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Found 4 results

  1. Via @allyversprille (Bloomberg) on Twitter, waiting on full article. Edit: full article here Treasury’s letter to Senators today expressed “ancillary parties who cannot get access to information that is useful to the IRS are not intended to be captured by the reporting requirements for brokers...” Huge news for those of us concerned about the language of the US infrastructure bill passed earlier this year. Pretty common sense stuff here, but you never know when it comes to the Treasury and IRS.
  2. Vladimir Putin Says Bitcoin Can Be Used As A "Currency" today in a news conference. Obviously he sees this as an opportunity to evade the useless sanctions and EU banks etc... And in the even bigger picture.... he sees this as a replacement of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. He would like to see his oil one day sold for a currency other than the US dollar. Meanwhile the USA is now the number 1 miner of Bitcoin with industries being formed in many states. The US is using the ace card up its sleeve that it can use once... which is to print endless amounts of $ to "keep things going".... Never before has there been an alternative like Bitcoin
  3. https://today.yougov.com/topics/politics/survey-results/daily/2021/09/09/92f58/3
  4. Fidelity Goldman Sachs SkyBridge Morgan Stanley/NYDIG VanEck Valkyrie WisdomTree Bitwise The SEC has repeatedly delayed making decisions on multiple Bitcoin ETFs over the last few years, causing firms like VanEck to pull their applications over fears the SEC would reject them. A Bitcoin ETF would allow investors to redeem shares at any time. The successful launches of Bitcoin ETFs elsewhere have given momentum to those applying for a US Bitcoin ETF.
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