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Found 6 results

  1. A Las Vegas man was arrested last week after authorities accused him of raping a teenage member of his church, police and court records show. Carlos Alfonso Perez, 55, was charged in January with three counts of sexual assault with a minor under 14 and two counts of sexual assault with a minor under 16, records show. He was arrested March 13 at his northeast Las Vegas home. Perez is accused of assaulting a teenage girl multiple times between July 2012 and July 2014. He denied any wrongdoing in a December interview with police, according to records, but declined to take a polygraph examination. The girl was 13 at the time the abuse began, according to a police report. She and Perez attended the same kingdom hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses for more than 10 years, according to the report, and the girl saw him multiple times a week at church functions. She eventually reported the abuse to church officials, who had her confront Perez face to face, according to the police report. “The church members decided that there was nothing they could do, since the stories were different,” the report states. The document makes no mention of church officials attempting to contact police. A spokesman for JehovahÂ’s Witnesses in New York did not respond to requests for comment on Thursday and Friday. According to the document, the girl reported Perez to police in August. https://www.reviewjournal.com/crime/sex-crimes/las-vegas-man-charged-with-raping-teen-member-of-his-church/
  2. Reno, a city just four hours away from Silicon Valley, has been home of TeslaÂ’s Gigafactory – a city whose economy once chiefly relied on the low-wage casino industry, where bankruptcy and crime were frequent and unpredictable. Hit hard with the housing crash and recession, Reno fell into hard times in 2010 with a 14 percent unemployment rate. Once home to mostly thrifters and passersby, RenoÂ’s outlook started to change with talks of TeslaÂ’s plans for technological revitalization. Startups and incubators have been popping up to attract more millennials, new murals are being painted onto derelict walls, all are response to the hope that Tesla will be able to inject into the local economy sustainable, higher-paying jobs. Tesla announced three years ago, in 2014, that construction would begin for its new Gigafactory in Reno, Nevada. As of now, battery cell production is well underway, and the factory has become the main production facility for Model 3 battery packs and drive units. The presence of Tesla has pushed for market diversification within Reno. The building of the factory continues to draw in slews of local businesses to supplement the needs of both the factory and the people. Demands for food, supplies, gas and food will increase, bringing in more employment and more cash flow. Drawing new businesses also could have the potential to diversify and infuse culture into the local neighborhood, highlighting flairs and quirks that will make it competitively attractive culturally to job seekers against neighborhoods such as the rich-cultured Austin.  Siena Hotel Spa & Casino in Reno, NV outside of nearby Tesla Gigafactory in Sparks. Source: Siena Hotel & Casino With neighborhood changes, come real estate changes. The median rent prices along with the amount of rentals saw a sharp spike followed by a steady increase beginning around February 2017, according to trulia.com. But while the tech boom creates a great demand for apartments and housing, the boom does not seem like it would expand into areas stricken by poverty and food deserts so far. According to the Atlantic, the boom has not yet worked to create enough affordable housing, possibly stratifying the inequality levels in correlation to distance from the tech center. The consequence could be creating a real-estate scenario similar to that of San FranciscoÂ’s. However, better local government regulations and sanctions could possibly ameliorate the problem, since the factory has not officially opened all of its doors yet to potential job-seekers. With the influx of jobs and traffic, infrastructure and transportation will be greatly impacted. According to the Reno Gazette Journal, “USA ParkwayÂ’s still-unbuilt 16 miles to U.S. Highway 50 in Silver Springs will be “fast-tracked” to completion in as soon as two years, they said, opening up access to Lyon County and the Dayton Valley and to Carson City beyond”. Increasing the connectivity of the community may better bridge the divides between individual counties and neighborhoods, and between Reno and the outside world, facilitating more efficient transfers of material, information and persons. With shifting concerns and economies, cities are made to be more adaptable to the different cultural, demographic and social climates. Jobs markets created by fossil fuels will meet diminishing futures in face of environmental and climate concerns. The redirection towards clean energy leaves white space for the development and creation of jobs in the clean energy technologies. Creating a technological oasis centered around sustainability in complement with the current economy will secure both long term and short term profits. It will insure a steady revenue stream for the state and poise itself for the transition into a green future. SourceÂ
  3. Fire sprinklers likely saved a Battle Ground-area church from more extensive damage after a food dehydrator sparked a fire Sunday night in its attached garage. Around 9:20 p.m., crews from Clark County Fire & Rescue were dispatched to the Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall north of Battle Ground, at 33209 N.E. Lewisville Highway, for a report of a structure fire. Deputy Clark County Fire Marshal Curtis Eavenson said a fault in a food dehydrating device sparked a small fire in a garage attached to the church. The dehydrator appeared to be homemade. The sprinkler system limited the damage to a roughly 3-square-foot area, causing about $4,000 to $5,000 in damage. “The sprinkler system saved the day,” Eavenson said. “Once again, the value of fire sprinklers are very evident there.” The dehydrator was being used to dry some fruit, he said. http://www.columbian.com/news/2016/dec/19/church-fire-sparked-by-food-dehydrator/
  4. Burning Man is an annual gathering that takes place at Black Rock City—a temporary community erected in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. The event is described as an experiment in community and art, influenced by 10 main principles, including "radical" inclusion, self-reliance and self-expression, as well as community cooperation, civic responsibility, gifting, decommodification, participation, immediacy and leaving no trace. First held in 1986 on Baker Beach in San Francisco as a small function organized by Larry Harvey and a group of friends, it has since been held annually, spanning from the last Sunday in August to the first Monday in September (the U.S. Labor Day); for example, Burning Man 2016 was held between August 28 and September 5, 2016. At Burning Man the community explores various forms of artistic self-expression, created in celebration for the pleasure of all participants. Participation is a key precept for the community – selfless giving of one's unique talents for the enjoyment of all is encouraged and actively reinforced. Some of these generous out-pourings of creativity can include experimental and interactive sculpture, building, performance, and art cars among other mediums, often inspired by the yearly theme, chosen by organizers. The event takes its name from its culmination, the symbolic ritual burning of a large wooden effigy ("the Man") that traditionally occurs on the Saturday evening of the event.[2][3][4][5] Burning Man is organized by the Burning Man Project, a non-profit organization that, in 2014, succeeded a for-profit limited liability company (Black Rock City, LLC) that was formed in 1997 to represent the event's organizers, and is now considered a subsidiary of the non-profit organization. In 2010, 51,515 people attended Burning Man.[6] Attendance in 2011 was capped at 50,000 participants and the event sold out on July 24;[7] the attendance rose to 70,000 in 2015.[1] Smaller regional events inspired by the principles of Burning Man have been held internationally; some of these events are also officially endorsed by the Burning Man Project as regional branches of the event.
  5. Motorcyclists Busted After Taking Over The Streets Of Las Vegas!
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