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These terms will be either links to definitions or articles containing these words. 

If you see one without a link or know of one missing feel free to reply below with a complete definition. 

In addition to these definitions the following Correspondence Guidelines reference can be very helpful in defining terms.


Accounts Servant
Annual General Meeting (example of one here)

Anointed ones
Appointed Times of the Nations
Approved Associate (Term no longer in use)
Ark of the Covenant
Assembly Hall
Assembly Overseer
Attendant Servant
Auxiliary Counselor
Auxiliary Pioneer


Bethel Choir
Bethel Elder
Bethel Entrants' School
Beth Sarim
Bible Study
Bible School for Christian Couples (b. Sept 2014)
Bible School for Single Brothers (b. Sept 2014)
Bible Student (aka Bible Study)
Body of Elders
Book Study
Branch Offices 
Branch Committee
Branch Visit (new term as of WorldNewsMedia Feb 18, 2014)


Christ Jesus
Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses (CCJW)
Christian Convention Center
Circuit Assembly (went from 2 days to 1 day in 2014)
Circuit Overseer
City Overseer
Congregation Servant (pre-'72)
Congregation Bible Study
Congregation Book Study
Congregation Secretary
Congregation Service Committee
Congregation Volunteer
Construction Groups
Construction Servant
Construction Volunteer
Coordinator of the Body of Elders
Country Office


Devil (aka Satan)
Disaster Relief Committee
District Convention (old term) now called "Regional Convention"
District Overseer
District Representative


Eight Dukes
Eighth King
Elijah Class
Elisha Class


Family Night (at Bethel)
Family Worship
Faithful Slave (short for The Faithful and Discreet Slave)


Garden of Eden
Gentile Times
Gilead, Watchtower Bible School of
Global Assistance Arrangement (GAA) - for "unexpected events and accidents disaster"

God's Kingdom
Gog of Magog
Governing Body
Governing Body Helpers
Great Crowd
Great Tribulation
Group Overseer
Group Servant


Headquarter's representatives
Heavenly Jerusalem
Holy Spirit
Hospital Liaison Committee


IBSA - International Bible Students Association
Informal Witnessing
International Convention
International Servant
International Spokesman
International Volunteer Construction Workers


Jerusalem above
Jesus Christ
Judicial Committee
Judicial Restrictions


Kingdom Hall
Kingdom Hall Assistance Program (KHAA)
Kingdom Hall and Assembly Hall ? (KHAH) (replaces the above program)
Kingdom Ministry School
Kingdom of the Son of His Love
Kingdom of our God and of his Son
King of the North
King of the South


Literature Coordinator
Local Construction Servant
LDC - Local Design/Construction Department - also referred to in this Letter
Local Design/Construction Office (LDCO)
LDC Field Trainers

LDC Volunteer
Little Flock
Lord's Evening Meal


Magazine Servant
Magazine Coordinator
Messianic Kingdom
Midweek Meeting
Millennial Reign
Multi-language Electronic Photo-type System (MEPS)
Ministerial Servant
Ministerial Training School


Need Greaters
Nethinim - Gov. Body Helpers or Temple workers
New World Translation
New Jerusalem


Operating Committee
Operating Committee Member
Other Sheep
Oversight Group of the Service Department



Patient Visitation Group
Pioneer Service School (b. 2014 - 2 weeks, since 6 days)
Presiding Overseer - now called Coordinator of the Body of Elders
Private Reproof
Public Reproof
Public Witnessing
Public Talk Coordinator


Quick Build


Regional Building Committee (slowly being deprecated worldwide as of 2014)
Regional Convention
Regional Design/Construction Departments (RDCs) (started 2014)
Regular Pioneer
Religious Order of Jehovah's Witnesses
Return Visit
Remote Translation Office


School for Christian Couples (b. Sept 2014)
School for Congregation Elders
School for Kingdom Evangelizers (a. Sept 2014)
School for Single Brothers (b. Sept. 2014)
School for Traveling Overseers and their Wives
School for Branch Committee Members and their Wives
Section Desk Secretary
Service Committee (Congregation level)
Service Deskman
Service Department
Service Group
Service Group Overseer
Service Overseer
Seven Shepherds
Soul (Article: is the soul immortal?)
Sound Servant
Special Assembly Day (no longer in use as of WorldNewsMedia Feb 18, 2014)
Special Blue Envelope
Special Metropolitan Public Witnessing Program
Special Pioneer
Student (see Bible Student)


Territory Servant
Theocratic Ministry School
Theocratic Ministry School Overseer
Traveling Overseer
Traveling Overseers Assistance Arrangement (TOAA) - for healthcare and transportation for C.O's and their wives in the U.S. Branches.

Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad
Tree of Life


Unbaptized Publisher
United States Branch Committee
Urim and Thummin




Watchtower (The)
Watchtower (Public Edition)
Watchtower (Study Edition)
Watchtower Bible and Tract Society
Watchtower Study Conductor
Weekend Meeting
Wicked Spirits (aka Wicked Angels, Wicked Spirit Creatures)
World Wide Design/Construction (WDC) (started 2014)
World Wide Order of Special Full Time Servants of Jehovah's Witnesses
World Wide Work (Donations)
World Headquarters






Zone Overseer (old term) see 'Headquarter's representatives'
Zone Visit (old term) see 'Branch Visit'


24 elders
33 C.E.

607 B.C.E.
1260 days
1290 days
1,335 days
1874 C.E.
1914 C.E.
1918 C.E.
1919 C.E.
1925 C.E.
1975 C.E.

See also:
List of Theocratic Acronyms 

Correspondence Guidelines.pdf

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      Dear Reader,
      The simple answer is yes. 
      This is the paragraph you are probably referring to:
      3 We need to follow the Bible-based direction we receive from the elders. These loyal shepherds within God’s organization are guided by “wholesome,” or “healthful; beneficial,” instruction found in God’s own Book. (1 Tim. 6:3; ftn.) Recall Paul’s counsel regarding disorderly ones in the congregation. Some individuals were ‘not working at all but were meddling with what did not concern them.’ They were evidently admonished by the elders but persisted in disregarding the counsel. How was the congregation to deal with such a person? Paul directed: “Keep this one marked and stop associating with him.” That counsel was balanced with the caution not to treat such a person as an enemy. (2 Thess. 3:11-15) Today, elders may give a warning talk about someone’s persisting in a course that reflects badly on the congregation, such as dating an unbeliever. (1 Cor. 7:39) How do you react when the elders find it necessary to give such a talk? If you are aware of the situation described in the talk, will you take care to avoid socializing with such an individual? Your loving concern and firm stand may move the person to abandon a disorderly course. [1]
      The Librarian
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