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  1. The Watchtower House is struggling to maintain its self-appointed reputation as a “spiritual paradise”. It is facing a financial crisis of large proportions partly due to exposure of its past hidden pedophile issues, which may be contributing to necessary downsizing world-wide. Corruption of values at Bethel is finally becoming fully exposed; not only by those who have left Bethel but it is clearly evident by the governing body’s attempt to address pertinent issues via their broadcasting center. They have released a new video, and it is the first to be presented by its most recent member, Kenneth Cook, Jr. In a soft-spoken manner, he broached the delicate topic of being honest when applying for Bethel/construction work, expressing also the need for physical, moral and spiritual cleanliness. He says, “Before submitting an application or expanded theocratic service, it’s important to consider prayerfully how you’ll respond to the questions on the application. HEBREWS 13:18 SAYS, WE WISH TO CONDUCT OURSELVES HONESTLY IN ALL THINGS. So you should be honest in answering the questions on the application, especially those that have to do with your physical health and spiritual health.“ Dare I go into the organization’s dishonest acts against Christ’s sheep, of misleading them with consistent lies? Their acts of plagiarism, double-speak, failed prophesies, reasons for disfellowshipping and “trampling” the Temple of God promoted by a Wicked Slave, all speak candidly of the Watchtower’s little practice in regard to honesty in all things. Matt 24:15; Rev 11:1,2;2 Thess 2:3,4; Matt 24:48-51 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matt+24%3A15%3B+Rev+11%3A1%2C2%3B2+Thess+2%3A3%2C4%3B+Matt+24%3A48-51&version=CSB Please notice this one example from a book that has been widely used by JWs to lead “Bible studies” into the organization and what is fondly called, “the truth”. This concerns one’s dedication at baptism: “Going beneath the water symbolizes that you have died to your former life course. Being raised up out of the water indicates that you are now alive to do the will of God. Remember, too, that you have made a dedication to Jehovah God himself, NOT TO A WORK, A CAUSE, OTHER HUMANS, OR AN ORGANIZATION. Your dedication and baptism are the beginning of a very close friendship with God—an intimate relationship with him.” (What Does the Bible Really Teach? p. 184) On the day of baptism, what question must the newly indoctrinated ones “answer in the affirmative”? "Do you understand that your dedication and baptism identify you as one of Jehovah's Witnesses IN ASSOCIATION WITH God's spirit-directed ORGANIZATION?" Watchtower 1985 Jun 1 p.30 At that point, the prospective candidates are fully trapped before an audience of possibly thousands. Col 2:8; Rev 13:10 Will they remember what they read in their study book and rethink their upcoming baptism, or will they be caught in the moment of emotional elation, eager to fulfill a vow and join “Jehovah’s organization”? If one was to answer “no” to this second baptism question, the organization would disqualify the individual from becoming “an ordained minister of Jehovah”. This, in spite of what they learned during cozy Bible studies conducted in their own home, by usually “two witnesses” who were to impart scriptural truth. Amos 3:5; (Matt 18:16) (wt 17 April p. 4-8, par.11) https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Col+2%3A8%3B+Rev+13%3A10%3B+Amos+3%3A5%3B+Matt+18%3A16+++&version=CSB In the Watchtower, one’s “intimate relationship with God” is fully dependent on “work” toward the “cause” outlined by false teachers, which is to bolster an organization. How twisted it all becomes, very early in the life of a JW. Working toward a human cause is the underlying theme of Mr. Cook’s video: “Submitting your application may open a door of opportunity to serve Jehovah and his organization in a variety of ways. Of course, there’s a place or everyone in Jehovah’s service. Whether we’re working hard as a congregation publisher, a regular pioneer, a Bethelite, or on a theocratic construction project we have the satisfaction of knowing that Jehovah treasures all that we’re doing because of our heartfelt love for him. Heb 6:10 says, ‘God is not unrighteous so as to forget your work and the love you showed for his name by ministering and continuing to minister to the holy ones.’” His use of this scripture is his attempt to imply JWs are slaving for God; which is in error. Instead, it is the governing body and its Wild Beast stinging locust-scorpion army. Rev. 13:1,2,5-7,9:1-4;13:11,12,14-17 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Rev.+13%3A1%2C2%2C5-7%2C9%3A1-4%3B13%3A11%2C12%2C14-17&version=CSB Hopefully, this post will help you understand that God does not treasure any effort done on behalf of “Jehovah’s organization”. What caught my attention was Mr. Cook’s use of Ps 127:1 He said, “regardless of where we are serving, we need Jehovah’s blessing to be successful.” A Song of Ascents. Of Solomon. “Unless the Lord builds a house, its builders labor over it in vain; unless the Lord watches over a city, the watchman stays alert in vain.” (CSB) From an earlier post, I had said - Solomon proclaimed that the temple he would build for God, would be “a great spiritual temple”; and it was for a fact, a magnificent physical achievement. He exclaimed, “And the temple which I build will be great, for our God is greater than all gods. But who is able to build Him a temple, since heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain Him? Who am I then, that I should build Him a temple, except to burn sacrifice before Him?” 2 Chron 2:5,6 (9); 2 Chron 6:2 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=2+Chron+2%3A9%3B+6%3A2&version=NKJV Still, “the glory of the Lord had filled the Lord’s house”, even though God’s words to David reveal to us a greater temple that was to come – the anointed Body of Christ. 2 Chron 7:1,2,12; 5:13; John 2:19-22; 1 Chron 14:11; 1 Chron 17:9-14 Something greater than Solomon is here, and it isn’t the Watchtower leaders and their earthly organization. Matt 12:42 “HE – Jesus Christ - shall build Me a HOUSE, and I will establish his throne forever.” 1 Chron 17:12 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=2+Chron+7%3A1%2C2%2C12%3B+5%3A13%3B+John+2%3A19-22%3B+1+Chron+14%3A11%3B+1+Chron+17%3A9-14%3BMatt+12%3A42&version=NKJV Consider the quote from Watchtower’s “Insight” Book, pp. 513,514: “Peter quoted and applied to Jesus Christ this prophecy (Isa 28:16) regarding the “foundation cornerstone” on which individual ANOINTED Christians are built up as “living stones,” TO BECOME A SPIRITUAL HOUSE OR TEMPLE . (1Pe 2:4-6) Dear JWs, are you able to discern that the House you are working for doesn’t belong to God? Can you perceive that your laboring for the Watchtower is in vain? Which “House” do you believe God expects us to support and will give His blessing upon? Warwick’s Bethel which the organization still attempts to hoist onto a pedestal? Rev 13:1,4 Or, is it God’s Temple House in the anointed ones and reflected in the deeper meaning behind Ps 127? 1 Cor 3:16,17; 2 Cor 6:16; Eph 2:20-22 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Rev+13%3A1%2C4%3B+1+Cor+3%3A16%2C17%3B+2+Cor+6%3A16%3B+Eph+2%3A20-22++&version=CSB Further in Ps 127: “In vain you get up early and stay up late, working hard to have enough food— yes, he gives such things to his loved ones while they sleep.” Back to Heb 6, and verses 7,8: “For the ground that drinks the rain that often falls on it and that produces vegetation useful to those for whom it is cultivated receives a blessing from God. 8 But if it produces THORNS AND THISTLES, it is worthless and about to be cursed, and at the end will be burned.” Watchtower’s Bethel is not sanctioned by God as His dwelling. Acts 17:24 No matter how much effort an individual labors for the Beast/organization, they will awaken each day, still spiritually hungry. Amos 8:11 A false priesthood is incapable of producing the same life-giving “bread” as God’s House built on Christ’s true anointed priests. John 6:35; 1 Cor 10:17; Rom 12:1,5; 1 Pet 2:5,9 Yet, in the Watchtower House a “disgusting thing” - “thorns and thistles”- stands and rules over, the true spiritual House/Temple of God. Ezek 2:6,7; Hos 10:8; Rev 11:1,2 The spiritual food they present you, and approved by a Wicked Slave/Harlot/FALSE PROPHET is “worthless”. Matt 7:15-20;13:7; Rev 9:5 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Acts+17%3A24%3B+Amos+8%3A11%3B+John+6%3A35%3B+1+Cor+10%3A17%3B+Rom+12%3A1%2C5%3B+1+Pet+2%3A5%2C9%3B++Ezek+2%3A6%2C7%3B+Hos+10%3A8%3B+Rev+11%3A1%2C2%3B+Matt+7%3A15-20%3B13%3A7%3B+Rev+9%3A5+&version=NKJV From Pearl Doxsey’s article, “Where is Bethel?" Where would the location of God's Temple be, in our physical realm? Christ is the cornerstone of that Temple, and the living stones added upon the foundation of apostles and prophets (Eph.2:20-22), are those whom God chooses... the humble, dejected by the world, and God-fearing. His spirit comes to dwell within them (1Pet.2:5; 1Cor.3:16,9; 6:19; Heb.3:6;Luke 17:21; 1Cor.2:9-12). So, God's "Bethel" is not physical at all, but spiritual (Heb.3:6). His true worshipers worship IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH (John 4:23-24; Ps.51:17-18)... not in million dollar construction projects, or a billion dollar corporation (John 18:36).” The “restored” true spiritual House of God is free of such captivity to stinging lies, sin and the ruling power of men. God’s “living stones” submit to the necessary cleansing to become acceptable vessels, carrying Christ’s words of truth, “to the ends of the earth”. Mal 3:1-3; Acts 1:8; Rev 11:4; Zech 4:9,11,12,14; 11:3 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Mal+3%3A1-3%3B+Acts+1%3A8%3B+Rev+11%3A4%3B+Zech+4%3A9%2C11%2C12%2C14%3B+11%3A3 + &version=NKJV They are the arrows in the quiver held by Christ during the final battle of truth against lies. Ps 127 continues: 3 Sons are indeed a heritage from the Lord, offspring, a reward. 4 Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the sons born in one’s youth. 5 Happy is the man who has filled his quiver with them. They will never be put to shame when they speak with their enemies at the city gate. Ps 127:3-5 From Pearl Doxsey’s “The Table” - Jesus "treading down" the "grapes", is when he wars against those false teachings and all who teach them. (Isa.63:2,3; Rev.19:11,14-16). At first, he must do this alone (Isa.50:2; 63:3; Rom.3:10; Rev.3:2), because all anointed in the time of the end have been mislead into worshiping the Wild Beast (Isa.59:4,9-21; Rev.12:9; 13:7,9). These must be released from Satan's lies (Rev.12:15; 9:14; John8:44) before they can ride forth for truth. The restoration of pure worship and God’s House is the result of Satan’s creative trap and delusion; which is Watchtower’s working Beast – a spirit-breathed “mechanical” beast of symbolic scorpion-locusts, used for leading anointed and companions to their ruin; not for imparting life. 2 Thess 2:9-12; Rev 13:1,15 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=2+Thess+2%3A9-12%3B+Rev+13%3A1%2C15&version=CSB In a favorite article of mine, Pearl writes: Is the "restoration" the healing of the rift between God and "Jacob"? (Luke1:16,17; Mal.4:6) Note Isa.49:6: "he says: "It is too small a thing for you to be my servant to restore the tribes of Jacob and bring back those of Israel I have kept. I will also make you a light for the Gentiles, that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth." When we view the context of Isa.49:6; the connection to the two scriptures (you) cite, becomes apparent... (those two scriptures are Isa 2:1-5 and Rev 22:1-5: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isa+2%3A1-5%3B+Rev+22%3A1-5&version=CSB ) See Isa.49:8,9,12: 8 This is what the Lord says: “In the time of my favor I will answer you, and in the day of salvation I will help you; I will keep you and will make you to be a covenant for the people, to RESTORE the land and to reassign its desolate inheritances, 9 TO SAY TO THE CAPTIVES, ‘Come out,’ AND TO THOSE IN DARKNESS, ‘BE FREE!’ 12 See, they will come from afar— some from the north, some from the west (Isa.2:2 E [“all nations will stream to it”]) "A LIGHT to the Gentiles" (Isa.49:6; 42:6) https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isa.49%3A6%3B+42%3A6&version=CSB "...to those in DARKNESS, 'Be free!'" (Isa.49:9; 60:2) https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isa.49%3A9%3B+60%3A2&version=CSB "The Rise of Mount Zion" "Elijah Turns Hearts" 4womaninthewilderness
  2. I am writing this on Sunday 12/9 at about 3:30 PM. On Thursday night I drove up here to Warwick with relatives. We completed the five exhibits at Warwick, spoke with some Bethelites we knew, and attended the Sunday morning meeting held in the Bethel Auditorium where the "Long Meadow" congregation meets. This is a congregation of about 180 persons, some of whom travel from up to about half-an-hour away, and many (if not most) of the members are Bethelites who live in the HQ complex on site. Tomorrow we'll go to Wallkill. The first thing you notice from setting your smartphone maps and GPS routing systems is that the Warwick Bethel is not in Warwick. It's actually all within the borders and limits of Tuxedo Park, NY. If you look at the back of the Warwick Bethel brochure you'll see that 1 Kings Drive, Tuxedo Park, NY 10987 is the actual address. The name was picked, I assume, because Warwick is a town just a little farther away, in another zip code (10990), and smaller than Tuxedo Park, but with a name that sounds just a bit more Biblical. It's a name that also sounds a bit more alliterative: as in, "Watchtower at Wallkill" and "Watchtower at Warwick." Wars, Wicks, Walls, and Kills are all found in the Bible, but no Tuxedos of any stripe. The exhibits were very good. I'll find my previous post that discusses them and try to get it to land below this one.
  3. https://download-a.akamaihd.net/files/content_assets/ba/702017127_E_cnt_1_r720P.mp4 An engineer who performed inspections of the Witnesses’ construction of their new world headquarters for the Town of Warwick shares his observations about the completed facilities.
  4. JW.org headquarters at night.
  5. World Headquarters of Jehovah Witnesses, Warwick NY. ~~~~ Different GB Brother's and many JW telling us.... Enjoy !
  6. “And Jesus said to him, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.” Matt 8:20 "Woe to him who builds his palace by unrighteousness, his upper rooms by injustice, making his own people work for nothing, not paying them for their labor. 14 He says, ‘I will build myself a great palace with spacious upper rooms.’ So he makes large windows in it, panels it with cedar and decorates it in red. 15 “Does it make you a king to have more and more cedar? Did not your father have food and drink? He did what was right and just, so all went well with him. 16 He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not what it means to know me?” declares the Lord. 17 “But your eyes and your heart are set only on dishonest gain, on shedding innocent blood and on oppression and extortion.” Jer 22:13-17
  7. The Witnesses hosted the first of two open-house receptions to thank local residents and others who supported the construction of their recently built headquarters facility. Source
  8. NEW WORLD WARWICK CENTER, HEADQUARTERS, USA The beautiful entrance hall ❤
  9. Purchaser will turn 21 Clark St. into seniors housing called The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle The Jehovah's Witnesses have sold one of the grand jewels of their real-estate portfolio for about $200 million. The Towers, a former Brooklyn Heights Historic District hotel where the Dodgers lived and presidents gave speeches, will now be turned into seniors housing by its purchaser. Built in the 1920s, the Leverich Towers Hotel, as it was originally known, has colonnaded towers on its four corners like a Venetian palazzo — a really big palazzo. The 16-story, 313,768-square-foot property at 21 Clark St. played host in its heyday to the highest-paid Brooklyn Dodgers. Only the stars of Brooklyn's since-departed baseball team were allowed to live in its splendid suites during baseball season. Other players lived elsewhere, including the Hotel Saint George in Brooklyn Heights. President Harry Truman spoke at The Towers. Advertisements called it “The Aristocrat of Brooklyn Hotels.” It was designed by Starrett & Van Vleck, the architecture firm that also designed Manhattan flagship stores for Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor. Later, the Watchtower, which owned the Towers for four decades, used the Clark Street property as a residence and dining hall for more than 1,000 people who worked at its nearby world headquarters. Here's The Towers' grand staircase, which echoes the grandeur of its early days as a hotel. Kayne Anderson Real Estate Advisors is the purchaser The Jehovah's Witnesses put the former hotel, which has frontage on Willow and Pineapple streets, up for sale in May 2016. The purchaser, Kayne Anderson Real Estate Advisors, plans to transform The Towers into seniors housing and rename it The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights. “Meticulously maintained since its inception in the late 1920s, The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights epitomizes a Class A property with a unique redevelopment opportunity: To introduce modern, luxury living for seniors in Brooklyn and Manhattan,” Al Rabil, Kayne Anderson Real Estate Advisors' managing partner and CEO, said in a press release. The new owner is “committed to upholding the property's unique legacy,” Rabil said. The Boca Raton-based investment firm is the real-estate private equity arm of Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors L.P. Watermark Retirement Communities, a nationwide operator of seniors housing communities, is partnering with Kayne Anderson Real Estate Advisors on The Towers' redevelopment. The sale deed for the Towers has not yet appeared in city Finance Department records. But according to the Wall Street Journal — which was the first to report The Towers' sale — the price was about $200 million. The Watchtower paid $1,992,229.08 for The Towers in 1975, Finance Department records indicate. The Towers' rooftop terrace has views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline. Watchtower property sell-off moves closer to finish line The sale of The Towers brings the Jehovah's Witnesses a big step closer to completing their years-long effort to liquidate their once-vast property portfolio in Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO. The sell-off was precipitated by their decision to move their world headquarters to the upstate New York town of Warwick. “For those of us who lived in Brooklyn Heights, we'll remember The Towers not just as a landmark building but as a beautiful and comfortable home,” Watchtower spokesman David Semonian said in a statement. “With this most recent transaction, we close another chapter of our history in Brooklyn,” he said. Other buyers of the religious organization's properties include the Kushner Cos., which spent about $1 billion with investor partners on Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO Watchtower purchases. The firm was headed by Jared Kushner until he stepped aside to serve as senior adviser to his father-in-law, President Donald Trump. http://www.brooklyneagle.com/articles/2017/11/1/jehovahs-witnesses-sell-towers-storied-brooklyn-heights-hotel
  10. It was a great privilege to have known the Bethel World Central!!! with my husband. Sandra and Beto Sausalina!!! Breathes the love of Jehovah everywhere!!! ?❤️?❤️? Thank you
  11. Kushner Companies, CIM Group and LIVWRK plan to turn building into office complex The iconic Watchtower sign, a glowing fixture over Brooklyn Heights, will soon disappear from the skyline. Earlier this month, the Jehovah’s Witnesses filed a permit application seeking to remove the 15-foot-tall letters from the roof of the organization’s now-former headquarters. The request comes nearly a year after developers Kushner Companies, CIM Group and LIVWRK Holdings purchased the building at 25-30 Columbia Heights for $340 million. Removal of the letters will cost an estimated $70,500, according to documents filed with the city’s Department of Buildings. The sign’s framework will remain in place, according to the application filed June 9. The developers — who collectively go by Columbia Heights Associates — declined to comment. Representatives for the Jehovah’s Witnesses didn’t return messages seeking additional information on the sign’s future. The sign has hovered over Brooklyn Heights for nearly 50 years. The religious organization purchased the building in 1969 from pharmaceutical giant E.R. Squibb & Sons. At the time, Squibb had its own sign on the roof. According to the Witnesses’ website, the sign’s red neon lights were swapped for LEDs in 2009 — saving the organization some $4,000 in annual maintenance costs. The departure of what many have described as a Brooklyn landmark is not necessarily a surprise. When the new owners unveiled plans in May to convert the building into a 635,000-square-foot office complex — dubbed “Panorama” — renderings show some sort of sign but not the iconic letters. At the time, the Brooklyn Eagle speculated that one of the building’s new tenants would secure the rights to put their own sign in the old one’s place. In a video posted on the religious group’s website, Vernon Wisegarver, one of the group’s leaders, hinted that the sign’s time with the building was limited: “As for its future, it will probably remain with that building as long as we remain with that building.” https://therealdeal.com/2017/06/26/end-is-nigh-for-watchtower-sign-iconic-placard-to-come-down-after-340m-sale/
  12. New virtual 3d tour made available from Google Maps, so that you can use to visit the New World Headquarters and enjoy your virtual Tour there ! . https://goo.gl/maps/wqNi3QKzEpT2
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  15. JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES ARE CONDUCTING A SERIES OF OPEN HOUSES AT THEIR NEW HEADQUARTERS OUTSIDE NEW YORK CITY. The Jehovah's Witness denomination is among the most popular churches in the world. With over eight million members spread out over 80 countries, the group has a mission of perpetuating the Scriptures. Last year the Jehovah's Witness group decided to move their world headquarters from the Brooklyn region of New York to the Tuxedo-Warwick suburbs owing to their need for expansion and a more favorable religious location to house the 800 staff who work for the church. The Jehovah’s Witnesses recently completed the construction of their headquarters. The buildings overlooking the blue sea of the Sterling Forest State Park are all state-of-the-art and eco-friendly, and the church wanted to showcase this to the community. Owing to that, the church set aside two Saturdays, April 22 and April 29, to show their appreciation to the community that has received the church warmly ever since construction began. “We wanted to thank the non-Witness locals and other parties for the warm support they have shown us since we moved to Warwick," Troy Snyder, facilities manager for the headquarters complex, said. Members of the surrounding communities received invitations to the open house held April 22. 395 invitees showed up to the open house, 205 being local residents and 190 being vendors and contractors who had collaborated with the church on the construction project. The Saturday open houses are particularly special because tours are normally only offered Monday through Friday. The attendees were all first treated to some light refreshments by the Jehovah’s Witness members. After that, the visitors were taken around the facility in a tour that lasted about forty minutes. Residents of the Tuxedo-Warwick area expressed their appreciation of the vision put into the building’s designs, saying it was of high quality. Furthermore, any fears that the local population had had concerning the effect on the construction of the headquarters were allayed. Some attendees attested that the building had been integrated into the environment of the area to the extent that even the effect on local wildlife was taken into account and reflected in the design. The tour included a video presentation and a session for making inquiries as well. The most interesting part of the open house was perhaps the three exhibits the headquarters houses. Guests were allowed to walk themselves through the exhibits for an hour each. The first of the exhibits was titled Bible and the Divine Name. It held rare Bible translations, Bible editions as well as unique Bible-related artifacts. The aim of the exhibition was to display how God’s “Jehovah” name was preserved. Exhibit two, A People for Jehovah’s Name, employed visual aids such as graphics, artifacts and personal testimonies to relay the history of the Jehovah’s Witness church. The last display was called the World Headquarters-Faith in Action exhibit, and it detailed the role of the Jehovah's Witness Governing Body in the promotion of scripture, faith, and love. Any non-Witness locals who did not attend last week’s event are invited by the church to do so this coming Saturday. For those unable to attend April 29, public tours of the facility are offered Monday through Friday. Read more at World Religion News: "New Jehovah’s Witness Headquarters Hosts First Open Houses" http://www.worldreligionnews.com/?p=37258
  16. SPECIAL CAMPAIGN IN WARWICK - NEW CENTRAL WORLD...... OPEN HOUSE..... WOW ( sorry, I am too far away ) Germany - USA ! But later, maybe....
  17. Warwick, NY: World Headquarters Highlights of the Past Year 2017 Yearbook http://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/302017036
  18. Notice the new style Watchtower first built for Patterson back in 1990.

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