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Jehovah God has given us dominion over the animals ... technically we could kill and  EAT an Elephant.

But then again ... TECHNICALLY ... Jehovah God never, EVER prohibited cannibalism ( presumably war dead who bled out... ).

But I would not kill an elephant for just one sandwich.

Interesting how various cultural acclamation feels to the heart like direct commands from God.

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On 1/16/2017 at 6:37 AM, John Lindsay Barltrop said:

Thank you very much for that interesting discussion on elephants..............marvellous thing this "evolution"......NOT........we certainly should marvel at these creations, all praise going to our grand Creator, Jehovah.

@John Lindsay Barltrop

Thank you for your support!

Jehovah made the earth ? perfect for us and the animals. It's man that has destroyed it! But God's Kingdom will bring perfection back to all animals and all mankind! What a Promise He keeps!


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