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Jehovah’s Witnesses in India to sue for right to not stand for national anthem

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Audience members stand for the Indian national anthem before a movie starts at a cinema in New Delhi on December 4, 2016.

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 are looking to overturn a recent Supreme Court ruling requiring movie theatres to play the country’s national anthem before every film, and audience members to stand for the anthem, 
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The sect’s members believe the singing of national anthems constitutes an act of unfaithfulness towards god, according to the official Jehovah’s Witnesses website.

The Indian Express reports that a U.S.-based lawyer is working to help file an application seeking to overturn the apex court’s ruling.

On Nov. 30, 2016, the Supreme Court of India 

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 that audience members in movie theatres must stand for a rendition of the national anthem accompanied by images of the Indian flag, “to show respect for the national anthem and the national flag.”

The ruling was made after a petition by a 78-year-old citizen who said he was rebuked by moviegoers sitting behind him in a theatre 16 years ago, after he decided to stand when the national anthem was played as part of a scene in a 

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It comes just over three months after a disabled man was allegedly harassed in a movie theatre in the Indian state of Goa because he didn’t stand up while the national anthem was being played, as 

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The order appears to overturn a 1986 decision in which the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ freedom to not partake in anthem singing.

“Jehovah’s Witnesses are happy to have had a part in contributing to the constitutional freedoms of all citizens in India,” reads 

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 on the evangelical group’s website detailing the 1986 ruling.

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National Anthem: A Spiritual-Cultural Hymn For Holding Nation Together? – Analysis


FEBRUARY 13, 2017

The objection by a section of Indian intelligentsia against the November 30, 2016 Supreme Court Order on national anthem that all cinema halls in the country shall play it before the start of the film suggests that even after seven decades of country’s independence they continue to be under the siege of colonial and enslaved mindset. They seem to have no emotional attachment to the glorious nationhood of Bharatvarsh which has been holding it together for millenia.

Although, a cross section of political leaders welcomed the order of the supreme judiciary, some wise people like the former Attorney General and eminent jurist Soli Sorabjee “questioned the order terming it as an example of judicial over reach”.(Indian Express dated December 2, 2016).

Similarly, the members of Jehovah’s Witnesses, a Christian sect in India believe the singing of national anthem an act of unfaithfulness towards God. They are even planning to approach the Supreme Court to reconsider the order.…)

These and similar statements from a section of the intelligentsia have encouraged a section of people to disbelieve that Bharat has been a nation since Vedic days. Hence this paper to disabuse such people that India has been a united cultural entity from times immemorial.

In fact eulogising this nation our scripture Vishnu Puran says:

“Gayanti devah kil Geetkaani, Dhanyaastu te Bharat bhumi bhaage,

Swargapavarga aspad margabhutei Bhavanti bhooyah purushah suratvaat”

(Bharat is the way of all of the heavenly pleasures and even salvation. It’s a very welcome piece of fortune to be born as a human being on this soil of Bharat in spite of being a deity).

While referring to the geographical boundary of Bharatvarsh Vishnu Puran says: “उत्तरं यत्समुद्रस्य हिमाद्रेश्चैव दक्षिणम् । वर्षं तद् भारतं नाम भारती यत्र संततिः ”

(The country that lies north of the ocean and south of the snowy mountains is called Bhāratam; where dwell the descendants of Bharata known as Bharati.)

The name Bharat is a result of joining of two words- ‘Bha’ and ‘rat’. The term Bha is etymologically derived from the Sanskrit verb ‘Bha’ that means light and the term ‘Rat’ means immersing or devoted. The term ‘varsh’ which means country was added with Bharat and therefore the complete meaning of Bharatvarsh is a country where people are deeply immersed to (Divine) Light. Since the natives of this region were noble beings, anyone addressing elders used to call them Aarya and this land of nobles was also known as Aaryavart.

Thus, the name Bharatvarsh became the spiritual-cultural heritage of this land which forms the basis of a nation and its people are found proud of it from generation to generation. Unfortunately, the conquest of this land by outsiders who were unaware of the country’s glorious past tried to destroy its nationhood by changing its name from Bharatvarsh to Hindustan by Muslim invaders and later India by the British. Both the alien rulers played the politics of re-naming it with a view to re-shape its socio-cultural and political conditions according to their respective native traditions.

According to Wikipedia “A national anthem (also state anthem, national hymn, national song etc.) is generally a patriotic musical composition that evokes and eulogizes the history, traditions and struggles of its people, recognized either by a nation’s government as the official national song, or by convention through use by the people”.

Although there is a reference of the word ‘rashtra’ (nation) in our Veda, the people of anglicised and ‘secularised’ mind set call it a myth. They believe that prior to the advent of British rule there was no concept of nationhood for Bharatvarsh. They were perhaps not aware that Bharatvarsh was a ‘Rashtra’ from times immemorial. In Yajurveda there is a hymn praying the Supreme Power for the spiritual, economic, defence, education and agricultural growth of the nation. The hymn is as under:

आ ब्रह्मन् ब्राह्मणो ब्रह्मवर्चसी जायतामा राष्ट्रे राजन्यः
शूर इषवयोऽअतिव्याधी महारथो जायतां दोग्ध्री धेनुर्वाढानड्वानाशुः
सप्तिः पुरन्धिर्योषा जिष्णू रथेष्ठाः सभेयो युवास्य यजमानस्य वीरो जायतां निकामे निकामे नः
पर्जन्यो वर्षतु फलवत्यो न आषधयः पच्यन्तां योगक्षेमो नः कल्पताम् O Supreme Lord! May there

–Yajur Veda, 22.22

“O Brahman! Let there be born in the kingdom ‘brahmanas’ with ‘brahmatejas’ (divine lustre) who are well versed in the Vedas; let there be born the ‘rajanyah'(kings), heroic, skilled kings, archers and mighty warriors; cows giving abundant milk; load carrying oxen; the swift coursers; industrious, cultural women. Let the person who holds the yajna have brave and triumphant charioteer youth capable for addressing meeting. May ‘Parjanya’ (clouds) send seasonal rains; may our fruit-bearing plants and trees ripen; may the ‘yogakshemam’ (spiritual and prosperous well-being) of our people increase steadily.”

In fact this hymn was the national anthem of ancient Bharatvarsh. Even today this hymn is chanted by the people at the end of any religious function in many parts of the country.

After Independence, our Constituent Assembly instead of reviving the name of ancient Bharatvash registered it under a dual and bilingual identity – ‘India,that is Bharat’. In fact Bharatvarsh was a geo-cultural boundary bound by common history and heritage as well as also a juridico-political conception. There were many kings who ruled in different territories of this boundary but the entire region was under one spiritual-cultural umbrella of a nation called Bharatvarsh and those kings who conquered the whole Bharatvarsh were known as ‘Samrat’ like Ashoka and Chandragupta.(

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Irrespective of their varied caste, sect, region, local customs, food habits, costumes, professions and languages, the people of Bharatvarsh believed in polytheistic Sanatana Dharma that originated from the liberal Vedic texts – EKAM SADVIPRAH BAHUDHA VADANTI (He is one, wise men call Him differently) and the spiritual voices of their ascetic ancestors that permitted complete freedom to worship the deities of one’s choice without any ill-will against any other faith. With such spiritual strength and freedom they maintained the cultural unity of their motherland and gradually contributed to the internationally acclaimed civilisation, as its people were deeply immersed to the root of the name Bharatvarsh.

Despite this historical fact it is surprising that during freedom movement Jawaharlal Nehru preferred the term ‘Jai Hind’ (Victory of Hind) as the battle-cry in preference to ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ (Victory to Mother Bharat). Unfortunately, no Indian leader has so far raised the issue to replace the prevailing salutary term Jai Hind in our army and police with the term Jai Bharat.

After Independence, our constitution makers incorporated ‘JANA GANA MANA …… ’ a poem composed by Rabindranath Tagore as national anthem in the constitution to revive our cultural and spiritual legacy for instilling a sense of patriotism and nationalism for which people should be proud of.

The key words of the SC directive were to instil “committed patriotism and nationalism”. This is apparently a message that the people should revive the sense of their glorious national pride which was enslaved and colonised by the alien rulers. To pay respect to the national anthem is paying respect to the nationhood of the motherland. The highest judiciary has perhaps sensed the indifference of Indian people over national pride which has pushed them towards the ideology imposed on them by the West sowing the seed of destruction and disunity and therefore SC directive is only to empower the people with national self and pride.

Even our former president APJ Kalam had written a beautiful poem to express his patriotism and nationalism. In the last stanza of the poem he expressed:

“Oh Almighty, bless all my people to work and transform
Our country from a developing into a developed nation.
Let this second vision be born out of sweat of my people,
And bless our youth to live in Developed India. APJ”.


Any effort however small it may be to remind ourselves of our glorious past and to sustain the unity of the country should be welcomed and not objected to for narrow sectarian reasons.

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 (Eurasia Review)

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    • Not really. You might want to call it an argument only to sway from a “false” presentation that you are your friend JWI are famous for. The point is, your facts don’t correspond to “any” known facts. So, my question still stands, should we then view this absurd posted question with the same vigor? Since you continue the promotion of unqualified claims by either accepting opposition views or those contrived by active witnesses that support those notions. I too, can go on the internet and retrieve nonfactual claims. But aren’t you and your friend JWI referring to “true” or “false” claims that are out there on the internet that might be designated with that “frame of mind” by ex-witnesses and skeptic active witnesses? That find themselves with the same view with the application within the same distorted view! How would you qualify your message different than that of ex-witnesses, then? I can also include a reference that would speak to the article you posted. “ Russell and the early Bible Students thought that God had directed the building of the Great pyramid by Hebrews as a secondary way to confirm the Bible's chronology.

      This was not a belief that the Bible Students made up, but was commonly taught in many mainstream Churches which they had just come out of. It took them time to discern what was true and what was myth. In the 1800s some religious scholars felt that the Great Pyramid was built by the Hebrews under God's direction. They believed that biblical texts such as Isa 19:19-20 foretold that the Pyramid contained clues to the interpretation of Biblical prophecies that would be understood in the end times.

      But Witnesses corrected their wrong understandings while other religions continue to believe obvious myths associated with the cross and holidays. And there are still theologians and accepted members of mainstream churches who still teach Pyramidology, numerology, and mix "New Age" metaphysics with no repercussions from their respective organizations.

      Jehovah's Witnesses have never hidden the fact that they had incorrect beliefs due to ignorance, but we regularly study our history. But, the Bible shows that God allows his servants to gradually understand (Pro. 4:18; Jn 16:12) just as the prophets and Apostles had to gradually learn and change their understandings (Dan. 12:8, 9; 1 Pet. 1:10-12; Acts 1:6, 7; 1 Cor. 13:9-12).

      So, concern with past beliefs which were incorrect is a waste of time and distracts from the real issue. That is, a FAILURE to correct false doctrine or actions when presented with solid evidence would be proof that a religion or an individual is not God's organization or a Christian.

      It is hypocritical and it's illogical to address past beliefs which have been changed in order to cast doubt on current teachings of any religion. What someone taught years ago has no bearing on the accuracy of what is taught now.

      Rejecting current beliefs based on past misunderstanding is just plain unintelligent”   Once again should we view the posted question as “Demonism and the KNOWN ERROR of ANNA AND JWI, since it falls under your own criteria, so please, don’t sidestep your argument . Now, you have provided documentation of legal matters between the “donation” of Rutherford property to the Watchtower. What does that have to do with Rutherford’s friends donating the property to Rutherford? NOT the Watchtower   By the way. Russell wasn’t buried under the pyramid stone. The pyramid stone is simply a “marker” that was placed 5 years after his death by close friends of Russell, NOT the Watchtower
    • Bit of confusion on the use of the terms elder(s) and elderly, but otherwise makes sense. Good example of Caesar at last doing his job as God's minister. This can only work to the benefit of the congregation. And, hopefully, disqualification to serve the congregation. Hope so.
    • @Kurt Thank You Kurt, I looked at the sources but none of them seemed to name the victim. Also that photo on facebook could be anyone there is no way to confirm her as a witness. If she was at a Kingdom hall then maybe that would be better proof. Maybe I missed something due to the language differences.
    • Moreover, the confidential letter that you quote as though experiencing sexual climax does no more than expand on the consideration already announced publicly. Witnesses are well used to hearing about how that this or that circuit expense will be met if everyone contributes such and such an amount. This is always followed by the clarification that it is not suggested each member pony up that amount, but rather that the congregation in aggregate do so. What your 'secret letter' reveals is that even that fair policy is not held fast to. Elders know their flock. A poor congregation can lessen their share. A well-off congregation can increase it. Ours increases it regularly because @The Librariantells them I make a bundle off my books, the meddling hen. But others lessen theirs. Any Witness stumbling across your coup de grace will come away with increased respect for Bethel's consideration. They will also not be surprised. For decades they have heard about their surpluses benefiting other lands with deficits. They know it is hopelessly out of the reach of many third world congregations to afford their own Kingdom Hall, and they are thrilled to know their funds are spent thereby. Even @James Thomas Rook Jr., who rails about giving up local control of his money, probably does not begrudge that.  You consistently try to advance the notion that Witnesses are being fleeced by their organization. You consistently have your ears pasted back. In the end you are reduced to saying 'well - you have your opinion. I have mine.' It gets old.
    • Six months as extremists: what happens to "Jehovah's Witnesses" in Russia Anastasia Golubeva Russian BBC Service In May 2017, the inhabitant of Eagle, the Dane Dennis Christensen and several of his co-religionists gathered in the building for worship, in order, in their words, to read the Bible. A month before, the Supreme Court of Russia recognized the activities of "Jehovah's Witnesses" in Russia as extremist and banned the organization. To hold a meeting that May evening in the Oryol community was not possible: officers of the FSB broke into the hall. They detained only Christensen. By this time, the Dane lived in Orel for the last ten years, was married to a Russian woman, worked as a carpenter. As a result, Christensen became the first "Jehovah's Witness", who was charged with an extremist article after the organization's ban in Russia. According to the lawyer of the Dane Irina Krasnikova, Christensen is accused of continuing the activities of a local religious organization that was already banned. "They just gathered to read the Bible, I think it's absurd to blame a person for extremism," says the lawyer. Irina Krasnikova insists: Christensen could not continue the activities of the banned organization, since he was not its founder or leader. In June, the Dane was arrested, all the requests for protection to mitigate the measure of restraint, the court rejected and left him under arrest. "In SIZO he had chronic illnesses due to lack of heating and hot water in the cell, and he was also restricted in visits from the family," says the lawyer. Long report go to website for whole article.  Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
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