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Four Burning Candles... (now with the perfect video)

Queen Esther

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 Four Burning Candles...         ( look  also  by  illustrations...)

In a room there were four candles burning. The ambiance was so soft you could hear them talking.
The first one said, “I am PEACE, however nobody can keep me lit. I believe I will go out.”
It’s flame rapidly diminishes and goes out completely.

The second one says,  “I am FAITH.  Most of all  I am no longer indispensable, so it does not make any sense that I stay lit any longer.”
When it finished talking a breeze softly blew on it putting it out.

Sadly, the third candle spoke in its turn.  “I am LOVE.  I have not gotten the strength to stay lit. People put me aside and don’t understand my importance. They even forget to love those who are nearest to them.” And waiting no longer it goes out.

Suddenly a child entered the room and saw three candles not burning.

“Why are you not burning you are supposed to stay lit till the end.”

Saying this the child began to cry. Then the fourth candle said, “Don’t be afraid, while I am still burning we can re-light the other candles,

I  am  HOPE.”

With shining eyes, the child took the candle of Hope and lit the other candles  ;o)


       I  found  today  the  video  to  that  nice  illustration...   Enjoy !

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