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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. I am not a creationist...... I do not believe the creation of animals and people took only 24 hours. This is what creationists believe. I do believe that jehovah created the earth and the physical universe and the age of the rocks on earth gives one an idea of the age of the earth. Genesis 1: 1 and 2 However, the earth is not as old as the estimates given by some evolutionists. There are many problems with carbon 14 dating as well as the other methods. Uranium breaks down into lead reasonably fast.... and there is still uranium left on the earth..... so if the earth is as old as they say, there would be no uranium left. I do believe that the earth after its creation was left to cool down and there was water on the earth from this process - as the bible indicates. After this God started to prepare the earth for human and animal habitation and only now calls each period a day. He used 6 periods, called a day, to work on this. But he also calls all the creation of heaven and earth (including its preparation) a day - one total period in genesis 2:4. When you promote the idea that the layers of the earth is not in line with bible chronology you are mistaken. You see the geological record together with the biblical record confirms the biblical history. Many geologists try to hide the evidence of a earthwide flood but the violent evidences of a flood is everywhere on earth - especially the animal grave yards which were mostly in gullys. The earth tore open and released waters deep under the earth and gave way to volcanic activity and tsunamis. It was an extremely violent event which left the earth completely changed afterwards. The earth moved considerably as water is not only heavy but extremely powerful in its movement when tectonic plates move. The weight of one bucket of water should give one an idea of the weight and pressing down of sediment involved. This pushed out all oxygen.... perfect for the formation of coal, diamonds etc. Water also drew back and this can be seen in some formations. The layers of animals packed down in the different layers of sediment is proof of a violent flood. And the same sediment layers appear all over the earth with the lighter materials higher up such as sea shells etc. Me thinks you dismiss too much evidence which honest scientists do not ignore! Yea- you will most probably call me a moron.... again....but because evolutionists do not take the flood into account and the change of the earth during the flood their carbon calculations and ice age calculations could be totally wrong..... No I do not punt..... I have a life. My life does not consist of sitting on internet talking to trolls who really do not care to even consider an aspect different to their own opinion.
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