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Found 5 results

  1. The United States condemned the repression of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia The US Representative to the OSCE, Michel Sayders, at a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna on May 10, accused the Russian authorities of "increasing restrictions on freedom of conscience and religion in Russia." In a statement, they mentioned the repression of recognized Russian extremists and banned organization "Jehovah's Witnesses", in particular, including searches, which took place in April in Ufa, Pole, Vladivostok and Shuya. "Russia continues to use anti-extremist legislation to criminalize the free practice of religious worship," says the statement, which focuses on the persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses. The searches in the city of Polyarny of the Murmansk region, mentioned in the application, were carried out on April 18 in 7 apartments, 17 people were interrogated. May 10, Court of the Murmansk region sent 55 days in prison and Roman Markin Victor Mills, who, according to the European Association of Jehovah's Witnesses, lost contact after the searches on April 18. They are accused of "organizing the activities of an extremist organization." https://www.svoboda.org/a/29221031.html
  2. Konden R. Smith Konden Smith, a professor specializing in American religious history at the University of Arizona, said the emphasis on missions stems from the belief of JehovahÂ’s Witnesses that theirs is the true faith. Unlike Protestantism, which grew out of a reformation of Catholicism, JehovahÂ’s Witnesses believe they are not reformers but “restorers of the true first-century Christian church,” Smith said.  Source   SOME OPINIONS ON JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ? The Jehovah's Witnesses "insist upon a high moral code in personal conduct." -- The New Encyclopædia Britannica ? "Many people don't know them well enough, or maybe we are all simply too quick to judge. I know I was. And I found out I was wrong;" -- Jounalist Cecile Feyling - Jydske Vestkysten ? Jehovah's Witnesses teach their children moral qualities to respect the authorities, other individuals and their property and to be law abiding citzens" -- ed. The History of Relgion in Ukraine, Professor Petro Yarotskyi ? A "dedicated people" -- Archdeacon of Cheltenham, Church of England (The Gazette, Gloucester Dioceses) ? "An orderly religion. They know what worshipping God means" -- Comercio de Franca ? "Perhaps the most notable thing about the Witnesses is their insistence upon their primary allegiance to God, before any other power in the world,” -- Dr. C. S. Braden in These Also Believe. “The Witnesses offer a wide range of practical advice . . . on marital relations, moral issues, the rearing of children, and other practical matters. [They] have a great deal to offer by way of firm advice substantiated in Holy Writ and integrated into a coherent philosophy of life.” - Professor Bryan Wilson of Oxford University ? "‘You [Jehovah's Witnesses] are doing the work that we should doÂ’," -- *Pope Benedict the XVI The Canberra Times vol 21.08.2005 QUESTION What kind of people are Jehovah's Witnesses? ** “the key factor for [Jehovah's Witnesses] peaceful attitude is the idea to follow already now the principles revealed in the Bible.” -- Professor Wojciech Modzelewski, Warsaw University in Poland **Professor Bruno Bettleheim, in his book The Informed Heart (1960), in telling of his experiences in a German concentration camp describes the Witnesses as “. . . the only group of prisoners who never mistreated or abused other prisoners.” **In a survey of 377 of the Witnesses in Tokyo, Professor Wilson, Oxford University, England asked what it was that first attracted people to this religion, typical replies were the following: - “The KINDNESS of the Witnesses.” - "The WARMTH of the Witnesses attracted me" - The people were LOVING and KIND; and they enjoyed the meeting, and they sincerely tried to apply Bible principles in their lives.” - “The love and warmth among JehovahÂ’s Witnesses.” An article in the Des Moines Register, Iowa, in describing the “Sacred Service” Assembly of JehovahÂ’s Witnesses in that city during the summer of 1976, had this to say: “An observer who had been conditioned by a lifetime of negative comments about [JehovahÂ’s Witnesses] attended the recent gathering of some 8,000 Witnesses [...] He was impressed by such happenings as: ? The total racial equality and deep sense of communion among people from all walks of life. ? The friendliness and warmth of Witnesses who, though convinced they had the truth and the only truth, sought lovingly to convince rather than condemn." Â
  3. After looking at the new 2017 year book, I see that JWs can be found EVERYWHERE! Even outside some big buildings like churches. See the front cover, and page 61. that really means preaching everywhere!!
  4. By Trey Bundy / February 17, 2017 The Jehovah’s Witnesses settled a lawsuit this week brought by a Pennsylvania woman who says the religion’s leaders covered up sexual abuse she suffered as a teenager. The settlement came five days into a trial in which Stephanie Fessler, a former Jehovah’s Witness, claimed the religion’s parent corporation violated Pennsylvania’s child abuse reporting laws by instructing local leaders – known as elders – not to report her allegations to police. According to Fessler, a middle-aged Jehovah’s Witness woman, Terry Monheim, began sexually abusing her when she was 14. At 15, Fessler disclosed the abuse to her parents. Her father was an elder in their congregation. Fessler’s parents informed other congregation elders, who interrogated Fessler and Monheim but failed to report the abuse to police. As a result, Monheim continued to abuse Fessler for another year, according to court documents. In 2011, Fessler, then 22, reported Monheim to police. Monheim eventually pleaded guilty to indecent assault and corruption of a minor and was sentenced to between three and 23 months in prison and five years’ probation. Pennsylvania law mandates that anyone, including clergy, who comes into contact with children during the course of their work must report child abuse to authorities. Fessler’s attorney, Jeff Fritz, said that “out of an abundance of caution” regarding the settlement, he could not discuss details of the Pennsylvania case. “A matter with the Jehovah’s Witnesses has been resolved,” he said. Jehovah’s Witnesses generally are discouraged from interacting with government. But for more than 25 years, the religion’s headquarters – known as the Watchtower – has issued written policies directing congregation leaders not to report child sexual abuse to law enforcement, unless it’s required by state law, Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting previously found. The Watchtower maintains a database of alleged child abusers in congregations across the U.S. going back two decades and has violated court orders in at least three California lawsuits to hand it over to the courts. It could provide a road map to thousands of accused child molesters living freely in communities across the country. https://www.revealnews.org/blog/jehovahs-witnesses-settle-lawsuit-alleging-coverup-of-child-sex-abuse/
  5. Свидетели Иеговы https://isa5417.com/ __________________________ Is that a new web page for Jehovah’s witnesses in Russia ? I do not know. (write your answers below) Thanks.
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