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  1. A new thread on Ukraine was not needed at all. But I wanted to discuss this point of Ukraine "Nazification" in more detail. I think it's much more important to an understanding of what is going on in Ukraine than many people will give it credit. I thought about avoiding this site [TWNM.org] for political commentary, even though I always find it best to try to write up my musings about any topic, political or otherwise. It's not to convince anyone else, but for some of the following reasons: in order to more easily see if what I understand makes logical sense when I re-read it. to see whether any challenges to my current understanding make better sense. as a kind of reference for myself about what I may have thought about something in the past, especially useful if at some point in the future I come to think of my past views as stupid To that end I decided to try writing up some of my opinions and ideas about politics on medium.com. I made up an email address for it, and call myself by the name "Geo Politicks" @unpolitick. I don't have a Twitter account or Facebook account, but I might start putting up a few more comments on medium.com. This way, maybe, I can keep comments about politics much shorter over here, where I would prefer to focus more attention on how various political situations effect our brothers and sisters. Those who don't care to read my longer ramblings (or who might even find them offensive) will be much less likely to visit a link to a blog at medium.com. At any rate, I just started it on 2/22/2022, and I posted only one article so far. I wrote up two more quick articles yesterday, too, but didn't post them yet. There is one other point to address, and that is the idea of neutrality. It will definitely be offensive to some here that any discussion of political issues is the same as breaking neutrality. However, I don't think that anyone would argue that it is wrong for a Christian to be against Nazism, and more in favor of stability. Most Christians have good reason to prefer capitalism and/or democracy over communism and socialism, especially when socialist and communist countries prove to be a hindrance to true Christian practice. And there are some nuances to neutrality that are a bit more subtle. For example, if one is quick to accept a report as true even though it was actually intended as propaganda for one side or another of a conflict, then that person has taken sides, usually without even realizing it. Being more informed of the truth or falsehood of a story intended as propaganda can actually make one more neutral, and less likely to be fooled into taking sides. ----------------------- So after all that I will share the link in the next post.
  2. Meanwhile, just a few horus ago, the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant was disconnected from its external power source—leaving it dependent on emergency diesel generators, which reportedly have fuel for just 10 days. The countdown to a potential nuclear meltdown.
  3. This happened when Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan signed The Budapest Memorandum, which brought Ukraine into the global Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Russia, the US and Britain also signed this document which promised none of these countries would invade Ukraine and respect its sovereignties and existing borders while also giving them political independence. The Memorandum stated: “Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America reaffirm their obligation to refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine.” The document added that Russia, the US and Britain also wouldn’t use economic coercion tactics against Ukraine either.
  4. Igor Kalabukhov, the Russian ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, was a guest on Face TV on Friday: In 21:19 he said - How do you know we have no plans against Poland, against Croatia, against Bulgaria? .... We have plans against NATO.
  5. ….. with all the silly oneupsmanship that goes on here, I was inspired by an account in the news today that Elon Musk has challenged Vladimir Putin to single combat, the winner to take Ukraine. It was a one sentence challenge, worth more that 3,000 pages of the drivel here. ….. inspirationally.
  6. What will conventional aircraft do against modern cruise missile capabilities? Can aircraft even deploy before the missiles are are past anymore
  7. My Guardian and his wife have been unloading supplies in preparation for WWIII, and I asked him what he bought. Three lawn chairs, a Coleman chest cooler, and a case of beer.
  8. In the event of war, American main-stream media (MSM) becomes State Media. MSM outlets can become partisan on public bipartisan issues and might lose half their population of listeners, but at least they believe they will gain loyalty from the remaining half. But with the State apparatus pushing against a common national enemy or antagonist, these outlets can't afford to be seen as anti-American. Today, even attempts at neutrality are seen recently as pro-Putin, and therefore anti-American. BBC journalists who just recently exposed the corruption of ultra-nationalists at all levels of the Ukrainian government are already re-writing their position to claim it's a recently coined "Putin myth." Wikipedia articles that discussed Russian issues with Ukraine, Georgia and Crimea have been undergoing very recent changes in the last few weeks, even to the point of re-titling links and names of newspaper articles so that it appears they were saying the opposite of what they originally said. So I thought it would be a good idea to review some of the well-documented history, even as that "history" changes before our eyes. For the first part, I'll deal mostly with the early background. 1930s through WW2: The German Nazis worked with the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) in order to sabotage, destabilize, and hopefully destroy the Soviet Union. Prior to WW2, the US and UK had not decided which side they would support in the event of war, and Churchill was ready to side with the "Axis Powers" wanting Germany to invade the USSR. Thus, pre-WW2, the US and UK supported the OUN. Immediately after WW2, the US and UK began supporting the OUN again. The OUN's UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) had been guilty of dozens of horrendous massacres, including the rounding up of Jews in barns, for example, and then burning them alive in those locked barns. There is a direct link between this practice and the praise of OUN leaders by the current Ukrainian Nazis. In fact, during the Euromaidan uprising (around 2014), one of the most famous repetitions of this practice was the rounding up of about 50 counter-protesters into a building, and burning them alive in Odessa. To get a better understanding of OUN history, one can look up Category:War crimes committed by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army Here there are links to articles about nearly 20 of the more famous Nazi war crimes and massacres committed by this Ukrainian army. Under Stepan Bandera, the OUN massacred Jews, Russians and communists. The Ukrainian Nazis established a so-called independent government allied with Germany and joined Hitler's attacks. They led their end of the Holocaust and pledged allegiance to Hitler, while Hitler's invasion of the USSR (1941) ultimately resulted in the deaths of about 26,000,000 Soviets and communists. By the end of the war, the OUN was forced "underground." Stepan Bandera's name is still celebrated in Ukraine. The anniversary of his birth is celebrated. His picture is still carried. Streets are named after him. Imagine if every major US city had streets and avenues named "Hitler Boulevard." President Zelensky himself has been forced to acknowledge Bandera's "hero" status, although appears very uncomfortable about the number of streets named after Bandera: "There are indisputable heroes. Stepan Bandera is a hero for a certain part of Ukrainians, and this is a normal and cool thing. He was one of those who defended the freedom of Ukraine. But I think that when we name so many streets, bridges by the same name, this is not quite right," The commonly heard Ukrainian chant: "Glory to the Heroes" is actually a reference to the WW2-era Ukrainian "Nazi heroes" and has become the equivalent of the "Sieg Heil" among modern Ukrainian Nazis. There are dozens of modern pictures of Ukrainians with Nazi swastikas and other Nazi symbols. I won't put them here, but it's easy to find pictures of single large rallies with all these things at once, including the Svoboda party, Right Sektor, the red-black OUN flag, images of Stepan Bandera, and the "Sieg-Heil" salute. Of course, there are also pictures of American politicians (e.g., John McCain) standing with members of these same white supremacist, nationalist parties. https://www.salon.com/2014/02/25/is_the_us_backing_neo_nazis_in_ukraine_partner/ In spite of the bad optics, the US and Ukraine were the only two countries that voted against a UN resolution condemning Nazism and Neo-Nazism just a few months ago (December 2021). Overwhelmingly, 130 countries voted in favor. Why not just abstain like several other countries, including Germany and all members of the EU, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand? It's because Russia is among the 30+ co-sponsors of the anti-Nazi resolution every year since 2015. And the US always votes against it, and US allies also feel they must abstain. As this article points out: https://countercurrents.org/2021/12/u-s-and-ukraine-only-two-countries-vote-against-un-resolution-condemning-nazism/ On December 16, the UN General Assembly passed its annual resolution on “Combating Glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fueling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance” with 130 countries voting in favor and only two in opposition. . . . Sponsored by Russia and more than 30 other UN members, the resolution expresses concern about any form of glorifying Nazism, including putting up monuments and holding public parades honoring the Waffen SS – combat units within Nazi Germany’s military – or declaring them national liberation movements, among other things. Russia has long taken issue with Ukraine and the three Baltic states – Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia – honoring individuals and organizations affiliated with Nazi Germany during the Second World War.
  9. One of the 7th biggest Conventions on EARTH, Lviv, Ukraine, July 2018 6 video's....  Enjoy
  10. In Crimea, the draft commission demanded from the draftee - Jehovah's Witness - a document to renounce his faith and change his faith. On June 9, 2017, the believer, once again visiting the local military commissariat, was offered an alternative civil service (ACS). He agreed, adding that he has been trying to achieve this for a long time. But then he was told that the right to the passage of the ACS would be granted only if he renounced his religious views. In two summons from the recruit they were asked to appear at the military registration and enlistment office "to provide documents on the change of faith." The believer was not told exactly which faith he should go to, and where to get such documents, but added that if he refused, he would go to court. Article 28 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation guarantees to every citizen "the right to profess ... any religion or not to profess any". Neither the Supreme Court nor any other court has ever limited this right to Jehovah's Witnesses, nor did it prohibit the views of Jehovah's Witnesses as criminal. Article 59 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation reads: "A citizen of the Russian Federation in the event that his conscience or religion contradicts the performance of military service, as well as in other cases established by federal law, has the right to replace it with an alternative civilian service." The law does not stipulate what kind of convictions the conscript should have. source <<click (above are google Translated)
  11. 22 CRIMEAN JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ORGANIZATIONS SUBMIT DECLARATION TO RUSSIAN SUPREME COURT Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia, 30 March 2017 The Ministry of Justice is demanding to liquidate, find extremist, ban, and confiscate the buildings of all 396 registered organizations of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia, including 22 organizations in Crimea. For the 8,000 believers on the peninsula, who have professed their religion freely for decades, this news was completely unexpected. These 22 local religious organizations of Jehovah's Witnesses in the republic of Crimea were registered on the initiative of Russian authorities in May 2015. Since then they have not received from the state any charges, fines, or warnings. Therefore they are extremely perplexed with regard to the initiative of the Ministry of Justice to ban them and to recognize them as extremist. Most disturbing is that the Ministry of Justice considered it possible to declare all these organizations outside the law—behind their back and without involving them in the case. The plaintiff's declaration—with much delay—was sent only to the Administrative Center of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia. For this reason, 22 Crimean local religious organizations filed in the Supreme Court a petition for involving them in the case in the capacity of an administrative co-defendant. They recall that in the Russian federation the right to judicial protection is among the basic inalienable rights.
  12. The Witnesses in Ukraine can now meet in rented facilities without interference. Source
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