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Found 8 results

  1. It seems like all the major JW-related topics on this forum, no matter what the original topic, have become a mix of discussions that will end up including: Russia, Ukraine, Covid19, the UN, the KON, the KOS, and China. That's perfectly fine, of course. But for ease of reference, what if we could include our basic ideas and opinions about the KON, KOS, GOG and MAGOG, in one place. I'm not proposing to move any posts from other topics to here, but anyone should feel free to copy and quote what's been said elsewhere, if they wish. I wanted to start with some quotes from WTS publications as a basis. First from the Pure Worship book: *** rr chap. 17 p. 183 par. 8 “I Am Against You, O Gog” *** 8 “The king of the north.” (Read Daniel 11:40-45.) Daniel foretold the march of world powers from his day down to our time. The prophecy also mentions rival political foes—“the king of the south” and “the king of the north”—each of them having changed identity over the centuries as various earthly nations have fought for supremacy. Regarding the final campaign of the king of the north in “the time of the end,” Daniel said: “He will go out in a great rage to annihilate and to devote many to destruction.” Jehovah’s worshippers are the primary target of the king of the north. But like Gog of Magog, the king of the north comes “to his end” after failing in his attack on God’s people. And on the topic of Gog of Magog, just previous to the above quote: *** rr chap. 17 p. 182 “I Am Against You, O Gog” *** The Enemy—Gog of Magog 3 Read Ezekiel 38:1, 2, 8, 18; 39:4, 11. Here is the gist of the prophecy: “In the final part of the years,” an enemy called “Gog of . . . Magog” invades “the land” of God’s people. But that vicious attack causes Jehovah’s “great rage” to flare up, and Jehovah steps in and defeats Gog. Victorious, Jehovah gives his defeated enemy and all those with him “as food to all kinds of birds of prey and the wild beasts.” Finally, Jehovah gives Gog “a burial place.” To understand how this prophecy will be fulfilled in the near future, we first need to identify Gog. 4 Who, then, is Gog of Magog? From Ezekiel’s description, we may conclude that Gog is an enemy of pure worshippers. Is Gog a prophetic name for Satan—the greatest of all enemies of true worship? For many decades, that is what our publications said. However, a further consideration of Ezekiel’s prophecy led to an adjustment in our understanding. The Watchtower explained that the title Gog of Magog refers, not to an invisible spirit creature, but to a visible human enemy—a coalition of nations that will fight against pure worship. Before we review the basis for such a conclusion, let us first examine two clues in Ezekiel’s prophecy that indicate that Gog is not a spirit creature. 5 “I will give you as food to all kinds of birds of prey.” (Ezek. 39:4) The Scriptures often use the idea of birds of prey devouring a carcass as a warning of divine judgment. God gave such warnings to the nation of Israel as well as to non-Israelite nations. (Deut. 28:26; Jer. 7:33; Ezek. 29:3, 5) Note, though, that those divine warnings were given, not to spirit creatures, but to flesh-and-blood humans. After all, birds of prey and wild beasts eat flesh, not spirit. So this divine warning in Ezekiel’s prophecy suggests that Gog is not a spirit creature. 6 “I will give Gog a burial place . . . in Israel.” (Ezek. 39:11) The Scriptures do not speak of spirit creatures as being buried on earth. Rather, Satan and his demons will be abyssed for 1,000 years, and later they will be hurled into the symbolic lake of fire, signifying their everlasting destruction. (Luke 8:31; Rev. 20:1-3, 10) Since Gog is spoken of as being given “a burial place” on earth, we may conclude that he is not a spirit creature.
  2. These words were spoken recently by S. Lett, member of the governing body during the annual convention. He was referring to the news media, clergy and apostates; and along with them, is the entire ‘worldly’ influence that JWs must guard against. He informed them that the wicked who are trying to assimilate them into their world, are numbered “900 to one”; the estimated ratio of the earth’s population, to the count of JWs. This means all peoples outside of the organization have been judged by the “governors” as wicked. Undoubtedly, his estimate would manufacture a variety of emotions; apprehension and fear toward those not JWs, along with a sense of chosen “righteous” privilege, assumed by members cloistered within the organization’s walls. (1 Cor 13:4; Prov 30:12-14; Jer 48:29; Isa 66:5,6; Matt 5:11,12; John 15:20; 16:2; Heb 13:13; Rev 13:15) Satan imparts the skills of deception to his ministers who fall in step with his covert operation, but since deception hides the true intention of his works, how do we identify and locate his ministers? (Deut 18:20-22; Lam 2:14; Jer 23:17; 1 Thess 5:3; Luke 6:26; John 8:44; 2 Cor 4:3,4; 11:4; 1 Tim 4:1,2) Using the familiar phrase heard while in the organization, we “examine the scriptures”, or as the speaker put it, “by diligent study” of God’s word. (Prov 24:3;2 Tim 2:15; 3:16,17) This leader stated: “In the near future another powerful enemy will come against us. This formidable foe is a coalition of nations called Gog in Ezekiel 38. It says that Gog will come with a great assembly, a vast army like clouds covering the land. They will come against God’s people. Now this could be a very intimidating situation. But dear brothers and sisters, your faith will make you stronger than Gog and will keep you stronger until Jehovah miraculously intervenes at Armageddon; and if you think about it, Armageddon is a rescue operation. He will intervene and he will sweep attacking Gog away forever with a broom of annihilation.” “Gog of Magog” is a term frequently used in the organization lately. The biblical definition of “Gog, the land of Magog”: Gog –“mountain”, the name of an Israelite, also of some northern nation. Of the prince of the land of Magog Magog – land of Gog, a barbarous northern region/territory; also a great and powerful people under the name of a man (Gen 10:2) Is it true that Gog of the land of Magog, is showing up during Armageddon as a great pool of national armies? (Ezek 13:9) These leaders are projecting spiritual fulfillment in politics and its rulers, in the same way that they have used prophecy of the destruction of early Jerusalem to Christendom’s downfall, by calling it the “antitypical Jerusalem”. After decades of this teaching, they recently stated that there is no scriptural basis to fit Christendom into this role. So, who does fill this role? Judgment and condemnation in the last days is where “New Jerusalem”/”Israel” resides. (Rom 9:6; 2:28,29; Phil 3:3; Gal 4:26) Judgment comes upon God’s named people in the “saints”/anointed priesthood, under the wicked steward of God’s household. To these who are under covenant with God, prophecy has its fulfillment. (Isa 43:10; 1 Pet 2:5,9; Eph 2:20-22; Heb 3:6; 8:6-8; Ezek 5:5,6; 2 Chron 7:14; Jer 25:29; Isa 1:21; Luke 12:42,45; Rev 17:6; Luke 12:46; Hos 6:5; Jer 5:14; 23:29; Rev 18:8) Taking on another antitypical role for Gog of Magog leads to a conundrum in teachings. The organization teaches that its members are the “remnant” to have come out of Babylon the Great, the “empire of false religion”. (Rev 17:5) If they were faithful in their devotion to God and obeyed His laws, which JWs believes they are, would He allow this to occur to a perceived obedient people under His favor? (Lev 26:3,6) There is no biblical instance where nations plundered and persecuted His people when they were faithful, but plenty of examples to prove otherwise. (Lev 26:14,15,21,22; Jer 14:7,10;32:24; Ezek 5:13-15; Isa 29:7; Jer 6:6; Luke 21:20; Rev 20:8,9) However, the leader promised that persecution by the ‘news media, clergy, apostates’ and the nations cannot be avoided in the last days. Yet simply, most of this “persecution” is the result of the organization’s various dark doctrines coming to light; their rejection of the words of Christ, which ultimately they will face accountability for. (Ezek 5:14,15; Matt 10:26; John 3:19; 12:48; Rom 2:6-8; Eph 5:5,6,11; Heb 4:12; 2 Chron 36:15,16; Mal 3:1-3;Matt 17:11;Rev 11:1-3;14:6,7) Why did the nation of Israel suffer persecution by the Chaldean army of Babylon? Under the leadership of stiff-necked rulers, Judah was wicked, disregarding God’s laws and defiling the temple. (2 Chron 36:14; Hab 1:3,4,6; Zech 12:2) “Didn’t you exist before time began, O Lord, my God, my Holy One? We will not die! O Lord, you have appointed the Babylonians to bring judgment. O Rock, you have destined them to correct us.” Hab 1:12 The governing leader deftly avoided the true reason Gog of Magog attacked Israel in their day. There was no scripture cited to back up his untrustworthy prediction. “You will come from your place in the far north, you and many nations with you, all of them riding on horses, a great horde, a mighty army. 16 You will advance against my people Israel like a cloud that covers the land. In days to come, Gog, I will bring you against my land, so that the nations may know me when I am proved holy through you before their eyes.” Why would Gog be used to prove God’s holiness? “I will turn you around, drive you on, and lead you up from the remotest parts of the north. I will bring you against the mountains of Israel.” “I will display my glory among the nations, and all the nations will see the judgment I have executed and the hand I have laid on them. 22 From that day forward the house of Israel will know that I am the Lord their God. 23 And the nations will know that the house of Israel went into exile on account of their iniquity, because they dealt unfaithfully with me. Therefore, I hid my face from them and handed them over to their enemies, so that they all fell by the sword. 24 I dealt with them according to their uncleanness and transgressions, and I hid my face from them.” Ezek 39:2,22-24 As a result of disobedience toward their covenant with God, Israel was promised discipline for their sin, which was manifested through Gog’s attack. (Deut 28:15,20,25,45,46) God’s supernatural show of unlimited power toward a repentant Israel, glorified His name not only among His refined people, but was witnessed among the nations. (Ezek 38:23; 39:6,7,22,28; Joel 3:17) Will JWs notice that Gog of Magog came upon Israel due to their repeated sin and gross abominations? Since the organization’s “Gog” is predicted to bring havoc, does this mean that JWs will be “exiled” to “Babylon the Great”, most of them arrested and taken into bondage, as happened to the nation of Israel? (2 Chron 36:18-20; Ezek 17:12) What it does mean, is they are still under symbolic “Babylon’s” influence of drunken confusion and darkness, leading to death. (Isa 1:21;28:14,15,18; Rev 8:11;13:11,12,15,16; Rev 17:1,5,6; 18; 17:2,1,15; Jer 51:7; 13:13; Ps 60:3; Zech 12:2; Obad 1:16; Rev 14:8; Jer 51:7,6; Rev 18:4) Their interpretation of Ezekiel’s Gog is nonsense and confusion. They have fabricated a storyline that is not even a “half-truth”, but a full-scale lie which has deceptively cloaked the identity of the army that has already come against anointed “Israel”. This powerful army does not tolerate rebellion against its authority. (2 Chron 36:14-17; 2 Sam 7:14;Prov 23:13,14; Ezek 28:2; Dan 2:33; 11:37; 2 Thess 2:3,4; Rev 11:1-3;13:5-7) “How inappropriate it would be to challenge or undermine the authority of appointed elders!” Wt 2000/8/15 p. 29 Will their perception of Gog eventually be scrapped, as their previous long-taught doctrine of the devastating locusts in Joel, as God’s holy people? Joel’s locusts are the northern army that came against Israel because of their rebellion and idolatry. As we see in the above magazine quote, the great “army” of elders fulfill that role, who represent the “image” of the “spirit-directed organization”/idol, having full authority given them by the governing leaders. They rule unchallenged over God’s holy people today, as they deceitfully “represent the royal priesthood”. (Ezek 38:4,7; Joel 2:1-5;1:4,6; Dan 11:16,31; 8:25; 2 Thess 2:4; Rev 9:2,3,7-9, Ezek 4:1-3; Lev 26:18-19; Rev 13:4,11,12,15, 5-7; Dan 8:24) The book of Revelation also tells us of Gog and Magog. Rev 20:7-9 - When the thousand years are completed, Satan will be released from his prison 8 and will go out to deceive the nations at the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them for battle. Their number is like the sand of the sea. 9 They came up across the breadth of the earth and surrounded the encampment of the saints, the beloved city. Then fire came down from heaven and consumed them. This event is highly avoided by the governing leaders. Why? It is difficult to “sell” the idea of a thousand-year paradise after Armageddon, where war and death will be no more; and alongside this promise, enforce the contradictive false doctrine that this peace ends in an act of war, leading to the death of many. (Isa 2:4; Rev 21:4; Rev 13:16,17) Thus, the leaders deliberately ignore Gog and Magog of Rev 20:7. Apparently, they feel they must limit their own deceptions to preserve the appealing ones. (Ezek 12:21-28; Isa 30:10) Contrary to their “thousand-year” doctrine of peace, Gog and Magog show up when the symbolic thousand-year reign of Christ which began in the first century, reaches its end. (Ps 110:1,2; Prov 25:5; Matt 10:34; 1 Cor 15:24-28) Satan is freed from his inability to “perceive” how to enact his scheme, to deceive the “the elect”. (Ezek 38:10; Prov 24:8,9;1 Pet 5:8; Rev 12:1-3,12; Matt 24:24,25; 2 Cor 11:13-15; Prov 24:1,8,9; Col 2:8;1 Tim 4:1; Rev 13:10) Gog and Magog are marching on the earth when “Israel”/New Jerusalem is gathered and surrounded. (Hab 1:6-11) Satan and his army cannot deceive and surround the camp of the saints/anointed if they are ruling as heavenly faithful kings and priests in the Kingdom with Jesus Christ, and serving God in His Temple. (Heb 12:22; Rev 7:3,4,14,15; 22:3,4) Their number is “like the sand of the sea”. (Gen 22:17; Isa 10:22–23; Gal 3:26; Hos 1:10; 1 Pet 2:5,9,10; Rom 9:25-28) Christ’s anointed “kings of the earth”, the “beloved city”/ New Jerusalem, is surrounded today, and held captive by the “coalition” of an army of elders, wielding the weapon of deceit. (Rev 1:5; Lam 1:5; Isa 52:2; Col 2:8; Luke 21:24; 1 Cor 3:16,17; 2 Thess 2:3,4; Rev 11:1,2; 13:5-7; Eph 6:11,12). Since the organization’s inception, Satan and his “ministers”, the Harlot/false prophet and her Beast/organization, have gathered unsealed anointed, for the battle of Armageddon and its finale. (Joel 3:9-12,14; Rev 16:13-16; 17:1,3) Through worldly offers of riches, power and dominance, he has won over unfaithful ones of “Israel”, and their “helpers” who have carried out his inspired plan. (Luke 4:5-7; Hos 6:7; 2 Cor 11:2,3; 1 Cor 6:15,16;16; Heb 12:16; Matt 24:24,25; Rev 8:11; 9:1,2; 13:11,15; 19:20; 16:13; 20:10) Satanic deception during his “short time”, is at the core, causing a snowball effect that ultimately leads to the trampling of God Temple members. (Rev 20:3;12:12) (Isa 1:12,4,7) The final anointed remnant was ‘captivated’ by the organization’s message, misled by “signs and wonders” of false prophets. Although they made this choice when they took the bait, it led to breaking their covenant with God and Christ, and leaving truth behind. (Deut 13:1-5; Matt 24:24; 2 Thess 2:9-12; Dan 11:32; Hos 8:1; Ps 78:10; Mal 2:7,8) (Col 2:8; Rev 13:10; 1 Tim 4:1; Col 2:18,19) The have neglected their Temple responsibilities as God’s priesthood. (Mal 2:7; Isa 48:17-19; Amos 9:8-10; Ezek44:8-9;2 Chron 13:9; Jer 44:4; 7:30; 6:15; Dan 11:31; Matt 24:15,16) As Hab 1:12 tells us, the persecution that resulted was discipline that God’s people either responded to and repented for their sins (Ezek 39:25-29), or rebelliously ignored. (Lev 26:21-25; Prov 15:10; 1 Cor 11:32; Heb 12:7,8,11,15; Rom 11:7-10) When God disciplined Israel, famine was always the result. We see the earmark of spiritual famine, the absence of truth in God’s word, evident in the convention presentation. The leaders of spiritual “Israel” hide behind their refuge of lies and “treachery”. (Isa 28:14,15,22; Prov 23:1-3;Amos 8:11; 2Chron.15:3; Ps.74:9; Lev.26:26; Eze.4:10,11,12,13; Rev.6:5,6; Matt 7:15-20) Gog and Magog – the two Beasts of Rev. 13:1,2,11,12 – the Harlot and the Beast she rides – the false prophet and her organization/man of lawlessness that she directs…these identities and more, are one and the same. The characteristics of deceit are laced through the actions behind their titles. (Rev 16:13-16) Deception has successfully diverted God’s anointed priesthood away from truth in Jesus Christ. The elders have set themselves up over the Temple members of God, as an army that stands “where it does not belong”. There is no “reverence” that God demands toward His Temple/sanctuary/holy place; not by the leaders, by JWs in general, and not by the blind and deceived “kings of the earth”. (Lev 26:2; Heb 8:1,2; Num 18:7; 2 Chron 23:6,7; Ezek 44:7; Dan 11:31,32,36; Matt 24:15,16; Mark 13:14; 2 Thess 2:3,4; Rev 11:1,2) (1 Pet 2:5,9; 1 Cor 3:16,17; Eph 2:20) “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot." God allows His Temple priests to be trampled, because they have lost their "saltiness" (Num 18:19; 2 Chron 13:5; Lev 2:13). These have abdicated their royal authority (Luke 10:19) and have allowed the Beast to remove their continual sacrifice ("constant feature") (Luke 10:19; Rev 17:13) as priests and kings, in favor of subjecting themselves to the Image / Idol, of the Wild Beast! (Rev 13:7,8; 2 Thess 2:4; Dan 8:11,24,25; 11:31,36; 12:11) (2 Cor 11:20; Col 2:8; Rev 13:10,7,8). For these offenses against their God, they must be disciplined and refined! They are disciplined, by means of the very gods they have subjected themselves to... the Gentile Wild Beast (Rev 13:15,1,4) (locust-scorpion collective Rev 9:3,10), and the false prophet ("second wild beast") (Rev 13:11; 19:20) above it / them. Pearl Doxsey - Is the "Wicked Steward" Real? However one wants to express it - “Gog of Magog”, or “Gog and Magog” - the “camp of the saints” is held captive with the stealth of a lion on the prowl – Satan, who seeks to devour them. (1 Pet 5:8) Judgment is all inclusive; this deceitful team will not escape its own judgment, for trampling down God’s people. (Prov 22:22,23; Ezek 39:6,7; 2 Thess 2:8; Rev 18:4-8; 20:10) Isaiah also cries out concerning Israel: “Though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, The remnant will be saved. 28 For He will finish the work and cut it short in righteousness, Because the Lord will make a short work upon the earth.” And as Isaiah said before: “Unless the Lord of Sabaoth had left us a seed, We would have become like Sodom, And we would have been made like Gomorrah.” Rom 9:27-29 From within that Sodom-like City, God will cleanse a remnant and restore them, IF they are repentant. They are restored back, to being "the city of righteousness, the faithful City". (Isa 1:25-27; Zech 13:9; Mal 3:3; Zech 4:9,6,12,14; Rev 11:4,3; 3:12; 21:2; Ps 48:8) Pearl Doxsey - "Sodom"/"Four Horsemen" In the end, God’s name will be proven holy. (Rom 2:23,24; Ezek 13:9,14,23; 36:22-38; 38:23; 39:27,28;Rev 12:7;7:10; 4:8-11)
  3. JW Core Beliefs .... As Applied I carefully read Anna's list of JW core beliefs, and responded "Amen", although about some I have been thinking about all the extenuating circumstances that might affect the absoluteness of some of them. For Example, in U.S. Law there are many things that are felonies, but State Supreme Courts have ruled that although these felonies are lawfully prosecuted, the individual specifics make them AS APPLIED to certain cases make the application of those laws un-Constitutional, either by State, or Federal Constitutions. In other words, the specific circumstances of the crime determines whether or not those laws can be applied against a specific person, in a specific set of circumstances. ...... Lets suppose a family of five, where all the family members are Jehovah's Witnesses, and the mother has tired of taking care of her three young children, puts them in a car, and deliberately drives that car into a lake, and drowns them. It's first-degree premeditated murder. She is convicted in a court of law, and is sentenced to three life sentences with no possibility of parole. QUESTION # 1 : Is the husband, whose three children were murdered by his wife, expected to live his life alone, and never re-marry? QUESTION #2: If he does, say after a dozen years, remarry, will he be disfellowshipped?
  4. Of course, I don't really believe this in the slightest. But I thought I would put it out here just to raise some interest in the actual meaning of Gog and Magog. I looked on Google and could not find any places where anyone had made the connection yet between GOOGLE and GOG. This surprised me, because in Hebrew the verse at Ezekiel 38:2 actually says the following in the Masoretic text: See it here: https://www.blueletterbible.org/kjv/eze/38/2/t_conc_840002 בֶּן־אָדָם שִׂים פָּנֶיךָ אֶל־גֹּוג אֶרֶץ הַמָּגֹוג נְשִׂיא רֹאשׁ מֶשֶׁךְ וְתֻבָל וְהִנָּבֵא עָלָֽיו׃ אֶל־גֹּוג means when transliterated EL-GOG. But the O between the two G's is actually a 'vav' which when used as a vowel (as it is here) is not just used for O, but also for U, pronounced OO. Therefore: אֶל־גֹּוג can also be transliterated as EL-GOOG. Transliterated left to right as it appears on paper, this is אֶל־גֹּוג or GOOG-LE. Quite a coincidence for a word that has a curious prophetic meaning in Scripture, and a word that is so ubiquitous on the Internet that it transcends translation. It is a trademark, a mark of that wild, beastly thing we call the Internet. Of course, that particular "wild beast" connection has already been done:
  5. Dammit man! The peace and security of this country is at stake! The above picture from the new Ezekiel book is a representation of what Jehovah's WItnesses believe is "Gog" or Governments plotting against JW's "pure worship" looks like. Gog and Magog in the Hebrew Bible may be individuals, peoples, or lands; a prophesied enemy nation of God's people according to the Book of Ezekiel, and according to Genesis, one of the nations descended from Japheth, son of Noah. The government has televisions on the wall watching Sam Herd and the Warwick Watchtower while plotting against jw.org. This evil plan looks to be directed by a politician and some military men. The military man is reading a Watchtower brochure or so it appears. Â
  6. Chapter 38 of Ezekiel: Who is Gog of Magog? If you've read the article entitled "What nations disappear at Armageddon?", Regardless of whether you've shared or not , you pretend not to have read it. Obviously at the end of this article, if you consider it useful, you can go and take it back. Although that article had to deal with, inevitably, the identity of Gog of Magog, I found it necessary to resume the topic being discussed among many brothers also because the last change of understanding. We all know what the officer says understanding, is not it? Gog of Magog is a coalition of nations (not Satan) who organize to attack the people of God. In reference to the Millennial Kingdom of Christ, Gog of Magog "check" again to attack the "healthy part" of God's people. That is to say that these people, before being identified as Gog of Magog, would our surviving brothers Armageddon (or their offspring) but, they decide to rebel against Jehovah God by attacking the party faithful after a thousand years of peace and prosperity, of His people. We must honestly admit that this case has puzzled some 'everyone from the beginning because it really seems absurd that after a thousand years of peace and happiness, someone should organize to recreate the same terrible conditions existing in the pre-Armageddon world. Incidentally Revelation speaks not just "someone" but says it will be "as the sand of the sea"! Now, whatever interpretation we wanted to give the expression "the sand of the sea", it can not give some idea of the four cats disorganized. They seem to be really great people. With this in mind, let's discuss chapter 38 of Ezekiel to see if it can give us interesting details about this subject and if there is the possibility of having to revise some of our beliefs. Â Who is Gog of Magog? Â " After many days you will pay attention to you. In the final part of the years you will come to the village [of people] brought back from the sword, gathered out of many peoples, to the mountains of Israel, which have been continuously a devastated place; yes, [a country] which was taken from the peoples, [where] they have dwelt safely, all of them - Ezekiel 38: 8 Â Why Almighty God should say, to His own people, the people whom He considered worthy to survive Armageddon, "After many years you will pay attention"? The writing also says ... "Will you come to the village [of people] brought back from the sword, gathered out of many peoples" ... But if these are the inhabitants of the "new world", are not also the people who were "brought back from the sword, gathered out of many peoples"? So, speaking of this people the same verse adds, "have lived safely, everyone." Why is this distinction made if during the millennial reign there will be peace and security in every corner of the earth? During the Millennial Kingdom, well after Armageddon, they do not dwell all safe? Gog of Magog, perhaps, has not dwelt safe until then? Â And you will be forced to rise. You will be like a storm. You will be like clouds to cover the land, thou, and all thy bands, and many peoples with you " '- Ezekiel 38: 9 Â The verse says that will rise "to cover the land." Again we have to ask ... " What country?" During the Millennial Reign of Christ the world will still be divided into nations and countries? By the way, talking of "legions", we see a people organized and military invoice ; certainly not a bunch of people disorganized and improvised. Â The Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: 'And it must occur in that day that things will go up in the heart, and certainly will devise a malicious design; and you say, "I shall go up against the land of open countryside. I will go to those who do not bother, that dwell safely, all dwelling without walls, and do not have even bar and doors "- Ezekiel 38:10, 11 Â "I shall go up against the land of open country". What is the land of the open country? There are other countries that do not qualify as open country, or helpless? And why any other "countries" should bother to defend himself during the Millennial Kingdom? "I will go to those who do not bother, that dwell safely, all dwelling without walls, and do not have even bar and doors." So these people, to make these considerations, not dwelled safe? He had a few walls? He had bars and doors? And why a country should have walls, bars and doors if there are no wars, nor weapons, nor thieves or other criminals? Why you should equip the bars and doors if everyone will love intensely, with sincere and loyal love as brothers under one Father? Â It will be to take great spoil and to do much prey, to turn your hand on inhabited places devastated again and on a people gathered from the nations, [a people] who accumulates wealth and property, [those] who dwell at the center of the earth - Ezekiel 38:12 Â Let us assume that at some point towards the end of the Millennial Kingdom, reborn greed, desire for conquest and pride after a thousand years of oblivion. Who would be the "little people gathered from the nations"? If Armageddon has destroyed all the nations of the world , all those who now find themselves living in the Millennial Kingdom and then survived, are they not all those "collected by the nations"? But the scripture says that there is a people who organize to prey upon another people: a people gathered from the nations. Â Therefore prophesy, son of man, and you must say to Gog: 'The Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: "In that day, when my people Israel shall dwell safely, not [it] you know? - Ezekiel 38:14 Â This writing could leave to guess why Gog of Magog, until yesterday, was identified as Satan. Here Jehovah clearly identifies himself as the God of Israel ... but in the Millennial Kingdom should not be all "Israel"? In writing this Gog is clearly seen in opposition to Israel and then identify it as Satan seemed the sensible thing. Obviously it is "sensible" if we take for granted that at Armageddon are destroyed all the nations of the world, so all unbelievers and rebels. Simply stated: If the post-Armageddon world we live only deserving persons, the one who can get in opposition to God's people is Satan. Obviously this understanding seemed to coincide things but, as he was also treated in a more or less recent Tower Guard, created some really absurd paradoxes as we shall see later. Â And certainly you will be from your place, from the remotest parts of the north, you and many peoples with you, all mounted on horses, a great congregation, yes, a number of military forces - Ezekiel 38:15 Â "Several military forces"? Military improvise or made after a period of training? Previously, the verses 4:05, we read that these are all dressed "with perfect taste" and that "large shield and small shield". This leaves just understand that we are talking about a fully equipped and trained people for the war! Even assuming that these verses refer to the previous Gog Magog (what in life before Armageddon), describe this people, in verse 15, as a congregation of many military forces, suggests that they are not just newbies. So the logical question should be ... "Where you are trained, if they are all good of the Millennial Kingdom ? What weapons? For how long?" Â "And for sure will come up against My people Israel, like clouds to cover the land. It will happen in the final part of the days, and I will bring you against My land, that the nations may know Me when I shall be sanctified in you before their eyes, or Gog "- Ezekiel 38:16 Â Again Jehovah identifies His people, Israel, making a contrast Gog of Magog. It also understands that this distinction is not born at a time when some of the people decide to attack another, but that Israel has existed for a number of years and lives with these other peoples or nations. Not only Jehovah himself says he will be sanctified among the nations. Which countries? Maybe the same ones that Satan will mislead when it comes out of the abyss? - Revelation 20: 2, 3 Â Reading Ezekiel 38: 17-20 we find other interesting details. In particular, we can isolate the point where it is said that "the mountains will actually be killed and the steep ways will have to fall, and even every wall will fall to the ground." We might ask what to depict these mountains and who, until the end of the Millennial Kingdom, still possess defensive walls that will fall to the ground. Â " ' And certainly I will call against him in all my mountainous region a sword,' it is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah. 'The sword of each is against his own brother - Ezekiel 38:21 Â And even then we should ask where they took swords and where they forged these peaceful brothers, inhabitants of the New World. Â And certainly I will enter into judgment with him with pestilence and with blood; and I will rain a downpour flood and hailstones, fire and brimstone upon him and upon his bands, and upon the many peoples that are with him. And certainly I magnify myself, and sanctify myself and make myself known before the eyes of many nations; and they will know that I am Jehovah '- Ezekiel 38:22, 23 Â The people taken from every nation at the end of the great tribulation, having seen, among other things, the destruction of any nation in opposition to Jehovah, they did not already know who is Jehovah? - Hebrews 8:11, 12 Reading just what it says, it does not seem that there is something that does not come back with our current understanding? In chapter 39 of Ezekiel you will find other interesting details. These details have forced the CD to revise the interpretation that Gog of Magog was Satan and is a fair reflection. How can, in fact, Satan, be given as food to the birds of prey? - Ezekiel 39: 4 How you can have a burial place on earth? - Ezekiel 39:11 Identify Gog of Magog as a "coalition of nations" is correct because you just simply read what is written without seeking hidden meanings - Ezekiel 38:15 However simply say that it is a coalition of nations opens up other questions, if you do not have the courage to review other fundamental interpretations. One of these is to understand that, while the wild beast, and all united in their fight against the Lamb will be destroyed at Armageddon, some nations will be allowed to continue to exist - Compare Daniel 7:11, 12 This means that after Armageddon , will remain something of the old world and there is a scriptural reason for this to happen. Â This makes it very easy to see how it is possible that during the Millennial Kingdom happen something like that. It makes us understand many other things such as when people will rush en mass, on their own initiative, to the mountain of Jehovah, "to the house of Jacob" - Isaiah 2: 2-4 It fully understand the meaning and order of the events described in 1 Corinthians 15:25 and many other things. Â From this brief examination we could see how it changes our visual horizon if only we strive to read the Scriptures without preconceptions. For understanding current attacking us are created forcer and really irreconcilable contradictions but allowing Scripture to flow freely will form a logical and coherent scenario. We can also see how, who has a prejudice, can not comprehend the obvious and we have seen many times in our preaching work. How many times we happened to listen to abstruse and philosophical arguments to say what the Scripture that says, maybe to prove doctrines such as the Trinity, hellfire, or things like that? Ahead of certain scriptural somersaults maybe we said ... "But how can you say such things! How can you not understand! Yet it is so clear!" The answer is often, prejudice and the inability to call into question their own beliefs. Obviously it is very easy to apply it to others. A little 'more difficult to apply it to ourselves. The possibility exists that we are becoming the modern Pharisees? And 'possible, pay for what we know, we have become the harder we get back on topic? Let's think about meditating on the history of Israel.
  7. The 19th and 20th chapters of Revelation will reveal some significant details about the war of Armageddon, and what will happen next. These details will include two major changes to the current understanding and, just as happened with the identity of Babylon the Great, this "vision of change" will be a real stumbling block for many Jehovah's Witnesses. These chapters will be discussed in the next article, but, facing such a serious change of intent for two more subjects, it was decided to treat them separately in the light of all Scripture. First, we must realize that Revelation speaks of the resurrection at the end of the millennium, and not during the millennium . This will be discussed in detail in due course. For the moment ... you accept this opportunity just to make understandable the theme of this article is to answer the question, exactly, "what countries actually disappear at Armageddon?". It is clear that here we return to the usual "problem" if the book was written in chronological order or not but in the meantime we have seen that the 7 seals are sequential, the 7 trumpets must be sequential (the apostle Paul calls the seventh trumpet the "last trumpet ") and so are the seven bowls of the wrath of God. If all this is sequential ... it is consistent to think that just the last chapters they are not? Let's try to read the whole chapter 20 of Revelation and follow the order of events. Satan is loosed out of his prison, so misleads the nations which are in the corners of the earth, these surround the camp of the saints and then are killed by fire coming down from heaven. After this event, the death and hades return the dead that are in them - Revelation 20: 11-13 The writing of Revelation 20: 4 it says that the rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were finished. " As long as" means "up to the moment when" and not "during" and this would appear to suggest that these thousand years the elect would reign on the survivors of Armageddon and their families but not on any resurrected. The same term, "long" used in Matthew 1:25, we always used to prove that Joseph had no intercourse with his wife Maria until the baby is born . This should be enough to prove that the resurrection will occur after the end of the millennium , a concept that seems to be repeated in verses 12 and 13. These verses will deepen better but now let's focus on these "rebels" who attack God's people. Who are they and where did they come?  7  Now as soon as they finished the thousand years, Satan will be loosed out of his prison, 8  and will go out to mislead those nations in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them to the war. The number of these is as the sand of the sea. 9  And they advanced over the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city. But fire came down from heaven and devoured them. 10  And the Devil who misled them was hurled into the lake of fire and brimstone, where [had already] the wild beast and the false prophet; They will be tormented day and night forever and ever (Revelation 20: 7-10)  At the end of the thousand years Satan is loosed for "mislead those nations in the four corners of the earth" and gather them for war. It seems incredible that such a thing to happen! It is possible that in the new world people still organize into political nations, that create divisions and even attack the part of that remained faithful people? This is the first case and is roughly the current understanding. Before you think this is nonsense ... it is possible that during the war of Armageddon be spared some of the land also to allow the survival of the people of God? In most parts of the Bible we are told that during the time of judgment his faithful people survives by finding shelter to Edom, Moab and Ammon (which by the way are also the city spared from last World War described in the scripture) - Compare, for example, with Daniel 11:41 Isaiah 16: 4; Psalm 108: 8-10 with Jeremiah 40: 10, 11 These three nations (Edom, Moab and Ammon) were mountainous / hilly and this recalls the words Jesus said to his disciples - Matthew 24: 15, 16 Perhaps the Scripture warns all Christians around the world to flee to the nearest mountains just see the disgusting thing about Israel? In fact, if the destruction of Babylon the Great start should at Armageddon (as we saw) and not the great tribulation, "fleeing to the mountains" mean that Jehovah saves, inevitably, these mountains. In fact, these "mountains" might be a specific location on earth where Jehovah will lead his people just before Armageddon. This or these locations would then be "preserved from judgment." It would not be the first time that Jehovah, in His love and in His mercy, avoid destroy a people on account of his servants. According to the story of Genesis 19:21, 22, the angels of Jehovah avoid destroying Zoar for consideration for Lot yet, from what we understand by reading the whole story, the "small town" was part of Sodom and Gomorrah and had to be destroyed. The war of Armageddon in effect destroys the satanic system composed of the wild beast, the false prophet and his supporters. They fall also all those nations that are compact in the fight against the Lamb. The vast majority of people die in this war because it blinded and marked by the wild beast will die, but those who are not Christians? To the congregation in Philadelphia are told that " would have kept the evidence that has come upon the whole inhabited earth" and for this to happen it is at least conceivable that some Christians find shelter in a "free zone" - Revelation 3:10 If we assume this, then the nations that the end of the millennium they decide to attack the people of God, may arise from these strains survived. Why, in fact, it would make a distinction between them and "the camp of the saints"? There are saints all the inhabitants of the New World? In the new world there will be a "camp of the saints" and a "camp of the saints do not"? Another confirmation could come from the same protection of the Jerusalem above; it is said that "flights in the desert" away from the face of the serpent. When Satan tries to drown her "the land comes to your aid" and this means that at least until the last moment of divine judgment there is still a "stable" part of the world - Revelation 24:15 This could also explain why the resurrection takes place during this millennium; simply because it is still in this new world that we imagine even if it will be a new world, and you will already have many reasons to be happy . Perhaps we should make a distinction between "millennial reign" (which will bring to humanity so many faithful blessings) and "New World" which will begin after the resurrection, when Christ will return the kingdom to his God and Father. This period could simply be a transition period during which human beings can live in peace without the influence of Satan and under the divine teaching guide for those who wish to obey. In fact one of the issues that Satan raised in the garden of Eden, it was if the man was able to govern themselves but the man, with the interference of Satan, you never really ruled alone.  He can man to direct his steps without God and not Satan? Even this must be answered This is linked to the words of Revelation 20: 3; Satan is bound " lest mislead the nations" and that it is necessary to give definitively answer to the issue raised in Eden. However, if all nations were destroyed at Armageddon ... how could he mislead? It would make sense to say that Satan is not tied so misleads the nations that no longer exist? Any nations in the four ends of the earth, born from this strain spared, could prove whether the man is really able to govern themselves under favorable conditions, ie without the influence of Satan. After this human rebellion, which they will have demonstrated consciously prefer the government of Satan unto Jehovah, that Satan is disobedient humanity will be deleted forever. Only after the resurrection of the dead and after their judgment "death and Hades will be cast into the lake of fire" and therefore we should assume that, during the whole millennium, despite favorable conditions, we will continue to age and die? It is unthinkable that the anointed rulers will comply to their priestly functions atoning for the sin of humanity and thus preventing the death of their subjects. Death, however, is still there and still not finally extinguished until the end of the millennium. It will be "the last enemy" to be eliminated in fact, if at the end of the millennium there will still be "enemies to be eliminated" (the nations surrounding the graveyard), this should show that the resurrection, and then the final elimination of death, will occur only after that incident - I Corinthians 15:26 In this regard the writing of I Corinthians 15:24, 25, if read carefully, it seems to specify the order of events, and that is Jesus Christ hands over the kingdom to his God and Father, when he has brought to nothing "all government and all authority and power".  Obviously if all government and all authority and power were reduced to nothing during the war of Armageddon, He (Jesus Christ) should hand in their government at that time and that just took over. Let us read these six lines and try to understand its meaning even if "this way" collides blatantly against our most deeply held convictions. Verse 25 says ... " For he must reign until [God] has not put all his enemies under his feet." This would seem to mean that during the millennial reign there will still be enemies. Thus the Kingdom under Christ will be a temporary measure to Jehovah's praise to restore humanity in perfect condition and this may also include the destruction of the last government, authority and power, which until the end will refuse to submit - Revelation 20: 8  Who is to surround the "Saints' Camp" ?  In Ezekiel chapter 38 verses ranging from 8 onwards, it says that you will pay attention to Gog Magog after "many days" and then suggests that they had been left out that is not taken into account or saved during the trial. It seems a contradiction that Gog of Magog exists at the end of satanic system of things and there again in the New World at the end of the millennium ? It makes you think that this "coalition of nations" always has the same name and in fact, in the description of Ezekiel, the subject does not change at all? If Gog of Magog is a coalition of nations, it does not seem strange that nations exist under the reign of Christ? It 'a contradiction only if we take for granted that are destroyed at Armageddon really destroyed all governments and all people. Evidently Gog of Magog does not exist "again" but he exists "still" (that has never ceased to exist). If you pay attention to him after many days it means that they are always and "many days" are all the years of the millennial kingdom. Gog of Magog always has the same name because it is always the same subject. The people who "accumulates wealth and property" is of course the people of God (the "camp of the saints" according to Revelation) and this indicates the many blessings will God's people during the millennial reign and for contrast with other peoples (why specified that there is a people who accumulate wealth if all accumulate the same wealth?). Blessings that, evidently, will not Gog of Magog otherwise there would be this contrast and there would be no reason to feel envious - Ezekiel 38:12; compares Proverbs 10:22 Why, moreover, there would be this contrast with those who "do not even bar and doors" we are all in a new world of peace, no thieves or other criminals? - Ezekiel 38:11 If you simply read it for what it is, writing really seems to indicate that, during the millennial reign of Christ , there are still people who have bars and doors and they are, obviously, those who have never been interested in the will of God that they must put " bars and doors "and pay attention to their own brothers. The events related to Gog of Magog, described in chapters 38 and 39 of Ezekiel , they are full of interesting details, but one of the things that stands out to the eye is the distinction that exists between them and Israel. It seems, then, that Israel, or the holy people of God, will coexist for a thousand years with these other peoples - Ezekiel 39: 6, 7 At this point the writing of Isaiah 2: 2-4 acquires special significance. So far we have applied this scripture to the people who, accepting the truth today , change behavior and "make their swords plowshares" becoming peaceful people. We also applied to education that will give resurrected in the New World, but let us now reread accepting the possibility of what we have just described.  Isaiah 2: 2-4: " And it must occur in the final part of the days [that] the mountain of the house of Jehovah will become firmly established above the top of the mountains, and it will certainly be lifted up above the hills; and it must stream all nations. 3 And many peoples will certainly go and say, "Come, and let us go up to the mountain of Jehovah, to the house of Jacob; and he will instruct us about his ways, and we will walk in his paths. " For out of Zion shall go forth [the] law, and Jehovah's word from Jerusalem. 4 And he will certainly render judgment among the nations and set matters straight respecting many peoples. And they will have their swords plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, neither will they learn war any more. "  The mountain of the house of Jehovah will become firmly established and raised. When? Evidently, when the system of Satan is eliminated and it will be clear that the way to govern Jehovah is the best ever. " For it must stream all the nations," in what sense and what nations? To the People of God are actually many nations flocked to recognizing that the performance could have to do with our days ; However it is possible that, at the end of Armageddon, people of the nations who escaped from the judgment of God (the nations at the four corners of the earth) decide to flow to the mountain of Jehovah . After the incredible events of Armageddon, now it should be clear who is the True God and what His people! Even so, Jehovah is sanctified among the nations. Many people flock and say, "Come, and let us go up to the mountain of Jehovah, to the house of Jacob; and he will instruct us about his ways, and we will walk in his paths "then describes how their initiative and not as someone who has been persuaded through the preaching of the good news. Indeed, they themselves say, " he will instruct us about his ways." We can imagine that many survivors will stream to Jehovah once seen the great signs of Armageddon, abandoning their old nation and making the necessary changes to be accepted by God - Compare Revelation 11:13 and Joshua 9: 8-11 However it is quite easy to imagine that, despite these unmistakable signs of Jehovah's blessing on His people, not everyone will decide to join. So many people continue to stay in their countries, with their governments, refusing to rush to the mountain of Jehovah. Seen in this light, it is not so amazing to imagine that, at the end of the millennium, when the people of God will have accumulated wealth and blessings to no end, these nations organize themselves to "take many spoils" - Ezekiel 38: 10-12 Even the writing of Daniel 2:44 should give pause. The scripture says, " And the days of those kings the God of heaven set up a kingdom that will never be brought to ruin. And the kingdom itself will not go to any other people. It will crush all these kingdoms and put an end, and it itself will stand to times indefinite " . Of such realms he is talking about Daniel? If we read the preceding verses we understand that you are talking of the kingdoms that make up the image of a man with the head of gold, chest and arms of silver, belly and thighs of copper, legs of iron and feet of iron and clay . We know very well that these kingdoms are respectively Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and according to the current understanding, the Anglo-American empire (but, as we saw in a previous article, the last ruling king must be the king of the north). The same powers, always in the book of Daniel, are described as the lion with the wings of an eagle (ie Babylon described in Daniel 7: 4), the hungry bear with three ribs between the teeth (Media- Persia described in Daniel 7: 5), the leopard with four heads and four wings (the Macedonian or Greek empire described in Daniel 7: 6) and the dreadful and terrible beast with iron teeth and ten horns (Rome and then the last power described in Daniel 7: 7, 8, 19). Because the same realms or domains are viewed in two different ways? This is interesting because the beast that John sees "ascend from the sea" has characteristics of all these beasts - Revelation 13: 1, 2 It is, in fact, like a leopard, has the feet of a bear, the mouth of the lion and the ten horns last seen beast of Daniel. These are the kings that are destroyed by Jesus Christ and his chosen ones at Armageddon, ie the kingdoms that join together in the final battle. It includes course his image (the UN) and the false prophet - Revelation 19:19, 20 It includes all those who have participated in the war, directly or indirectly, and all those who have persecuted or wronged the people of God - Revelation 19:21; Zechariah 2: 8 Surely most of humanity will be killed in this war because the ruler of the world will make sure to have people as possible from her, but this will mean that they will be destroyed all the kingdoms and all the people except the Christians? Even those petty kingdoms, small? Even those isolated from the rest of the world, such as islands or small ethnic groups, including those people who, living in restrictive countries towards religion and other religions, they never had the opportunity to know the wonderful truth of God's word? - See Ezekiel 39: 6 These are questions to ponder. It 'true that the "good news" was preached in all the inhabited earth before the end of satanic system ... but this one has really understood all the people and all they really had the same opportunities? Beyond all human cases the words that should make us think more are those given in Daniel 7:11, 12. The scripture says ... "I beheld then because of the sound of the great words which the horn spake: I beheld till the beast was slain and his body was destroyed and it was given to the burning fire. 12 But as for the rest of the beasts, their domains were removed, and was granted a prolongation of life for a time and a season. "  What does this mean and how long "a time and a season"? Meanwhile the context we see that horn that speaketh great things is referred to the "dreadful and terrible beast," that is, the last beast of Daniel's vision. We talk about the period in which "are places of thrones" and "the Ancient of days" sits to judge and therefore can only refer to the time when Jehovah and Christ took power - Revelation 11: 15-18 It is said that the beast is killed and his body is given to the burning fire - Compare Revelation 19:19, 20 It's clear that the writing is referring to the wild beast of Revelation at the time of his judgment yet, after specifying that the beast is given to the burning fire (that was destroyed), verse 12 says ... " But as for the rest of the beasts, their domains were removed, and was granted a prolongation of life for a time and a season " . This specifies very clearly that the other domains are not destroyed but it allows them to continue to exist for some time after the judgment of Armageddon . Let's stop for a moment and re-read carefully these last four lines comparing the cited scriptures. In fact if we carefully read Revelation 19: 19-21 we see that the wild beast, the kings of the earth and their armies gather to make war against Jesus Christ and his army is destroyed but who among all these? The scripture says that is taken the wild beast and the false prophet and cast into the lake of fire. Then, verse 21 says "the rest were killed with the long sword of him that sat on the horse, which [] sword came from his mouth." The remaining whom? The involved subjects are two: the kings of the earth and their armies . Saying "the remaining" the vision refers to kings, their armies or both? If he was referring to both the writing of Daniel specifies that the domains of these kings are simply removed , not destroyed. Surely those who die are in that position (armies, any general or king) in fact, the scripture says that "being killed" but they do not say which end up in the lake of fire. We know that the lake of fire means the second death, and that is a place where you do not back then we have the assurance that the wild beast is destroyed, never to return but the "other" are not uprooted from the earth. Not yet. They killed those who at this moment are making war with the Lamb, but apparently will remain something of their reigns, that the nations belonging to these "remaining" to which an extension for a time and a season was granted. These will have a thousand years of time to recover and at least part of them, fairly numerous in the words of Revelation 20: 8, will attack God's people at the end of the millennium. Gog of Magog existed before Armageddon and will exist after. Finally, as we have seen, after the destruction of these enemies there is still a "last enemy" to be eliminated: the death - See I Corinthians 15:26 This confirms the sequence of events of Revelation
  8. Who is Gog of Magog mentioned in the book of Ezekiel? When we compare all these Scriptural references about the final attack on God’s people, it becomes evident that the name Gog of Magog refers, not to Satan, but to a coalition of nations. Will this coalition be led by the figurative “king of the north”? We cannot say with any certainty. But this thought does seem to be in harmony with what Jehovah says about Gog: “You will come from your place, from the remotest parts of the north, you and many peoples with you, all of them riding on horses, a great assembly, a vast army.”—Ezek. 38:6, 15. Similarly, the prophet Daniel, who was a contemporary of Ezekiel, says of the king of the north: “Reports out of the east and out of the north will disturb him, and he will go out in a great rage to annihilate and to devote many to destruction. And he will plant his royal tents between the grand sea and the holy mountain of Decoration; and he will come all the way to his end, and there will be no helper for him.” (Dan. 11:44, 45) This clearly parallels what the book of Ezekiel says about Gog’s activities.—Ezek. 38:8-12, 16. What occurs next as a result of this final attack? Daniel tells us: “During that time Michael [Jesus Christ] will stand up [at Armageddon], the great prince who is standing [since 1914] in behalf of your people. And there will occur a time of distress [the great tribulation] such as has not occurred since there came to be a nation until that time. And during that time your people will escape, everyone who is found written down in the book.” (Dan. 12:1) This action on the part of God’s representative Jesus is also described at Revelation 19:11-21. http://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/2015364
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