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After his death, Prince loses control of his image. He would hate that.


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If all I had was entertainment reporters, I would think Prince only sang two words his entire life: 'Purple rain, purple rain'....fade out. STOP IT!

He left behind a vault so stocked he can release an album per year for 100 years - it can't be just the two words repeated endlessly.

Stupid lazy unimaginative journalists! You don't do that to Bob Dylan. I never hear the same words twice when you do him!

And what's with the obligatory purple? Prince would hate that! You couldn't get him to sign an autograph. He didn't want to be worshipped.

He would also hate the record company releasing his unreleased music from prior to his JW days. He was raunchy back then and he deliberately buried that stuff when he became a Christian. 

After his death, he loses control of his own image.

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