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Isn’t all philosophy supposed to be studied critically? | Decolonizing philosophy?...

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Interesting word  "decolonizing" which  I have heard in my field service and when I read articles regarding Islam and Africa. 

Victimization of Africa by 'colonist' nations is part of well-documented old history...of the past 400 years. So to counteract this we now have the major fashion trend to de-colonize everything - even ideas.... at all our universities. So I presume they want modern philosphy (because I cannot think that previously colonized nations go back as far as Aristotle and Socrates). 

But- these nations have been in political and financial turmoil since the colonizers left.... so what major contribution regarding philosophy could they bring to the table? They definitely cannot bring any good ideas to promote equality, justice or peace in the world because we have seen the most atrocious genocides and poverty and class inequality coming from Africa in the last 60 years.  

So I conclude that these students are demanding change to the curriculum out of ignorance and are bowing to the new propaganda trend that is present on all university campuses in Europe and USA.

Islam also has a major issue with "crusaders and colonists" since the Turkish empire was destroyed by colinist nations during the First World War and parts of the middle east came under Brtish and French control. 

 There is only one major philosophy they can offer the world and to which everyone must bow- Islam. So the derogatory term "colonists" is used in a lot of their literature. Since most of the Middle East departments and universities have been hi-jacked by proponents of Islam, and the political activists for Islam are on all campuses, I am not surprised to see this new wave of politisized curricula being democratically demanded by the ignorant masses. 

My take on this: the world is really going crazy as all kinds of extremist political. propaganda is being spread throughout the world (like never in history before because of social media) and all kinds of evil organizations are infiltrating and spreading their polarizing agendas especially amongst the youth.

It is therefore wise to follow the directive of Jesus to be no part of this world and not participate in its political battles... be careful as serpents. Be discreet and wise like the slave.

I see a political trend in the world which was predicted in Rev 16: 14..." it is expressions of demons (propaganda) that is going out into the world to gather the nations together for Armageddon. "  

This is only the beginning of a world-wide trend which is already in progress and escalating fast.  One is not allowed to publicly and logically expose or refute bad or immoral ideas as 'morally wrong' because then you are promoting "hate". It will eventually affect our preaching work as well.

How bad this will get in future- no one knows. We are aware that it will lead to Aramageddon, so we can only watch and wait on Jehovah in silence as the bible advises us to do.


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