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What is the best way to add Notes to your electronic Bible?

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I'm android and use Moonreader for studying the Watchtower.  And I downloaded the ePub version of the NWT which I added to Moonreader. (I won't use anything but ePub files because of the links that one can click on so easily which aren't available with pdf documents (as far as I know).  At any rate, I will add notes in that Moonreader epub NWT whenever I come across an explanation of a scripture.  An example was the explanation of how Jesus could be both the twig and root of Jessie from "Digging for Spiritual Gems" in this weeks midweek meeting (Dec 19 - 25, 2016).  I simply clicked on the link to the Watchtower's explanation which was there in the workbook, and then copy and pasted that explanation into a note within the NWT Bible within Moonreader, to where whenever I come across that scripture again, I can just click on my note and there the explanation will be.

But does anyone know of a better way?  The downside in using my way via Moonreader is that getting to the scriptures via Moonreader instead of the JW Library app takes longer and is not laid out as well as the JWLibrary app.

Yes, I know it will be a happy, happy day when we can add notes within the JW Library app.  But till then, does anyone have a better way than what I just decribed above wherein I use an epub version of the NWT within Moonreader?



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I use PLA app from the google store, (uses e-pubs you have to down-load from JW.org). The Bible set up is like the JW app is and you can put notes in it.  At the meeting I keep my PLA app open on my Bible and use either the JW app (for workbook) or Moonreader (for WatchTower). Not quiet the answer just an ideal you might try.

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