after John describes as "arrayed in purple and scarlet ... adorned with gold and precious stone and pearls and holding a golden cup full of disgusting things and the unclean things of her fornication" - Revelation 17: 4 After making her see to Zachariah, the angel closes it inside the container. Where you will reach this wicked woman? Â Who is the woman called Evil that ruins the whole earth, and that is native to the land of Shinar? Â "Then I looked up and saw, and behold, there were two women coming out, and their wings was the wind. And they had wings like the wings of the stork. And gradually lifted up the basket between earth and the heavens. I said to the angel that spoke with me: "Where are they taking the basket?" In turn he said: "To build them a house in the land of Shinar; and it must be firmly established, and must be deposited there, on its own site "- Zechariah 5: 9-11 Â It seems clear that at this point in the woman vision has already been removed from the roll curse and it's probably no coincidence that it is inside a fit for arid, apparently indicating that it will become a heap of ruins - compares Revelation 18: 8 However, the question that arises is ... "Why is the built a place in the land of Shinar?" We know that Babylon the Great will be destroyed forever so this writing can not mean that it will be rebuilt - compares Revelation 18:21 The only reason why you could or should build a house it can not be that one: so that it is remembered forever - compares Revelation 19: 3 It 'really amazing but also the EFA target is useful to identify this woman. The scripture says that will be filed " on his own place" (ie back to its place of origin, where it belongs) which means " the land of Shinar." Many Bibles translate "basic" or "pedestal" instead of the place (which gives us the sense of making it a monument, something to remember). Taking a look back to the asterisk on Sinar let's see ... "Sinar" M; lat. Shinar; LXX, "Babylon"; TSY, "Babel." Women with wings Stork represent the measure of Jehovah so that after the destruction of Babylon the Great, a warning will be done, something to remember. Obviously this woman, even if reduced to powder, to be taken away because they can not remain in the land chosen by God, that is the place where He chose to make dwell His Name - Compares 2 Chronicles 6: 6 It would not be appropriate to have this monument (pedestal, home or what will be) was standing exactly in the promised land of God. It will return to its place of origin, or Babylon, and this "monument" will be an eternal memory that never come back longer alive. Â What we can say at the conclusion of this article? We saw in the previous article that the war is coming will serve as a discipline for the people of God, especially to those who are taking the lead - compare James 3: 1 At the end of this war, by which time the preaching will seem completely suppressed, will make their appearance the two witnesses in sackcloth. This is a crucial step because it will indicate the restoration of true worship. The preaching of these two people will be a harsh judgment for the nation in which they preach, but also for all those who refuse to hear (the opportunity to hear them, in fact, it is addressed to all of us ... which is not at all discounted). As we have seen the judgment message that they will thanks to the spirit of God will devour the houses with their timber and their stones, initially as mental and emotional torment. Their words will come true when, seven years after the beginning of their preaching, Israel will actually be destroyed by the wild beast which shall act by the will of God. It is amazing to see how Zaccaria complete the Revelation framework by adding interesting and really significant details? May each of us be truly awake to recognize those who, at the end of regulation time, will be charged by God to restore the true worship - Daniel 11:34 We learn from now to ensure the will of God for us.
  4. A name. A mistery. Babylon the Great.    QUESTIONS TO TELL IF THE BABYLON THE GREAT IT'S A NATION  In the Bible there are hundreds of references to the destruction of Babylon and Israel unfaithful . They are also parallels between Israel and many hundreds of Babylon (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel ...). Being accustomed to make parallels with Christianity and the world empire of false religion, every time we read "Israel will be destroyed!" we read, in fact, "Christianity will be destroyed!" and every time we read "Babylon will be destroyed!" we read "The world empire of false religion will be destroyed." Now the question is ... "If in a specific step the Bible meant that Israel would be destroyed its meaning Israel ... what we would find it written?" Obviously we would find written "Israel will be destroyed!" In the end it comes to understanding if, whenever we speak of the destruction of Babylon and / or Israel after the day of the Lord , there is at least a chance that you are referring to Israel, that modern Israel is a literal nation. What is the biggest counterfeit of God's people today? Christianity and the modern nation of Israel? Before 1948 this hypothesis, and these questions would have been meaningless. Any assumptions would have ruled out simply because Israel did not exist . Since May 1948, however, Israel exists and we must understand basically three things. 1) See if it is possible that Babylon the Great is a nation 2) If so, see if Israel corresponds to the description that makes the Bible 3) Compare with current understanding, and see which of the two parties, in the light of Scripture and not of desires or personal ideas , is more likely to be.  Question 1 Babylon the Great can be a nation?  Meanwhile, remember that Babylon the Great, throughout history, has been "identified" with many nations and for many different reasons. Imperial Rome, papal Rome, USA, UK, USSR etc. Many people and different religious groups gave different explanations but none of them has ever stood the test of fire , and that is the scrutiny of the Scriptures - I Thessalonians 5:21 What about us? One of the explanations in the publications of the Slave that Babylon the Great can not be a literal nation is the fact that "committing fornication with the kings of the earth". An intensifier of this statement would be the fact that both kings and merchants mourn its destruction. Finally it would be not a nation because they say it misleads the entire inhabited earth through her "spiritistic practice." That's it? Let's see. In Isaiah 23: 15-17 we speak of Tire as a "forgotten prostitute" and therefore, as such, " commits prostitution with all the kingdoms of the earth on the surface of the ground ." Tire was a nation, not a religion or a religious system - Romans 15.4 So a nation can be described in the Bible, in the act of committing prostitution with all the kingdoms of the world and remain a nation. Prostitution may have to do with trade or with acts of injustice and bloodshed , and not necessarily with religion. - Nahum 3: 1-4 In particular, the shooting of prostitution has nothing to do with false religion because if they were, Jehovah would not be considered "holy" his compensation - Isaiah 23:18 The "prostitution" may have to do simply with the alliance and trust in other nations, as reported many times in the Bible when Israel and Judah showed allying with infidels pagan nations. It is clear, therefore, that if this nation is likened to a prostitute loss of this harlot would cause pain to his lovers (the nations with which it has committed prostitution and merchants grew rich from it) just as ancient Israel "tried joy "for the shooting of prostitution gifts and not because shooting was a religion or the religion of Tire. A king can "mourn" the loss of a political ally (and therefore by the fall of a nation) and a large merchant may weep at the drop of a commercial ally (which can be large or small but definitely rich nation). So the reasons that "Babylon the Great" can not be a nation because kings and merchants mourning his passing are not valid. What, though, the strongest affirmation in reference to Babylon The Great namely that "through its practice spiritism have been led astray all the nations"? This statement in particular has led many to think that it was a religious empire (for many sects of Christianity Babylon the Great is Catholicism and even some Catholics is Vatican II). First, we must realize that all the empires of the past have resorted to spiritualist practices, and this is also true for empires modern so-called atheists. Pharaoh opposed to Moses his "practitioners of magic " and Nebuchadnezzar it was virtually surrounded - Exodus 7:11 - Daniel 2: 2 The same thing can be said of Assyria, Syria, Persia, Media etc. So if the Bible, talking about a literal nation, saying that "uses" or "practical magic divination", would not say anything exceptional. We also know, from the study of the Scriptures, that nations are governed by demons who are misleading the entire inhabited earth, and that during the wars are not only human beings involved - Daniel 10:13 We can assume that the demons have no or given special power to a nation, and this has, today, "a kingdom over the kings of the earth"? - Revelation 17:18 also see Luke 4: 5-7 Without forcing any interpretation, logic and Scripture does not allow us to rule "Babylon the Great" among nations.  Question 2 "Babylon the Great can be the literal and modern Israel?"  In Revelation 17: 1, 2 says that Babylon the Great "sits on many waters." We know that the waters mean "peoples and crowds and nations and languages" Israel "sits on many waters" as it is surrounded by many peoples and nations that bear the pain ( "sit on it" can also mean against the will of the neighboring peoples themselves). In Isaiah 8: 5-8 we speak of the powerful Assyrian army as a "devastating waters"; so not always the "waters" are a symbol of protection - Isaiah 8: 5-8 It was put there by force by the UN against the wishes of many neighboring countries. He sits also "on many waters" because his position is due to the nations that make up the United Nations (Babylon the Great sits also on the wild beast scarlet) which, besides having established where still, protect it militarily. The armies of Assyria are likened to "devastating waters," then we can say that also sit on many armies? - Revelation 17: 3, 16 It 'also worth noting that the nation of Israel is actually located in the "crossroads" of three continents: Europe, Africa, Asia. If I wanted to find a literal nation located on the "many waters" (ie peoples and nations and tribes and languages) both geographically and politically, no ' other nation would correspond better to the modern nation of Israel. The harlot riding a beast. In Revelation 17: 3 we read, "And the angel took me in the power of the spirit into a wilderness. And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet-colored wild beast that was full of blasphemous names, having seven heads and ten horns." The nation of Israel is already in a desert and ride the wild beast scarlet color, as we know, the League or the company from the abyss rise Nations under the UN name Israel exists, behind the Anglo-American empire pushed through and by the United Nations since 1948. G them earlier historical events and following the creation of the state of Israel confirms that the Jewish people have ridden the wild beast in scarlet before returning to being a nation. Mother of all harlots. Revelation 17: 4-5: "And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and was adorned with gold and precious stone and pearls and had in her hand a golden cup full of disgusting things and the unclean things of her fornication. And on her forehead was a name written, a mystery: 'Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots and of the disgusting things of the earth' ". If we accept the possibility that a nation is likened to a prostitute (exactly like Tire), then the nation of Israel is the "mother of all harlots" because he committed fornication to a greater extent than any other nation in the world. How can we tell? If the harlot riding the wild beast scarlet, which, as we know, is the League of Nations, is supposed to have committed fornication with all the countries participating in the United Nations. Indeed, its very existence as a nation is due to his political lovers so, to continue to exist , must commit prostitution in excess and continuously. No 'other nation can compare with her as acts of prostitution because no' other nation has a strong need to please the United Nations to continue to exist. It 'also possible that in the Bible is described as a prostitute because it is not a real " queen" but a stretch . It is an empire cut on purpose to a prostitute. The woman is also "arrayed in purple and scarlet, and decked with gold and precious stone ..." then you simply dressed like a queen but the colors purple and scarlet are still the colors of luxury and royal power and this would strengthen the ' idea that you are talking of a kingdom, a literal nation. Likewise the beast that the harlot rides is scarlet and the beast, as we know, the League or the League of Nations (all UN members represent literal nations). The scarlet color is the wild beast that the harlot, is significant. Drunk blood of the saints. Writing goes on to say "And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of saints and witnesses of Jesus." Israel has enormous guilt of blood and Jesus referred to this very nation when he said, "In order to be on you all the righteous blood shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye between killing in the sanctuary and the altar "- Matthew 23:35 - Luke 11:50, 51 So Jesus himself identifies Israel, not another nation , as responsible for the payment of "all the righteous blood" (also compared the words of Stephen reported in Acts 7: 51-53). The book "Insight", under the heading "Babylon the Great", correctly points out that not all Christians were persecuted by the Pharisees and the Jews themselves have suffered, in turn, a great persecution. However, even Abel was killed by a Pharisee, and even by some religious minister. Besides the millions of deaths caused by the empire communist, atheist, they could hardly be held up to the false religion. We can assume that Jehovah and Jesus regard as particularly responsible for those who have "know God" and, despite this, they commit unspeakable crimes? In this perfectly fits the nation of Israel. - Hosea 8: 2 - Amos 3: 2 Condolences for the end of Babylon. Revelation 18: 9-14 says, "And the kings of the earth committed fornication with her and lived in unbridled luxury will weep and beat themselves in grief over her when they see the smoke of her burning, 10  and will stand at a distance for fear of her torment and say, 'Woe, doom, the great city, Babylon the strong city, because in one, now is it!' 11  "And the travelers merchants of the earth weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their full load, 12  full load of gold and silver and precious stone and pearls and fine linen and purple and silk and scarlet, and every citron wood and every sort of ivory object and every sort of object of most precious wood, and of brass and iron and marble, 13  and cinnamon and Indian spice and incense and perfumed oil and frankincense and wine and olive oil and fine flour and wheat and cattle and sheep and horses and carriages and slaves and human souls. 14  Yes, the fine fruit that your soul longed has departed from thee, and all things delicious and splendid things have perished from you, and you will find it " As we saw earlier, both kings of the earth and travelers traders suffer from the disappearance of their lover. Unlike any other nation, the destruction of Israel would bring despair and "misfortune" among leaders and among the traders all over the world. Why? Because the Jewish people is the owner of the world's largest banks, almost all the gold, oil, the largest global corporations and everything you can imagine. The major world powers (including the United States, USSR and China) have taken advantage of abundant loans to wage war with other nations and to build imposing and colossal structures (such as the Suez Canal). Simply do some 'research to find out which and how many ways the owners of the world's largest banks have been involved in almost all the wars of the last two centuries and probably much further back in time. The words of Revelation 18: 11-14 that talk about 'full load of gold and silver and precious stone and pearls and fine linen and purple and silk and scarlet, and all citron wood and every sort of ivory object and every sort of most precious wood, and of brass and iron and marble object, and cinnamon and Indian spice and incense and perfumed oil and frankincense and wine and olive oil and fine flour and wheat and cattle and sheep and horses and carriages and slaves and human souls' are significant. Imagining the global economic consequences for the collapse of 80% of all existing banks and thus the immediate and simultaneous failure of thousands of companies all over the world ... one might conclude that a crisis of this magnitude does not correspond at all the history of man - Matthew 24:21 Really the kings of the earth travelers and traders around the world would be right to beat their chests, to mourn and cry, "Woe!" "Come out of her, my people." Revelation 18: 4 says, "And I heard another voice from heaven saying, 'Come out of her, my people, if you do not want to share with her in her sins, and if you do not want to receive part of her plagues.'" If Babylon the Great is the modern nation of Israel, then it is easy to understand who is facing this urgent appeal: our dear brothers present in the nation of Israel who are also "a remnant to be saved." If you remain there, would receive part of her plagues as a result of the attack enraged the United Nations. This possibility is to be evaluated very seriously. This would mean, moreover, that the destruction of Jerusalem in 537 BCE and again in 70 CE would have a further and definitive fulfillment . The third (Revelation 4: 8; 8:13; 16:13, 19 - Ezekiel 21:14). The number two question asked: "The literal people of modern Israel, match the description that the Bible makes Babylon the Great ?" If like it or not what is written above , and it may be a "domino effect" on other interpretations, this is in keeping both with the secular history ch and with Scripture. The answer, then, is yes.  Question 3 Which of the two parties, in the light of Scripture and not of desires or personal ideas , you are more likely to be?  Honestly, all the description that the Bible makes Babylon the Great, corresponds closely to the false religion and so it is very difficult to understand if the Bible wants to tell a literal nation or false religion as a whole. The blatant immorality, extreme violence, the desire for domination, spiritual prostitution, the arrogance and presumption ... are all features world empire of false religion, as well as the current Israel. The clues, however, should be more than enough, when viewed without preconceptions, to understand the subject. Following listing of evidence and comparison subjects.  literal Nation of Israel (NLI)  world empire of false religion (IMFL)  NLI He sits on the scarlet beast (UN) The nation of Israel has been put there by the United Nations. There is thanks to the UN that has established and protects militarily. IMFL He sits on the scarlet beast (UN?) It should not ride the wild beast that ascends from the sea since the false religion has existed since Nimrod times?  NLI He sits on many waters (tribes, peoples, languages). The nations that make up the UN include many nations, tribes, peoples and languages. The waters are also "armies": the UN is a multiple military power. Israel is also at the crossroads of three continents. IMFL Side on many waters (tribes, peoples, languages). False religion has always been part of human history and included every people, tribe, nation and language. These waters have always been a protection for religion.  NLI Mother of all harlots / Fornication Israel commits fornication more than any other nation. To continue to exist should please the UN and all political and existing business partners. No other nation in the world is obliged to do this in his own measure because, other nations, existed before and may continue to exist even without UN backing. IMFL Mother of all harlots / Fornication Christianity claims to be "people of God" but it is adulterous because of his friendship with the world. Its practices are of Babylonian origin. He cheats on "husbandly owner," Jehovah. And 'prostitute. Besides Christianity, however, Babylon the great would include every religion that away from God (this includes all non-Christian religions including tribal). Why, then, it is seen as a prostitute? Jehovah has never considered the husbandly owner of nations like Egypt, Assyria and Persia Media?  NLI Luxury rampant The nation of Israel includes almost all bankers in the world. The largest corporations in the world. Posside gold and oil wells; restaurants, companies etc. It possesses weapons and world organizations of various kinds. The most expensive works of art in the world are owned by Jews. Their commercial power is simply beyond belief. IMFL Luxury rampant False religion, with some exceptions, has always adorned with precious things. Temples, churches, statues, shrines, paintings ... works of art without number and without value. It also reduced in poverty millions of people for a fee every "spiritual service". Even false religion living in the lap of luxury.  NLI Bane of the rulers The fall of Israel would lead the rulers shouting "evil" because they have always done business with them (the sale of weapons to every illicit trafficking). Including the Secret Service. The fall of a partner like that would throw many countries into a deep despair. IMFL Bane of the rulers The global fall of the empire of false religion would lead the rulers shouting doom because of his influence on the crowds but only in some parts of the world (ie Islam). In all Western nations you do not understand why they should shout "misfortune." Religion has always taken from the people and he never shared anything with the host city. The influence that religion had even in Western countries has virtually eliminated after the Second World War. No Western nation has been enriched through religion. On the contrary, scandals such as those of "The bank Ambrosiano" have impoverished nations further. The rulers of the nations "atheistic" hardly would cry at all "doom" to his downfall.  NLI Woe traders Israel is the largest trading partner in the world. Whatever international trader would be in trouble losing a partner like that. The same applies to all the smaller traders who depend, in whole or in part, from the larger ones. The fall of Israel is an economic tsunami unprecedented. IMFL Woe traders Because of its art and its opulent buildings, art dealers would cry "doom." It 'hard to imagine a trader of another kind (electronics, space research, etc.) shout "misfortune." The exponents of false religion, however, play the stock market and have many actions in many different activities for which you can not be categorical.  NLI spiritualistic practices The nation of Israel has its "magic practitioners" and most probably practice more than any other nation magic (think of the Jewish Kabbalah). We know from the scriptures that nations are governed by demons and thus may give the power to a nation or person in particular - 17:18 Revelation; Luke 4: 5-7 The MFL spiritualistic practices The world empire of false religion, by its nature, is "misleading all nations through his spiritualistic practices". All the bloodiest wars were fought because of religious conditioning.  N LI Blood of the saints and of all those slain The Jewish people, as owners of the world's largest banks, has stirred up a lot of wars, even recent ones, for their own economic purposes. Israel is embroiled in the secret services, in international arms trafficking and everything imaginable. It is historically proven that some of the assassinations more "important" have Jewish origins. Jesus identifies Israel as responsible for the payment of "all the righteous blood" - Matthew 23:35 - Luke 11:50, 51 We can assume that Jehovah and Jesus regard as particularly responsible for those who have "know God" and, despite this, they commit unspeakable crimes? - Hosea 8: 2 - Amos 3: 2 IMFL Blood of the saints and of all those slain The violence of false religion as a whole is evident and has no equal in any other country / organization. Having 6,000 years of crimes behind, is not comparable to anything else in known on earth.  NLI Come out of her my people In Israel, as in all the world, our brothers are active. If the UN is going to vent his fury on this nation (because of Jehovah's will) it is obvious and loving from God that He calls His people to come out. This would save a remnant, as reported several times in the Scriptures. This would be the third time that Jehovah destroys "his people" because with their actions show they are no longer his people - Deuteronomy 32: 5 - Revelation 4: 8; 8:13; 16:13, 19 - Ezekiel 21:14 IMFL Come out of her my people Being a symbolic nation can not literally see this spiritual exodus . The two subjects can not be compared. However, it is interesting to note that when Jehovah called his people from Babylon also saying not to be yoked and "do not touch anything unclean," they were already His people dedicated and baptized. His people had come away from a pagan nation (literal). They were not people who were part of another religion and that having good intentions, they would then dedicated baptized and becoming successively His people - II Corinthians 6: 14-18  Reflections  As written at the beginning of this discussion, in the Bible there are hundreds of parallels between Babylon and faithless Israel . Even the cup "full of disgusting things" from which the prostitute is inebriated remembers the utensils of Jehovah's temple. The question is what do we mean when we read these parallel. The table above shows both subjects have strengths and, at least in appearance, weaknesses. A strong point in favor of modern Israel is the fact that it ride the wild beast scarlet, and that is itself dressed in scarlet (which suggests a literal nation). A strong point of world empire of false religion is the shedding of blood; Although the state of Israel has a huge guilt of blood, of course you can not compare to 6000 years of abuse and violence attributable to false religion. However you should not make the mistake of thinking that it is the intensity of a clue to establish the identity of the subject. If anything is the amount of clues, even their totality. If only a small indication not match (and this was proven beyond doubt) apart from all the others, this would compromise the identity.  All of Jehovah's judgments, given in the Scriptures, beat upon peoples and nations literal and also sends plagues upon Egypt, which served to destroy / humiliate their false gods, however, had to fall on a specific country. Moreover, the war of Armageddon, destroying all the nations (which are governed by demons), automatically eliminate all forms of religion; If Babylon the Great was a nation of special interest , but still a nation, this would simply be a sign that the satanic system is about to reach its tragic end - Daniel 2:44  In the book "The prophecies of Isaiah" volume 1, page 202 paragraph 28 (in italian edition) contains Isaiah 19: 3 and it reads ... "Similarly, in the day of judgment, false religion will be unable to save this corrupt system of things." But if Egypt represents the world as a whole, we are already at Armageddon (Isaiah 19: 2 Jehovah puts "Egyptian against Egyptian") and the world empire of false religion (if it is Babylon the Great) was already destroyed . Now, if the world empire of false religion has been previously destroyed , in what sense "the people will resort to the worthless, the charmers and to the spirit mediums"? Only a world still steeped in religion, after the destruction of Babylon the Great, could "resort to the valueless gods."  The above might be in harmony with the writing of Zechariah 13: 4-6 which speaks of "the prophet" who will deny ever be? The Watchtower of July 15, 2015, the subtitle "The beginning of the great tribulation," says ... " Therefore it seems that even some members of the clergy will abandon their religious career and deny that he had ever been a part of false religion." Yet if for the Great adherents of Babylon simply "change his jacket" for their lives (which would make the majority of them, not having a true faith), it seems as if it has been "torn and completely burned with fire." It 'also difficult to imagine this "great mourning" since the majority of the clergy, especially of Christianity, would still be alive after the destruction of Babylon the Great.  The book "Revelation: its peak" in chapter 19 paragraph 29 says ... "Neither the caverns literal mountains nor the political and commercial organizations comparable to the mountains will provide economic security or assistance of another kind." However, even false worship in the Bible is related with the "high places" such as in Ezekiel 6: 1-5 (the high places that did not protect the unfaithful Israelites from the wrath of Jehovah). It 'possible that, in the day of Jehovah del'ira (so after the Great Tribulation) humans will seek protection in political, commercial institutions and religious?  Everything that follows is taken from the book "Babylon" and, to the extent possible, we will see if what he said you can apply it to the modern nation of Israel. Although the book is not updated all'intendimento current (later I will use the book "Revelation: its climax" as reference) reflections and principles on which it was based are still interesting and can provide food for thought.  From the book "Babylon the Great" (bf) Friday, September 8, 1922, an international assembly of non-sectarian Bible students in Cedar Point, Ohio, at a conference on "The Kingdom" at 9:30, they were told that they had to be witnesses of the Lord God, that witnesses Jehovah. The speaker, J. F. Rutherford, then president of the Society Watch Tower Bible and Tract cited the thousands of people gathered in assembly Isaiah 43: 8-12 and then went on to say: Thus we see that those of the temple class are clearly designated as witnesses of God at this time, to bring a message of consolation to the people, who came to the kingdom of heaven and that millions of people now living will never die. Thus we see that God's purpose that his name be magnified, that the people may know that he is Lord. Thus we see that God's purpose to have the earth a people in this time of distress, clearly marked as separate and distinct from all others, that stands like his witnesses, proclaiming boldly the message: "The kingdom of heaven is at hand! " . . . This is confirmed by the Lord in Matthew 24:14. Clearly it is then expressed as proof that the temple class must continue to declare this message of the kingdom until their earthly career is not over. They have to be his faithful witnesses until the walls of Babylon does not collapse to the ground. . . . Be faithful and true witnesses for the Lord. Advanced in the fight until every vestige of Babylon are not desolate. Proclaim the message far and wide. The world must know that Jehovah is God and that Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords. This is the day of days. Behold, the King reigns! You are his publicity agents. Thus announced, announced, announced the King and his kingdom. - Pages 336, 337 de La Watchtower (English) November 1, 1922.  Note: It was 1922 and did not exist and neither one imagined the birth of modern Israel, which, in fact, takes place May 14, 1948.  (Bf) Recall that the original Babylon was founded as a deviation from adoration of Jehovah's love and loyalty to him as God, as Babylon was established by a rebel who placed himself against. That rebel was stigmatized as "Nimrod mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah." Then the people of the pagan city they called the "Gate of God." However, Jehovah called the city Babel, meaning "Confusion", because it confused the language of the builders of the city and its tower. (Genesis 10: 8-10; 11: 5-9) Babel ( greek,Babylon) was never a Jewish city; It never was Jewish; It was never Messianic or Christian, since it was never the organization of Jehovah God. He was always against his chosen people, and so was against Sion. In the days of the dynasty of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon it had apparently swallowed the chosen nation of Israel "like a big snake" o dragone. (Jeremiah 51:34) The purpose of Babylon was to crack down on Israel.   Note: If Babylon has "swallowed" Israel now bears his name but it is a hoax. It's called "Israel" but Babylon. It makes sure to blend with Israel, the look of it.   (Bf) How Semitic world power for more than seventy years, Babylon was, of course, politics. It was militaristic. It was highly commercial. But it was remarkably religious  If Babylon the Great was a literal nation, the above description which nation would seem to describe today?  (Bf) As soon as the priests could Babylonians converted into money all animal sacrifices and all religious tithes that the people had every day on the altars, especially the things deteriorated quickly. Just like in the hometown of Abraham in Ur of the Chaldeans, the Templars authorities had their deposits required and directed their own shops. They felt good to invest their religious revenue and for this purpose they had, therefore, their own banks.  If it were a literal nation, which nation would seem to describe?  (Bf) What, then, Babylon the Great, whose announced by the fall of God in Revelation 14: 8? It must look like ancient Babylon in remarkable ways, especially in the time of his fall . Otherwise, the name would be inappropriate. First of all, ancient Babylon ruled an empire, the largest empire until that time, so that the line of the World Powers it was the Third World Power. There flourished policy, militarism, commercialism and religion, but religion predominated, especially during the dynasty of Nebuchadnezzar. His religion placed it against Zion or Jerusalem, where the Jewish kings sat on "Jehovah's throne" and where the temple built by King Solomon was the national center of worship of Jehovah.  If it were a literal nation, which nation would seem to describe?  (Bf) Although it is an empire religion, it became in itself commercial and political and formed alliances with the political and commercial elements of this kind worldwide.  These two lines, in some way, belie the claim that Babylon the Great is not also a religious empire (literal), political and trade exactly as it was ancient Babylon.  (Bf) Even Judaism has attached to Babylon the Great. In the first century, Jesus and his twelve apostles applied to traditional Judaism of their day Bible prophecies that refer to Babylon as a place of exile and captivity from which Jehovah's people was asked to leave. Nineteen centuries ago, when the Messiah came to Zion, traditional Judaism practically turned the whole nation against him. He kept his grip on her way Jewish prisoners. Up to this day, traditional Judaism has not changed. It still retains its Jewish prisoners away from the freedom that the promised Messiah.  (Bf) In 1914 CE Babylon the Great, or the world empire of the Babylonian religion, came to its most critical period in world history. Until then it had, as he said the angel of God, "did drink all the wine countries of the passion of her fornication" (Revelation 14: 8) He had made friends with the political rulers of this world and so had committed with their spiritual fornication. (James 4: 4) He had used his religious influence on worldly rulers to stay in power. He swung the support of its religionists in favor of the Gentiles worldly rulers. This had made the nations drink the "wine of the passion", that is, political oppression, trade and economic, religious persecution, the holy wars, religious wars, crusades, and wars of nations for purely political and commercial reasons. Such selfish wars Babylon the Great the sanctified, declaring that they were God's will, so that taking part would do his will.  If talking about a literal nation, that nation would reflect perfectly this description? Friendship with political leaders, religious influence on rulers to retain power, political oppression, the world trade and economic, holy wars for political and commercial reasons etc. There is also a contradiction (at least in appearance). If Babylon the Great falls for the first time in 1919, as can be seen riding the scarlet beast that is the League Of Nations created on June 28, 1919? Babylon the Great can be seen sitting only after the creation of the League and then fall in a period still later but not before.  (Bf) What, then, the image of the wild beast? Between World War I and World War II it was the League of Nations, which once had up to sixty members nations, as the worship of the image and the wild beast was then so great ...  Altr in apparent contr addition . Religion is nothing but "the form of worship." Now if Babylon the Great is the world empire of false religion (and therefore includes all sorts of worship away from Jehovah) this should include the worship of the wild beast. So we should resize the title "world empire of false religion," having ruled out, inevitably, nationalism and militarism? The worship of the wild beast? Nationalism is it not a form of religion?   Other considerations  If we accept the possibility that Babylon the Great is a literal place (and is modern Israel) we have to consider that even the mountains, on which the woman sitteth, are literal mountains. We always speak of the seven world powers of Bible history, but we never hear of the seven mountains. He never speaks of the seven mountains because the political powers, they say, are the seven mountains. Yet the writing of Revelation 17 says that there are seven kings ... and (conjunction, in Italian, meaning "and there are also") seven mountains and this conjunction might suggest that, even though the mountains depict power as well we know , there are actually seven mountains as objects of similarity with the number of kings. It would seem a literal useful clue to identify Babylon the Great. Now the question is ... Who and how many mountains are mentioned in the Scriptures which were part of the Promised Land? 1) Mount Moria 2) Mount Zion 3) Mount of Olives 4) Gilboa 5) Gerizim 6) Ebal 7) Monte Tabor. NB Mount Nebo and others, also mentioned in the Scriptures, were part of the territory of Moab and Edom and are therefore excluded . This parallel is original place, simply impossible to do with the world empire of false religion.  Revelation 3:12 and other scriptures that are fulfilled after the Lord's Day, which mention the New Jerusalem, seem to emphasize a distinction with Old Jerusalem. In chap. 18 of Revelation, Babylon the Great is destroyed. In chapter 19: 7, 8 prepares the marriage of the lamb, so ... Died the prostitute who passed himself off as the bride and the wedding may have finally begun. The marriage takes place with the " New Jerusalem "; the prostitute was perhaps the " Old Jerusalem " that is, the carnal, unclean, disobedient, idolatrous? - I Corinthians 9: 6-8; 10:18 - Galatians 4: 26-29 If I tried a people and a nation that pretends literal and that it was the people of God, to whom I would go nationwide? Only the people who actually were the people of God have what it takes, so to speak, to impersonate legitimate wife.  Babylon is also called "the great city" and the only biblical reference is Nineveh, "the city of bloodshed". This seems in keeping with the fact that Babylon is drunk with the blood of the saints, prophets and all. However in Jeremiah chapter. 22 Jehovah's condemnation of Judah, which is the city of Shallum and Jehoiakim, and people call this city "that great city." So, the city that had once belonged to the Jehovah's "great city" is defined.  Revelation 18: 1, 2 " After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven, with great authority; and the earth was illuminated by his glory. 2  And he cried with a loud voice, saying," Fallen! Babylon the Great has fallen , and it became a dwelling place of demons and a place of refuge for every unclean exhalation and place of refuge for every unclean and hateful bird! " This thundering description of the Angel repeated three times the word "place" (in old traduction bible): 1 ) dwelling place of demons 2 ) place of refuge of every unclean exhalation 3 ) place of refuge of every bird unclean and hateful. We can assume that, by emphasizing three times the word "place" , you are indicating a place / literal nation? This writing may strengthen the hypothesis that Babylon the Great is a literal nation?  Of the two witnesses in sackcloth described in chapter 11 of Revelation says that, once killed, "their corpses will be on the broad way of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was put to pole "- Revelation 11: 8 What "great city" the Lord Jesus was impaled?  Finally, we might ask why, the Revelation writer, after watching scary wild animals, amazing celestial visions is beautiful that terrifying thunderous statements and many other things, only the sight of the woman he "marveled of great marveled " - Revelation 17: 6 , 7 Obviously we can not know why you can only make hypotheses but generally you wonder when you see something that you can never expect to see. It is as if to say ... "But are you? Really? You?" She, who? There may be "marveled with great marveles" for having seen his own people and his own nation (which at the time of writing Revelation no existing more)?   I copy and paste what I was telling the Watchtower of November 1, 2010, pages 27 to 29 ...  The Bible foretold the modern State of Israel? THE WORLD regarded with apprehension to the Middle East. missile attacks, clashes between armed militias, and terrorist bombings are a daily occurrence. In this explosive mixture the very real risk should be added that recourse to nuclear weapons. No wonder that in every place the people are worried. A similar atmosphere is breathed in relation to the Middle East 62 years ago, in May 1948. The British Mandate territory then called Palestine was ending, and war was imminent. The year before, the United Nations had authorized the creation, in a part of the occupied territories, of an independent Jewish state . The neighboring Arab nations had vowed to prevent at all costs. The Arab League warned: "The proposed line for the division will be nothing but a line of fire and blood." It was four in the afternoon of Friday 14 May 1948. It consumed the final hours of the British mandate. In the Tel Aviv Museum of respondents they were in 350, at the invitation secret for the much awaited announcement: the official declaration of the birth of the modern nation of Israel. Security levels were high, lest the numerous enemies of the state newly formed attempted to interrupt the event. David Ben Gurion, leader of the National Council of Israel, read the State Declaration of Independence of Israel, which said in part: "We, members of the People's Council, representatives of the Jewish community in Eretz Israel ... by virtue of our right natural and historical and General Assembly of the United Nations, we declare the founding of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel, to be known as the State of Israel ". Fulfilled biblical prophecy? Some Evangelical Protestants believe that the birth of the modern state of Israel then go to fulfill a biblical prophecy. For example, in one of his works, Pastor John Hagee states: "This memorable event was recorded by the hand of the prophet Isaiah with the words: 'A nation will be born in a day'. (See Isaiah 66: 8 ). . . . It was the greatest moment in prophetic history of the twentieth century, the clearest proof, under the eyes of all, that the God of Israel was alive and well. " - Jerusalem Countdown. This statement is correct? Isaiah 66: 8 , perhaps foretelling the birth of the modern State of Israel? And May 14, 1948 was indeed "the greatest moment in prophetic history of the twentieth century"? If the modern State of Israel is still God's chosen nation, and if by means of it he fulfills Bible prophecy, the topic is certainly of great interest to those who study the Bible, wherever they are. The prophecy of Isaiah says: "Who has heard of a thing like this? Who has seen things like these? Will a land be brought forth with labor pains in one day? Or a nation be born at once? For Zion he has come into labor pains as she also brought forth her sons. " ( Isaiah 66: 8 ) The verse clearly foretells the birth of a nation that would have occurred suddenly, as in a single day. But who was supposed to give this birth? The next verse helps answer: " 'As for me, I will break and I will not give birth?' says Jehovah. 'Either I give birth and do I actually quit?' says your God. " Jehovah God shows beyond doubt that the extraordinary birth of the nation would work his. Modern Israel is a democracy that has never officially claimed to trust in the God of the Bible. In 1948 the Israelis might recognize Jehovah God as the sole supporter of their national entities? No. In the original draft of the Declaration of God's name was not even mentioned, and besides, even the word "God." About the final draft of the document, a book of Jewish history says: "Until one o'clock in the afternoon, when the National Council gathered, its members were unable to agree on the wording of the Declaration of Independence. . . . Observant Jews wanted it made reference to 'God of Israel'. The laity were opposed. Finding a compromise, Ben Gurion opted for the word 'Rock' instead of the word 'God'. " - Great Moments in Jewish History. The modern State of Israel is proud of its national entity on the basis of a UN resolution and what is called the natural and historic right of the Jewish people. But is it reasonable to assume that the God of the Bible accomplished the greatest miracle aimed to fulfill a prophecy in the twentieth century in favor of a people that refuses to give him honor. False religion has given honor to the birth of the nation of Israel as if it was "God's will." So we can say that the birth of this nation has created some "confusion"? Confusion in all who do not know the Bible. Hence the name, "Babylon", it would be appropriate for the modern nation of Israel.  Here are reflections of some records already seen explained in the book "Revelation its climax" (king).  "Come out of her, my people" (explanation from the book "King") Revelation 18: 4 says, "And I heard another voice from heaven saying, 'Come out of her, my people, if you do not want to share with her in her sins, and if you do not want to receive part of her plagues.'" The book of "Revelation: its climax", page 265 paragraph 24 says that God's servants must separate from false religion if you do not want to receive part of her plagues. However we can reason on the meaning of "my people"? Everyone in the false religion, despite having the best intentions, can not be defined as "people of God." This fact is one of the things that the people of the world reproach us when they say "Only you believe to have the truth!". In fact, it becomes part of God's people only after understanding the basic Bible truths, having repented of the conduct of the past, having converted and then having dedicated, baptized. That's right? How can God call his people from the ranks of false religion? If Babylon the Great is the world empire of false religion we must necessarily assume that God calls those who will become his people. Those people who potentially could become his people but who are not yet. Scripture, however, it seems clear that, when it calls these people "out of Babylon", they are already His people (just as happened in ancient times, they probably had to be cleansed and disciplined but were left, all the time, his people). If Babylon the Great, however, is the modern nation of Israel, then there is not much to interpret. Even in the modern nation of Israel are our dear brothers. And 'it possible that God is saying, to the brothers in Israel, literally to flee away in the imminent destruction seen? This would mean that "the rest", as reported many times in the Scriptures, would literally (physically) a remnant! A remaining to save.  When in 70 CE the first Christians received the command to "flee to the mountains" in view of the destruction that would take place by means of the "disgusting thing" (i.e. at the time of the Roman Empire), they understood it as "separate from Judaism" or this was a natural consequence of the Master's teachings? They do not perhaps understood how to get out literally from the city ?  Writing Romans 9:27, where Paul quotes Isaiah, could have a literal fulfillment?  Jeremiah 25:10, 11 and Revelation 18:22, 23 are very similar to each other yet Jeremiah speaks of Israel and Revelation speaks of Babylon the Great.  In Revelation 18: 5-8 it says, "God has been mindful of his acts of injustice." Because God "has been mindful"? False religion has not always done evil in a 6000 story, without stopping for a moment from the time of Nimrod? It could not be because "Babylon" has not existed for many years, as a nation, but appears again after the "Lord's Day" by another name?  From the book "Insight", in "Babylon the Great," he said ... Features of ancient Babylon. The foundation of Babylon in the plains of Shinar coincided with the attempt to build the tower of Babel. (Ge 11: 2-9) The construction of the city and by the people tower was not motivated by the intention to exalt the name of God, but by the desire to 'make a celebrated name'. The ziggurat discoveries not only in the ruins of ancient Babylon but throughout Mesopotamia seem to confirm the essentially religious nature of the original tower, whatever its form or its style. The resolute action of Jehovah God to overthrow the temple construction is a clear condemnation of his false religious origin. While the Hebrew name of the city, Babel, means "confusion", the Sumerian name ( Ka-ra-dingir ) and Akkadian (Bab-ilu ) both mean "God's door." So the people left in the city they altered the name to avoid the original meaning of condemnation, but the new form also reveals the religious nature of the city.  What was also reported recently in the slave publications, the creation of the modern nation of Israel and the return of the Jews at home was not the work of God and, much more serious, was not made to give glory to God. on the contrary, all this was done to "the desire to become a famous name." The Jewish religion also still believed to be the "Gate of God" but it is a mystification of reality. It is not a lawful wife or queen but, with its political and commercial alliances, has proven to be a sordid prostitute (biblically speaking).  In Revelation 16: 16-21 we are now at Armageddon, the great city is divided into three parts, nations fall and Babylon, "was remembered." So Babylon is related with the fall of other nations as if it were a special nation "," something to remember, but still a nation. Which, among all nations of the earth , it might be considered "special" from Jehovah God?  The golden cup full of "disgusting things" hand-held by the great harlot might remember the utensils of God's temple? - Compare Daniel 5: 1-4  In 2 Kings 17: 24-30 some Babylonians become "Israelites" settling in Samaria but they are Babylonian idolaters and God makes them devoured by lions. This does not seem a parallel with what the Bible says of Babylon the Great? Also in the book "Insight" to "Samaritan - The Samaritan religion," says ...  The Samaritan religion.The development of the Samaritan religion was due to several factors, not least the result of Jeroboam's efforts to expel the ten tribes by the adoration of Jehovah centralized in Jerusalem. In about 250 years after the nation split into two kingdoms, the priests the Levites ordained of God were replaced by a priesthood of human origin which, in turn, led the kingdom of Israel to practice a degrading form of idolatry. (1 Kings 12: 28-33; 2 Kings 17: 7-17; 2Ch 11: 13-15; 13: 8, 9) Then there was the fall of the northern kingdom. The pagan immigrants came from Babylon, Cuthah, Avva, Hamath and Sepharvaim worshiped many gods: Sukkot-Benot, Nergal, Ashima, Nibaz, Tartak, Adrammelech and Anammelec. Although they learned something about Jehovah by teaching a priest of the Jeroboam priesthood, however, as Samaria had done with the golden calves, so they, generation after generation, continued to worship their false gods. (2 Kings 17: 24-41) Nearly a century after the fall of Samaria, all attempts to Josiah to eliminate the idolatrous worship of those northern communities had no more lasting effect of similar reforms he did both in the southern kingdom of Judah. - 2 Kings 23: 4-20; 2Ch 34: 6, 7. In 537 BCE, a remnant of the twelve tribes returned from Babylonian exile prepared to rebuild Jehovah's temple in Jerusalem. (Ezra 1: 3; 2: 1, 70) It was then that the "Samaritans", which were already in the country when they arrived the Israelites and that were described as "adversaries of Judah and Benjamin," they turned to Zerubbabel and to elders, saying, "Let us build with you; because, just like you, we seek your God and we sacrifice since the days of Esar-haddon king of Assyria, who put us here. " (Ezra 4: 1, 2) This alleged devotion to Jehovah, however, showed only formal; In fact, when Zerubbabel declined the offer, the Samaritans did everything they could to prevent the construction of the temple. Failed all their concerted attempts to harass and intimidate the Israelites, Persian emperor did send a letter containing false allegations, and managed to get a government decree that made suspend construction for several years. - Ezra 4: 3-24. In the mid-fifth century BCE, when Nehemiah began repairing Jerusalem's walls, Sanballat (governor of Samaria, according to a papyrus from Elephantine) made several unsuccessful but vigorous attempts to stop the work. (Ne 2:19, 20; 4: 1-12; 6: 1-15) Later, after a prolonged absence, Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem and found the grandson of High Priest Eliashib had married the daughter of Sanballat. Immediately Nehemiah 'chased him away'. - Ne 13: 6, 7, 28.  "The Levitical priests ordained by God were replaced by priests of human origin" : this is not what happened to Israel after God has abandoned the faithless nation in 70 CE? The pagan immigrants came from Babylon become "Israelites" by force (ie, not by God), also learning something about the religion of the Jews, and mingling with them through intermarriage but they basically have Babylonians. It can be assumed that God takes this modern nation for what it really is and that is a modern Babylon? In 537 BCE, the "enemies of Judah and Benjamin," they turned to Zorobabel, and the elders, saying, "Let us build with you; because, just like you, we seek your God and we sacrifice since the days of Esar-haddon king of Assyria, who put us here. " So Babylon in the territory of the true Israel has never disappeared and has never ceased to claim to serve God.  In the book "Revelation" on page 207, paragraph 5, the explanation fits very well to the modern nation of Israel. Even now the Jews believe they are the chosen race, the people of God, and give to God their commercial and military victories. They believe that God has given them authority over all the nations of the world but they, in the words of the Lord, have another father. - Matthew 4: 8-10 - John 8: 43-47 They still say "sit queen, and am no widow, and shall see no mourning."  Question one. According to the explanation of the book "Revelation: its climax" is appropriate that the great whore sit on the wild beast scarlet because, false religion, has always had the power over the kings of the earth reaching even to name them and to oust them. We know that the League or the League of Nations has as its representatives even "old nations" mentioned in the Bible as Roma, Medo-Persia, and others but would not be more logical to see the "great whore" ride the first wild beast, and that is the one that ascends from sea, since false religion has existed since Nimrod times? Instead the great harlot sits on the beast that " was, but is not, and is about to ascend from the abyss, and it will go into destruction " - Revelation 17: 8a What rode the world empire of false religion when the beast not had?  Question two. As has been pointed out, in the Bible Israel is compared to a wife, and Jehovah's husbandly owner. When it seemed to be unfaithful, in alliance with other nations and mixing with false worship, Israel became "infidel" and even "prostitute." Christendom claims to serve God, but in reality, is a prostitute with the nations and in all false doctrine of pagan origin. However if Babylon the Great is the world empire of false religion (and therefore also includes religions such as Buddhism, Shintoism, Hinduism, tribal religions etc), because it is considered as a whole, a prostitute? Jehovah has never been identified as the "husbandly owner" of nations like Ammon, Moab, Egypt or other. So if we apply the concept of prostitution only in a spiritual-religious sense, one would think that this infamous prostitute is only Christianity . Want you know more? Please, visit https://attenzioneallaprofezia.blogspot.it/
  5. The world empire of false religion really is Babylon the Great? In that day earthling man will throw the shrews and bats his worthless gods of silver and his gold valueless gods they had done because he inchinasse before them, to enter into the holes of the rocks and in crevices of the rocks , because of the fear of Jehovah and in front of his splendid superiority, when he rises to shake the earth - Isaiah 2:20, 21 Â According to the official intention is Babylon the Great, the world empire of false religion. This empire will be destroyed by the United Nations marking the beginning of the great tribulation - Matthew 24:21, 22; Daniel 12: 1 The great tribulation is not Armageddon, or the war of the great day of God Almighty, but it will be a period of intermediate time which will lead to such a war. According to the current understanding, Armageddon will be the "culmination" of the great tribulation. Based on this assumption it becomes clear that, during the great tribulation, this phantom empire of false religion will no longer exist. For this reason, in reference to the writing of Revelation 6: 15-17, which clearly speaks of judgment on the part of Jehovah and the Lamb, the book "Revelation its climax" says: "The opening of the sixth seal shows something similar will happen during the intervener day of Jehovah's anger. in the final scroll speed of this system of things land, his supporters desperately seek a hiding place, but will not find it. the false religion, Babylon the Great, will have already abandoned them miserably . neither the caverns literal mountains nor the political and commercial organizations comparable to the mountains will provide economic security or assistance of another kind "(quoted work, page 112, paragraph 29). It 'obvious that, talking about mountains, the book does not mention religion as a possible institution in which to seek refuge because, as we said, this would now be destroyed at the beginning of the great tribulation (and here we are already at Armageddon). Interestingly, the same book mentions Hosea 10: 8 which says ... "And the high places of [Bet-] Aven, the sin of Israel, will actually be annihilated. Thorns and thistles themselves up on their altars. And people actually say to the mountains, 'Cover us!' and to the hills, 'Fall over us!' "but does not mention the context of this writing. Paragraph 27 of the book mentioned above simply says that "when Samaria fell to the cruel Assyrians in 740 BCE, there was no place where the Israelites could escape. The words of Hosea expresses the sense of helplessness, absolute terror and abandonment that the conquered people felt. neither the literal nor the hills of Samaria institutions comparable to the mountains could protect them, although in the past had seemed so stable. " Too bad that "these institutions" were nothing more than their false religion, the main reason was done just that judgment. If we read the verse 5 it says ... "The residents of Samaria will be afraid to [the idol] calf of Beth-Aven; because on it certainly will mourn his people, as well as its foreign-god priests [which] they rejoiced, because of its glory, because it will have gone into exile away from it. " So the parallel is done with Revelation is at least in part because, unlike the Samaritans of Hosea's time, these may not seek refuge in religion. By the way, if we go on reading the same book, another parallel is done with the Lord's words when he said, "" They are the days when you will say, 'Happy are the barren, and the breasts that never bore and the breasts that never nursed! ' Then they will begin to say to the mountains, 'Fall over us!' and to the hills, 'Cover us!' "- Luke 23:29, 30 So says the book "The Jews remained in Judea found no hiding place." Now it would have to ask ... "Where will never have sought refuge, the Jews, in those dramatic and terrible hours?" The answer is obvious. In the Temple and in their religion. Religion or "form of worship" that now had stopped to have God's approval. We have seen, in a previous article, that when the Bible speaks of mountains or "high places", these often have to do with false religion as we can see, for example, Ezekiel 6: 1-5 It 'obvious assert that if we had the absolute certainty that the world empire of false religion must be dropped before reading Revelation 6: 15-17 would think that people will seek refuge in political institutions and religious exactly as happened in past all the times that Jehovah brought a judgment. Among other things, reflecting on the destruction of Jerusalem, the subject on which we always do dozens of parallel, we see how Jehovah's judgment coincided with the destruction of the Temple (the Lord clearly said "these are days to do it justice" - Luke 21:22) . The destruction of the Temple marked the end of the Jewish religion, at least in a highly symbolic, even from the point of view of any outsider. If we wanted to find a perfect parallel with what we think we know about the revelation, then we should have seen the destruction of the Temple and then, after a number of years , the destruction of Jerusalem and its inhabitants. If the destruction of Jerusalem depicts what will happen globally during the war of Armageddon, what depicts the destruction of the Temple? Leaving the sensitivity of each of its assessments and trying not to make forcing, let's see what it can teach us all that "was written before" - Romans 15: 4 As we can see from the writing guide of this article, at some point people " getter year to shrews and bats their worthless gods" . When? "In that day," says the writing, that "when he rises to shake the earth" - Isaiah 2:20, 21 At this point we have a problem. If "that day" is the day of Armageddon, that is, it is well beyond the time when false religion has been destroyed, how can they still have idols of silver and gold? If we read from verse 10 we can isolate some important expressions such as "Jehovah alone is to be exalted in that day. For it is the day belonging to Jehovah of armies," He is "over all the cedars of Lebanon that are high and lifted up and upon all the massive trees of Bashan; and all the high mountains and all the hills are high; and on every lofty tower and every fortified wall. " There is no doubt: we are talking of Armageddon judgment as the same book "Prophecies of Isaiah" recognize (see the book "Prophecies of Isaiah, Volume 1, p. 53, 54). But if you are talking about Armageddon ... "on that day" is the same day in which people now disillusioned, cast at the last moment their gods of silver and gold. So there is still a religion? Imagining the objections of those who always try to balance things even when things do not fit, we can see what it says the same book a little 'later. Some might say "Religion will no longer exist as an institution ... but there will always be of the believers." This objection would have no reason to exist as a religion (or cult or however we want to call it) exists when there are two human beings who believe the same thing and organize themselves to worship, but let's see what he says Isaiah 19: 3 . "And the spirit of Egypt must become bewildered in the midst of it, and I will confound his own advice. And I will resort to the valueless gods and to the charmers and to the spirit mediums and those who predict the events for a living." In this regard, again the book "Prophecies of Isaiah," says ... "Similarly, in the day of judgment, false religion will be unable to save this corrupt system." At this point we have an even more serious problem with respect to our current understanding? If Egypt depicts Satan's world as a whole (in fact, in verse 2 writing says that Jehovah will "Egyptian against Egyptian"), is a further reference to the judgment of Armageddon and, at this juncture, the book says "the day of judgment, false religion will be unable to save this corrupt system. " So we are no longer talking about "isolated individual believers who trust in idols" but of people ranging from those who by profession predict events. If there is trade, there is also an institution or not? Let's talk about "that day" in the words of the Lord when He said, "Many will say to me in that day, 'Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, and in Your expel demons name, and in Your name perform many powerful works ? ' And then I will confess to them: I never knew you! Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness "- Matthew 7:22, 23 Of what day I was talking about the Lord? Well, if we read the context there, Jesus mentions the false prophets, which are then also mentioned, namely Chapter 24, when he is speaking of the last days of the system of things - compare Matthew 24:24 It 'clear, therefore, that "that day" is the day when humanity comes before Christ for judgment. Some of these, or many of them at the last moment they will say ... "Do not we prophesy in your name and in your name expelled demons, and in Your name done many wonderful works?" But how can you say that if we start from the principle that false religion has been eliminated? Unless we do not want to apply this script to the people of God , or the ones who have continued to hold on to the last religion remained, we must necessarily assume that until the last moment there are worshipers of some kind. Indeed ... we will worship believe him, until the last moment, to do the will of God! - Compare John 16: 2 Who will ever, these worshipers, and where they will come from? If we compare Matthew 24:23, 24 and 2 Thessalonians 2: 4, 5 and Revelation 13: 11-15, they are the worshipers of the wild beast with lamb's horns (or false prophet) who is impersonating for God and lead us astray "those who dwell on earth." This beast, in fact, remains alive until the last moment of divine judgment and all the people who will worship his own demise - Revelation 19:20 Religion, therefore, will continue to exist until the last moment of divine judgment but will undergo a substantial change. Responding to the post title, therefore, " the world empire of false religion really is Babylon the Great ?" Obviously not, if we take it for granted that it will be destroyed before Armageddon. Instead of false religion will be destroyed at the last moment, when it will become clear who is the True God, unfortunately for all those who are not deemed worthy to know Him before His judgment - Matthew 13:14, 15; 2 Thessalonians 2: 8: Revelation 19:20 Who is Babylon the Great, and how and when it will be destroyed? Who is really interested in pursuing this subject, you may find useful the article shown in the following link
  6. I can see the "burning" can you? 19 "They threw dust on their heads and cried out, weeping and mourning, and said: ‘Too bad, too bad, the great city, in which all those who had ships at sea became rich from her wealth, because in one hour she has been devastated!’ (Revelation 18:19) NWT Why do “the kings of the earth” grieve over the very entity they themselves have devastated? The reason for their grief is strictly selfish. After the destruction of Babylon the Great, the kings of the earth evidently come to realize how useful she was to them. She provided a religious front for their oppressive deeds. Babylon the Great also helped them in recruiting youths for the battlefields. Moreover, she played an important part in keeping people in subjection. In additional significant factor is that when Babylon the Great goes down under the devastating attack of the ten horns of the symbolic wild beast, her fall is mourned by her companions in fornication, the kings of the earth, and also by the merchants and shippers who dealt with her in supplying luxurious commodities and gorgeous fineries. While these political and commercial representatives survive her desolation, notably no religious representatives are depicted as still on the scene to share in mourning her downfall. (Re 17:16, 17; 18:9-19) The kings of the earth are shown as having judgment executed upon them sometime after mystic Babylon’s annihilation, and their destruction comes, not from the “ten horns,” but from the sword of the King of kings, the Word of God.—Re 19:1, 2, 11-18. A further distinguishing characteristic of Babylon the Great is her drunkenness, she being pictured as “drunk with the blood of the holy ones and with the blood of the witnesses of Jesus.” (Re 17:4, 6; 18:24; 19:1, 2) She thus is the spiritual counterpart of the ancient city of Babylon, expressing the same enmity toward the true people of God. Significantly, it was to the charge of religious leaders that Jesus laid the responsibility for “all the righteous blood spilled on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah.” While those words were addressed to religious leaders from among Jesus’ own race, the Jewish nation, and while persecution against Jesus’ followers was particularly intense from that sector for a time, history shows that thereafter the opposition to genuine Christianity came from other sources (the Jews themselves suffering considerable persecution).—Mt 23:29-35. All the above factors are significant, and they must all be considered in arriving at a true picture of symbolic Babylon the Great and what it represents. Revelation 18:9, 10—Why do “the kings of the earth” grieve over the very entity they themselves have devastated? The reason for their grief is strictly selfish. After the destruction of Babylon the Great, the kings of the earth evidently come to realize how useful she was to them. She provided a religious front for their oppressive deeds. Babylon the Great also helped them in recruiting youths for the battlefields. Moreover, she played an important part in keeping people in subjection. https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/2009124?q=rev+18&p=par 2 pictures 1 moving 1 GIF IMG_9988.mov
  7. They threw dust on their heads and cried out, weeping and mourning, and said: ‘Too bad, too bad, the great city, in which all those who had ships at sea became rich from her wealth, because in one hour she has been devastated!’ http://washpost.bloomberg.com/Story?docId=1376-ODF7FR6TTDSM01-7QA47V5QO42GJEGPOG7D5D27C1 The fall of South Korea’s biggest container line Hanjin Shipping Co. is similar to the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and has materially impacted the shipping industry, Seaspan Corp. Chief Executive Officer Gerry Wang said. Seaspan, the Hong Kong-based container-ship leasing company that has three vessels chartered to the distressed line, is evaluating all options and examining systemic risks resulting from Hanjin’s bankruptcy filing, Wang said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. In June, Wang had rejected Hanjin’s requests for charter-rate cuts before the shipping line filed for court receivership last month. “The fallout of Hanjin Shipping is like Lehman Brothers to the financial markets,” Wang said. “It’s a huge, huge nuclear bomb. It shakes up the supply chain, the cornerstone of globalization.”
  8. The Watchtower teaches that the Great tribulation begins with the fall of Babylon the Great. But while reading Revelation chapter 16:12, we learn that the sixth angel pour out his bowl on the Euphrates and then verse 16 says "And they gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Armageddon." And verses 17 to 21 are talking about Babylon the Great. Verse 19 says that "Babylon the Great was remembered before God, to give her the cup of the wine of the fury of his wrath". It seems that the fall of Babylon the Great comes after Armageddon. How do you explain that?
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