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Daily text, Friday, November 4. 2016

Queen Esther

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                              Use the Word of God—It Is Alive !

This is so that they may believe that Jehovah . . . has appeared to you.—Ex. 4:5.


God put in Moses’ hand the means by which he could prove that his message was from Jehovah. What seemed to others like nothing more than a rod came to life by God’s power! What force such a miracle would add to Moses’ words, proving conclusively that he had Jehovah’s backing! Hence, Jehovah told him: “You will take this rod in your hand and perform the signs with it.” (Ex. 4:17) With that proof of God’s authority in his hand, Moses could go forth and confidently represent the true God before his own people and before Pharaoh. (Ex. 4:2-4, 29-31; 7:8-13) The same question may be asked of us when we go forth to share the Bible’s message with others: “What is that in your hand?” In many cases, the Bible will be in our hand, ready for use. Although some may view the Bible as nothing more than a book, Jehovah speaks to us through his inspired written Word.—2 Pet. 1:21. w14 8/15 2:5, 6


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