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The slave is using this photo to make it clear what is not allowed in the dress of men for meetings and preaching.

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I don't think has to do much about fashion modesty but more what the brothers are a custom to... i assume the brothers are used to only wearing the old big style suits and i presume they see anything out of the normal wrong.

i personally don't see much wrong wearing either suits is like wearing either a skinny tie or wide old style tie.

I have both types of suits, but i think skinny suits can be modest too as long as they are not too extreme.

Anyways my honest opinion.

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Amazing how fashion dictates a person's thinking without them really being aware of the influence. The guys on the right look like they have been sleeping out in the rain a couple of days, or tha

My point exactly, Q. Esther. Jehovah sees the heart and even if a poor servant of Jehovah doesn't have much, Jehovah still provides for them just like He did for the nation of Israel. He can make a po

Exactly. We should reflect the fruitage of the spirit even by the way we dress   

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Ty Jay.  Do you think the suits above are extreme? Hip hugging tight is a term often used for slacks.  The suit coats look ok but a little shorter in length.  The pant length is a little odd or as we kids used to say high water pants because certainly there was a flood coming. (smile) 

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10 hours ago, Alzasior Lutor said:


w 01-2017

At the regional convention this summer 2018, the look of right side, i see this so many time.... Unbelivable !

Um, didn't Jesus tell us to 'first remove the rafter from our own eye, before trying to remove the straw from our brother's eye' ?

Didn't he tell us that if we judge others then we ourselves will be judged ?

Can you not think to yourself this way, 'Well I'm not keen on his clothes but he is here in Jehovah's place of worship and in time he will mature'. 

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The thing about fashion is that some people look better in one type of clothes than another. 

Why it works the way it does is a mystery to me, but I realize it as a valid phenomenon.

If it was up to me I would wear Levis, and a blue long sleeve dress  shirt  without a tie  EVERYWHERE, including the Meetings.

I change clothes about every three days, but  it does not appear that I do.

To those that see me everyday, it appears I never change clothes. Comfort fit Levis, dark blue long sleeve permanent press dress shirt open collar, red t-shirt, red wide "fireman's" suspenders AND a belt, and tan suede shows with no socks.


Exactly the same.

I KNOW it looks dorky to fashionistas, but it works for me!

If I had a LOT of money, it would be totally acceptable at the Meetings. ("Oh...he's just ECCENTRIC ...")

Underneath I have bare skin, which is very helpful in keeping my insides ... in.

Superman had the same problem ... same outfit, everyday ... day in and day out ... week after week ... year after year ...  but his shirt tail kept popping out, and when he bent over he showed his butt crack, so early in life he realized he needed to wear a cape, or sell advertising space.

I personally saw NOTHING wrong with the way anyone in this illustration was dressed.


Kick Me.jpg

It does look like the Brother in the tan suit is afraid that the Brother in the light blue shirt has just put a "KICK ME" sign on his back, or he is afraid of becoming a hand puppet.

Just remember this basic Congregational rule about proper dress ...  "If it's neat and clean, and well arranged and modest ....  hides your fat, and for Sisters, if it looks cheap and frumpy ... it's acceptable".

Years ago I was at a District Assembly at Hampton Roads Coliseum, and through my binoculars noticed the DO and key speaker had fluorescent yellow patent leather mirror finish shoes.  I do not know anywhere in the world you could even buy shoes like that ... and 50 years later, STILL don't know.

My only objection about the following picture is that the "tight pants"are  UGLY, and it appears you would need side leg zippers up to your knees to get them on and off.

How do you even DO this... .jpg

.... perhaps to get your feet through the pants legs you have to temporarily remove the feet.

With the Brothers outrageous and ugly haircut and mismatched shoes, and clown socks, it is quite clear that he was DELIBERATELY dressed and groomed for the photo to be as repulsive as possible

Of course.


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I OFTEN wonder, looking at that picture, if a smart artist on the Bethel staff is trying to illustrate .... and for those that are not clueless,  successfully so,  .... how totally goofy and cringeworthy some of what corporate thinking is actually like.

... someone with an outrageous sense of humor with complete impunity, slipping "inside jokes" past the totally clueless editorial staff .

Kick Me.jpg


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