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Who are declared righteous for life ?

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8 hours ago, Ann O'Maly said:

And Jesus' words "a spirit does not have flesh and bones just as you see that I have" - how would the disciples have understood this? 

Notrhing to be afraid of. The Jesus they knew and loved was alive. No confusion possible due to his appearing in a totally physical form.


8 hours ago, Ann O'Maly said:

That was not what I was suggesting, of course. I had in mind the term 'Mighty God' - as in Isa. 10:21 and Jer. 32:18 - applying to the 'only Potentate.' 

Quite happy with this as well, but not as applying to the 'only Potentate' of 1 Tim.6:15. Obviously both Jesus and Jehovah are 'Mighty Gods'.

8 hours ago, Ann O'Maly said:

It looks like your next response is one of 'throwing in the towel' 

So you see yourself as a 'boxer delivering a beating'? Poor basis for a discussion of this nature if so.

8 hours ago, Ann O'Maly said:

saying that holy spirit will have to reveal to me the 'truth' as you see it

I think I am saying that from your responses,  this has already taken place.

With regard to your three questions, I do not understand the term being "declared righteous" to have degrees. As for the destiny of Christians on resurrection, the subject has been "done to death" in this thread. It appears to be a take it or leave it situation Question 2: no change. Question 3: Already addressed.

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I understand Ph.2:9-11 to indicate that every intelligent creation will be subject to Christ.  As Ps 37:29 speaks of righteous ones living forever on earth, so this constitutes one destiny. Obviously, a heavenly hope is held out in the Scripture also (Heb.3:1), so this relates to the other destiny. 

I would agree that this refers to an earth-based destiny. Earlier I made a list of some topics that were more often used during a time when the Watch Tower publications often took a special note of the differences between the spirit-anointed class and those who were not spirit-anointed. As you might recall, Matthew 5:5 was often included in this same type of discussion. I should have included it. I became a publisher in 1962 according to my Publishers Record Card and I remember my firs

We have no inherent right to approach Jehovah due to our sinful nature and his holiness. I think it's just as easy to read that this was the very purpose and meaning of Jesus' mediatorship -- the exact same purpose of the ransom. Only by imputing undeserved righteousness on all Christians, covering over our sins, does Jesus make it possible for all of us to approach Jehovah's throne of Majesty through prayer. This was the argument being made by some of the "murmurers" in 1979. This was the reaso

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