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About Me

  1. The Branch Committee has prepared an encouraging video meant to encourage and reassure those affected by the recent storm.
  2. A heavily damaged Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's witnesses. Martin (Dutch side) after hurricane Irma where there was no hurt. Brothers and sisters are now preparing for Hurricane Jose (4. Categories) that should pass today (14:00 local time 20:00 CET). By Edmond Jashari
  3. Hurricane Irma: Quarter of Florida Keys homes destroyed, US officials estimate Â
  4. Hurricane Irma: Eyewitnesses recount harrowing experience "Our island has been razed to the ground" Â
  5. Hurricane Irma: Under fire for storm response, Macron heads to hurricane-hit French islands Â
  6. JW's Helping for Puerto Rico Rescue for Hurricane Irma Bless Our Brotherhood !! ??????? Video MP4 Link___Tap on Link IMG_5878.MP4
  7. Latest News | Hurricane Irma and Earthquake in Mexico ?????? Hurricane Irma: the Hurricane, which touched land on September 5, 2017, is one of the most powerful in the Atlantic. He has already ravaged many Caribbean Islands. According to reports that have been received so far, no brother has been killed or injured. A Kingdom Hall in la désirade (Guadalupe), a Kingdom Hall in San Bartolomé and an Assembly Hall in San Martin have been damaged. The Island of Barbuda has been one of the most affected. It is estimated that 50 per cent of the inhabitants of the island have become homeless. The government has ordered to evacuate all people, including 11 of our brothers, and to take them to the Island of Antigua as a preventive measure, as hurricane José is expected to hit the Caribbean this weekend. The Brothers have launched several initiatives to take care of relief efforts while Hurricane Irma continues to move towards the Bahamas, Cuba and the South-East of the United States. This includes the search for accommodation for the brothers who can be evicted. Earthquake In Mexico: last Thursday, September 7, an earthquake of magnitude 8,2 shook the South Pacific Coast of Mexico. It is the most powerful earthquake in Mexico over the last century, and at least 45 people have died. Unfortunately, we have received confirmation that a brother and two sisters have lost their lives. In addition, the first reports indicate that the houses of many brothers and several Kingdom Halls have been damaged or destroyed. Damage has also occurred in two Assembly Halls of the State of Chiapas. More detailed assessments are being carried out. We continue to pray for our brothers and sisters, sure that Jehovah will comfort them and give them strength (2 Thessalonians 2:16, 17). ??????????
  8. Hurricane Irma: Storm makes landfall on Florida''s west coast Â
  9. JUST IN: JW NEWS ON Hurricane Irma ?????????? ??British Virgin Islands There are 256 Jehovah's witnesses. Irma caused " catastrophic damage ". thousands of homes were destroyed and the area was " absolutely devastated ". in the United States Virgin Islands there were three dead and severe damage to the island's infrastructure ??Anguilla There are 70 Jehovah's witnesses. Irma's step left dead and damaged at the main hospital and airport; the electrical and telephone services were also damaged ??San Martín and san bartolome There are 691 Jehovah's witnesses 9 Dead and 95 % of the island destroyed. No drinking water or energy. ??Antigua and barbuda There are 489 Jehovah's witnesses. Totally devastated, the whole island underwater. News Hurricane Irma Since last Sunday, all the committees responsible for the areas where the hurricane happened, advised the congregations not to wait at the last hour to be prepared. ??They tell us from Florida: It's crazy here in fl, so many cars on the street getting ready for the storm. We went to the supermarket yesterday and was flooded because they were almost out of water, managers saying that they would have to ask for an emergency supply at that rate. The Soup, crackers and good preserves were backed up, everyone having the same idea, not perishable! Long lines even though gas prices Rose 40 cents in our area, but now they're completely out of gas. My family and I have made plans to evacuate the north, but we have removed our emergency packs only in case the traffic is backed up, with first aid kits, extra food, clothing changes, multiple tools like flashlights, etc. The reaction to the storm has been to open your eyes. My family and I are not concerned about the damage to home that come as our lives are much more important than that, but for some people it's all they have. Material things are their God, so they're falling behind to keep their "priceless" THINGS FROM THE STORM AND LOOTERS. Some are simply not taking the warnings seriously, (sounds familiar? ), thinking that they are hard enough to ride a category 5. Hurricane makes me think of their priorities. I will keep you updated in the future, the storm must get to Florida on Saturday. (Translated from Spanish) ??????????
  10. HURRICANE IRMA...     ( by Brother Roger Dominique Bamps )  The storm, which made landfall on September 5, 2017, is one of the strongest hurricanes ever measured in the Atlantic. It has already devastated many islands in the Caribbean. At this time, none of our brothers and sisters have been reported injured or killed in the storm. One Kingdom Hall in La Désirade, Guadeloupe, one Kingdom Hall in St. Barts, and an Assembly Hall in St. Martin sustained damage. The island of Barbuda was especially hard hit by the storm, with an estimated 50 percent of the island’s residents left homeless. The entire population of the island, which includes 11 of our brothers, has been ordered by the government to evacuate to Antigua in anticipation that another hurricane, José, will hit the Caribbean over the weekend. The brothers have put in place several initiatives to care for ongoing relief efforts as Hurricane Irma continues tracking north through the Bahamas, Cuba, and the southeastern United States. This includes identifying housing in advance for brothers and sisters that may be displaced. MEXICO EARTHQUAKE,... Late Thursday, September 7, a magnitude 8.2 earthquake struck off Mexico’s southern Pacific coast. The quake is the strongest to hit Mexico in a century, killing at least 45 people. Sadly, we have received confirmation that one of our brothers and two of our sisters were among those who died ? Additionally, initial reports indicate that many homes of the brothers and several Kingdom Halls have been damaged or destroyed. Two Assembly Halls in Chiapas State were also damaged. Assessments are ongoing. We continue to pray for our brothers and sisters, confident that Jehovah will comfort and strengthen them. 2 Thessalonians 2:16, 17.
  11. Hurricane Irma: Why have some Florida residents refused to evacuate? Â
  12. Hurricane Irma: PM Edouard Philippe dispatches security forces to French territories Â
  13. Hurricane Irma: Millions urged to evacuate as storm looms Â
  14. Hurricane Irma: Astronomical costs expected in French territories Â
  15. Hurricane Irma: How much will it cost the USA? Â
  16. Hurricane Irma: Florida orders evacuation of 5.6 million people Â
  17. Hurricane Irma: Is it now too late to evacuate in Florida? Â
  18. Hurricane Irma: Florida residents choose to stay on despite storm threat Â
  19. Hurricane Irma: French Caribbean islands "unrecognizable", Turks and Caicos "smashed" Â
  20. Hurricane Irma: Relief effort and rescuers arrive on devastated Saint-Martin island Â
  21. Hurricane Irma downgraded to category 4, grazes Haiti on path to Bahamas, Florida Â
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