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Found 10 results

  1. week March 6-12 http://wol.jw.org/es/wol/mp/r4/lp-s/mwb17/2017/181 JEREMIAH 1-4 Digging for Spiritual Gems: Bible Highlights Highlights From the Book of Jeremiah.pdf See also the book: Jeremiah http://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1102010158 Abraham, Sarah, and others leave Ur Abrahán, Sara y un grupo de personas salen de Ur Abraão, Sara e outros saem da cidade de Ur Abraamo, Sara e altri lasciano Ur Abraham, Sara und andere verlassen Ur Abraham, Sara et d’autres quittant Our WEEK OF MARCH 6-12, 2017 Treasure Your Gift of Free Will Treasure Your Gift of Free Will Treasure Your Gift of Free Will.pdf
  2. After nearly a month I STILL CANNOT OPEN THE WEEKLY STUDY MATERIALS. Originally, I was a part of the group that couldn't open them weeks ago. And I still can't! I have tried 2 phones and 2 tablets. All with uninstalled Acrobat. But 2 of the devices were never used the first time. So they should be clean. Why is mine the only one broke?
  3. The New World Bible Translation Committee work together in the 1940’s Bible writers wrote down direct statements from Jehovah and the history of God’s relationship with his people Digging for Spiritual Gems: ISAIAH 58-62 WEEK OF FEBRUARY 20-26, 2017 Bible Highlights Highlights From the Book of Isaiah—II.pdf 60 e60.pdf 58-62 e58-62.pdf WEEK OF FEBRUARY 20-26, 2017 Jehovah Rewards Those Who Earnestly Seek Him A husband and wife enjoy an ocean view in the future Paradise Un matrimonio disfruta de las vistas al océano en el Paraíso Um casal olhando para o mar no futuro Paraíso Nel futuro Paradiso una coppia ammira l’oceano Ein Ehepaar genießt im Paradies den Ausblick auf den Ozean Dans le Paradis, un couple admirant l’océan Jehovah Rewards Those Who Earnestly Seek Him.pdf
  4. https://assetsnffrgf-a.akamaihd.net/assets/m/502015255/univ/art/502015255_univ_lsr_xl.jpg Digging for Spiritual Gems: ISAIAH 52-57 WEEK OF FEBRUARY 13-19, 2017 Bible Highlights ii Highlights From the Book of Isaiah—II.pdf 53 is 53 — ONLINE LIBRARY.pdf 52-57 52-57 — ONLINE LIBRARY.pdf WEEK OF FEBRUARY 13-19, 2017 A brother thinks anxiously about world conditions Un hermano se inquieta al pensar en las cosas que pasan en el mundo Um irmão preocupado com os problemas do mundo Un fratello si fa prendere dall’ansia pensando alle condizioni del mondo Ein Bruder denkt besorgt über die Weltverhältnisse nach Un frère inquiet au sujet des conditions mondiales Throw All Your Anxiety on Jehovah.pdf
  5. The weekly study material is here. TB Additional Highlights- Sept. 5-11 .pdf CBS Sept. 5-11.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of Sept. 5-11.pdf Watchtower -WEEK OF Sept. 5-11 .pdf
  6. Here is the study material for July 25-31, 2016. TB Additional Highlights- July 25-31 .pdf CBS July 25-31.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of July 25-31.pdf Watchtower -WEEK OF JULY 25-31.pdf
  7. Here is the material for this next week, along with information from JW.ORG on those imprisoned for their faith. Additional Highlights- June 20-26 .pdf CBS June 20-26,2016.pdf Jehovah’s Witnesses currently imprisoned in ERITREA.pdf Jehovah’s Witnesses currently imprisoned in NAGORNO-KARABAKH.pdf Jehovah’s Witnesses currently imprisoned in SINGAPORE.pdf Jehovah’s Witnesses currently imprisoned in SOUTH KOREA.pdf Jehovah’s Witnesses currently imprisoned in TURKMENISTAN.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of June 20-26, 2016.pdf Watchtower -June 20-26.pdf Watchtower -Para. 18 supplemental “Jehovah’s Witnesses Imprisoned for their Faith.pdf Watchtower -Paragraph 17 supplemental.pdf
  8. The weekly material for June 13-19, 2016 is here. T.B. (Twyla) CBS June 13-19,2016.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of June 13-19, 2016.pdf Additional Highlights- June 13-19 .pdf Compare Life Now and in the Future.pdf Watchtower -June 13-19.pdf

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