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Found 8 results

  1. Refusing to Buy a Party Card Meant Death ~ Could You Stand Up To The Truth? Refusing to purchase this party card invited death and persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses in Malawi, many fleed into exile, it was a tough time!! Glad today we are free of this and we worship free from all bans with Timson Samuel Chimwala
  2. Lilongwe based musician Wikise Chawinga has downplayed accusations that he made fun of Jehovah’s Witnesses church in his latest song entitled Galamukani. The track which has earned media citizenship in both audio and visual, was unleashed last month. Within its period of existence, it has been subject to mixed feedback. Some quarters have argued that Galamukani is a mockery to members of the JehovahÂ’s Witnesses faith. However the musician behind the work has cleared his name against foul play. In an interview with Malawi24 Monday morning, Chawinga vehemently denied mocking the church. “Those making such conclusions misinterpret my work. I put the work in the context of the church in question to show how the society ignore them. However the songÂ’s cornerstone is, persuading people to repent,” said Wikise Last year, the artist was also in the spotlight with another religious linked song called Shabarakatakali. Just like Galamukani, it is also in contemporary hip hop style. The musician is gaining fame for his religious songs which others refuse to accept in the gospel arena. His three notable songs under that style are; Deliverance, Shabarakatakali, and Galamukani. https://malawi24.com/2018/02/26/wikise-denies-mocking-jehovahs-witnesses-in-galamukani/
  3. LILONGWE, Malawi – Two teenage witnesses of Jehovah , Aaron Mankhamba, 18, and Hastings Mtambalika, 15 are now having reasons to smile after they were expelled from school in Malawi. The two were sent out of school for their courageous stand in refusing to sing the National Anthem. But the school that expelled has recalled after learning about their faith. Besides, the school, according to their website, jw.org also exempted other witness children from the morning ritual os singing the National Anthem. “On May 3, 2017, Aaron Mankhamba, 18, and Hastings Mtambalika, 15, two children of Jehovah’s Witnesses, were allowed to return to school after being expelled from the Khombe Primary School because of their refusal to sing the national anthem during a school assembly. “The students had been barred from attending classes since February 13, 2017. They were reinstated after the boys’ parents and representatives from the branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses appealed to school officials”, the JWs said in a statement. During their discussions, the branch representatives were aided by two letters from the Malawi government that they were able to show the school officials. “One letter from 1997, actually addressed to Jehovah’s Witnesses in Malawi, gave formal recognition for Jehovah’s Witnesses to be exempt from singing the national anthem. The other letter, from 2017, encouraged educators to respect students’ freedom of religion”, tjemJWs said. Hastings explains that the reinstatement came at a critical moment in the school year, since national exams were approaching: “We were so worried that we wouldn’t be able to sit for the national examinations. The opportunity to participate in these exams comes only once a year.” Failure to pass the national exams may have meant the students would have to repeat the grade. Augustine Semo, a spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Malawi, states: “The students are happy that their conscientious stand has been respected, and we thank the school administration for choosing to uphold freedom of religion and welcome these students back to class.” http://starconnectmedia.com/teenage-witnesses-expelled-for-their-faith-return-to-school/
  4. The Governing Body are responsible for the brutal rape, torture and murder of Jehovah’s witnesses, this is shocking and the people responsible cannot be excused for their actions, but this could have been prevented by purchasing a political card. The reasoning the Watchtower leaders used when setting their brothers up to come in line for such persecution was that Witnesses are to be “no part of the world”. Yet at the same time that Witnesses were forbidden to hold a card in Malawi a comparable situation arose in Mexico, with the Governing Body ruling in the opposite direction for Mexican brothers. In Mexico, military service was compulsory for young men. On completion of service young men would receive a “Cartilla” card, which similar to the card in Malawi, was required for a transactions such as obtaining a passport and drivers license. Young Witness brothers experienced persecution and imprisonment for refusing their obligation to attend military service. In order to relieve this suffering, the Governing Body ruled that it was acceptable for Mexican brothers to bribe officials to obtain a government Cartilla card that exempted them from military service. This is discussed in the following letter to Mexico Branch Committee dated June 2, 1960. “As to those who are relieved of military training by a money transaction with the officials who are involved therewith, this is on par with what is done in other Latin American countries where brothers have paid for their relief through some military official in order to retain their freedom for theocratic activities. If members of the military establishment are willing to accept such an arrangement upon the payment of a fee then that is the responsibility of these representatives of the national organisation. In such a case the money paid does not go to the military establishment, but is appropriated by the individual who undertakes the arrangement. If the consciences of certain brothers allow them to enter into such an arrangement for their continued freedom we have no objection. Of course, if they would get into any difficulties over their course of action then they would have to shoulder such difficulties themselves, and we could not offer them any assistance. But if the arrangement is current down there and is recognized by the inspectors who do not make any inquiries into the veracity of the matter then the matter can be passed by for the accruing advantages. Should a military emergency arise and confront these brothers with their marching card it would oblige them to make a decision by which they could not extricate themselves by a money payment and their mettle would be tested and they would have to demonstrate outright where they stand and prove that they are in favor of Christian neutrality in a determined test. Faithfully yours in the Kingdom ministry, Watchtower B.&T. Society of Pensylvania
  5. Dear Friends, After the Service Meeting the other week we can’t help but to think about the fantastic experiences many of us have shared, preaching in Mzuzu, Malawi! We cry every time we see the film with Cameron and how she describes the best life ever. It is so true! What she describes from her stay in Mzuzu is what we wish everyone could experience! As things are now, Steffen and Line, the Pioneer couple presently serving in Mzuzu are leaving by the end of March and so far nobody has booked Hilltop Hilton. They have negotiated with the landlady, though, so IF there is another person coming to rent the Pioneer home, she will not let it out to anyone until the new witnesses take over. She will do this WITHOUT charging any rent during the time the house is empty. For obvious reasons this arrangement with Hilltop Hilton cannot last longer than till the summer (or possibly early autumn). But perhaps it adds a possibility to find someone to take over the best life ever and all the furnishings that are in the charge of Steffen and Line? For it was precisely in the Hilltop Hilton Cameron lived and it was in Mzuzu that she experienced - you guessed it - The Best Life Ever! https://www.jw.org/en/bible-teachings/family/teenagers/what-your-peers-say/video-best-life-ever/ SO, PLEASE respond shortly if you have any ideas! Lots of love from us, David Mari Wiming (Sweden) If you are interested, please contact Kurt,and I can pass the contact to our friends Wimings.
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